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Writemyessayonline Reviews 2021

Writemyessayonline Reviews 2021

There’s a page on the website that’s called ‘latest reviews’. These aren’t really recent, which means that the page is either not updated, or writemyessayonline doesn’t have as many customers as they claim. In fact, this is a really strange thing. If everyone’s allowed to leave reviews on the website, why isn’t there anything on the page dating in the past month or two?

This can only mean one of two things. The website might not have been working a lot in the past weeks, ergo the lack of reviews. Or, they might be selecting the good write my essay online reviews as part of the marketing strategy, and just failed to update the page with ‘fresh feedback’.

When you compare these testimonials with the write my essay online reviews, you get a clearer idea. The company is not as great as their website presents it. In fact, it has a much, much lower rating. Let’s see why.

Provided services is a bidding service, which is where that versatile rating comes from. It all depends on which writer you choose to write your paper. However, this is also highly depending on who the company employs. The more suitable the writers, the higher the odds of you getting a good paper.

But, before you get to learn about their quality, let’s discuss services. The list at the write my essay online website is very small, with the added option ‘other’. This option allows you to order just about anything you want as long as there are bidders. No one guarantees it, but in the reviews, we didn’t find anyone claiming they didn’t get a bid or two on an order.

So, it is safe to say that, with companies like writemyessayonline, you are pretty much covered with every paper or project you need.

Prices and Discounts

Most students like this system because they are able to choose their own prices. They don’t get any discounts because of it, but being able to choose a price you can afford is attractive.

It is, however, really slow. You have to check the bidders if you want to order the most competent essay writer. As it turns out, this company has plenty of writers that are willing to work for less than $10 for a page. We literally have a dozen bids of writers who offered to write essays for money at a ridiculous rate. This is always a bad sign because no highly experienced writer would charge that much. And, let’s not forget that write my essay online should earn something from this, too.

That’s not all. Those writers we mention didn’t have bad credentials at all. In fact, one of them was supposed to be a PhD in the field our paper topic was in. As it turned out, he probably wasn’t because that’s precisely who we selected.

Papers Quality

We definitely can’t recommend this service after receiving the paper. Not only are they careless about who they hire, but they allow their writers to lie in their profiles. A person who was supposed to be a native speaker with a PhD in economics and seven years of experience crafted a silly paper that wouldn’t even get you a C.

It was so bad, we don’t believe any of these things. The writer was definitely not a native, couldn’t have had a PhD from an American university with those poor English skills, and wasn’t at all competent to write our paper.

Customer support

For bidding system to be a success, there has to be a really good support in case something goes wrong. In this case, there isn’t. So, this company is definitely not one of the best essay writing services, and we wouldn’t even put it into the average category.

We asked for a discount code at our first attempt to speak to the support. It took them too long to answer, and the answer was negative. When we complained about the writer and the lies in his profile, we received no response – at all.

Online reputation

Testimonials on websites and platforms like Reddit speak the truth about this company. It’s not a trustworthy one, which makes this review just one in the hundreds written by unhappy customers.

In a world full of essay writing services, is one of a kind. You have a complete freedom to choose the writers you want based on their offers. Basically, you place an order, stating the requirements for your essay, and then you have writers making offers. This procedure makes this service stand out from the crowd but it poses some questions as well: is it really something new and unique? Is it trustworthy? Let’s see!

A rich variety of papers for students offers all types of articles that all the other services of this kind have. Essays of all kinds can be ordered. Also, more complicated kinds of papers, dissertations, theses, and term papers, are available. Students can get help with their homework. The specific fields are English literature, philosophy, sociology, history, law, statistics, and math. One interesting thing that we consider very useful is the possibility to submit one of your papers for review. One of the writers can give you tips on how to improve your paper.

Unexpected and quite different pricing structure

Unfortunately or fortunately, with this service, taking into consideration the bidding procedure behind it, it is quite impossible to have a price list. Once you go to the site, the order form will pop up in your face, telling you to log in or to create an account and place your order. State what kind of paper you need and then let the writers make an offer. Only this way you can see how much it will cost you. It is a little bit strange and it can be quite a downside because let’s say you have a budget and are choosing a custom writing service based on your budget. With this one, you won’t really know how much it will cost you until you fill out the order form.

We placed an order for an argumentative essay two pages long. We mentioned we wanted it done in 5 days and we quickly got 20 freelancers placing their bids on our project. 20 freelancers in 30 seconds. The funny and quite annoying fact is that all of them offered to do the job for $40. This made the decision a lot harder. The most important criterion in making this kind of choice is the price and the experience of the writer so you can see the price-quality ratio. But with 20 people asking for the same amount of money… take that!

Bidding based service, hence, no discount

We all like to ask this question, right? Well, unfortunately, on, you won’t get any discount. There are no special offers or anything like that since the price is set by the writer themselves. Of course, you can choose the bidder with the lowest rates if you’re lucky enough and don’t get the same price from 20 different people like it happened to us. But, anyway, if you do not have enough money, you can find various tips and tricks, pieces of advice, and writing samples on their blog which can help you a little with writing a good paper.

The overall quality of the services leaves a lot to be desired

The most important part is the quality of the writing. We chose one writer from the 20 who placed their bids and we were quite disappointed. Although the paper was delivered on time, it looked like it was written by an average high school student. The argumentation was sloppy and superficial. There were also unpardonable grammatical errors that left us with the impression that the writer was not actually a native English speaker.

After this experience, we went on to read other people’s opinions. They were quite mixed. Each writer has a review section on their profile. Some of them are alright, clients seem happy, but there are also a considerable amount of unhappy clients who say they didn’t receive the papers, the grammar was poor, the delivery was late, etc. What is disgusting, actually, is how rudely writers respond to these unfavourable comments. They use words like “you sick” or “ISORAIT”.

We checked reviews of the platform on third party sites and they were also mixed. There were many good reviews, but also as many bad reviews.

Customer support is almost non-existent

The only way you can reach WriteMyEssayOnline is by sending an e-mail to an address provided on the site. There is no phone number, no live chat, no nothing. The communication with your writer is quite smooth since you have a chat window where you can directly speak to your chosen writer.

Verdict is a decent and quite original writing service, but you are on your own once you access the website. You have to very carefully choose the best price, the best writer, and make sure they do the job you want.

According to the website, operates for over seven years already.

  • Capable of delivering any type of assignment
  • Allows choosing writer to complete the task

It offers a different kind of academic papers to students like essays, term papers, research papers, book reviews, thesis, and many others. It doesn’t indicate if they offer papers for the students of all levels, yet, they do have dissertations, so probably they do serve students who are about to complete Ph.D. program.

“I have ordered an essay and was not satisfied with the service. The writer didn’t follow all instructions and ignored several important points in my requirements. It looked like they forgot that I had paid for the paper” – Kirsten

“The paper was late for a one day and needed a revision because of numerous grammar mistakes and formatting errors.” – Leila

Pricing Model and Payment Options

This service operates a different way from classical academic writing services. There is no actual pricing table on the website and the price per paper is individual. The price per page starts from 7.5 USD and can be any. After you have placed a project you start receiving bids, and we can say for sure that prices are not the lower ones.

However, total price per paper depends on the following factors:

  • Paper type and academic level of writer
  • Number of pages
  • Urgency, i.e. deadline

The service accepts the majority of payment options and uses a secure payment mechanism. You can pay for paper via PayPal, which allows using a credit card as payment.

Discount Policy and Special Offers

Because of the business model, doesn’t have any discounts either for new or returning customers. It is up to you to choose a cheap offer from a writer or an expensive one. In average, three-page simple essays will cost you 50 USD, and if you have a complex task the price will grow significantly.

The service offers writing, rewriting and editing assistance in the majority of areas. Yet, we were not able to locate any free features or special offers for the clients. They do have a money-back guarantee and unlimited revisions which are common for other services available online.

Website Usability

Our review of shows that the website of this service is bright and well-designed. There is plenty of information available about writers, business model, the process of ordering, but no pricing information, so you cannot predict what will be bids and how much you will need to spend on your paper. This is compensated by low starting pricing. You can also find numerous testimonials for great work done.

The registration process is fairly simple, you just need to register by filling ordering form and start receiving bids.

Customer Support

Customer support is available via chat and email, however, to get chat assistance you need to register first. Support agents are available 24/7. The communication with a writer is also done through the chat system. Unfortunately, there is no phone number on the website to call.

Delivery and Quality of Papers

We have ordered an essay for the WriteMyEssay review with an average complexity for a medical school student. We provided clear instructions and wanted a writer to use at least four reputable sources. The essay was about the different kind of neurolinguistics diseases and their treatment. We have paid about 100 USD for this four-page paper with the deadline of one day. The quality was average, one source was missing, however, the writer added it after, and we have asked him to do so.

What Makes the Service Different from Others?

WriteMyEssay has a cool blog. There you can find articles which may help you to write papers, PowerPoint presentations, and other things. It is worth bookmarking like the source of information.


If you have time for waiting, you can place an order at this web service. However, be ready that price for a quality piece of content will be higher than at other services.

Since the profiles at the website don’t tell you much, you can ask specific questions while communicating with them. Ask what exactly they know about the topic and how they plan to write this paper. You won’t get many logical responses, but such a strategy may lead you to a better writer.

Writemyessayonline Discount Code and Special Offers

There aren’t any discounts and special offers at Write My Essay Online. But that’s not really important, since you’re getting lower prices from the writers. If you want a really low price, you can simply hire the writer with the most affordable bid.

You may also try negotiating the price. But the writers at this website are not very responsive, so keep in mind that you’ll waste a lot of time trying to do that. If this is an urgent paper, of course you need to hire a writer ASAP.


Quality – that’s when the problems start with this service. Everything seems too good to be true at first. That really is the case.

A student hires their writer, who promises to have good reputation and experience with the topic. We’re saying “promises” because that’s what this service is based on. You don’t get strong guarantees, so all you can do is trust a writer who says they are good.

Students are not usually happy with the quality they get at this website. If you check the reviews they leave on independent websites, you’ll see many curse words. Yes; that’s how serious the situation is.

Customer Support

If you need any help with the ordering process or you experience technical issues with your account, you can write an email. Did you notice the issue in the previous sentence? The support is only there to assist with technical issues.

You have problems with the writer, who fails to deliver the paper on time? You have issues with a low-quality paper? Unfortunately, those situations are common for the customers of this service. What’s devastating is the fact that the support does nothing about it.

On the Contact Us page, you’ll see the disclosure: for any questions related to the content and delivery, you should contact the writer directly. There’s no support system that can mediate between you two.


This is not the best writing service for students. The price may be lower than average, but that doesn’t matter when you don’t get nice quality. The customers complain that even if things go well before they release half of the payment, the final result is not good. The writers miss deadline or delivery really bad content. Some of the writers have issues with basic grammar.


By either using the dedicated services page or the drop-down menu on the order form of the homepage, you can find out whether the service will cover your assignment requirements.

As you can see from the list, the services offer around 20 services in total which cover all the basic assignment types that you would expect. However, when you consider that some of the leading sites offer in excess of 50+ services, this list can seem rather restrictive.


Although there is no testimonials or review page to be found on the website, there is a slider on the homepage that has reviews from customers. These are recent reviews that pride the website on being a 5-star service.

However, when back-checking these reviews online, the reviews told a much different story. Although there were still some good reviews, there were also many poor reviews, stating that the writers of the website weren’t writing essays in native English and there were cases where the work obviously hadn’t been proofread.


Surprisingly, there is no pricing page to be found anywhere on the website. This automatically leads me to believe that the prices are high. The only way to find out the price for your assignment is my making your way through the order process itself.

To give you a rough idea on pricing, a 10-page essay, on any subject, with a 3-day deadline without any of the essential extras, such as plagiarism reports and proofreading, will come to around £180. This is a ridiculous amount of money and a figure that many students won’t have to spend on one essay.


On the contact page, you’ll find a collection of contact methods which include an email address and a physical business address, and that’s it.

There’s no contact phone numbers, no dedicated email addresses, no social media links and there’s not even a live chat feature to be found. This makes it extremely difficult to get in contact with the company, and you may be left waiting some time for a reply.

No support via phone, no information about writing according to UK academic requirements. Freelance platform.

  • Rating - 6.1/10


All in all, I was rather disappointed with the service that provides. With incredibly restrictive support options, semi-high prices and limited assignment options, I would highly recommend that you take your business to a more reputable website.

About WriteMyEssayOnline is a professional writing service. While their website is well-designed, you can notice a lack of information there. In a nutshell, you won’t find any price policy on the website. However, many benefits can still be found such as individual writing, a possibility of choosing a writer, a free plagiarism checker, and many other useful services.


As opposed to other writing services reviewed, this one has its unique policy about writers. Here at, you are welcome to explore personal information about every writer to choose the best one for your order. You can see writers’ profiles and their awards (current rating, reliability, etc.). Plus, don’t hesitate to use live chat because it is a chance to contact your writer directly. Discuss details and deadlines, leave comments, or put your feedback. Checking a type of papers you need, be sure to choose the most relevant one:

  • an essay;
  • an annotated bibliography;
  • a book or movie review;
  • a business plan;
  • a case study;
  • a research proposal;
  • creative writing;
  • a term paper;
  • a thesis/dissertation chapter, etc.


Let’s call a spade a spade: there is no information about the price policy on this website. If you want to know the price for your order, you need to fulfill the application form and wait for a call. The representatives of the company can tell you the price individually. Prices start at $7.5 per page. The total price depends on the following factors:

  • a paper type and its academic level;
  • a number of pages;
  • a deadline.

Once the site starts using a price policy, the number of customers will start increasing.

Customers support

You can’t contact the support team via live chat or a direct call. There is no online chat application or phone number. However, has 24/7 support via email for customers and writers.

In short, it can be problematic to contact a support team fast.


One thing we have learned while writing this review is that is a professional essay writing company worth trying. Despite it works with many types of academic papers and their prices are compatible with the market, this company has an average quality of its services. We recommend you to explore more about their prices before placing an order.


All in all, leaves a lot to be desired. With a complete lack of contact methods and customer support, as well as using freelancer writers, although there’s a high chance you’ll get a good quality piece of content, there’s no guarantee, which is why I advise using a more reputable website.

Top 3 Custom Writing Services of Canada

If you’re a Canadian student looking for a custom essay writing to suit your assignment writing requirements, you may have stumbled upon Write My Essay Online.

As the name suggests, this claims to be a service where you can get expert help from a professional writer who can guide or write your essay or assignment on your behalf. However, there are so many sites like this to choose from; it’s important for you to know that you’re spending your money in the right places.


Using the drop-down menu on the homepage, you’ll find that Writemyessayonline only provides 20-odd services and that’s it. Although the most common assignment types are covered, such as essays, term papers and case studies, this is still a far cry from the leading services who can offer in excess of 50+ services.


There’s a lot of reviews that will cycle through the homepage of the website that is dated and claims the website provides, on average, an 8/10 service. You’ll even be able to find out the reviews of the writers who work on behalf of the website.

However, it’s worth that many review sites online rate the site a much lower score and have complaints such as low-rated papers, late or no delivery.


Since there is no dedicated pricing page, you must make your way through the order form to figure out what the price for your actual assignment will be.

As a rough guideline, a 5-page essay with a 5-day deadline (there’s no option to choose the academic level of your paper) will set you back an unforeseen amount since the writers of the website will bid on your order and you can choose the one that suits your budget.

This is a poor way of running things since the writers will stick to having high prices or low prices and poor quality.


There are limited ways to contact the company should you need them. Of course, you will have direct contact with your writer through your account but to actually contact the company itself, you have a single email address as well as a physical address.

However, this is it. There’s no contact phone number, no live chat service and no other forms of communication, meaning some students may be left feeling in the dark.

WriteMyEssayOnline – Rating 6.8

My first impressions of the website were good. The site seems well laid out and has a nice, clear colour scheme. There is very little filler content on any of the pages but instead, clear step-by-step instructions on how to use the site.


Write My Essay Online operates a bidding policy in which writers can bid for your work. This makes the website more of a platform for writers to connect with potential customers. This can be quite effective but it does mean that there is no definite services list. You simply have to hope that there is a writer available who would like to take on your work.


As the website operates this bidding system, it basically means the writers can charge whatever they want. As they all want to get paid the highest amount possible, you rarely see a five-page essay under $350. This is just crazy high prices make this website completely unsuitable for students who are looking for a regular solution. There are many more affordable sites out there on the market.


The quality of the content is to be debated. As you are simply choosing your writer from a database, there are no guidelines on to how good your writer is or whether they are qualified to carry out your task. There’s also a distinct lack of native English writers, something that is very clear from the initial bidding messages. Some people have complained about poor quality work that contained spelling mistakes and typos and there are some recorded cases of re-sales.

Customer service

As the website uses the bidding system, you’re able to contact your writer directly through your account. If you are having problems with your writer such as poor-quality work or inactivity, you can email WriteMyEssayOnline directly but this is the only form of communication with the company.


The foundations for a good website have already been set up. If was to revamp their bidding system to a comprehensive services list or even just monitor and audit the prices of the site, this could be a great custom writing service. However, until these changes are made, students are much better off taking their business to a more established and trustworthy site that always delivers on content.


So is the right service for you? It depends. If you choose the right writer, you’ll get a nice paper by your deadline. But you may as well end up with a writer who has no idea how to write content on your topic. You’ll only waste valuable time and money without getting the desired results.

As an example, the top-ranked writer in this service has completed orders from various categories: business and management, health care and life sciences, English and literature, history, marketing, political science, law, psychology and education, and more. Do you know a person who’s an expert in all these niches?


Overview is a bidding writing service that looks pretty interesting. If you take a traditional essay writing service and you compare it to this one, it would look boring. The traditional service will take your order and assign it to the writer with most relevant education and experience in its team. It will charge a fixed price that you’re aware of before you even place the order. Here, things are different.

You place your order and wait for the writers to bid with their offers. Is that necessarily better? Read our review!



What’s interesting about WriteMyEssayOnline is that it doesn’t give you clear prices for its services. The writers can bid as low or as high as they believe it’s appropriate.

If, for example, you order an essay with a deadline of 5 days, you’ll get several bids from different writers, ranging from around $20 to over $50 per page. In other words, Write My Essay Online may turn out more expensive than the top-ranked writing service. If you want to just check and see how much it would cost, you’d waste valuable time.



The only way we could evaluate the quality of this service is in one term: it depends. Some of the writers are quite good at some topics, but they will also bid on projects they have no idea how to complete. The problem is that each writer has the right to bid on anything. The service does not set any standards regarding education and experience of the writer.


I didn’t like my essay at all and the writer refused to revise it.


So this brings the customer in an unfavorable situation: they have to be very careful with the choice of a writer they make, but they have to be lucky as well. This usually means that going for the higher bid is a safer choice of a writer, but the high price is never a guarantee for high quality.


Discounts does not give any discounts. Since it’s a bidding service, the writers have the right to set their price, and they are the ones giving discounts. If a writer wants to be more competitive, they will bid with a lower price.

Just as an example, let’s say these are the bids with quotes per page you get from different writers for the same essay:

  • $15
  • $15.50
  • $27.80
  • $32.60
  • $53.60

It seems like the first writer already give a discounted price, since the average quote for an essay in the writing industry starts above $17. So if you want a cheaper price, you’ll simply choose the first writer.

But there’s a difference: when you get a discounted price from a traditional writing service, you get the standard level of quality for a lower price. When the lowest price comes from a bidding service, it usually means you’re dealing with a low-quality writer.



The support system is not impressive. The agents are not always online and they won’t be able to do much if something goes wrong between you and the writer. The communication is based on direct contact with the writer, so that’s where you should be looking for your support.

There are ways to reach customer support agents, though. You may find them on these channels:

  • Contact form in your account at the website
  • Email



You’re allowed to set your deadline. But be careful; the system doesn’t limit you regarding impossible deadline. If you want an entire dissertation of 50 pages in a deadline of 10 days, you’re allowed to place such an order and some writers will bid on it. With such a tight deadline for such a large and complex project, you’re doomed to bad results. Always order sooner, so you can set a longer deadline for these writers.



The list of services is quite good. Students from all levels can order any type of academic project at this website. These are the categories:

  • Writing
  • Admission Services
  • Graduate-Level Services
  • Other

◦ Essay (any type) ◦ Business plan ◦ Article review ◦ Book/movie review ◦ Research paper ◦ Critical thinking ◦ Creative writing, and more

WriteMyEssayOnline is a site that offers academic writing help to students. After looking it through, I decided to write a Write My Essay Online review in order to present all of its features. Let’s find out whether this site is what an average student needs.

The Convenience of Use

On WriteMyEssayOnline, the ordering system looks nice and easy to use. The plus of this site is that immediately after placing an order, the writers start to offer their bids. You just need to fill in the order form with your requirements:

  • email
  • the type of paper
  • number of pages
  • the deadline

Other instructions should be included after you click the “Continue” button. You will not spend much time filling in the order form.

Also, on the site, you will find the following sections:

  • Our Services — all services that the site offers to customers.
  • About Us — information about the company, its advantages, and goals.
  • How It Works — everything that you need to know about using the site.
  • Latest Reviews — testimonials that customers leave to writers about their work.
  • Our Writers — the list of writers with their awards.

Our Services

On this site, you can find help with any type of paper. In this sense, WriteMyEssayOnline is a great service that provides a large number of services. The focus of this site towards essay writing is obvious, but you need to know that they can help you also with research papers, dissertations, coursework, and other difficult tasks. After reading through some reviews, I realized that they offer their services at a high quality. The main advantages of this service is the ability to get help with any possible task you may be assigned.

About Us

On this page, you will see what you’ll receive after placing an order there. I can see that the main company’s priorities are affordable pricing, high-quality papers, direct communication with the writer, etc. If you look at numerous Write My Essay Online Reviews, you will see that they really provide customers with all of these features.

Communication with the Writer

In addition to chatting with the writer directly in order to specify details of the order, there are also other pluses. In your account, you can check the writing progress, as well as ask for changes to the paper: rewrite some parts, change quotes, and add some new material. Communicating with a writer via chat offers enough features to quickly change something in the paper if you want.

Latest WriteMyEssayOnline Reviews

WriteMyEssayOnline makes a good impression on customers. This site reached the top of the writing market and a high rate of satisfied customers proves that. The site offers to read the latest testimonials left by customers, but I also checked reviews on the internet to make an impartial conclusion about this site. Before choosing the writing service, it is important to look around to find real customer reviews. It can be seen that the testimonials are left by real clients, and they are positive, which indicates the site is worth using.

Our Writers

WriteMyEssayOnline offers a wide range of writers to choose from. If you do not know what writer to choose, look at their ratings and awards. Also, on this page, you can see who is online, offline, or away. Check how many completed orders writers have dealt with. You can see how many writers are in the discipline that you are interested in.


WriteMyEssayOnline allows you to find helpful guides for your writing, and samples written by their writers. For example, let’s say you are assigned to write a literature essay. You can go to the blog page and find samples written on literature. In this way, you will see how your paper will be written.


I can see that the prices the service provides are quite reasonable. The main thing I want to mention is that their prices are neither too high nor too low. This is really good, because quality papers cannot be sold at low prices, but at the same time, no one wants to spend all of their money on writing services. Of course, writing help is a paid service, but its use will be effective if you want to quickly get a unique paper. The site offers a good opportunity to receive a quality paper without spending much.

Papers Uniqueness

Among other features, the uniqueness of papers can be distinguished, which allows customers to trust the company. There is a ban on copying texts for writers. They claim that each text is written from scratch and is not used in other orders. I have ordered an essay here on sociology and I can say that it is unique. I checked it via the plagiarism detection program and the result was 100% uniqueness.


WriteMyEssayOnline is suitable for ordering papers of various types, but it is especially good at writing essays. This site is a compromise solution for students who can not decide what writing service to choose. For some, using this site can be a real lifesaver, because it provides customers with quality papers at affordable prices. It will be easy for newbies to place an order, as it is rather understandable and simple. If you want an individually written paper, then this site is what you need.