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ThePensters Reviews 2021

ThePensters Reviews 2021

The Pensters works slightly differently to other writing services. You post the essay you want to be written on the website, and their writers bid for the job. That way, you can pick the best writer for you. In theory, this lets you vet your writers and avoid any possible scam. However, it can put writers under pressure, so you’ll get less than ideal writing.

Quality of Writers

Some customers have managed to sign up, place an order, and get an essay that they’re really happy with. Others, though, say that their essays were less than ideal. This seems to be because these writers they used turned out not to be native English speakers. Ideally, you should be able to avoid this during the bidding process, but obviously it doesn’t always work. Keep this in mind if you decide to make an account with them.


Pricing will change, depending on the writers who bid to work on your essay. According to their approximate price calculator, a 2 page 2:1 level essay, delivered within 10 days, will cost around $30. Again, this is only an estimate, so you won’t know what you’ll be paying until you get the bids. There’s no discount deal or promotion code available, probably because of the nature of the service.


When you log in/sign in, you’ll have to specify how long you have to get the essay done. You’ll give a date that it needs to be done by, and the writers will know that when they bid on it. That means that most customers will get their essays just when they need them.

Customer Service

As with most writing services, there’s a customer services department that you can call on if you need support. You can get in touch using their contact number, or via free methods offered on the website. You can get in touch with questions about ordering, or if you need a refund on your essay. It’s a decent service, although sometimes response times can be slow.

This is a review of the pensters, a custom writing service that has gained wide popularity among folks in the recent past. There are some quarters where this service has spiked a lot of interest, and this has prompted people to ask for a review about the service so that they can decide on whether to use the service or not. Therefore, we have written this review and included crucial and relevant information regarding the service so that folks can have an accurate picture of what they are dealing with before they place an order for a custom essay or paper. We, therefore, looked for information on the service from the web, and also went a step ahead to place an order so that we could have a look at the quality of the work the service produces.


On the web, we scoured for information regarding the pensters. There is no information or details relating to the pensters, and we, therefore, had to look for reviews and details on the BBB reviews website. There were no details or information regarding the service on the BBB reviews site, and this left us with the pensters website as the only source of information about the service.

We, therefore, looked at the website to establish a profile of the service, and there were some aspects did not sit well with us. We looked into their numbers and found out that out of the active 800 writers they have, only an eight of those writers were online. These number of active writers and those who were online did not match, which raised red flags about the service in general.

The mismatch in numbers is quite suspicious since it raises questions into whether the writers can handle the tasks assigned to them.


The Pensters website shows that they offer a variety of services which include essay writing, dissertation writing, admission essay writing, project writing, research paper writing, term paper writing, and thesis paper writing. The service has a concentration on academic writing but does not have any products when it comes to business writing. We placed an order for a 3rd-year term paper, and we gave the service a week to handle our order.

For a professional and reliable service, a week is more than enough to come up with a top-notch and original term paper. However, the pensters did not come through on this front. While they submitted the term paper to us in the desired period, the paper did not meet some of our expectations. After giving a closer look at the paper, we noticed that there were some errors in the paper.

Customer Support

The staff who were on customer support did not do their job as expected. Often, customer support is supposed to be active, brief, and clear, but we cannot say the same of the customer support team at the pensters. At multiple instances, they sent us numerous messages to our phones and emails which were entirely unnecessary. Their customer support staff was out to lunch as far as communication is concerned, and they need to up their game if they aim at being a better service.


In closing, it is important to rate the service accordingly, so that other clients out there can make an informed decision when settling on a service to handle their academic writing tasks. The Pensters is unreliable, and you cannot count on them to work on your paper adequately.

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The has been in the business of providing writing services since 2009. In that time, there have been a lot written about this company, and we have had several former customers ask us to conduct a review of the company, so that others may make a wise choice if they decide to use their writing services. We have looked at The Pensters website and reviewed all of its content; we have read the posted testimonials; we have reviewed pricing, benefits, policies and guarantees. And we have sought out customer reviews from other places on the web. Finally, we ordered up a college research paper to see for ourselves. Here is our summary.

Services Offered

The focus is on academic writing of all types. Students at all academic levels can order anything from essays, papers, book reviews, admissions essays, case studies, theses, dissertations, and anything in between. While ThePensters does not advertise any type of business or copywriting services, a customer service agent did tell us that some of the writers will take those types of orders.

Prices does publish a pricing chart on the site, beginning at $14/page for high school essays with a 14-day deadline and moving up to $37/page for graduate level writing with a shorter deadline of 8 hours.

Prices are only estimates, however. The business model is one in which customers place detailed orders and then accepts bids from company writers. We assume these are negotiable, because we were able to negotiate a few dollars off of our order. In the end, we paid $148.00 for our paper.

Discounts and Additional Features

In a word, there are no discounts or coupon codes for discounts; no promo codes for first time customers, either. You will pay whatever you and your chosen writer agree upon.

In terms of additional features, customers are also pretty much out of luck. There is a guarantee of no plagiarism, and, while you pay up front, The Pensters site states that writers are not given that money until you give final approval of what they have created for you.

Customer Support and Site Usability

The only way to contact the company customer support department is through email, and the turnaround time is not that rapid. We had questions about qualifications of dissertation writers, and it took a day-and-a-half to get a response – not good if you have an emergency situation.

In terms of the site, it is well laid out, navigation is easy, and there is a long listing of the writers (400+) and their “numbers.” We would like to have seen a BBB membership, and we checked. There is none.

We checked a few of the footer pages and blog, and were not impressed. The footer page on dissertations spoke to book reviews and essays. One of the blog posts was titled, “7 Troublous Questions for a Research Paper …” Where in the world did the word “troublous” come from?


As we stated, there are over 400 writers, that ThePensters claims have the highest qualifications. When we accessed their profiles, however, all we were given was a long list of the writing products they had produced and no real way to verify this. And the types of writing that an individual writer produces are so varied, it is difficult to believe that any individual writer has that many degrees.

We also applied to become a writer with the company. In the application process, we were taken to Essay Shark, another writing company that we have reviewed – that writing service has a poor reputation and the quality of products is poor. If Essay Shark writers are being used by The Pensters, we are not impressed.

When we reviewed customer comments and feedback, we noted a number of complaints about poor quality and instructions not being specifically followed. Some customers refused delivery and asked for a refund. They did not get that, though the company promises it on the site. The paper we ordered was probably crafted by an ESL writer, something we found to be an issue on Essay Shark too. is certainly not a fraud or scam. However, students should proceed with caution and check out writers very carefully before choosing one. Have conversations with them and be certain that they can write well, at least in their messaging.


We looked at pros & cons, and are just not comfortable with this writing service. Our overall rating is “Fair-to-Poor.” Students can find far better somewhere else.

With an individual approach at offering writing services, allows customers to pay for the paper after approving the content delivery. This shows that the company is not only legit but has good guarantees, too. However, feedback online indicates that this is not always the case, which is why we decided to take a closer look at what this company really has to offer.

How to Order and What to Expect

You can order any type of paper you want from this service, even if it is not listed in the drop-down menu.


Since you are the one picking your own writer and the company works on a per-project bidding system, you only need to add the information for your paper and wait for bids.

Still, this means that the company does not guarantee someone will bid for your paper, how much they will charge and if they are the best fit for your particular order.

We found this system to be very intriguing, which is why we placed an order for a term paper. After waiting for 4 hours, we selected one of the 12 writers who bid on our paper. This was a good number considering that the topic was complex, but the variety in quotes in the bids was ridiculous. Some were unrealistically cheap, while some writers required a small fortune for a 10 pages paper!

We chose one with more experience and expertise and a realistic bid. The paper we received was of high quality as promised and we got it before the deadline. Still, the process took too much time, which can be a real problem for students with tight deadlines.

Reaching the Company’s Customer Service

Unfortunately, you have to log in and add your personal information to contact the live chat agents. We find it to be very unreasonable since the live chat option should be available to even those who have questions about the service or in case someone does not know how to log in.

Being experts at evaluating services, we created our profile easily. Afterward, contacting the company was very easy and the customer service was effective.

Prices and Bids at

We cannot really speak of prices since this is not something the company can offer. As we said, we had various bids, which means that at the end, you are the one choosing a writer according to your budget and preferences.

Discounts for Academic Papers does not have a discount system. The reason they present is ‘we try not to interfere in the process so that both writers and clients can decide what price is best for them’. This may be a disadvantage or advantage for you, depending on your bargaining skills and of course, the writers who will bid on your paper. Website

The website is easy to navigate, interesting to look into and most importantly, contains all the information you need. This includes the things you will not find here, such as discounts.


The per-project bidding system has its advantages but has many disadvantages, too. We cannot vouch for this service since the quality of papers will depend on who you will choose and how much you are willing to pay. With this being the working system, the company cannot provide you with prices or discounts, which is a disadvantage and can be very time-consuming. On the other hand, they do have a good customer service and solid guarantees.

The Pensters is an academic writing service that claims to have been in the essay writing business for a decade. On their website, you can see lots of impressive statistics, including the fact that the service currently has over 1000 active writers, which we find nearly impossible to believe.

At the same time, Penster has an ad for new writers to join the team, which means that basically anyone can apply to the company and there is no word on how strict their selection process is. There is a rating of writers near the bottom of the page, but nearly none of the writer profiles contain real photos.

ThePensters offers a fairly standard selection of services. They can do your essay, review, dissertation, coursework, speech, and a couple of other written tasks, although we didn’t find CV and cover letter writing services on the list — they can be very helpful for students who want to maximize their chance of landing their first ever job.

The Pensters employs a bidding system instead of a traditional writing model, meaning that you first need to publish your order details and receive bids from the writers before you can learn the final price of your paper. We don’t think this system is convenient at all. The website advertises the lowest price per page to be $9, but ultimately, it depends on the bids from the writers, since there is no regulation of the prices. There are no discounts or bonuses for new customers.

There are some additional features you can get:

Editing and proofreading

If you have written your own essay and now want to give it a more polished and academic look, you can hire one of the Pensters editors to proofread your paper for you.


In case you already have a paper but now want to make it fully original to easily pass a plagiarism test, a ThePensters writer can rewrite it for you.

Specific writer

If you have already worked with one of the Pensters writers and enjoyed the result, you can request assistance from the same writer by entering their ID.

Writer finder

Don’t want to spend your time reviewing the bids and selecting the writer? For an additional fee, ThePensters can automatically assign your order to the most qualified writer.

Quality of work execution

To review the quality of writing and overall service delivered by The Pensters, we placed a test order for a 2-page college essay with a 14-day deadline. We included some instructions with our order and waited for the bids. However, after three hours, only two bids appeared. We chose the more expensive one and placed the money into our account for the writer to start working on our paper. It was delivered two hours before the deadline.

The paper contained the required number of words and was formatted according to our instructions. However, when we closely inspected the content of the paper, we were less than impressed. The paper done by the Pensters writer was nowhere near the college level — in fact, we did not think it would be acceptable even for high school. We also noticed a couple of quotes that were not properly referenced, which could come up in a plagiarism test.


The Pensters website references a number of guarantees, including a plagiarism-free guarantee, a satisfaction guarantee, and a money back guarantee. However, we did not find any sufficient explanation of these policies even after looking for it several times.

In the FAQ section, however, we did come across more details about their policies, and they were rather worrying. It seems like ThePensters wants to make the customers responsible for their own orders and to minimize the service’s role in the process.

Payment options

The selection of payment methods offered by Pensters is rather limited. You can use your regular Mastercard or Visa account details to pay for your order. The service also offers payments through G2A, which is a rather obscure payment system we have never encountered earlier. With no PayPal payments available, we are not convinced all payments are 100% secure.

The Pensters also has a peculiar way of paying for your order once it’s placed. As soon as you pick the writer to work on your order, the required amount of money is then secured in your Pensters account. However, it does not immediately go to the writer. You can pay for your order in parts: when the writer delivers a part of the paper, you release the payment, and then the writer begins working on the next part. In our opinion, this system places unnecessary pressure on the customer and prevents you from feeling relaxed.


ThePensters made sure to make that positive reviews of the service highly visible on the website. The reviews are very detailed and contain not only the customer’s opinion, but also the information about the writer, the order, and even the date. Overall, the reviews look rather legit, but, unsurprisingly, they are 100% positive and give The Pensters five stars for their services. The writers are also able to respond to the review and even rate the customers.

A quick look at the Pensters reviews on independent, third-party websites, reveals a slightly different story. Not all testimonials about the service we found were positive; in fact, only about 25% of the customers are completely happy with the work done for them by ThePensters. The majority of other customers were not particularly satisfied with their experience. They reported missed deadlines, inflated prices, and the writer’s reluctance to do a revision. Customers also often talk about the problems with the quality of the papers, stating it does not match the prices charged there. promises an individual, more effective approach to ordering your papers online. Instead of picking the writer for you, this company allows you to choose between bidders. And not only that – they say you can pay after you confirm the content, which serves to guarantee the quality of papers. Whether all this is true or not, you are about to find out.

Key Features: 

Free plagiarism checker
Self-motivated writers
Money-back, plagiarism-free and satisfaction guarantee
Per-project bidding Website

The company’s website is well designed and easy to navigate. What we most liked about it was the presentation of information. Finding all the information we needed for our review was very easy.

Services Offered and Ordering from the Company

Apparently, this company has an open list of writing services. Aside from the papers, you will see in the drop-down menu when you check the quote for your paper, you will find an option ‘other’. This option allows you to provide information and requirements for any paper you have, which makes this service an amazing choice for those who need continuous assignment help.

However, choosing your writer can be as tricky as it is inviting. The company works on a bidding approach, which can be time-consuming and very complex. Even though you can choose your own writer and your own price, this comes at a great risk.

Pricing, Bidding, and Discounts

Prices are nowhere to be found on the website, which is quite expected with such services. Seeing that writers use bids to attract your attention, you are the one choosing the price for your paper. In our experience, the company has cheap to expensive prices, which means that the final decision is left to you and you only.

The same applies to discounts. Since the company has no pricing, they cannot really offer discounts. The only one who can reduce the price is the writer you are collaborating with. Of course, this will all depend on your bargaining skills, as well as times you hired the same writer throughout your education.

Our Experience with the Service

Once we saw that this company works with bidding, we immediately sent out our order to get as many bids as possible before the review is done. We got over ten bids, after which we picked the writer we thought was most experienced in writing papers like ours.

This turned out to be a bad investment. Knowing that the less experienced writers give the lowest bids, we chose a relatively high bid, but this resulted in a somewhat bad paper. Not only the process of ordering the paper was too lengthy, but the content we got contained plagiarism and a lot of mistakes.

After we sent out for a revision, we got a significantly improved paper. However, it was still not worth the price we paid and the time we wasted on the order.

Contacting the Company’s Customer Service

In order for customers to get in touch with the customer service, they need to log in. This is also time-consuming and unreasonable. In our opinion, the customer service should be available for everyone, including visitors who have questions about the company’s services.

Once you add your information and log in, you will enjoy high-quality assistance from the customer service agents. We got a prompt and effective response almost immediately.


There are some advantages to the bidding approach, but this system comes with a variety of disadvantages, too. Students who order from ThePensters need to spend a great deal of time on choosing a writer and placing the order. Even so, the company does not provide discounts or special offers, and in our case, delivers low-quality papers.

Many of the ThePensters reviews that we read were very critical about the quality of writing. Because of this, we really wanted to give this writing service a chance to shine. What better way to do that than to ‘throw a pitch they can hit’. I other words, we gave them an absolutely softball writing assignment. We asked for a 4 page essay on the topic ‘advice for new college students’ and we asked for a 14 day deadline. We didn’t ask for any citation format, bibliography, or that any resources be used.

We did receive our paper a few days before it was due. Unfortunately, that is the only positive feedback that we have. The essay was simply terrible. First of all, it was clear that our writer didn’t understand what should have been a simple assignment. There were grammatical mistakes, and in many places it was simply impossible to discern what the writer was trying to say. We were beginning to understand why the rating was so poor in each review or comment that we came across. It is difficult to say that The Pensters is safe when there are clearly so many issues with quality.

Writers And Customer Support Agents

When we went to the Writers page to get an idea of who we might be working with, we saw lots of bright smiling profile pictures, creative names, and plenty of impressive awards badges that each writer had received. Clearly, this company is invested in presenting its writers very well. Unfortunately, that presentation doesn’t match reality. As far as customer support agents, there really doesn’t appear to be any. Instead, you are expected to work directly with your writer. We didn’t have a problem with this, but in our experience, good writing services have some sort of oversight and an easy to navigate complaint and revision process.

Prices And Discounts

We can’t really speak to ThePensters prices, because they are negotiated in each individual case. The website claims that fees start at nine dollars per page. We paid more than double that, and feel as if we did not get anywhere near the quality that price warrants. As you might expect at this point, there are no discounts, and you won’t be able to find a ThePensters coupon code anywhere. We looked online for The Pensters promo codes and couldn’t find any of those either.

Additional Freebies And Benefits

We do have a bit of praise in this area. This writing service offers students a free online plagiarism checker that they can use up to five times each month. There is also a blog, but the content seems to be limited to writing samples. That’s a shame. It would nice to see helpful content on budgeting, eating right, staying healthy, technology, entertainment, and other issues that colleges students face. Presumably the writers submit this content to get more attention from visitors. There are also The Pensters testimonials on the website, but they are predictably positive and don’t give any useful information.

Do We Recommend it?

No, we do not recommend this writing service. The quality is sub par, the prices were much too high, there is no customer service, and our experience was extremely frustrating. Please consider one of the many top quality writing services that have received good reviews on our website. call their employees ‘the most preferable freelance academic writers’, which is a grand promise to fulfill. Their site seems promising and yet, our experience was a lot different from the expected.


This is a bidding service, meaning that their list is not limited at all. ThePensters did not waste much time creating a full list of services, but they did add an option where you can write your specific instructions. Based on this, you can get bids from their writers.

Quality level, Plagiarism

Unfortunately, the quality level is the part which we referred to when we said that our experience was different from the expected. With a lot of plagiarism in it and mistakes that all summed up to low quality, thepensters’ writers proved to us that the profiles we looked into aren’t at all real. In fact, our writer probably did not even study or live in the US because the English used in the writing was really bad.


Delivery was perfectly fine. For a deadline of a week, we received the essay after six full days, which left some room for improvement. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a way to improve the paper unless we rewrote it completely.

Pricing, Payments

Prices are based on bidders and your choice, so we selected one that wasn’t the cheapest or the most expensive available. There were plenty of bids which took a lot of time, but we did select one of the most promising ones from the bidders’ list. Even so, the price did not at all result in the expected paper quality.

Security, Trust and Reliability

Security of payment and information is not a problem since this is a legit service. We believe that their services are completely confidential because no comment told us otherwise, and our experience with them was positive in this sense.

Usability is a well-designed, full with quality content site. We can’t say that there are many bidding companies with blogs, but this one has an updated, good blog. Unfortunately, that quality was not delivered to us by one of their writers.

Additional Features

With bidding services, there is little room for extra or additional features. All you need must be placed in the instructions in the order and the bid will depend on what you choose. However, we found that there were many different bids and interestingly, most of them were much lower than we’d expect.

Discounts has no discounts. This is not really a disadvantage or something to take against them because the system does not allow them to provide discounts. But, it also means that, no matter how often you use their services, you won’t get any benefit for your loyalty.