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Superbpaper Reviews 2021

Superbpaper Reviews 2021

If you only search carefully, you will find a number of writing services on the Internet and our team of experts at EduReviewer is here to help you. However, not all of them offers high-quality help so you cannot trust every website that you see. We checked how superb paper works and share the results of it in this useful text below.

Perhaps you wonder if it is actually a good idea to trust our expert opinions about superbpaper. In fact, it is really understandable because there are a lot of scammers on the Web. Fortunately for you, this is not the case here. We choose and evaluate essay writing services with honest care and total commitment. We want to make sure that we actually give a hand to students who need some reliable superbpaper reviews.

Let’s start superbpaper review with generally saying what the website really is about. This is a company online which dedicate itself to help everyone with creating a text for example as homework. The firm hires plenty of experts who are well-educated (usually with a higher degree) and are ready to deliver essays on many different topics.

Sometimes everybody is too busy to work on their assignment, especially that it is usually difficult and boring as well. After all, most people have more both interesting and valuable things to do. However, the truth is that many websites on the Internet after a while turn out to be scammers. No one wants to waste their precious time and money on them.

How can you avoid some fake helpers but, at the same time, get your job done in no time?

We wanted to find out the answer to this question and that is the main reason why we decided to make a few reviews of some of the most popular websites which claim to sell or correct your essay. was one of the websites which seemed to be very professional and have an amazing group of loyal clients. We decided to test it to learn by ourselves and be able to tell you if you can go for the services of this firm without a shadow of a fear.

Let’s face it, students usually are not extraordinary rich people. This is the reason why we want to tell you something more about prices at The really great news is, the services of this company are not extremely expensive for sure. Loyal prices is a very important factor – Edusson service knows this for sure. The website offers their help for average costs. There is also a useful calculator available which allows you can quickly count how much the specific order will cost you.

Some websites with help online want so much money for their help that is becomes not worth it. On the other hand, firms with affordable prices are able to reach more people and develop because of the great number of customers. They do not need to charge an extraordinary amount of money for their services and they will still do go and move more and more forward. At the same time, the workers will be able to say that on the daily basis they help the people who are looking for a hand.

You will most likely have no problem with paying for your paper at You may wonder why we say so. Well, this website wanted to make sure that its customers have no issues with making payments in their favorite way.

Thus, it made its effort to make sure that every human is able to pay through their credit card or PayPal. Most of the people who are interested in buying an essay probably already use at least one of these. These ways of payment are especially beneficial because they do not require you to take any long and tiring actions.

Now you know how much the service may cost but you are still not aware of the specific paper is really worth your money. After the long and effortful testing, we can now say that really is able to deliver high-quality assignments.

Why is this team much stronger than others?

It is because here you will be able to choose one from plenty of different experts who are often a high degree in many fields. Thus, no matter which subject you have your assignment from, it will be done and delivered to you as soon as it will be possible. It is actually probably one of the biggest pros of the websites which we are talking about. They help with everything and they do it non-stop. Is it not one of a kind company which you should make a decision to choose?

The website which we decided to write about takes care of every customer in the best possible way that it can. The team always do their best no matter what. Each worker understands that your assignment is actually crucial for you so he or she will do their best not to cross the scary deadline. Some of the homework may seem difficult and complicated but all you need to do is to hand the assignment over to the experts who know how to take care of it without thinking.

Moreover, if you have any questions, you can ask us by using the way which is the really best for you. You may send us an e-mail or for example, hear the lecture. Customer service of superbpaper is constantly developing in writing an essay about this theme. You need to show your schoolmaster that you really are different and that you actually want to be good and help their friends no matter how incredibly strange things have been happening to me.

As it turns out, the page which we tested is indeed a very useful thing to ask for professional services. The rules of using it are really clear but convenience is not the only benefit. The website offers the students everything that they need in order to get a satisfying mark at school. It works quickly and is always on time with every single order. Therefore, we do not wonder now why it has so many loyal clients who visit it regularly.

The company has noticed that online users often search the Internet through in hope for a help which will be really professional. They wanted to make the lives of all of them easier so they gathered a great group of expert writers (many of them have a degree from prestigious colleges or universities). After that, decided to invite students and other people in need of a good-quality paper and help them out when they feel like it. We must admit that it was really a great idea and every individual is still able to benefit from it.


  • Always on time - not missing deadlines
  • Quality - it is almost top notch
  • Uniqueness - guarantees that you will end up with one hundred percent original text
  • Free revisions - tt proves that they really care that you will receive something which will totally meet your expectations
  • Customer support – the company gives everyone an easy access to customer support which works and answers every question each hour during the whole week
  • Easy to use - their website is nice looking and pretty handy


  • Prices - could be a bit lower
  • Money transfer - not accepted
  • Bonus - only for new customers
  • The page is only in English - not really a universal website
  • You need to put some data to chat with support
  • The statistics show that the company is not 100% successful

The good review should end up with the clear and honest opinion about whatever was tested. As our experts think, the is a website which is the especially interesting choice for busy students who already have too much on their plates. It is totally understandable that sometimes every person is fed up with their school, homework and other related things. They do not know where to go when they need a hand and the site which we tested is a perfect opportunity for them to use.

Another cool thing is that everyone is able to use the website whenever they want to and as many times as they only want to. You are not forced to make an account so there is no risk of a fraud. Every customer of the company stays anonymous because they do not really care about your personal information. What really matters for them is to deliver writing services on the level which will be satisfying enough for everybody.

To sum up, is a reliable and legit website which you do not have to be afraid to trust with your essay, even if it is a really complicated and difficult task created by the very demanding teacher.

Is Superbpaper ligit?

From our first impression, seemed like a legit writing service. The website contains all guarantees that a customer would ask for. They guarantee to deliver the papers on time, meet your requirements, and offer free revisions if necessary.

The prices are affordable, so we thought that we finally found a cheap service of decent quality.


As it turned out, most of the claims at the website were false. This review is based on a personal experience. Not all customers will have the same experience. But after testing the company’s team of writers, we can safely say that they don’t live up to the expectations of decent quality.

We found many issues, which are mentioned in other reviews as well. Read on; we have many details to share.

Superbpaper Writing Services Review offers the basic types of services: essay, coursework, critical thinking and creative writing assignments, business plan, lab report, and many other papers. Dissertations are also available.

If you already have a paper, you can get it edited here.

Each order comes with a free title page, formatting, and reference pages.

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again: whenever there’s paraphrasing included in the offer, we’re not talking about a serious academic writing service. When you hire professional writers, you want the content to be written from scratch. If they engage in rewriting practices, you can expect a plagiarized paper even if you pay for writing from scratch. It’s what our experience taught us.

Yes; SuperbPaper offers paraphrasing for an affordable price. That’s not a good sign.

Superbpaper Promo Code and Price

As most other reviews mention, the prices here are affordable, but not cheap. They start cheap, but grow at a highly progressive pace towards the higher quality and lower deadlines.

The longest deadline is 14 days. If you want a high-school essay with that deadline, you’ll pay $10 per page. But if you want a PhD paper with a deadline of 1 days, the price will be $58 per page. That’s actually expensive. We’ve tested some great writing services that go to that price point for a deadline of 3 hours. For a 24-hour deadline, it’s too much.

Do you know what the weirdest thing is? Writing from scratch and paraphrasing come with the same price tag. Would you pay $58 per page for a paraphrased paper? Go figure.

First of all, we will look at what this company is all about. Superbpaper is a company that is dedicated to helping every student to create academic papers such as research work, projects, or assignments. This platform employs the services of educated and seasoned authors who provide superb-quality essays on any given topic.
It is well-established that students get too engrossed with a lot of academic activities that they don’t have the time required to write a superb essay or even handle their assignments themselves. But sometimes, these write-ups can be very challenging to face. Apart from being engrossed with too many academic activities, some students have more worthwhile things to do rather than sitting in a chair all day and writing a boring paper.

Unfortunately, many paper writing companies pose to be the best in the industry, but when you order a paper from them, you quickly find out that they are fraudsters looking for unsuspecting students to defraud. No one enjoys wasting money on people who cannot deliver. That is when SuperbPaper steps in. This is one of the most professional services you can trust to deliver the quality of service you desire.

It is a fantastic platform, and they offer some of the best prices you can find in the industry. Additionally, they boast of thousands of customers and this number increases by the day.


Let’s face it, students are not exceptionally wealthy. Except for a few. That is why we need to say more about the prices of SuperbPaper. The good news is that this platform offers one of the most affordable prices you can get in the industry. And this is a very crucial factor especially when you are dealing with students. Another beautiful thing is that, though this service is quite affordable, the quality of the service is still in the top-class.

The platform provides professional writing service at the most convenient cost. One of the determining factors of the prices of superbpaper is the academic level of your project. For example, the price for different academic levels include:

  • High school: $10 per page;
  • College: $14 per page;
  • University: $16 per page;
  • Master degree level: $22 per page;
  • Doctorate: $29 per page.

Payment Process

You probably have no problem with the payment process at SuperbPaper. This is because superberpaper has made it easy for anyone to pay for their paper with the payment method they choose without any hassle. At Superbpaper, you can pay through your cards or by using one of the most convenient payment methods globally; PayPal. But whatever payment method you choose, be sure that you won’t go through any rigorous process.

Paper Quality

We have already discussed the cost of the service. But you are still not sure if the paper will be worth your money. Given the reviews by thousands of happy clients, we can agree that delivers quality and that is why they have thousands of returning buyers. At, you can choose from a wide range of professional authors who have the expertise to handle your project and deliver within the allotted time. The authors here are knowledgeable in various fields. This is one of the greatest qualities of the platform.

Customer Service

Superbpaper boasts of the best customer service team in the industry the staff goes out of their way for everything. Every employee understands that your paper is really important to you. Therefore, they do their best not to exceed the deadline regardless of how close it is. Though some tasks may seem difficult and complex, all you have to do is to leave it in the hands of experts who can do it with relative ease.

Furthermore, if you need clarifications about some aspects of the service which you do not understand, you can always contact the customer care team. The customer care team works 24/7 to provide you with the relevant help you need. You can reach them either through phone, live chat or through the site’s support e-mail.


The guarantee is that a 100% refund will be granted if they cannot find a suitable author for your project. If you do not like the article and you want the company to assign a different author, but the company does not provide it, you can get a refund of 15 to 50%. However, this amount will be determined by the manager based on the prevailing circumstances at that point.

If something happens and your author is unable to deliver the paper within the specified deadline, you will be granted a compensation of up to 15%. If your instructions were not accurate and the quality of the final project turns out to be very poor as a result of that, the manager will decide how much compensation you can have. Before placing an order, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the policies and warrantees of the platform.

Types of Services:

  • Business plan;
  • Case study;
  • Coursework;
  • Essay (any type);
  • Admission essay;
  • Multiple-choice questions;
  • Types of Services;
  • Paraphrasing;
  • Annotated bibliography;
  • Article review;
  • Biography;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Proofreading;
  • Research paper;
  • Editing;
  • Formatting;
  • Research proposal;
  • Term paper;
  • Presentation or speech;
  • Book/movie review;
  • Other.

Pros and Cons


  • On-time delivery;
  • Top-quality service delivery;
  • Uniqueness: this paper writing platform ensures that you will get 100% original document;
  • Free revisions: One another pretty aspect of Superbpaper is that you can have your paper revised as many times as you desire until you are fully satisfied with the paper;
  • Customer support: You have access to the customer support team who work 24/7 to ensure they provide you with the needed help;
  • Confidentiality: Superbpaper takes the issues security very seriously. With superbpaper, you can be sure that your information is safe. They will never reveal your personal information and or financial information to any third-party company without your approval.


  • Prices: This may be lower than the price set by competing companies;
  • They do not accept money Transfer as a payment method;
  • You need to provide some useful information before the customer support can help solve your query.


Superbpaper ensures the security of all its customers by keeping them anonymous. They need to provide paper writing services at a satisfactory level for all. They don’t take an interest in your personal information; they are only concerned with providing the best service you can have in the industry. In summary, is a reputable and reliable website you do not have to worry about, be sure to get your project done regardless of how hard it may seem.

Being a student, you have definitely faced problems fulfilling an academic task. Either it is an essay or report, you need much time, desire and skills to write it. However, if the deadline is too close and you do not even have a title page, you should not despair. The modern online market is filled with various services that offer assistance in completing academic tasks. is one of such popular and demanded companies. The platform features high quality of delivered custom essays, 100% original papers, convenient use, dependable privacy policies and affordable prices. Apply for the necessary paper and get it within specified time. Achieve your academic goals and get the best scores with the help of qualified writers, working for

Products and Services Available at

This time-tested company is constantly developing and advancing its services to meet the requirements of all the students, irrespective of their education level or type of custom paper required. Just apply for the paper, provide the writer with the topic and get your top-notch, quality essay from scratch before the deadline. Reliable services and competitive prices make the platform stand out in a bulk of similar companies.

Here you can order the most diverse types of papers, including:

  • Essays (admission, argumentative, etc.);
  • Reviews (book, movie, article, literature);
  • Dissertations (chapter, abstract, hypothesis, results, conclusions, methodology, introduction);
  • Term papers;
  • Researches;
  • Bibliography;
  • Business plan;
  • Case study;
  • Various types of letters;
  • Presentations and others.

Browse the website to opt for the required paper type. Additionally, you can use editing, proofreading and other services offered by The platform provides its help to students of all the educational levels, including:

  • Undergraduate;
  • Bachelor;
  • Professional.

Qualified and experienced writers will hold the researches and investigations needed to get accurate information and write an authentic paper.

Confidentiality and Reliability Level of the Platform

One of the most important issues that bother students who strive to work with or similar services is the trust level. Frequently, the guarantees offered by the platform are not true, and the customer gets no proper help and no confidentiality level. To check this exact company and its reliability, we have made a small investigation. We learnt differed feedback and comments of previous clients to make sure is not scam and worth your time and attention. The vast majority of customers proved the service to fulfill all the promised safety points, including:

  • 100% plagiarism-free essays. The quality department of the service checks each essay before it is delivered to the customer. As a result, no plagiarized texts can be given to the client. Scholars have and show a great range of expertise in the sphere they are writing about, so you may be sure your paper is customized and definitely original;
  • Timely delivery. The task you have ordered will be fulfilled within the specified time span. Otherwise, you can get your money back or receive certain amends. The money-back guarantee provided on the website helps you to be sure in the top quality essay.
  • Full confidentiality and anonymity. Privacy policy and related services at are aimed at customers staying anonymous during the cooperation with the platform. You may be sure none of your personal or financial information will be passed to the third party or used without your notice.

To check all the promised guarantees firsthand and ensure the service is legit, we decided to place an order. The report we have applied for cost around $120 (Paid by PayPal), but it was definitely worth the price. It was delivered two days before the deadline, while its quality was perfect. The company also provided a title page and reference page for free.

Pricing and Discounts – Great Way to Get Quality Paper at Affordable Cost

One of the main peculiarities of considering its cost is the ability to calculate the total cost even before the application. With an online calculator, you can be ready for the final sum. A few factors are taken into account here, such as:

  • Urgency;
  • Number of pages;
  • Academic level.

The starting point in $10 for a paper written in 14 days. Additionally, you can get extra discounts and bonuses.

Advantages of

Ease of use is another vital feature of Simple design allows a customer to find the required information, fill in the application in a few minutes and communicate with the customer support team without concerns. Browse the website and find all the useful buttons that will assist you in:

  • Getting consultation from the customer support group;
  • Calculating the cost of your paper;
  • Learning the essential information about offered services and policies;
  • Ordering the essay.

Just like any other writing service, offers the promise of certified professional writers, original content, 100% money back guarantee, a customer-friendly privacy policy, secure payment, quality papers and prompt delivery among other things. I’m writing this review to determine if this writing service actually fulfills these promises to its clients or not, based on my experience with its service.

General Impression

During this Superb Paper Review, my first impression of the writing service was, of course, formed from taking a look around their website. I can’t say I was particularly impressed by the website design because I wasn’t. For me, the design was plain and just perfunctory; there was nothing unique about the website. The service page link and discount page link which should be on every writing service website top menu were also missing. Based on my experience during my superbpaper review, I would say this writing service is not bad but it most definitely cannot stand among the best writing services online.

Prices and Discounts

Apart from not having a service page listing the types of service they offer, this writing service also has a pricing system that is hard to understand. Frankly, looking through the “Price” page during my review, I couldn’t tell how much I would pay for a thesis and how that price differed from what I’d have to pay for an essay.

The writing service simply has four pricing packages: the “regular” offer at $9.95 per page with a 7 day deadline, the “normal” offer with delivery in 5 days at $14.95 per page, the “priority” offer at $18.95 per page with a 3-day deadline and the “most urgent” offer with a 24-hour deadline at $25.95 per page. I definitely didn’t like this rigid pricing system and the lack of transparency it reflected and I had to deduct points from their rating.

The writing service has discount offers for new and existing customers allowing them to save 5%, 10% and 15% of their total order cost when ordering work with more than 15, 30 and 50 pages respectively.

Ordering Process

The process of ordering from is relatively simple. All I had to do was click the “Order now” link and fill out the form with my contact information, details of my order and the topic and other details. Then I set a deadline for my undergraduate essay.

Communication with Writer

I had no direct communication with the writer after I placed my order. When I wanted a progress update on my paper during my Superb Paper Review, I had to contact the customer support service through their live chat option. However, I got a late reply about six hours after I contacted them. But they were able to contact my writer and give me a progress update.


The highest urgency deadline that this writing service can cater to is 24 hours and compared to other writing services, this makes them an option for only students whose assignments are not very urgent. I’m also unhappy with their rigid four deadline options: 24 hours, 3 days, 5 days and 7 days options. They don’t even have the option for 15 days or more.

The work I Got

I can’t say the work I got was thoroughly bad per se but it was not satisfactory enough for me.  Although the paper quality was not all that low, there is still a lot of room for improvement. The errors that I found in my paper, as well as my experience during this superbpaper review, all contributed to the rating that I gave this writing service.

Claiming to be able to supply students with the expert writing solution they need within the tightest deadline is something that SuperbPaper simply does not achieve to a high or even acceptable standard. A well designed website yet Superb Paper lets itself down on a number of key issues.
Best Academic Writing Services

Services & Products – 8/10

First, even trying to locate the services page can be a struggle. The majority of writing solution sites position their order form on the front page so students can get straight into order and estimated price. Not Superb Paper. The order link is located right at the bottom of the navigation menu.

When having finally located the order form, users can choose from a limited selection of services including academic level of paper and type including;

  • Essay
  • Coursework
  • Editing Services
  • Proofreading
  • Presentation
  • Speech
  • Term Paper plus a couple of others.

Compared to similar sites, the list is fairly basic and lacks a lot of options that other companies provide. You’re also able to choose from a predetermined list of subjects and choose your topic and how many sources you need.

Prices – 6/10

A standard essay written to a university level in chemistry that uses five sources and that’s five pages long, delivered in 3 days will set you back just under $150. This is reasonably affordable compared to other writing solutions but there are still more affordable sites to choose from. You also have the option to bump up the costs by selecting an optional plagiarism report, abstract page and VIP tracking support.

Functionality & Navigation – 8/10

To give credit where it’s due, the website is relatively easy to navigate, ignoring the fact the order form is a mission to locate. The site is nicely laid out, clear and concise and easy on the eye. There is even a sample page to give users a taste of what kind of work the writers can create.

This all begins to change when you start to read the content itself. It’s boring, not engaging and for the most part, just plain unnecessary. In some paragraphs, it really feels like the site is just trying to fill space.

Customer Service & Feedback – 5/10

There is a constant live chat option located in the bottom corner of the screen. Unfortunately, when trying to use this feature, the chat box disappeared every time I sent a message. After several attempts, I simply gave up.

Apart from that, there is absolutely no sign for contact details. There’s a phone in the top left corner which seems to only a new blank browser tab and no links for a phone number or email addresses. This gives the impression the site could be illegitimate.

There is also a testimonial/review page which at first, seems comprehensive but there is no date on the reviews, meaning they could technically be over a decade old. This gives the ever increasing lack of credibility. There is also a mention of a trusted and preferred payment system but no logos or official badges are present.

It’s also worth noting that work resales have been noticed fairly frequently on the site. This is where two people may order the same or a similar article and the site simply makes small adjusts and sends the article to both. This is quite a frequent occurrence when using and proves that not all work is 100% unique and original.


With good, clear navigation, for the most part, SuperbPaper could be the future of online writing solutions. For users looking for writing solutions at present, you’re much better off using one of the more trusted and safer sites. This will save you time, money and you’ll receive much more efficient service.

So, if you need a paper written for you, it can’t just be any paper. It should be well-written by a native English speaker, about the topic you’ve chosen, using the references and the style you need, and above all else, it shouldn’t be too expensive. Does fit your requirements? I went to have a look and find out on your behalf.

Services – 4/10

They offer a number of different types of papers for students from high school through PhD studies, but no offers for businesses. In addition, they will write admissions essays and speeches, and solve problems.

SuperbPaper guarantee free unlimited revisions for ten days if you are not happy with the work you receive. They also have a money-back guarantee and provide both partial and full refunds if you don’t receive what you ordered.

Pricing – 3/10

Placing an order on any essay-writing site should be straightforward and you should know what you have to pay, more or less, before you order. It was easy to find Superb Paper’s ordering form, and I requested a quote for a 6-page paper, with the final deadline 3 days away, using their service to request an Advanced writer, and also including the additional services of a plagiarism report, an abstract page, and VIP support. Before any discounts, the final cost for this was $212.47, which I felt was quite high. Switching from requesting an Advanced writer to the Best Available resulted in a drop down to $177.97.

Content Quality – 3/10

When testing a company on its quality of output, I always check any samples and testimonials on the site, then go for an external look at how the site is perceived. So I had a look through the samples, and noticed that although they were by and large fairly well-written, some of them contained unusual language to have been written by a native English speaker, and that they also contained a fair number of missed words, typos, and grammar errors.

The testimonials were full of praise of course, but with no pictures, just a first name and last initial, and undated, they could have been from any point in the past. Looking at external reviews via a Google search provided a more complete view. There were several complaints about the site, including concerns that customers were being spammed with emails, poor quality, and delays.

Customer Service – 5/10

SuperbPaper have a prominently displayed support phone number and email address, but no other contact information. They have Live Chat service like most other sites, but no links to social media, and no physical address listed on their site.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

Overall, Superb Paper is quite a mixed bag. What they do offer is nothing truly out of the ordinary or beyond the average, whereas their attitude toward customer service and their negative reviews let them down. There are better deals out there when it comes to essay writing; my advice is to sign up elsewhere.

Today I am going to provide you with superbpaper review. It is another quite well-known custom paper writing service. The site looks quite user-friendly and carefully designed to lead a customer to make a purchase. The general appearance leaves a quite pleasant impression but the devil’s in the details, right? Let’s try to find if they have one in theirs.

  • No calculator! Oh boy, it’s 2k18 and people don’t want to waste their time with support or do some extra actions to find out the price of the paper. I understand that putting a button ORDER FREAKING NOW is way more important than easing your customer’s life, but please, try to save your customer’s time, it’s priceless!
  • The FAQ section provides incorrect information. In the FAQ they say that they can handle your paper within 8 hours, whereas the pricing section allows you to choose a 24-hour deadline only (we will get back to this later on)
  • Aggressive and inappropriate marketing. When you land on their site, you can also see a popup window that asks you to subscribe to their newsletter to get promotions. The trick is that they add you to their database without a possibility to unsubscribe from it :facepalm: Another funny thing is that you actually have to wait for a promo campaign to get a discount, they don’t send you one immediately to your email (which would be quite logical: I come to the website to buy a paper and they say: “Wait a few days brah”) Lifehack: don’t be shy to ask for bigger discounts. As a new customer I was entitled for a 5% off but after I asked their support for something bigger, they did not hesitate to give me 10% off.

The rest of the site looks quite legit, so they get a firm 4 out of 5 for it.

2. Customer support

My experience with chat support was really good. Eric was polite and quick. He answered to all my questions without issues. However, he also mentioned that the service is located in London, UK, while the accent of support on the phone sounded more like Russian or Polish.

That’s totally fine with me, I have a rich experience of communicating with international support, but I find it very impolite to lie to the customer even before he has placed an order. Other services put it quite straightforward – “Guys, we need to outsource support to ensure better salaries for our writers. After all they are the people who make the job done”. Anyways, I would rate chat assistance 5 out of 5.

However, once you dig deeper and place an order, be ready for the hell of customer service. I sent them a message to edit my paper details and add some more info for the writer.

The first reply came in 6 minutes and it was totally out of topic! I believe it was a generic template that bears no informational value to customer. In another 12 minutes they sent me another out-of-topic message and never edited my paper details as requested. I would rate message support 2 out of 5.

Be ready to waste a lot of time with support or be not like me and provide all details at once.

3. My experience

I placed only 1 order with those guys for the test purposes. The topic was quite easy and, as expected, the writer had no issues with it.

I had a few minor revision comments but my overall experience will be 4.5 out of 5. Good job! As usual, I always edit all papers myself, so the final result was A-. A good result that should be taken with a pinch of salt because of the pricing (will be discussed a bit later)

4. Order form

Order form is a classic 3-step page that allows you to provide all paper details and upload files. I got very confused with their Academic Level distribution, because they have both College and University levels with different pricing. They explained that College level is better for freshmen and sophomores, whereas University is better for junior and senior year students.

Sounds like a big bullshit for me, because who would actually sit and think of the differences between College and University? Also, will the same writer working on College and University papers deliver better quality for Bachelor level and worse for College? Honestly, I don’t know.
The deadline range is quite poor! They only offer 24 hours, 48 hours, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 14 days. Probably won’t be the best choice for urgent orders (other services offer 3-6-8-12-hour delivery).

Superbpaper offers 4 different categories of writers: Best available, Advanced, ENL, and Preferred.

Advanced writer will cost you the additional 25%. According to their assurances, this will be one of the best experts in the subject field.

ENL writer will cost the additional 30% and now comes the interesting part. When I asked support on whether the rest of writers are non-native speakers, they vaguely said that they may, or may not, be them. It sounded like “They live in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK but we don’t care about their nationality”. If that was true, why do they care about nationality of the ENL writers then? Beware of using this bundle! It really sounds fake.

Plagiarism report is worth taking if you are overly concerned about originality of your work. However, as I mentioned in my other reviews, such reports only give you percentage for online plagiarism and won’t save you from bad paraphrasing or fake sources. Use it if you have extra $9.99. Otherwise, the official TurnItIn project will be the most secure option for you.

Abstract page costs $14.99! That’s a lot for a 100-150-word summary, given that the writer knows what this paper is about and it takes but 5-7 minutes to write one. Totally not worth it.

VIP Support will be the additional $14.99 and, as per the description, “a personal manager will be tracking your order 24/7 until final delivery”.

Another useless bundle, because no person can work 24/7, and if there is more than a couple of such managers, the effect won’t be different from regular support’s watching your case. Maybe this option would do with big orders where you will be given priority, but for cheap orders it’s definitely not a dealbreaker.

5. Discounts and pricing

Once you get to their site you are immediately being offered a 5% discount. If you visit the “Pricing” section, you will see the following: “Looking to save some money? Stick with us, we offer generous discounts on a regular basis!” Unfortunately, it neither says how to get a discount, not the amount of a discount. Thanks guys, I will stick with you, never!

On the landing page they say that their prices start as low as $10 per page (for High School), going up to $14 per page for Undergraduate, $16 for University, $22 for Master’s and $29 for PhD. And this is where the magic only starts. 

I picked 2 pages within 24 hours and chose Biology coursework on some general topic (describe your pet’s organs). The price tag for this work was $64 bucks.

 I said, “Wow, that’s expensive”, and placed an order. After being redirected to the payment page they had a popup window asking me to upgrade my order to ENL writer and Plagiarism report, which totalled $93.19! Ninety-three-fucking-nineteen for a 2-page general knowledge paper! 

My verdict: the pricing policy is very deceiving and their “Starting as low a $10” is just a marketing trick. Be ready to pay some big bucks if you want to make it urgently.

6. Revisions

Superbpaper offers unlimited number of revisions, no questions, good job! However, be warned that you have 10 days after approval to sent the paper for revision, otherwise, you will have to pay additional fees.

Since we have touched some policy issues here, I decided to carefully read their Money Back Guarantee to get the answer to the main question “Is superbpaper legit?”:

  • If they charged you twice/never found the writer/were late (read: never delivered anything) then you get 100% of your money back. Now to the interesting:
  • If we missed your deadline. In such case, we need to investigate and find out the reason for the delay. We will not provide a full, nor partial refund if our client fails to provide us with detailed instructions on how we should perform the paper. Kindly note that it is imperative to point out your expectations, clearly state your requirements and double check your uploaded materials, which may be required for the successful completion of the task.” – holy shit, do you see exactly what I do? This is the best MBG I have seen so far! These guys tell you that you won’t get ain’t shit if they believe you have not provided good paper details. Also, and now read it carefully: if they miss your deadline, they don’t give you the money back but have to investigate why the deadline was missed. Welcome to Idiocracy, guys!
  • Joke #2 “If we fail to find a writer for a revision, a 15-50% refund will be issued and if the revised paper is delivered after the designated deadline, a 15% refund will be issued.” Let me explain this to you: if you receive a shitty work, you may get only 50% back, because these guys can always say that they did not find the writer for revision. If someone revised that shit, then you can get only 15% back. End of joke.

Don’t get me wrong, I describe the very rare situations (personally I can recall only a few such cases with other services) but if they happen to you, the MBG will be your enemy. So make sure to read everything you agree to, otherwise you risk losing your money and get a shitty work.

7. Final quality

As I said, the final quality was good. Luckily, I have not crashed into all those hidden rocks described above and everything turned out well. I received a well-deserved A- after my personal editing and this partially explained the high price for an urgent order.

The writer was good. He definitely had a grasp of this topic and did a small research. Kudos to you brah!

8. People talking

Superbpaper is decently well exposed on review sites.

On Sitejabber they have only 3 bad reviews in a row, written in a similar manner, so I expect them to be fake. The rest of feedbacks are great. Only one person complained about pricing but admitted that the quality was good. 4.5 out of 5.

On Trustpilot they don’t have too many feedbacks but they are all 5 stars. 5 out of 5

9. Loyalty program

They claim to have one but no information is given on their website. However, they have a cool referral program that can be a good source of extra income.

10. Pros and Cons


  • Great writing quality
  • Good chat support
  • Referral program


  • Annoying marketing
  • High prices
  • Shadow money back policy
  • No urgent deadlines
  • Poor support in messages

First Impression

Today we want to introduce you another writing service – SuperbPaper. After our first brief overview of this company, we have not noticed anything specific or unusual. SuperbPaper looks like one of many services that provide writing help to students.

Like any of them, it promises on-time delivery, quality papers, and experienced specialists with academic achievements and great writing skills. To find out whether you can rely upon this service, read this SuperbPaper review, and discover the truth.


We have read a lot of SuperbPaper reviews where students wrote about the amazing speed of the service. Their writers can complete assignments really fast. For instance, the shortest possible deadline is only 3 hours, and the company promises to deliver you a 3-page essay within this extremely short period of time.

If you have at least 8 hours, SuperbPaper writers can cope with a 10-page assignment. So, as you can see, this company is the best solution for those who have the ASAP assignments to do.


The cost of the papers is quite average. The minimum cost of a 1-page essay will be 10 dollars. Indeed, everything depends on the options that you choose, and if you select a more experienced writer or a short deadline, the price will be higher.

However, the lowest possible price of an assignment that you can order from this service is 10 dollars. To calculate the cost of an assignment, everyone can use a special price calculator. 

Types of Papers

The range of types of papers that you can get on this site is not very wide when compared to other services. There are about 15-18 different assignments which you can select when filling an order form.

Nevertheless, they cover almost every field of study. Here, you can order essays, book reviews, research papers, term papers, proofreading, and even a paraphrasing service. There is a page with free paper samples on the website, and it is great. Students can have a look at essay templates to write their own ones. 

Special Features

Among some extra features for which you will need to pay additionally, we may define the following:

  • Category of Writer

You have an option to choose a more experienced professional to do your paper. Select from the best available, advanced, ENL, or even the one who worked on your previous order if you want the same expert to complete your new assignment as well.

  • Plagiarism Report

This feature allows you to receive an official plagiarism report, ensuring that your order is absolutely plagiarism-free.

  • Abstract Page

Order an additional abstract page required for your paper.

  • VIP Support

In case you need special support care, you may add this option when placing an order. This will allow you to get immediate assistance with any issue you may have.

Customer Care

Customer support of the service didn’t fail our expectations. We have read a lot about it in other SuperbPaper reviews online. An agent provided us with fast and helpful answers to all the issues we wanted to clarify. That’s exactly how a good customer support department should work.

Quality of Service

Let’s speak about the quality of the service in this SuperbPaper review. We ordered a paper from this writing company. To be honest, the assignment we received was of high quality, but not a perfect one. There were some mistakes, although small ones, which we found after a brief review.

Nevertheless, they were not critical, and we decided not to request a revision. In general, the quality corresponds to the sum of money that we have paid. Although we haven’t found at least one Superbpaper Reddit review meaning that a platform is not really popular among students,  we think the service may easily cope with some simple assignments with an extremely short deadline.