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Time4Learning Reviews 2021

Time4Learning  Reviews 2021

I am a Time4Learning student of 4 years and now entering my 5th year of homeschooling with this program. I cannot imagine how my homeschooling years would have gone by without this program. I will go over the pros and cons of this program, and while there were definitely some complications, I’m overall pleased with my experience.

The best way I can describe Time4Learning is calling it a “tool.” Time4Learning is NOT a school; therefore it’s not accredited. However, to dismiss the quality of education due to lack of accreditation would be a mistake. Time4Learning gets their curriculum through a large company called CompassLearning. According to the Time4Learning website, the curriculum was designed for over a decade by CompassLearning and then offered to schools across the nation. Time4Learning offers the same content to homeschooling families; therefore it is accurate to say that accredited schools use “Time4Learning’s curriculum.” If used appropriately and responsibly, Time4Learning can become a great fit. Here’s how Time4Learning worked with me.

My case was what many would call an “accidental homeschooler.” Everything was fine in elementary school, but when I went to middle school, complications arose from day 1. Suddenly, my parents and I found ourselves in a fix where we were obliged to homeschool but incredibly unwilling to do so. I am one of those students who do just fine in a brick-and-mortar school. By the time I was enrolled in Time4Learning, I missed my school and its structured environment. My parents, while having a good education themselves, weren’t that great as teachers. That prospected intimidated the 6th-grader me. How can one possibly get good grades without dreading school if your “teachers” weren’t good at teaching?

Luckily, my mom found Time4Learning. She told me that it had all the subjects, and the content was taught in an engaging, interesting manner — the only major drawback was that it wasn’t accredited. The prospect of being in an “unaccredited” method of schooling unnerved me, but at the same time, Time4Learning solved my biggest issue. Time4Learning lessons did the teaching for my parents, for which I was very grateful. I can confirm Time4Learning’s claim that it teaches in a way “kids will love.” The engaging and interactive content will teach for parents, keep students busy, and enable kids to become independent learners.

The issues I had with this program stemmed from the fact that I was an independent learner and didn’t have professional teacher support. I struggled writing essays and felt as if grammar lessons required more reinforcement. This highlights the importance that parents do need to take an active part of their children’s education, even when the grading and teaching are done for them. For example, it is the parent’s responsibility to grade written projects, adhere to state homeschooling laws, and determine whether their child will be accepted into an accredited school/college after Time4Learning.

Here are some of the pros:

1) Animated lessons. I cannot stress enough how useful this is when homeschooling. It keeps students’ interest peaked, especially with younger learners, and makes learning enjoyable.

2) Engaging and interactive content. This goes side-by-side with animated lessons; engaging and interactive content includes immediate feedback and problems.

3) Good education. When I finally returned to public school in ninth grade, I was able to tackle Honors courses after Time4Learning. Time4Learning provides a detailed scope-and-sequence of each subject available, so you, as a parent and educator, can decide on the quality of the curriculum.

4) Affordable. The cost is $19.95 per month for elementary and middle school students, $14.95 per month for each additional elementary or middle school student, and $30 per month for high school students (covers 4 courses; each additional course costs an extra $5 per month).


1) Lack of accreditation. Time4Learning is an unaccredited curriculum provider rather than a school and, therefore, cannot issue a diploma or formal transcripts to students.

We wonder how many of our readers were homeschooled themselves. Trusted sources report that percentage of children that obtain their school education at home is growing year on year.

Parents concerned about the situation in public schools these days also opt for homeschooling along with those who choose this type of education because of some religious beliefs, the desire to implant certain values or prevent certain things.

So, no wonder that the need for new online homeschooling systems emerges. Time 4 learning is one of such systems. It allows parents homeschool their kids from the comfort of their home. With a well-organized and structured system, there is no need to create lesson plans and search for materials. These guys have it all covered.

So, without further ado, meet our time4learning review that will provide you with even more reasons to choose this service and not any other out there.


You have probably seen a lot of other options out there. However, we are sure that this service is your best choice given its numerous advantages. You can check it out yourself: here are biggest pros of time for learning.

A lot of parents choose to homeschool because it allows for certain flexibility. But with time for learning, you will have even more freedom. There is no need to create your own program and adjust it to the needs of your child. You have it all there inside the system. Depending on your location and grade your kid goes to, the program is changed automatically. However, it is not your responsibility to make sure it really is so.
Your children can study at their own pace and go through as much material as they want. If some of your kids deal with tasks faster than their peers, and they seem bored, you can always choose the “Gifted Child” program to challenge them with more complicated tasks that will keep them motivated. But we’ll talk about this program later.

Money back guarantee.
The creators of the program allow you to pay for the membership and then request a refund in case you did not like the program or were not 100% satisfied with the results.
This gesture seems like a nice gesture. They do not offer you free trials, so you have to register right away. However, you can see what the program is like and within the first two weeks request a refund if needed.

Unlike many other online homeschooling programs, this one will not drive you to bankruptcy. The cost of education here is quite affordable. We will talk about their fee schedule a bit later, but for now, we just want to state that they did their best to make quality homeschooling possible for a wide range of audiences.
Besides, they offer free resources including learning style and homeschooling guides for parents, printable worksheets, demo videos, etc.
And there is no need to overpay for shipping, CDs, or downloads which keeps your pockets full too.

Additional programs.
We could not but mention in our review that these guys offer far more than just online homeschooling. They also have great programs for those looking for unschooling opportunities, after school/skill building, roadschooling, etc.
Moreover, they specialize in education for gifted kids who require more complicated tasks to stay motivated to keep digging.
And another bonus is homeschooling materials for military families. They recognize the importance of home-based education in the families of the military servants. So, they have prepared a program fine-tuned to their needs.

The website and the system behind it are very simple and self-explanatory. All the materials are there in front of you with just a few clicks. Your kids, no matter what their age will be able to easily use the service even without your help. And you as a parent will have access to all the grading and performance reports as well as lesson plans when needed.

There are tons of other advantages of this program. And we will take a look at them too in just a second.


This team did their best to ensure that their product is of the highest quality. You can see it from the start. You go to their website – and get a well-organized and structured space that makes navigation easy both for tech-savvy folks and non-techies.

Information is categorized and can be easily found under a particular category. If you are looking for Maths, Social Studies, Languages, and Science materials for a student of a specific grade, you can find it under Lesson Plans. The same works for Subjects and additional elements that are in the “Resources” section.

Each video made for homeschoolers is fun, interactive and informative. No unnecessary information or overwhelming facts. Only what is needed to meet the educational needs of a student and not burden him with information noise he will never be able to use in his life.


Given other time4learning reviews, we assume that this point is also very important to the customers, and they all seem to be satisfied with the fee schedule of this company.

Education of a PreK student will cost his parents $19.95 per month. The same applies to older students in Elementary and Middle School. Should you have more than one kid, you only pay $19.95 for the first one and $14.95 for every next one per month.

High school home-based education with this tool is a bit more expensive. Monthly access costs about $30 for each student.

You can always sign up and try the system out, as the time for Learning has money back guarantee within 14 days after registration.

Customer Service

Their Customer Happiness Team is ready to help you 24/7. They are available over the phone (which you can find on the website), online chat and email.

If you have issues with the website, can’t understand how something works, or are not satisfied with the quality, contact them and ask for a solution. They will immediately solve your problem. It is for sure, so enjoy!


Time for learning indeed is your best choice among a great variety of other options. These guys did their best in developing a profound educational program. Moreover, they keep updating it using the cutting-edge technologies, modern approaches to teaching based on the feedback of their customers.

They do not leave inquiries unnoticed and take action based on them. So, it is constantly improving service.

Moreover, you can also check out specific resources, guides, and materials for homeschooling in your location. Thus, if you come from Virginia, Texas, or Colorado, you might have a slightly different program than those from Kentucky or Illinois. This is not an issue, though, as Time4Learning took care of it too.

So, with these many pros, all you need to do now is go online and check out their website. You can take your kids too and let them watch a demo video or two to see how well they understand the information presented to them and whether they like the approach. In case they do, don’t hesitate to sign up and take the most out of this pain-free homeschooling experience.

Time4Learning is a website for homeschoolers for pre-kindergarten through high school that covers math, language arts, social studies, and science. It is built around CompassLearning Odyssey®, an online, interactive educational system that has been in existence for many years and was acquired by Edgenuity in 2016. CompassLearning Odyssey/Edgenuity is used by many traditional schools through other interfaces, while Time4Learning provides the interface that works for homeschoolers. Students pay a monthly membership fee. Time4Learning is a curriculum provider rather than a school. That means they cannot be accredited, and they don't issue report cards or diplomas.

Parents have their own login where they can set up student lesson plans and assignments as well as access records of student work. Student schedules and records can be printed out. Parents can select default grade-level courses, select particular courses, and customize lessons and assignments within courses. Time4Learning will set up special configurations if needed. For example, you might have a child working at third-grade level in most subjects but fourth-grade for math.

The design of courses varies by both subject and grade level, generally combining animation, images, text, and response activities. Some courses are fast moving, while others have lots of repetition and move more slowly. Both graphics and teaching methods are tailored to the age of the students and the content, with lots of variety within each course. However, for quick learners, there can be a lot of wasted time. While the courses teach the necessary content, lessons are slowed by cartoons and transitions. Also, concepts are taught, practiced and repeated, which is an appropriate teaching strategy, but sometimes there's too much repetition. For example, students answer math questions, and even if they answer correctly, the answer is restated by the computer and the explanation of why the answer is correct is given. It seems to me that the child who answers correctly should be able to move on without the reteaching. The redundancy might be helpful to some students and boring to others. On the other hand, students can review prior topics or retake lessons whenever necessary—a very helpful feature that is missing from some other online programs.

Some lessons have printable worksheets. If the screen shows “Resource” under the title of the activity, you can click to access a worksheet. Worksheets are also accessible through the Parent Administration section.

High school courses frequently use more traditional teaching methods than do lower-level courses, and many of them follow a similar pattern. They begin with a lesson presentation by a real person, either on-screen or as a voice over with graphics. Some courses use more creative lesson presentations, such as in English III where costumed actors portray authors of works to be studied. Whatever the style of the teacher, lessons are aided by computer graphics, images, and diagrams. Short lesson segments are followed by a one-screen summary of key points. Then students are presented with one or more practice questions to answer. A quiz usually wraps up each lesson. 

Subject Area Coverage

Math coverage aligns with national standards for PreK through eighth grade, although that does not mean that courses cover everything required by your state. As the math starts to get more difficult, students will need to use paper and pencil to do some of their work offline then enter their answers on the computer. For high school, students can choose to study Algebra I or II, Geometry, Trigonometry, or Pre-Calculus. Time4MathFacts is available to students at all grade levels at no extra cost. It is powered by Reflex, one of my favorite game-based, math fact drill programs. It is probably best for grades two through five, but it should still be fun and effective for older students if they need to improve their fluency with math facts.

Language arts courses include phonics and reading skills, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary in the lower level. They stress reading comprehension and fluency rather than phonics in the upper elementary grades and above, while also adding grammar, the study of word roots, literary analysis, and critical thinking. Time4Learning has a built-in writing component called Odyssey Writer for students in third grade and above. Students click on an icon to access it. Writing prompts appear, and students can then write within the program. Since the program is not able to evaluate student writing, it includes a simple scoring rubric for parents to use for grading. In high school English courses, there are detailed scoring guides that parents can use to help them evaluate writing assignments. Writing seems to be one of the weakest areas of the curriculum since students will often need more guidance than is provided for some writing assignments.

For an additional fee, Time4Learning’s sister business, Time4Writing offers a choice of 15 online courses that each include the supervision of a certified teacher. Each eight-week course focuses on one topic such as writing paragraphs, writing mechanics, or writing essays, Courses are available for grades two to five, grades six to eight, or high school.

High school courses for language arts combine literary analysis with composition, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and communication skills. Students begin writing research papers in English I. Again, parents need to evaluate students’ compositions.

Social studies begins in second grade. In the younger grades, social studies coverage is not intended to be complete, covering all the standards. Topics covered at any one grade level are often a hodgepodge of topics rather than a logical progression through a chronological study. While content is a little light in the primary grades, in fifth grade and above there seems to be plenty of content for a year-long course even though Time4Learning has a disclaimer that says the courses do not cover all state standards. Topics are very eclectic in fifth and sixth grade, but seventh grade offers a chronological study of U.S. History. You should be able to use these levels as complete courses as long as they are covering topics your child needs to learn. There is no social studies content for eighth grade; instead, students are given access to the seventh-grade course material or high school level U.S. History. High school students can choose from five courses: U.S History I, U.S. History II, World History, U.S. Government/Civics, and Geography.

Science courses gradually ramp up the number of activities per grade level. but coverage is not intended to be comprehensive before sixth grade. Science for kindergarten through third grade incorporates lessons from Science4Us and includes 395 activities.) While first grade has only 22 science activities, third grade has more than 200. Science is generally not a great concern in the earliest grade levels, so the fewer number of activities up through second grade should be sufficient. Fourth and fifth-grade science is presented through lessons on an assortment of topics, but it should be considered supplemental for these levels. (There are 172 science lessons—called activities in Time4Learning—for fourth grade and 220 for fifth grade.)

Beginning with sixth grade, middle school science is presented in three complete courses that align with state standards: Earth and Space Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. An add-on “Nature of Science Supplement” can (and should) be used along with any one of the middle school science courses. These courses combine animated lessons with instructional videos, worksheets, quizzes, and tests. They include some online and offline projects for students to complete. For high school, students can choose Biology, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, Chemistry, or Physics, but these do not include a lab component.

High school students also have two elective courses for Health and for Economics and Personal Finances, Optional foreign language and art courses that originated from other companies are also available. Time4Languages foreign language learning powered by Rosetta Stone. For an additional fee, Time4Languages includes instruction in your choice of English, Spanish, Chinese, Latin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian. Time4Art is available at no extra cost for sixth months to Time4Learning subscribers with students in grades four through twelve. Offered in partnership with Creativity Express, it is just one course with 16 lessons. it teaches art history and appreciation along with art activities done either with offline media (crayons, paint, etc.) or with a digital paint program.

Assessment and Rewards

Quizzes and tests are built into each course to ensure comprehension. The program shows when students have completed activities, quizzes, and tests. Time4Learning has an automated reporting system that tracks test and lesson scores as well as the time spent on each activity. Parents can easily print weekly reports, customizing them by date, subject, or type of activity—a big help for record keeping and portfolio documentation. There are also tests that simulate standardized tests, although scores on those tests are not factored into the student’s achievement in Time4Learning.

Some of the material for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade seems rather easy for the designated grade level, with quizzes that students can pass with little effort. But this isn’t true all of the time. For example, math lessons for middle school are probably as demanding as most textbook-based courses.

Time4Learning also has an “online playground” for students up through eighth grade and a "gameroom" for high school students. The lower level includes a timer that allows children to play these "safe" games for up to a time limit set by the parent. Playtime can be set to zero if parents don’t want children playing games at all. (There is no timer for the upper level.) Games are actually ones that children will enjoy, and they might well be used as rewards to motivate children to learn. High school students also have access to Time4Friends, a moderated social media network just for high school members of Time4Learning.

You Also Need to Know...

The curriculum is secular and is tied to national and state standards to some extent, so you will encounter some of the same issues you would with any public school curriculum. For example, the middle school Life Science course has a unit on evolution that is totally one-sided in favor of evolution which will be a problem for many families. A secular outlook shows up elsewhere in subtler ways, such as in one history lesson that teaches that religion arose out of societies, reflecting societal needs rather than through divine revelation.

Since Time4Learning is not an actual school, they do not claim that courses meet all state or national standards. Parents and teachers can see how many hours a student spends on each subject which is some help in determining whether or not they need to supplement, and Time4Learning offers free assistance that can help answer other questions about course content.

The Time4Learning website has many pages with details, screenshots, demo lessons, course outlines, and other information that you can investigate to learn more. Time4Learning will run on most computers with internet access, although a fast internet connection will surely be helpful. Because it uses Adobe Flash, if you want to run it on an iPad, you need to use the Puffin Academy app that is available free at iTunes. The Puffin Academy app from Google Play is also the way to access Time4Learning on Android.

Time4Learning might seem a little confusing because it is such a complex program, but there is plenty of help on the “Getting Started” page as well as within the courses. I could always find pertinent help somewhere when I needed it. Also, Time4Learning provides support by phone, by email, and via chat.

In summary, Time4Learning is one of the most thoroughly developed educational websites. While it is possible to use it for a large part of your curriculum for some grade levels, you will generally need to be using other resources alongside it for a complete program.

The numbers of homeschooled students keep on growing with more families losing faith in public education and willing to protect their kids from bullying at schools.

There are other reasons why homeschooling is gaining its momentum now. The National Home Education Research Institute reports that there were at least 2.3 million of students whose parents chose to educate them at home in 2016. However, with an average of 6 to 8% growth in numbers, we can say for sure that the situation has changed since that time, and there are more homeschoolers now than there were before.

Bright Hub Education has recently published an article that explains the most common reasons why people opt for homeschooling over other options include better quality of education at home (almost 80% of respondents), religious beliefs (76.5%), desire to share specific values (74%) or develop character/morality (69%).

You might have other reasons, but if you are considering home-based education for your kids, make sure to pick a good, trustworthy system to stick to.

In this time4learning review, we will explain why we find this system one of the best ones on the market. So, if you are on the fence about a particular homeschooling online education program, read on to see what option we suggest you pick.


First things first: quality is the reason number one why we opted for this online education method.

The team behind time 4 learning has done an incredible job by organizing all the essential materials into an easy to navigate platform. All you need as a parent or a homeschooled student is right there in front of you. Just go to a particular section on the website to find everything you need to find relevant to your grade including lesson plans and video materials.

Parents have access to all the reports on student’s performance as well as a list of all the grades he got for the assignments completed in the Administrative Panel. No need to check every task after its completion; this feature is already built into the system.

Moreover, they went even further trying to meet the needs of homeschoolers and their parents. You can also make use of several helpful guides that explain homeschooling basics and specifics as well as crucial points of the learning style required for the program. They can answer dozens of your questions especially if it is your first experience homeschooling a child or even several ones.


Another important point in our review is a number of various services available inside the system.

And to make navigation around the site easier for you, we will describe all the available services here.

Online homeschooling.
Thanks to the hard work of developers, all you need to start home-based education is go online, pay for the services for each of your homeschoolers and get started. The program is divided into different grades and categories so finding a right lesson or video should not be a problem at all. Then after each lesson, your kid will get access to the test the results of which will be calculated automatically by the system. You can find his result under a special section in the Administrative Panel.
As you ass education is really simple and straightforward, so you do not need to be a technology guru to understand how it all works.

Lesson Planner Tool.
In case you do not like a program offered to your kid, you can edit it or create your own one from the ground up using a special Lesson Planner tool. It allows you to make education flexible and fine-tune it to the needs of your child. So, if the pace is too fast or on the contrary not challenging enough for him, adjust the curriculum to your specific needs using this service.

Gifted Child.
We find it essential to mention this service here too. It is incredible if your kid is growing up way more curious and intelligent than the school curriculum requires.Do not let the program that strives to treat all kids equally under-challenge him.
With this program, the smartest kids get the most out of education and learn more exciting materials than their peers all at their pace.
This program is also a blessing to parents who do not know how to make homeschooling exciting to smarter little fellows. Planning ahead and creating a new program from scratch can be taxing. But with this service, your kid will get more out of education without stressing you out.

After-school / Skill building.
Finally, if your kid is going to a public school but you want to strengthen some areas of his expertise, use this service. With it, you can see how exactly you can help him overcome struggling with some subjects using the time for learning. Just set realistic goals and keep up with your child’s progress to help him succeed in areas he is having trouble with.

These are not all of the services offered by the system. You can also learn about roadschooling, unschooling, and so-called “Accidental Homeschooler” on their website.

In the meantime, let’s move on to the cost of such education.


As you can see from many other time4learning reviews, the cost of this type of online education is really affordable, especially when compared to the other resources.

If you are homeschooling only one student (PreK to Middle School), then his education will only cost you $19.95 per month. If you have more kids of this age group, then you will need to pay $14.95 for every next student.

The education of High School kids costs a little more, but it is still inexpensive – only $30 per month. You do not have to spend money on CDs, shipping, or printables.

And if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the service, you have the right to request a refund within the first 14 days based on the 14-day money back guarantee.

Customer Support

It is one of the key aspects that make this service remarkable. Customer Support representatives are doing their best to make sure every customer is happy. Thus, if you have problems or questions, don’t hesitate to contact them immediately. They work 24/7 and are available via phone, email, or online chat if you will.


We could go on and on and the advantages of this service. But we respect your time. That is why we only described things that really matter. You can find out about other benefits on their website.

All the information right there, no need to search for hours trying to find answers to your questions.

There are dozens of similar options on the market, but not all of them have as many pros as Time for Learning. These guys are ahead of their competitors thanks to the cutting-edge technologies, though-through curriculum, and user-friendly system. So, visit their website to see it all for yourself!

In the past few years, homeschooling began emerging as the biggest current trend in education. Parents and their children opt for homeschooling due to a variety of reasons, from living in a rural area to having health problems that prevent the child from visiting a school. Time 4 Learning is designed to make the learning process easier for everyone involved.

How exactly does the service do it? Essentially, Time4Learning is a collection of learning resources, divided conveniently according to the academic level and course. The service is created for students starting from Pre-K all the way to 12th grade, which means it can become the one-stop-shop for the homeschooled student’s academic needs.

Hundreds of thousands of families are very happy with the level of service provided by TimeForLearning. However, if you are looking for a website that would help you with specific tasks like essays and research papers, Time 4 Learning is not the best solution for you. There is no dedicated writer to help you with the assignment on a pay-per-page basis.

Obviously, a service as all-encompassing as Time4Learning is rarely available absolutely for free. With their pricing models, there are two different prices: one is for Pre-K to 8th grade students, and another one is for 9th grade to 12th grade students. In the first case, you will need to pay $19.95 for the first student and $14.95 for each additional student. For high school students, the service costs $30.00 per month and includes four courses. There is no discount for high school students.

Signing up for a membership offers you the following features:


Access the curriculum for every grade from Pre-K to 12th grade to find out what you should be studying with your students and what are the next steps to take in your homeschooling journey.


Choose any subject you want to study with your student, including language arts, all levels of math, social studies, and science. Modify your chosen subjects any way you want.

Lesson plans

With a paid membership, you gain access to over 3,500 lesson plans for every academic level and subject imaginable. Visit the lesson plans 24/7 and use them for creating your own plans.

Additional resources

Life of a homeschooling family can be challenging, which is why Time For Learning offers extra resources like homeschooling guides and printable worksheets to every customer.

Quality of work execution

When judging the quality of work execution by, it is important to first define the goals. If you are a high school or college student looking for assistance with your academic assignments, Time4Learning is not the best option for you. There are simply no professional writers who would help you with the task, and all you will find there is a collection of learning resources aimed at homeschooling children and their parents.

However, if you are a parent of a homeschooled child and are looking for a way to organize the learning process and keep up with the curriculum, Time 4 Learning is definitely something you should consider. The variety of courses, lesson plans, and additional materials at Time For Learning is certainly impressive. And, with the service constantly evolving and adding new functionality, there is no doubt it will become even more popular.


Time 4 Learning is an established service, and to make things even more convenient and secure for its customers, it offers a number of important guarantees. These guarantees include customer support being available via multiple channels and automated grading.

To us, the most important guarantee is the 14 day money back guarantee. If you paid for a Time4Learning membership, but discovered within 14 days that it is not a good fit for you and your family, you will receive a complete refund after contacting the administrators.

Payment options

If you decide to become a paying Time 4 Learning user, you will need to register for the website. After entering your Time4Learning login and other information, you will then have to select the membership plan for your students. Then, all that is left to do is provide your payment information. Once that is done, you can begin using Time 4 Learning.

The payment options available at Time4Learning include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. At first, we were surprised to see the absence of PayPal as a payment option, since it is known for being extremely reliable and essential for protecting the customer’s personal and financial data. However, given that Time 4 Learning offers a money back guarantee and an opportunity to stop the membership at any time, we are willing to give the service a pass — after all, there are plenty of other payment options available to you.


When we started looking for Time4Learning reviews, we realized that the opinion of the customers about the service largely depends on their goals. If the customer was looking for an academic writing service to help him with essays and other assignments, the customer was often left disappointed. However, we believe it’s more of a problem of miscommunication than a sign of a bad service. It’s very important to find out what the service actually does.

On the other hand, customers who were looking for a convenient and modern homeschooling solution, couldn’t be happier with Time 4 Learning. And it is perfectly understandable, given Time4Learning’s huge variety of courses, lesson plans, and other solutions for efficient home-based studying. Plus, the service is rather affordable compared to others. Customers have been using the service for all academic levels starting from Pre-K, and every time received great results. If this is the type of service you are after, you will likely enjoy your experience with Time 4 Learning very much.

We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons

Bidding system

Wide variety of home learning solutions and resources.

The team of writers

Reasonable rates for quality services.

The team of writers

Availability of customer support and a money back guarantee.

Prices and discounts

The courses don’t go beyond high school.

Number of Bids

No dedicated writer to help with assignments.

Payment System

No discounts for high school students.

Quality of writing

Limited socialization opportunities for homeschooled children.


As a homeschooling aid service, Time 4 Learning has little competition with the same level of resource availability and assistance. However, if you are on a search for a writing service that would help you with essays and other academic assignments, Time4Learning is not your best option — there are simply no dedicated writers to help you with this problem. You can look for a good writing solution in the top services on our website.

With parents always looking for ways to help their kids keep up with the fast pace of education, protect them from bullying at school or challenge them more than they are right now, they often consider homeschooling their best option. They see it as an excellent opportunity to meet their children’s needs without pushing too much pressure on them in the process.

Moreover, families that often relocate opt for homeschooling to prevent their kids from all the stress related to finding a new school and getting used to everything a new environment can bring. Finally, homeschooling is a great option for families with special needs kids whose parents do not want to push their loved ones to keep up with the set pace or overly complicated duties.

And even though there are thousands of available options for homeschooling parents out there, we highly recommend the services of Time4Learning.

Wondering why we suggest their services? Read on to find out from our time4learning review.


This is our number one reason why homeschooling parents should indeed opt for this service. According to numerous time4learning reviews and testimonials, quality is their signature line. To make sure it is so, take a look at their website. All the knowledge base for parents and their kids is well-structured and organized.

One can easily navigate between the curriculum folders seeking for information related to a particular grade, or search for lesson plans for various subjects, or even take advantage of useful tools and resources.

Besides, according to the testimonials of happy parents, this service is so simple to use that parents can feel much more relaxed when teaching. They offer at least 3.500 lessons on Science, Maths, Languages, and Social Studies. Additionally, you can enjoy their free printables for your lessons and art classes.


The cost of such education is also quite affordable. It is calculated per student per month. And the cost of education also depends on whether a child goes to High, Middle or Elementary School.

In case you are a parent of a High School student, services of time 4 learning will cost you around $30 per month. The cost of the service is slightly cheaper for younger kids. If you are a parent of a homeschooler that goes to up to the eighth grade, it will cost you around $19.95 per month for one student and $14.95 for every next student you add.

This team also offers a 14-days money back guarantee in case you did not like their services, so you can at least try and see what they have to offer.

The best part about this service, apart from its quality, is its flexibility. Thus, a user can pause, stop, or cancel his subscription anytime. So, if you are out of town, and you do not want to be paying for services you are not using at the moment, you can contact the Customer Support Service on their website and ask them to pause the membership for some time.

Customer Service

Time for learning team truly treasures their customer. That is why they hired an exceptional team of Customer Support Representatives ready to answer your questions anytime. For the improved convenience of their customers, they offer their members to either contact them by phone in case of an emergency, send them an e-mail or contact them in chat. They are really there for you via all the available channels.


What exactly do they offer? We have decided to clarify this question in our review to make sure our readers understand what options they have with this company.

This team has developed a system that allows parents and their children get access to a full year’s curriculum having just their laptop and an Internet connection at their disposal. No need to attend classes, or go anywhere to earn grades. It is all available right there from the comfort of your home. As you see, this service is very simple to use and quite flexible.

The program students get access to is safe and secure. You can be sure that even though they need an Internet connection to access their lessons, they will see no abusive ads or annoying popups. It is a completely safe ad-free studying environment for your kids.

To make lives of hundreds of parents easier, the system also has a sweet benefit: detailed grading and advanced reports. Anytime you want to get a report on your kid’s progress, just go into the system, open the Parent Administration page and pull out any reports or statistics you need. It is all stored there in one place for your convenience.

Every assignment your child completes is graded too. The grades for each text are also stored on that same page. So, if you want to keep track of his progress take the most out of their reporting and grading systems.


We know that the competition in this niche is fierce with new software being developed all the time and new systems being organized every day.

However, we are sure that Time 4 Learning will remain on top of this competition given their numerous advantages. Wondering which advantages we are talking about here? Here they are!

Time for learning has a long history in this industry. And thanks to their experience and expertise, they have won numerous awards. These awards include iParenting Media Award, Top 100 Educational websites (2017), The national Parental Center (Seal of Approval), and the Certified Autism Resource. This international recognition really adds value to their credibility.

Extracurricular activities.
They do not only offer great resources for quality homeschooling, but also help parents looking for summer learning opportunities, After-school / skill building, roadschooling, education in the family of the military servants, unschooling, and homeschooling for kids with special needs. Besides, there is a special program for gifted kids who need more challenges in their daily studying routine than they have right now.

Educational tools for parents.
Parents who do not feel confident enough about their teaching capacities can take advantage of the tools Time for Learning offer on their website. These include Lesson Planner, Teaching Style Guide, Homeschooling Guide, and even a forum for parents to communicate. It feels like they have got it all covered.

Demo lessons.
If you are still not sure whether you can trust this service or not, worry no more: these guys have prepared individual Demo lessons or you to check out before paying for your first month with them. Watch the videos with your kids to see whether he likes them or not and make your final decision based on what you see. We promise you will love the videos! They are interactive and interesting with different approaches depending on the age of the target audience.

We hope this review was helpful. It might not cover all the basics, but you can always visit their website or contact their Customer Support should you have more questions. Good luck!

Time4Learning is an award-winning, automated online learning system that can be used by students in preschool – 12th grade for homeschool, after school, or summer school. Schoolhouse Review Crew members received a six-month membership to Time4Learning’s interactive curriculum for home use for PreK – 8th grades.

Time4Learning integrates education with fun. The homeschool program provides a complete language arts and math curriculum which correlate to state standards, and it also includes science and social studies. Subjects are organized into chapters, and an automated system teaches lessons in a sequence created to develop skills. Short, animated lessons are followed by a variety of interactive activities, educational games, printable worksheets, online quizzes, and more. As a reward for completing lessons, students gain access to an online playground in which they can choose from an extensive assortment of games.

Time4Learning is flexible and easy-to-use. Students can log in on their own from any computer at any time and independently work as much or as little as they want while advancing at their own pace. For extra practice or complete mastery of content, lessons can be repeated as needed. Also, for review or additional study, students have access to above and below one grade level for each subject.

During lessons, students are guided by visual and auditory prompts, and finished work is distinctly labeled with a check-mark or gold star. Students can take a break or log out at any time, and a bright green arrow shows them where they left off making it easy to resume lessons.

Time4Learning provides parents with a variety of teaching and record-keeping tools. Parents have the ability to set grade levels independently for each subject and have access to printable lesson plans if they wish to preview what’s being taught. Time4Learning also provides automated grading and detailed reports for tracking a student’s progress and for using as a portfolio. An online parent forum is available for additional support as well.

For PreK – 8th grade, Time4Learning offers one low price of $19.95/student per month. Additional students can be added for $14.95 each per month, and all students have 24/7 unlimited access. There are no contracts, no hidden costs, and members can quit at any time. Plus, if for any reason a customer is not satisfied, Time4Learning offers a 14-day money back guarantee.