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UKessays Reviews 2021

UKessays Reviews 2021

While most writing services try to cater to the widest customer base possible, UK Essay is a different story. Even from their name, you can tell that their services are aimed at students living and studying in the UK.

The history of UKEssay dates back to 2003, when the company was founded by just one person. Since then, the company grew to a huge staff and billions of words crafted for its customers. There is a physical UK Essays office in Nottingham, which the company suggests you can visit any time to say hello. The existence of a real office certainly adds to the company’s reputability.

On the UK Essays website, you can find out more about the history and mission of the service. Plus, there is a quick introduction of the in-house stuff. The company also employs over 500 freelance writers, so there is no way of knowing who exactly will work on your order. However, UKEssays promises that each writer on the team has a minimum of a 2:1 degree, although to non-UK based customers that probably doesn’t mean much.


If you are used to academic writing services who charge between $12 and $18 per page for a typical assignment, you are definitely going to be surprised by the prices offered by UKEssays, and it’s not going to be a positive surprise.
On average, the prices at UK Essays are three-four times as high as the prices you’re used to seeing in other writing services. Unfortunately, there is no detailed pricing page, so you won’t find out the estimated price for your paper until you proceed with placing the order. However, we can tell you that a one-page A-level paper will cost you £59, or $75, while a one-page Master’s paper is £97, or $123.
And in most cases, that is not the final price. To charge you even more for your order, UKEssays offers a few add-ons. The most popular one is the elite service, which raises the price for your order by 25%. For this money, you will get a dedicated personal manager, three months of free amendments, and a top researcher working on your order.
Another add-on is the grade you’re aiming for. For example, a B-grade A-level paper costs £57 per page, while an A*-grade A-level paper is £62 per page. We were rather surprised to see the price distinction in the UK Essays services, since we’ve come to expect academic writing companies to strive for the A grades regardless of the price for the order.
As far as we could see, there are no regular promotions or bonuses for existing or new customers. However, UKEssays sometimes offers discounts on certain services, but they are usually very limited to the type of service and the word count. For example, at the moment you can get a 15% discount on Master’s dissertation writing services, but only if your order exceeds 5,000 words. Still, even with the random discounts, the price for the orders is still too high for the majority of the customers.


In general, the quality of writing provided by UKEssays is pretty average. There are some positive reviews praising the service’s level of writing, but there are also many reviews that are less than positive.
Many customers complain about parts of the papers being plagiarised, and since UK Essays does not advertise any thorough plagiarism checks included with the order, we tend to believe that there are occasional cases of plagiarism.
Other common negative opinions about UKEssays include the fact that sometimes the word count is wrong and there are big parts of the requested text volume missing. Paper quality delivered by the service is also often far from ideal, with some customers suggesting that the writers for the company lack the necessary English skills to deliver quality papers.

Payment options

The payment options offered by UKEssays include Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro. Moreover, you can pay through PayPal if you want to ensure the security of your personal and financial information. The website and the payment system are further encrypted to protect your data.

As one of the leading UK-based writing services, UKEssays has some strong pros:

There is a variety of services on offer, so you can easily find the necessary one.

The company is rather open and has a physical location anyone can visit.

The history of the service includes over 15 years of work.

Still, there are several important cons to UK Essays you need to know about:

The prices are higher than average and not always justified by the quality.

Customer support is only available through live chat.

Various add-ons further increase the price of the paper.

There are hardly any discounts and bonuses even for long-time customers.

The statement ‘get your grade or your money back’ is quite a strong promise, and one that would certainly make this company one in your ‘wish list’ for when you need academic papers. However, there is very little feedback online, which is why we decided to take action and see what the company offers by evaluating their features and trying out the service.

Read our review to find out what we learned.

When we first opened the Services page, we got the impression that this company offers many papers, but this is not the case. As it turns out, has quite a limited list of services, separated into four categories: essay services, dissertation services, report services and other services.

Unfortunately, when you gather all services, you don’t even get a list of the most popular academic papers. The offer here is very small, which means that this is not a place you can get all your papers from. is probably the priciest writing service we have found on the market! We selected the lowest academic level and quality of paper to get an idea of the lowest rates offered here, and these rates are higher than the highest rates of other companies!

For example, an undergraduate level essay of lowest quality costs $161 for ½ a page (250 words) if ordered within a week, and $153 if ordered within 14 days. These prices are definitely the highest we have seen on the market, and the rates we mentioned only apply to 2:2 Undergraduate quality. If you want to order the same paper with the highest quality (75%+) and for a deadline of 2 weeks, you will have to pay $397 for 250 words!

The worst part is, this company offers no discounts whatsoever. With such high rates and no discounts whatsoever, it is no wonder why this service is so unpopular among students.

We still decided to give the service a shot, even though their rates were outrageous. We ordered a paper for the lowest academic level in order to get a better rate, but still paid over $300 for 500 words of content.

Luckily, the quality of our paper was good, but it was certainly not worth that rate. We ordered a paper of undergraduate 2:1 quality, and got content that fit this percentage (60%-69%).

For such a high rate, we did expect a much higher quality.

Seeing that this is an extremely costly service, we expected nothing less than the best customer service. Unfortunately, we got an agent that took a lot of time to answer our questions, but still, she was quite a professional.

Even the wealthiest student out there would think twice before accepting the rates this company offers, considering that there are many services online that offer the highest quality for a much lower price. Despite the fact that this company is prestigious and has a good customer service, the lack of services, discounts and extremely high prices makes us believe it is a bad choice for a content provider.

FAQ about

  • Is UK Essays reliable?

UK Essays is a relatively reliable service. They seem to handle tasks well and don’t delay paper deliveries. However, since it’s one of the highest-priced companies we’ve found, not many students choose to use it.

  • Is a good site?

The website is good, and so is their marketing strategy. You can find them everywhere which means that they clearly invested a lot in branding. Even so, the company might be good for the eye and have decent writers, but they haven’t stopped to consider the budget of their target audience.

  • Is UKEssays trustworthy?

We would say yes. Not many use it and the experiences are mixed, but the quality is over the average. You can, however, find other companies with similar or better quality at a much better quote, so we wouldn’t really recommend them.

Detailed Review

One of the reasons why UKEssays charges so much is their popularity, press coverage, and guarantees. If you don’t mind spending more than you would elsewhere, this site has all the bells and whistles. When we review sites, we look at privacy protection, quality, affordability, and support, and this site mostly delivers.

The site is easy to navigate, but there are a lot of separate pages that we had to go through to find what we were looking for. The policies and guidelines are clearly stated but are very long and take some time to read. If you’re willing to get into it, you’ll find answers to anything and everything you need to know.

The paper we got from UKEssays was pretty good. For the price, we expected only the best and this was mostly what we got. There was a great support that was available to answer questions or deal with concerns following the order of the assignment. The site covers a diverse range of topics and students can likely be matched with a professional writer for just about any subject or topic.

From the last time we shared a UK Essays review, we see an upgraded pricing system. The price page is gone, and now you can only see the quotes in the order form. Few types of services are added, too.


From basic essays to more advanced work, UKEssays has a wide range of services to meet the needs of just about any student. All writers who work for the site are professionals and hold degrees. These are the services offered at UK Essays:

  • Essay Writing Services:
    • Essay
    • Assignment
    • Coursework
    • Essay Plan
    • Reflective Essay
    • Essay by subject area (all niches covered)
  • Dissertation Services:
    • Dissertation Writing
    • Dissertation Proposal
    • Topics with Titles
    • Literature Review
  • Report Services:
    • Report Writing
    • Reflective Practice
  • Other Services:
    • Marking and Proofreading
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Exam Revision
    • Academic poster also offers free exam revision guides and study guides to help students get the right paper or assignment for their classes. This additional assistance is great for students at all academic levels.


We ordered an essay on a Family Law subject, with the longest deadline and Undergraduate 1st as our preferred quality level. The order form is a bit messy since it requires too many details. For example, they ask if you want to upgrade to Elite service for 25% extra cost. The price was already too high (£219 for three pages), so we ignored that offer.

The writer completed the paper on time. Yes; it was good. There was nothing to revise in it, and it was ready to submit. The price, however, is still too high when compared to the best assignment writing services UK. 


UK Essays lacks a price calculator or a chart, so it makes it harder for a student to figure out how much the paper will cost. But that’s nothing serious since you can see the price as soon as you access the order form. Once you choose your country, subject area, and subject, you’ll get to the grade required and deadline

There are all kinds of choices for grade required: Undergraduate 2:1, A-Level A*, Masters Pass, Masters Distinction, Ph.D., GDL Pass, and many others. Choose the one you need and you’ll get the price per page.

As an example, the prices for an essay from General Law start at £30 per page. That’s for the longest deadline. But if you want the paper in 4 office hours and you choose a Ph.D. level, the price is £835 per page.

At the highest level, prices can easily soar to more than £3,000 and upwards of £50,000 for longer papers with a short deadline.


The prices quoted are higher than other sites and there isn’t a way to save as a loyal customer, a repeat customer or someone who orders more than one assignment at a time.

However, you can get UKEssay codes that you can enter at the checkout to get a discount. The offer is continuously updated. For example, you may get a code for 15% off Master’s Dissertations or Exam Revisions orders. You can also get free bibliography and references. Make sure to check the Offers section before proceeding with your order.

Helpful Extras

In addition to the free resources available to customers, the site also offers 100% plagiarism protection, free examples on the site and a money-back guarantee if the grade chosen is not achieved.

The highlight of all UK Essays reviews is that the service is expensive. However, we shouldn’t forget that the UKEssays writers offer free resources, too. For example, you can access an entire course for free on the website. There are courses and free study modules in law, accounting and finances, nursing, business, and more. That’s the real highlight for the update of our UK Essays review.

The high prices on this site underwrite top-notch promises that are usually met by the company. That includes free revisions, editing, on-time delivery and much more. You get what you pay for rings true when you choose UKEssays to work for you. If you can afford the high prices, you’ll probably be happy with the results.

We were relatively happy with the quality of the paper we ordered for the purposes of this UKEssays review, but not that happy with the cost-effectiveness. It’s still too expensive.

Discount: N/A is a popular service, used by many students on a worldwide level. With this being the case, the company has a variety of different comments online, which makes it impossible to determine if it is a good or a bad choice for your papers.

With promises such as ‘guarantee the final grade of the work’, the company seems to be the best service there is. But, in order to get a clear picture of what you can expect from them, you need to check our real, unbiased review.

Leo Holley: 

I ordered my paper here after my friend suggested it. I don’t understand why he likes this company – they deliver bad papers and charge a fortune.

Kimberly Guest: 

Don’t use this scam service! They delivered my paper two days late, and when I contacted them after they missed the deadline, they ignored me until I got it. Of course, no refund.

Website and Usability

Ukessays has created some modern, inviting design and a website that is easy to navigate. With this being one of the most popular services on the web, their website is great at leaving the best impression possible.

Papers You Can Buy Here

You can buy all kinds of papers from this service, including essays, assignments, dissertations, reports, coursework, reflective practice, exam revisions, proofreading, and presentations. The list is very extensive and includes even some less commonly assigned papers such as math projects, lab reports, essay skeleton answer assistance, statistics, etc.

Prices and Discounts at

When we saw the number of comments from customers online, we got the impression that this is a cheap service. We could not have been more wrong. Once you open the price list, you will see that is actually one of the most expensive writing services on the Web.

You can use the price calculator to see the quote for your paper. All you need to do here is enter the length, product type, urgency and grade you require. The cheapest option you get is $168 per page, and this applies to high school students and a deadline of a month!

This makes for the highest quotes we have seen and without any discounts, you cannot even hope for a reduced quote. The website provides no information regarding discounts or special offers. The only benefit here is the free features that include title page, revisions, plagiarism checking and reference style choice.

However, all these features come in addition to the papers in the majority of writing services, so we cannot really see them as a benefit.

The Quality of Delivered Papers

Surprisingly, the essay here was of extremely high quality. A lot of customers complained of bad content online, but this was not our case. We got a perfectly crafted paper for which we paid a fortune.

Our paper lacked some references, so we sent it out for a free revision. Even though the company lists this as one of their free features, it is not very effective. The process takes a lot of time.

How to Reach the Customer Support Service

The live chat option on the official website is bad. The only questions they answered promptly were the most basic ones. In fact, the agent seemed most friendly when we asked for help with the ordering process, and dodged all our questions later when we asked about the free revisions.

Other than this method, you can also use the phone numbers on the website. The agents here are much more professional and friendly than those on the live chat.


Generally speaking, is a legit company that has been on the market for a long time. However, their pricing is too steep for customers, especially since their target audience is students who are often on a limited budget. If you add the lack of any discounts and bad customer service to this equation, even the high quality of the paper does not convince us to recommend this service. offers academic assistance to students not only in the UK but on a worldwide level. With a unique website design, this company provided us with all the information we needed to craft this review. Read on to see if they really work with ‘the world’s best writers’ and have ‘outstanding customer support’.

Customers’ Testimonials

Gene Burris:

¨I personally don’t like this company. My friend recommended it, but it is definitely not a good fit for my budget. Since they offer papers for students, they really should reconsider their pricing. It is outrageous!¨

Range of Services and Quality of Content offers a very limited and strange list of academic papers. The list contains several commonly assigned papers and several less common academic assignments. The lack of important papers such as research papers, term papers, and book reviews is very concerning, while the fact that they offer exam revision and reflective practice makes it even more strange.

We decided to order an essay from this company with the goal of evaluating the quality of content. Interestingly, the options do not include quality of papers, but the grade of paper. As the promise said, they obviously work on the ‘guaranteed grade’ principle.

The grade also depends on the professor evaluating the paper, especially when it comes to writing assignments. So, how can a company guarantee a grade? This brought up a lot of questions and concerns.

After receiving our paper, we were satisfied with the results. The writer did a good job in crafting our paper, delivered it on time and made sure to inform us that in the case we do not like the paper, we can always ask for a free revision.

Customer Support Effectiveness

The live chat agents are available at all times and are very effective in answering your questions and concerns. We contacted the service more than once and got prompt and friendly answers.

According to online feedback, the customer service is the biggest advantage of this company.

You can also contact via the e-mail or phone number found on the website.

Affordability of Papers

The pricing of is the most disappointing thing about this company. We ordered a bachelor’s A grade essay with a deadline of 7 days and got an extremely high price of $369 for a single page! The same paper for a C grade costs $163 per page, which is once again one of the highest prices we have seen for a paper of lower quality.

We are sorry to disappoint you, but is not really a company for those with tight budgets. Considering that students often fall into this category, they are very unlikely to go for a service as expensive as this one.

First-Time Discounts and Returning Customers’ Offers

When we saw the originally steep pricing, we expected to find discounts that would set things straight and reduce the prices. However, the website provides us with no indication of any type of discount, loyalty program or special offer.

The only thing offered are several free features that include free plagiarism, reference style choice, quality checking and free revisions.

Is the Website Well-Designed?

The website on is well designed, offering all the information we needed to create this review. You can easily find their list of services, calculate the prices and even read through some quality content in the ‘free recourses’ section. Overall, this website is extremely easy to navigate and good for the eye.


To finalize our review, we would like to conclude that is not as perfect as they promise to be. Even though their writers are truly good and the customer service is effective, papers here come at an extremely high price. In addition, the fact that the company offers no discounts is yet another disadvantage.


UKessays has an experienced team of writers who has been working for 14 years on the market, and they offer a big variety of services. This company works for not only students who need an academic help but marketers and entrepreneurs who need any type of assistance. The list of services:

  • writing (essays, assignments, coursework, reports, reviews, dissertations, etc.);
  • exam revision;
  • reflective practice;
  • proofreading;
  • presentations (PowerPoint).

The company deals with all main types of custom writing services, but you should know that they complete assignments in UK English which can be a problem for customers who need US English spelling.


Looking for reliable academic writing services, people pay attention to the price policy as it plays an important role while choosing your service. Unfortunately, there are no set prices on the website, but the company claims that the final price depends on the following factors: the word count, subject level and the grade in which you require. Every customer can calculate the price by fulfilling a long form to understand the price for the order. Although it takes a considerable amount of time to choose what you need, the prices are not so affordable. However, Uk essays offers different free features that give a bonus to all customers.

Discounts and Free Features

Placing your order at UK essay, you can get some free features: choose the referencing style, check your order for plagiarism and quality, and request any free-of-charge changes during 7-days period after the delivery of your order. All customers can check whether the company offers discounts and promotional codes. On average, you can save up to 10% on your next order for recommending the service and get 4% off if your order is not urgent (14+ days for the delivery). There are some guarantees:

  • on-time delivery
  • 100% original texts
  • money-back guarantee if you don’t get the required grade

It’s hard to understand how the company guarantees the required grade as every teacher has personal principles of the evaluation.

Customer Support Team

Every reliable custom writing service has a good customer support as it’s crucial to get assistance once you have any questions. There is Help Center where you can find Q&A list, and you can contact the support team via phone call, email support, or 24/7 live chat. 

t’s good that customers have different options on communicating with the support team as everyone can choose what suits the needs.

To sum up UKessay Review

If you choose this website to do your homework for you, you will like the interface and some free materials that may be useful for a student. However, you can get disappointed when you decide to place an order. The prices are high and there is no guarantee that your paper will be written by a professional. In some cases, students get orders with major mistakes or papers that do not correspond to instructions. When placing a revision, you never know whether you have to pay for it or not. UKessay customer support claims to be available online as well as on the phone, but you can wait a long time until the operators answer your request. All in all, this website is a good-looking but unreliable one. The positive testimonials look fabricated and the final price of your paper is unpredictable. Remember that UKessay specialists only write in British English if you need a paper for American colleges or universities. In this UKessay Review, we tried to give information on the most common bugs and unpleasant issues that may appear when a student buys a paper there.


UKEssays appears to be quite a glossy and professional service, but all in all they’re not really up to the high standards other writing services aspire to. Some of their examples were great, but others were sorely lacking. Also, the lack of privacy offered by them, as well as the lack of clarity about their customer support, means that many students will be put off. We recommend looking elsewhere for your essay needs.

UKEssays are a well established academic writing company, who are based in Nottinghamshire, UK. They pride themselves on their good service and their availability, offering students the opportunity to visit them in person. So, can they live up to their own promises, or are they not up to the task of writing you that top grading essay?


UK Essays have just fewer than 100 writers on their permanent staff. Of those, 35 of those are based in UK itself. 45 writers have Masters Degrees in their subjects, and 15 have PhDs. This seems like a good amount of writers, but during busy times in the academic year it will be difficult to get work from them in a timely manner, especially if you’re looking for a PhD writer.
Rating: 4/5

Company trust

The company has an official name and offices, so on the surface they do seem to be trustworthy. However, there are no guarantees of privacy with them. When you’re looking for someone to discreetly write your assignment, it’s a worry that there may be a trail back to their company.
Rating: 5/5


There are plenty of sample essays and assignments available on the UK Essays website, so if you’re thinking of using them you can check out their technique first. On reading through some of the examples available, it’s clear to see that the quality is somewhat hit and miss. Some we saw were very good, but some really would not get you a passing grade in your subject. If you’re thinking of using this service, that’s something you will need to consider.
Rating: 4/5


When it comes to pricing, it’s hard to tell students how much they’ll be paying, as everyone’s needs will be slightly different. Here is an example, though, that will give you a good idea. A 2:1 grading, 500-word essay, delivered in 10 days comes out at £70. There are currently no discounts available. If you want to hire a top level researcher to work on your project, it will be an additional £97. This is quite a steep price for an essay, so students will have to think very carefully before hiring.
Rating: 3/5

Customer service

The work puts out is great if you’re in the UK, as native English speakers, you know their grammar will be of a good level. They also promise that work created for you will never be reused or sold to anyone else, but there’s no real way to confirm that. There’s no real information on their pre and post sales services, which is a worry for those who want to communicate with their writers as they’re writing.
Rating: 4/5


UKEssays appears to be quite a glossy and professional service, but all in all they’re not really up to the high standards other writing services aspire to. Some of their examples were great, but others were sorely lacking. Also, the lack of privacy offered by them, as well as the lack of clarity about their customer support, means that many students will be put off. We recommend looking elsewhere for your essay needs.

Key Features

  • Free resources: essay samples, plagiarism checker
  • Papers are written following academic standards

When you are in need of writing help, you start searching for reliable essay writing service which can help you no matter how complex your subject is. And as you probably understand numerous services is a real scam that is why reading reviews are important. So we have done a review of and can say for sure that this is a legitimate service which provides academic writing for several years already. To learn more about this service feel free to read our detailed review.

What Students Say

“I have ordered an essay at UkEssays and was disappointed with the quality. I am studying linguistics at the University and expected university level paper but got high-school. Waiting for the refund”Allison T.

“I have ordered book report from them, and they failed to deliver it in time. So I have canceled the order, but there was no refund at all. I have filed a complaint with support.”Jeremy L.

Academic Writing Services Offered

Writing services delivered by UkEssays can be found on the main page of a website. It is divided into four categories and one of them which include academic writing services list dissertations, reports, assignments, essays, coursework, literature reviews, thesis, and several others.

You can also find free features offered by the company, but they are no common ones. They don’t have free revisions, proofreading, title page or bibliography, which is a big minus. Instead, they are offering different resources to be used for writing, like essay samples, reference generators or finance ratio calculator. We don’t think that free dissertations and essays are useful if you are planning to order a service.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

As for the pricing, we were not able to locate clear pricing on the website. The given option doesn’t show you a price per page. To get a quote you need to fill in the information about your paper and then you will get the price. According to their website, each writer who is working with them is a native speaker so you can be confident about each order.

As for money back guarantee in case of failing to deliver a paper of particular grade seems to be unrealistic, because each teacher has its way of grading paper.

As for payment options, there is no information available on the website. However, when we tested quality we paid via Credit Card, so they accept only direct checkout.

Newcomers’ Discounts and Loyalty Program

As for discounts and different promo codes, which usually attract customers to such services, Uk essays don’t have ones. There are no discounts for the first orders and bulk ones; there is no loyalty program as well. However, you may try to contact support and ask if they have anything special for you.

Paper Quality

There is a lot of quality papers published on this website for free. You may use them as samples of good quality writing. They are written in an appropriate academic language. There are also a lot of different articles about quality writing and other things you need while learning new.

To rate the quality, we have placed an order with them.  First of all, we should mention that our essay on Masters A+ grade cost us $425. It is a very high price for the three page paper with the deadline of three days. Our paper was on biology, and the topic was easy. We gave them several resources to use.

The paper was delivered in time, and at first glance has not contained any plagiarism, yet, there were several mistakes in the text and after deeper analysis, and we have found out that some parts of the text were just re-written from the resources we gave them. So we can say for sure that quality of paper and analysis is not ok. But there is no way to prove that the paper is not of the quality we have ordered.

Website Usability

The website design of this company looks nice. However, it is not so easy to navigate as it seems to be. There is a lot of information and texts published, and many of them are useless. Moreover, there are a lot of issues with layout and some forms overlaid with others.

Customer Care and Support

Unfortunately, this service doesn’t have 24/7 customer support, they are working on certain hours, so it is not possible to get an urgent help. But, when we contacted them, agents were professional and polite and were able to answer all our questions.


Best on our research we can say for sure that this company is quite expensive and able to deliver average quality papers for high school and college. The main disadvantage is their support; they are not working 24/7.