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StudyBay Reviews 2021

StudyBay Reviews 2021

Hello comrades! Today I am going to roast another bidding writing service My experience with bidding services was never good because they are usually time-consuming and require you to chat with tens of writers to find someone adequate.
For those of you who is new to custom paper writing services, there are two types of sites: bidding sites and regular sites with customer support.

Bidding sites are generally:

    • Cheaper
    • More time-consuming
    • Less control over the quality of paper
    • Slow or no support

Regular sites are:

    • More expensive
    • Better support
    • Quality check
    • No direct contact with the writer

Both services have their benefits and drawbacks. To my mind,  it’s way better to entrust your order details to support and have them communicate with the writer.

Is Studybay legit? It is a  writing platform that offers papers in 6 different languages – English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Arabic.
The site has a calculator, but I cannot say it is too precise – while bidding the writers will be negotiating with you.

What I did not like about it, is the way they portray competitors: according to the StudyBay “research,” their prices are 6.5 times cheaper than those offered by competitors. With all due respect, their research is total bullshit. I admit that StudyBay business model allows them to offer very competitive prices, but it’s not a reason to mislead the customers.

Another good thing is that StudyBay has tons of samples! I cannot say that I was impressed with their site and its functionality, but they deserve 4 out of 5 without a doubt.

2. Customer support

I would say that customer support is the most problematic issue at StudyBay. Basically, there’s only one way to contact support – via live chat. I do not consider email as an option, it will take ages to get a reply, and I would not dare to waste my precious time more than required.
The chat support is horrible.

The support agent Igor replied to my first message in 2 minutes, which is not that fast but acceptable. Then I started talking to him about their writers. Igor simply did not reply to my question and ignored me for more than 10 minutes! I did not want to wait any longer, so I left the chat. To make a long story short, 2 out of 5 for their support.

Pray God that you don’t get into problematic situations that require the support assistance; otherwise, you will regret using the service.

Last, but not least. StudyBay support does not work 24/7! Unlike 99% of competitors, they work from 10 AM till 8 PM, but they do not specify GMT. 1.5/5 for support.

3. My experience

Is Studybay reliable? I am not a big fan of bidding service, so this is my only time using StudyBay just to do a review. I ordered a 6-page paper on Trump’s policy regarding migrants and picked a ten days deadline. Once I pressed the Place an Order button, I got overloaded with tens of messages from their writers.
I keep repeating how much I value privacy, and this is what I received within the first 10 seconds after placing an order. The writers kept bombing me with their requests, and I felt myself a person surrounded by beggars asking for bread.

I decided to end this hell up quickly, and after a couple of conversations, I picked the writer to work on my assignment. His bid was $50, but in the end, I was charged $61 because of a StudyBay commission.  Is Studybay scam? I don’t think so.  I got a B- for the paper, which is quite a good result for such a price. I would rate the overall experience 3.5 out of 5.

4. Order form

I started hating the order form right after opening it. First of all, they ask you for an email and don’t let you proceed without it. I really hate to share my personal information before I am 100% confident in a service. I like to play with the order form, check different prices, search for the most suitable option for me,  and only then, I place an order. 

Then you are being moved to the one-page order form, which is quite convenient and does not consume a lot of time. StudyBay does not offer any bundles or extras like other sites, everything you can do is to make an order Premium for $5 to make it more visible to writers.

Once you place an order and pick a writer, you need to proceed with payment. StudyBay offers PayPal/credit cards/Payoneer payment options.

5. Discounts and pricing

StudyBay does not have any fixed pricing list. Most writers prefer to negotiate the bid with you in chat. The prices may go as low as $4 per page (we will discuss the writer’s issue later on), but be ready to go through a constant flow of requests.
StudyBay does not have a discount policy either, but you can get a $5 credit for your first order. I assume you can negotiate with their support to get a Studybay promo code, but it would not exceed the one-third of the StudyBay commission.

It’s funny to expect a discount from such a cheap service as StudyBay. 4.5 out of 5 for pricing!

6. Revisions

Is safe? I have a doubt about it. I have not noticed any clear revision policy, but it’s written on their site about the 20-day Warranty Period. It means that you have 20 days to send the paper for revision after it is delivered. They don’t specify the number of free revisions, but I assume that they don’t have a limit on revisions.

What bothers me more,  is their statement that “If the Writer does not complete his work, the money will be returned to the Student.  He may choose a different Writer to complete the assignment.” Basically, StudyBay is hesitant to return your money if they fail to deliver a good paper. They will try to offer you a new writer.

7. Final quality

The final quality was mediocre. The paper was written by someone whose English is not the first language, and who had no idea about American politics. My writer did simple online research and wrote everything he could within his scope of abilities. I didn’t even ask for the revision, it was easier for me to revise the paper on my own, and fix the mistakes.

Anyway, even that draft version for $61 saved me a lot of time, so I believe it was a good deal. Lifehack: use this service if you are planning on adding your own research. I usually edit the paper on my own to make it more personalized.  Profs won’t think I am using the ghostwriters.

8. Writer`s proficiency

This is one of the many useless chats I had with their writers. Basically, they don’t even read your requests and keep asking for an order being assigned. The writer did not tell me his country of origin.

Neither he told me about his qualifications.  I cannot say anything particularly bad about my writer, but he definitely had some comprehension problems. 3 out 5 for writer’s proficiency.

9. People talking

I always check what people say about the service, so, I decided to find some Studybay reviews. The website is surprisingly well represented online. 
My verdict: sometimes StudyBay provides misleading statements by referring to fake review sites, but overall it’s reputation is well recognized across most social media.

10. Loyalty program

The prices are already at their minimum, so the maximum you can expect is a $5-10 discount on your orders. Just try to be persuasive in chat.

11. Pros and Cons


  • On-time delivery.
  • Good value for this money.


  • Poor customer support working only for several hours.
  • Time-consuming business model
  • The platform could be a bad choice for people searching for ENL quality writing.

Study bay is a part of a very popular paper bidding industry. This means that once you need an essay and have all the requirements from your professor, you just share them on a platform like studybay. After that there will be many freelance writers who collaborate with the platform responding to your request. In other words, bidding. They will offer their price for the paper you want to order and it’s up to you to find the balance between the cost and their qualifications.

As all the bidding platforms it has some benefits and disadvantages. These are not limited to studybay:

  • You will spend a lot of time of going through the different writers’ profiles.
  • There is a lot of information you must provide at the very beginning. Basically, all info, up to very small details has to be in the initial request. Based on it the writers’ set the price, so you can’t add things later.
  • Most of the students face some disappointments along the way. But that is the inevitable risky part of process. Your first impression about the writer might not be the right one. At least not always.


The first thing you notice about Studybay is their ridiculously low prices. They start at 6$ per page but sometimes writers will offer even lower bids. At first glance, it might even seem like has the lowest prices on the market, which sounds tempting.However, an alarming number of Studybay reviews warn other customers about additional charges. It seems at they charge extra as a processing fee at checkout, basically setting the end price of your paper back to the average. On the other hand, experienced users don’t choose a bidding platform for the lowest price. The real benefit the system has is that you can negotiate with high rated writers and make them drop their price.


Low quality of papers is probably the main issue with the service. You’ll hardly find an external Studybay review that does not criticize grammar and childish English of finished papers. It seems the majority of writers are not native speakers, and Study Bay couldn’t bother to check their qualifications before hiring.Nevertheless, it’s still possible to stumble upon a good writer when looking for some essay help. Judging by almost every Studybay review from students, it tends to be hit or miss with this company. Once again, the service’s quality is really unpredictable if you are not willing to pay a lot. Their main benefit shouldn’t be low prices as it leads to students’ disappointment with the result. Studybay does have experienced writers but working with them won’t cost you less than on other platforms.


Studybay has a money back guarantee and zero plagiarism policies. However, while in most cases getting your refund is not really a problem, it’s different with plagiarism concerns.Almost every Studybay review on plagiarized paper we’ve encountered states the same thing. The writer managed to go around the plagiarism checker by misspelling and putting extra space between words. What’s even worse, you’ll hardly find a negative Studybay review that doesn’t dwell on their refund policies for plagiarized papers. It seems next to impossible to get a refund for a plagiarized paper, and you’re likely to get harassed.Talking about their revision policy. You have the right to get free revisions unless you haven’t downloaded the paper. But, unfortunately, in some cases we encountered studybay reviews describing opposite situations. Some writers simply refused to do the revision and they stayed with their papers unfinished.The company also has issues with customer support. They do have a toll free phone line which doesn’t seem to work. There is also an online chat and email support option. On the other hand, you can be happy that all the correspondence and discussions are between you and the writer. There is no middleman in the process.A huge disadvantage of their service is their attitude towards deadlines. Many customers complained about late deliveries. In addition to that, studybay doesn’t have a fast delivery option. Minimum deadline is 24 hours.

Payment options

As known, with bidding systems you don’t pay upfront to the writer. However, once the writer starts working on your paper the money has to be available on your Study Bay account. Therefore, you have to transfer the total amount to the company as soon as you made up your mind with the writer. You can do it with a credit card, PayPal or even Webmoney.

Cheapest priceCheapest price on the market. Your paper can be ready at a 6 $ per page.
Bidding systemBidding system is definitely the main benefit of study bay. You have to possibility to do your own research among the writers who bid to your request. And if you really pay a lot of attention to this process it will definitely affect the quality of your paper.

Low quality writersOn the other hand, working with a bidding system is very time-consuming. You may have a situation with few hours spent on reviewing writers’ profile. But at the end, the quality still might lack. Even placing your order will require a lot of dedication. There are so many details to fill in and explain about the future essay. You sometimes don’t have this much of time for a college paper.
No express deliveryWhile other services offer even 2-3 hours delivery, studybay sticks to 24 hours. Plus, on top of it add the time needed to place and order and select a writer. So, if you have less than 2 days for the essay, this company is not a fit for you.
Plagiarized papersIt is the worst thing one can expect from a college paper writer. However, seems like this is what you are going to achieve with their low-cost writers.

Academic services are top-rated among students. They can solve many problems, starting with late homework and finishing with CV preparation. Today, we are going to discuss a universal online writing service that has been on the market for nine years. It is called StudyBay. Read this review to decide if it is a good option for delegating your responsibility for an assignment. 

Features of The Appearance and Design of StudyBay Writing Service

The design of StudyBay seems to be OK, compared to other websites of the same sphere. It does not irritate an eye with flashing colors or banners. The color scheme of the site includes light blue, white, and green for some links and buttons. On the main page, you will find every critical piece of information. However, you’ll need to scroll down the page to see all the missing links.

Without it, you will never know that a company has a blog, an encyclopedia of quotes and famous people, and sample papers. Many websites suffer from this problem, yet it is still a bit confusing. Especially when you need to surf the desktop version of the site on the phone or tablet. 

By the way, the website is optimized for the different screen widths. It is pleasant to surf it on the phone. The service has a mobile application as well. The company doesn’t try to hide their support department. Even an unregistered user will get a notification to visit online chat in seconds of being on the site. There are links and suggestions to do it which is located on the main page as well. In general, an average user will not feel problems with the design: everything is clear but a bit dull. Maybe, a couple of pictures in the blog posts or on the main pages of the site would make the situation better. 

Writers’ Info

The website provides different information about its writers. To find it, you need to find a specific link called ‘Writers rating’ on the bottom of the main page, as the button ‘Our experts’ is literally useless and leads to the main page section. The rating page gives you a list of the best writers working for the StudyBay service. You can choose from different spheres and read the bio of an author in the profile. Also, you can hire a writer you like directly by clicking a corresponding button in his or her profile.

The company claims that about 27900 experts have been working for it for nine years. It says that a client can communicate with an expert directly during order processing. It is an advantage, as it saves a lot of time and allows you not to use the support department as a mediator. 

According to the customers’ reviews placed on different feedback services, writers of StudyBay do their job well. In most cases, negative opinions concern StudyBay cost, but even they appreciate the professionalism of local experts. You can check it by yourself, as the service is not afraid of placing its ratios given by the independent services.

What Can StudyBay Do for You – Main Services of The Site

The website specializes in academic paper writing. One can observe the services by finding the Links section on the site’s pages. There, you will find a list of academic paper types a website works with. Hitting each link will redirect you to the Price Calculator page.

There, you can read a short introduction to the selected paper type. If it is possible, you will find links to the samples of this paper. Use the calculator to start placing your order by choosing a paper type and a deadline. 

As for the other remarkable services, StudyBay is a CV builder as well. At least, it claims to be, as you will not find anything concerning resumes or CVs in the order form. Consult a support manager first before placing such an order. 

The free sample papers, a blog, quotes, and bios have been already mentioned. Also, a website claims that the staff can complete any kind of assignment. It gives an explanation in the separate section called ‘Homework help’. 

To sum up, the primary diversification of the service will happen on the project page.

There, you will attach your instructions and explain to writers what needs to be done. This StudyBay review won’t dwell on any extravagant features and services the other websites provide (free plagiarism or grammar check, detailed ordering). However, it does not matter for an experienced user of similar sites. If you haven’t faced writing services before, keep the support chat by hand. 

Ways of Making Payments On the Site

On the main page, you will notice the labels of Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Payoneer. In fact, you need to check your profile to see the available payment methods. To do it, log in and hit the portrait button in the upper right corner. Select the option ‘Balance’ and a button ‘Add funds’ to proceed to the payment page.

At the moment, there are three options available: Visa/MasterCard debit or credit cards, PayPal account, and Maestro debit card. There are no electronic wallets, blockchain currencies, bank transfers, or local payment systems. It is a pity, as the other writing websites provide customers with a more flexible payment system. However, the existing methods are secure and legit. Plus, the system protects customers’ money – it preserves money to be paid for the order until the customer confirms that it is done well. 

Consider that there are fees for every money transfer operation. For depositing $100, you will pay from $5.97 to $8.44, depending on the payment method. Unfortunately, there is no option to accept other currencies, so you might deal with the currency exchange in your bank. In general, the payment methods of the website are not exciting, compared to other similar sites. This can be called one of the weakest features of StudyBay.

Pricing Policies at StudyBay

Another disappointing factor of cooperation with StudyBay is its prices. At least, all the negative or neutral StudyBay reviews mention that prices could be lower. You will meet the words “greedy” and “high” frequently. On the website’s main page, you can meet the information about prices depending on the type of paper and a deadline. In the table, you will learn that it will cost you $8 for a page to get an essay within 4 hours and $3 to get a dissertation within three weeks. 


The reality does not correlate with this info, though. For instance, it does not matter if you need an essay written within 4 hours or within five days. The bids authors suggest you start from $12.5 per page. The lowest price for a 100-page dissertation written in a month is $535, which makes $ 5.35 per one page. Both times, the prices turned out higher than the estimated cost provided by the service. It does not mean that we are facing StudyBay cheating though. Probably, the owners have not updated the information yet, or resort to a marketing trick to get new customers. It is not clear what factors affect the price. It stays the same if a client changes a paper type or a deadline for one-two days. There is no mention of the quality of the papers as well.

What Are Delivery Time and Deadlines For a Customer at StudyBay?

Technically, clients can choose all kinds of deadlines they want. There is no classical scheme of the deadline choice on this site when a client can choose from different periods of time (4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, two days, week, etc.). At StudyBay, a client selects an exact date from a calendar plugin on the page of the project details.

The smallest deadline is one hour. However, in this case, a website will probably state that you have chosen a too strict timing, offering you to pay an additional $5 to find more project bids. The most extended deadline can reach up to eight months (and even the maximal period for a 2-page essay could not make it cheaper than $12.5). Remember that, like on the other websites, the countdown starts after you pay the first part (around 30% of the full sum) of the project’s price. 

Hopefully, you have your money on the StudyBay account prepared beforehand, so you do not have to wait for the website’s payment confirmation. To sum up, it is recommended to play with the deadlines and project details before making a real order. The principles of price building and deadline management are not quite clear. 

What Are Revision and Refund Principles at StudyBay?

First of all, it is not difficult to find information about revisions and refunds. You can find a link to StudyBay trustworthy help center at the bottom of the main page. It has many articles and instructions both for customers and freelance writers working for the service. There are two articles devoted to revisions and refunds correspondingly. 

The revision policy is very similar to other typical writing services: a customer has 20 days (it is at least twice more than the majority of other sites offer) of the paper warranty. Within this period, free revisions are possible. Revisions and refunds can be requested from the ‘My orders’ section of the customer’s profile. The deadline for the order affects the revision time: it will be 24 hours with a deadline less or exactly two days and three days if the deadlines are three days or more. 

If a customer does not get a revised document in time, he gets a right for a full refund. You can request it within the same period of 20 days. There is a diversification of the refund sums (full or partial), which depends on the different mistakes committed by a writer. You will find a detailed explanation on the corresponding page. Everything seems to be legit. 

Remember that you will get your money to your personal StudyBay account. To withdraw a sum to your card, you need to have more than $10 on it. 

Customer Support

The customer support department of the website is well trained. There is an already mentioned help center where all the common questions are covered. Also, there is a FAQ section that helps as well. You can reach a manager via three primary means of communication: phone call, email message, and online chat. The only disadvantage of the service is that support does not work 24/7. Its operation time starts at 10 am and ends at 8 pm. It does not stop you from writing a message in an online chat though. You will get an email notification when you get an answer. When managers work, they give quick, accurate, and detailed answers to all the questions. Direct communication with the writer makes using support not a necessary measure at StudyBay.

Main Pros and Cons of StudyBay


  • Good support management.
  • Excellent quality of writing according to the majority of independent reviews.
  • A lot of free samples and blog posts.
  • Smooth and swift registration and ordering process. 
  • Direct communication with a writer.
  • Ability to hire a preferred writer. 
  • Good personal information protection.
  • A clear policy of cooperation with a customer. 
  • Good cross-platform optimization and an application.


  • The order form does not contain all the services a site suggests, so one cannot avoid long dialogs and explanations with a writer. 
  • Odd and unclear pricing policy.
  • Actual prices are higher than given on the site. 
  • A small number of payment methods without currency diversification.
  • Questionable system of writers’ bids. 
  • Absence of 27/7 support department. 
  • A bit overloaded and complicated design with some useless buttons and links. 


So, does StudyBay deserve your attention as a customer of academic writing services? If you cannot decide if StudyBay is fake or not, there is an answer: it is not. StudyBay is an excellent educational website, especially if your main goal is paper quality, not a budget. The company’s staff delivers good papers and ensures quality. Everything shows that a company tries to become better every day. Yes, it is not perfect right now. However, it definitely deserves your try. 


What is StudyBay?

It is a website that offers academic writing help and custom tasks to students. 

Is StudyBay legit?

StudyBay is legit when it comes to the legal section. The website works with trustworthy payment systems. It has a massive database of independent reviews too. 

How much does StudyBay cost?

Registration and membership on the site are free. Order prices depend on the number of pages and the complexity of papers. 

Is StudyBay scam?

Usually, all the StudyBay scam accusations concern refunds. Read the corresponding page in the help center before you place an order. There is no other evidence of the website being a scam. 

Is StudyBay safe?

Yes, it uses both anti-spy and billing protection. It requires minimal personal information for registration. It works with trustworthy payment systems. 

Is StudyBay plagiarism-free?

Yes. One of the guarantees of the site concerns the absence of plagiarism. Also, plagiarism is one of the reasons for the full refund. 

Are there StudyBay discounts?

A customer can apply promo code to each order. Also, there is a $5 discount for every new customer.


Whatever kind of writing service you need, it looks as though Study Bay can do it for you. You can pick from a variety of services, from simple essay writing to business plans and editing. This means you can drill down and really tell the writers here what you want. There’s so much on offer though, we wonder if their writers can really handle every type of service that they could be called on to do?


British students demand quality from their essay writers. If you’re paying for a service, you want to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. We took a look at what past reviews to see what real customers are saying.

There were some issues that need to be addressed. In some reviews, customers said that the grammar of their essay was poor, leading them to have to make edits before they could use it. This was fairly common, and so you should keep this in mind as you’re shopping around.


There’s no standard pricing with StudyBay, so you’ll need to login and actually place your order to get an accurate quote. You can see estimates on their site, though. For example, essays usually cost from $7 per page. Unlike other services out there, there didn’t seem to be any discount code or coupon available for new customers.


UK students can get help with their order if they get in touch with the customer service team. They’re available 24/7 and you can contact them about current or future orders. There are a couple of issues you should be aware of, though. One is that many of the team aren’t native English speakers, making communication difficult. Another is that the refund policy is much stricter than you would expect.

Poor grammar in some cases

  • Rating - 6.2/10


Study Bay is an ok service, but it’s not as reliable as we’d like it to be. Students in the United Kingdom have a lot of choice, so make sure you’re shopping around before you settle on a writing service. There could well be a good alternative out there for your essay.

StudyBay Overview


You've probably heard about essay writing services that will give their best in order to meet your requirements about the essay or another kind of academic paper. Well, here we have StudyBay – a platform that differs from essay writing services. In this post, I want to share my StudyBay review.

StudyBay academic writing platform is actually owned by Edutec Limited - company registered in Malta. Despite this, there is reason to believe this is a Russian business.

This StudyBay platform works in the following way. Let's say that you're a student and need an essay written in a few days. You need to place an order. And you do that by filling numerous fields and giving as many details as possible about what you expect from a writer as well as about an essay topic they should write. The more detailed your order, the better. The next step after placing an order is waiting for writers to respond to it. Finally, you need to see the profile of every writer that applied for your offer, and based on the reviews and your opinion you need to choose the right one for your requirements.

Yes, the process is time-consuming, but if you find a good writer, you won't regret it. In addition, StudyBay is the cheapest bidding website and second highest rated service in the overall top bidding writers ranking. StudyBay has some advantages over EssayPro, so read on to see if it's a good option for you.


My Story


If you're asking yourself “Is StudyBay legit”, I think this review might help you find the answer. What makes StudyBay different?

  • Finding a good writer might take some time and lots of disappointment along the way (but that's how bid services work)
  • 24 hours minimum deadline
  • $10 first order discount.

So, here's my story. I have got many assignments in my college, and I knew I couldn't make it on time. That being said, I decided to find a help thus I asked my good friend Google to help me out.

This platform was one of the first I've stumbled upon. After visiting their site, I was impressed – this platform said they were reliable, trustworthy, that they would give you back your money if something goes wrong, etc. On top of all, the prices at StudyBay are the lowest on the market. I wanted to place an order right away, but my brain started telling me to dig deeper and see if they're really that great.

After reading StudyBay reviews, I was sure that this company can help me meet my goals. Apparently, working with them is beneficial and risk-free.

As I mentioned earlier, StudyBay is great if you find a good writer. But, chances are you won't find him or at least not right away. Of course, this can be a problem if you're in a hurry and need that paper in a few hours.

The lack of rush writing is the only reason why I don't cooperate with StudyBay on a permanent basis (sometimes I really need 6-8 hours deadline) and recommend other highly rated essay companies. According to the reviews, missing the deadline, receiving an essay written in poor English, as well as not returning the money back to the client are very rare. In most cases, users are happy.




As mentioned, StudyBay platform offers the lowest prices, but it's always better to pay more and pick the highest price bids. You can use "ILOVESB" promo code to get $10 first order discount.


StudyBay Writing Quality


It appears that working with this service is unpredictable but only if you do not want to pay a lot. If you're lucky enough, you'll find the writer that will write high-quality essays on time. The vast majority of clients had a good experience with writers.

Kenyan Writers?

It's important for me to know that I'm working with a world-class professional writer – someone who can ensure that my paper contains proper English grammar and mechanics. However, a quick search on SimilarWeb revealed that nearly 50% of StudyBay's writers are based in Kenya.

It's not to say that these writers don't have excellent command of the English language but if you're like me who prefers ENL writers, you should know that Kenya isn't the place to find them.




Since this is a platform where you search for a suitable writer, you need to have your money ready in your virtual StudyBay wallet. And you can transfer the money to your wallet via a bank card, PayPal, or Webmoney.


StudyBay Guarantees


You don't have to worry whether your personal info will be safe with this platform. You shouldn't also worry about customer service professionalism and reliability. Many students claim StudyBay support is doing well with any issues.

StudyBay's money-back guarantee grants me the opportunity to get a partial or full refund if I'm not satisfied with the final output or if there's an error on the part of the writer that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement. I haven't tried this myself, but knowing they have a flexible refund policy gives me peace of mind.


Revision Policy


You get free revisions in case you aren't satisfied with what the writer wrote. However, in some cases, the writers refused to do revisions, leaving your paper unfinished.


Is StudyBay Legit?


Like any other service, StudyBay has its own quirks. But unlike many other custom writing services that strive to generate money as much as possible and leave paper quality aside, this company puts customer satisfaction as their top priority.

Bidding system isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but with StudyBay’s varied mix of talented writers, you might just change your mind and give this type of service a shot. They have plenty of seasoned ENL/ESL writers who are well-versed in various academic fields so trust that you’ll have a number of them bidding on your paper in no time. Best of all, they don’t charge exorbitant fees. And since they always keep an open line of communication with the client, you can closely keep track of the progress of your paper. No lies here!




  • Cheap prices. StudyBay offers the lowest prices on the market (starting at only $5). New users can use "ILOVESB" promotional code to get a discount ($10).
  • Unique essays. Plagiarism-free papers (Studybay uses anti-plagiarism software, and the papers are written from scratch so you get a 100% unique essay).




  • Time-consuming. The process of placing an order and choosing the writer at Study Bay is time-consuming. You probably won't find a good writer straight away.
  • Deadlines. No rush writing, since the minimum deadline is 1 day.


My Verdict


So after going through this article, I think it's clear to you why many customers choose to work with StudyBay. There are many essay writing services out there that do an impressive job, and StudyBay is another strong contender for the title (there is a very little chance of possible StudyBay scam). What do you think about it? Share your StudyBay reviews.

With an initial glance, gives the impression that it’s a sleek, professional writing solution website that is suitable for both students and individuals looking for essays and other articles to be written. However, these initial impressions are short lived as I quickly discover a site with extreme prices, poor, unacceptable content and less than suitable customer service.

Services: Where are the services?

Unlike many of the market leading competitors, Study Bay is a platform for writers to bid for your work and business. This means that all you have to do is type in the name and type of document you want, along with your email address which is then posted for writers to bid for. Theoretically, this means you can ask for any kind of document to be written but without a predetermined list, you can never be sure.

Prices: Poor bidding system

As a platform for writers to bid, in my previous experience, this has always resulted in high, extortionate prices as you’re unable to choose your starting price. As expected, this is exactly what happens on StudyBay. Having placed my order, in a matter of minutes, I had received over 35 unique requests for writers to complete my essay of a ten-page college level document on a legal topic.

These writers had not even had the chance to read through my requirements, leading me to believe they are spam posts and just looking to get my money. Bids ranged from $150 to as much as $500! This is simply not affordable for any student living on a budget and the pricing was truly reflected in the quality.

Quality: Poor as expected

For my test essay, I requested a middle ground writer who had proposed a $250 bid. Having received my document three days late, I was shocked to find that my essay was riddled with poor grammar and less than acceptable spelling mistakes. This instantly led me to believe that the writer was not a native English speaker and must have simply translated and edited the document using a basic online software.

Customer service: Rude and unhelpful

Having had such a poor experience with the website and the writer, I took to the customer service page to air my complaints. Firstly, I tried the live chat option on the site for instant results. Having spent a couple of minutes fully detailing my situation, the live chat operator replied three hours later, repeatedly asking what my problem was. This leads me to believe the live chat is operated by bots that are of no help.

I then proceeded to write an email and explain my issues, in which I received a reply stating that refunds and replacements can only be given in extreme circumstances, as noted in the refund terms and conditions, and that I would have to send off my document as proof. I send off my document and was told that my article did not match the refund criteria, despite it being extremely poorly written and not delivered by the proposed deadline. The member of staff was extremely blunt and not understanding at all.


To summarize, has been a poor experience to say the least. Not only was the writing part of the experience completely unacceptable to any student or individual needing writing solutions, but the entire website is full of unhelpful and experienced people just looking for ways to get your money as quickly and easily as possible.
Based on this experience, I highly recommend customers taking their business elsewhere to some of the better sites that respect their clients and offer great service for a great price.

This studybay review was written for those, who are wondering ‘is legit?’ Just go on reading and we guarantee that you will quench your curiosity and will be able to decide whether they are a company you can trust.

Let us start with the fact that they are owned by Edutec Limited, registered on Malta but there are many testimonials, which claim that it is owned by a Russian company. However, this doesn’t mean that they lose to competitors.

Their website is very laconic and you can easily navigate the pages. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to make an order and you will need to complete multiple steps before someone will start working on your essay.

First you will need to fill in all the details on your assignment and then wait till the writers will bid your order. Afterwards you will need to examine the list of writers and select the one you are most interested in.

Their website contains multiple testimonials of the happy customers, which make a great first impression. However, we can’t guarantee that they are genuine, so you need to surf the internet to make sure the company is professional.

Our research says that it is difficult to find a flawless studybay essay, as almost every testimonial claims that their writers don’t pay attention to the details and often resell successful papers to other students.

That is why their website may be a nice option only for those, who don’t expect a premium quality and are ready to tolerate average grades. If you want to make sure that your paper is flawless, it is better to contact us, as we are ready to provide all the guarantees you may need.

Studybay is a place, where you will know at once what the price for your assignment is. That is why there won’t be any surprises. For example, if you are an undergraduate student and need to complete a 2-page essay, you will need to pay around $25. These are quite average prices, quite affordable for everyone.

However, they don’t have any discounts or rewards, so you will always pay a fixed price not depending on the quantity of pages you have previously ordered.

If you contact us, you will always be offered the best deals and prices, so don’t hesitate and make your choice.

Quality of support

In most cases when you need to complete a written assignment, you don’t have much time and need to contact your writer as soon as possible. That is why such options as a social media account or a live chat are crucial.

However, the company doesn’t have such options and you can only reach them by a toll free number or an email, which is quite inconvenient. That is probably one of the main things which studybay reviews mark as negative ones.

Conclusion is quite a regular writing service, which has its flaws and defects. As many other on the market they strive to earn as much as possible, often leaving the quality of the papers aside.

However, they are credible, use multiple payment methods and offer a bidding system, where you can choose a writer on your own. But if you want to hire a professional company with the highest possible standards, it is probably better to look for someone else.

Studybay is one of the many academic writing services that function on a bidding basis. In our opinion, the bidding system is by far the most inconvenient method of ordering papers. Even though it may seem like you have more control over the person doing your order, in reality, there is no way of knowing whether you have hired a good writer.

Studybay has been around since 2011. The website claims that since then, it has helped over 80,000 students from all over the US. There is also a claim that over 27,000 tutors are working for the company, but we have a hard time believing this number — if Studybay really had over 27,000 of tutors, it would be a much better writing service.

The company focuses primarily on academic assignments like essays and term papers. However, it can also proofread and edit your work, and even paraphrase your writing to make it more unique and avoid possible issues with plagiarism. Find out whether obtaining a Studybay login is the first step to your academic success!

As we have mentioned before, Studybay employs a bidding system for order placement. It means that whenever you want one of the Studybay tutors to do your assignment, you need to place the order, detailing the task and the deadline. Then your order will be displayed to the tutors, who will start offering their bids. You can choose the cheapest option, or check the tutor’s bio and reviews to find out whether he can do a good job with your order.

Studybay offers only a few additional services, including:

Urgent orders

Studybay tutors can accommodate nearly any deadline. If you have an urgent assignment that is due in 24 hours, you can pay extra and have your order completed when you need it.

Partial payment

If you have been a Studybay customer for some time and spent over $5 on papers, you can opt for the partial payment system for 10% to your order price: only 60% will be paid when you place the order.

Creative writing

In case you don’t have any strict assignment details and have been asked by your professor to let your imagination run wild, you can hire a Studybay tutor starting at $5 per page.

Business plan

If you are a marketing student or are thinking about launching your own business, it is essential to have a good business plan at hand. This is where one of the Studybay writers can help you!

Quality of work execution

We will admit that we were extremely tempted by the advertised $5 per page essay writing service by Studybay — the lowest price we have ever seen was $7 per page, and even then the quality of writing left a lot to be desired. Still, we hoped for the best. However, when we placed our order for a 2-page high school essay, the lowest bid out of the three bids we got was $8 per page from a rather experienced tutor, which is not that low, compared to other services.

We waited for 48 hours until the deadline, but we got the paper only two hours later. At first glance, the quality of the paper was adequate. However, once we reviewed it further, the essay turned out to be one of the worst pieces of academic writing we have ever witnessed. The essay contained some glaring mistakes in spelling, and the punctuation was also far from perfect. It became clear to us that Studybay does not have any strict hiring policies in place.


Studybay offers a number of guarantees to their customers, but we found two of them to be especially interesting. The first one is the originality guarantee, which promises that your text by a Studybay tutor will be 100% original and free of plagiarism.

The second guarantee is the quality assurance promise. Studybay claims that every writer on its team has extensive academic writing experience and has passed extensive admission tests, although, judging by the quality of writing, we are not convinced it’s true.

Payment options

If you have decided that, despite all the flaws, Studybay is the right service for your needs, you will be happy to learn that the company offers a variety of payment methods to its customers, including some rare ones. In addition to the common options like Visa and Mastercard, we also spotted PayPal and Payoneer as acceptable payment methods at Studybay.

We were rather surprised to see that Studybay has decent revision and refund policies. For example, once the writer uploads your paper to the website, you have 20 days to request a free revision with the original deadline. In case the writer fails to do a revision on time, you will be able to ask for a refund. If you are simply unhappy with your order, don’t want a free revision, and the warranty period of 20 days has not expired, you can request a partial or full refund. However, Studybay does not guarantee that you will be refunded.


Most of the writing service reviews turn out to be divisive for one simple reason: the testimonials on the company’s own website are far more positive than the average rating of the service on third party websites. Studybay reviews, which also contain photos and order details, are no exception: about 95% of the testimonials posted on the Studybay website praise the services and its prices and are generally very happy with the quality of the papers.

However, we believe that the only way to be impartial in our Studybay review is to carefully check the reviews on other websites. For example, Studybay Reddit testimonials are very easy to come by and reveal a lot of telling facts about the operations at Studybay. The general consensus is that Studybay fails to deliver the level of service they promise to their customers. The writing lacks finesse, the prices are not as low as they are advertised, and the bidding system is generally not convenient to use. Most reviewers are not planning to return with more orders, which isn’t good.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons




If you are lucky enough, you can have your paper written for as little as $5 per page.

Satisfaction policy

You have up to 20 days to claim a free revision or refund, which is better than what most services offer.



Quality of writing

We and thousands of other customers were less than impressed by the quality of work at Studybay.

No urgent orders

The closest deadline you can choose is 24 hours, while some companies can do your assignment in 3 to 6 hours.


A positive Studybay review from a third party website is nearly impossible to come by.


Studybay is certainly not the worst writing service we have reviewed, mainly thanks to its generous revision and refund guarantees. However, with the current quality of writing, we have major doubts that a paper from Studybay can land you an acceptable grade. Plus, we didn’t find the bidding system more budget-friendly than regular order placement systems. All in all, Studybay is not the option we would recommend to our readers.

What can Studybay help me with? provides you with a number of services. Among them you can find:

  1. Essays,
  2. Research proposals and papers,
  3. Courseworks,
  4. Term papers,
  5. Articles,
  6. Literature/Movie reviews,
  7. Reports,
  8. Dissertations,
  9. Theses,
  10. Creative writing papers,
  11. Business plans,
  12. Speeches,
  13. Outlines,
  14. Annotated bibliographies,
  15. Proofreading papers,
  16. Paraphrasing,
  17. PowerPoint presentations,
  18. Non-word assignments,
  19. Codes,
  20. Case studies.

How much will it cost me?

Prices on Studybay are transparent. You can check how much you’ll pay for your paper using Price Calculator that can be found on their website. Though, generally, prices stand like this:

  1. High School papers: $6 +
  2. Undergraduate papers: $13 +
  3. Master’s papers: $16 +
  4. PhD papers: $19 +

We think that Studybay papers are quite affordable when compared with other essay writing services. No wonder, then, that Studybay rated high in essay writing services’ rankings.

Does Studybay have any free features?

Studybay does not offer any helpful materials that would be easily accessible. However, it occasionally gives coupons. Also, while going through Studybay reviews written by students, we found out that it has an interesting feature – an application. Check it out! Maybe you’ll find it useful.

How can I contact

If you have any questions for Studybay, you can contact them via phone, chat as well as email. From other testimonials We learned that chat works best, so try it first!

In conclusion…

If you are searching for a cheap essay writing service, Study bay can be a good choice for you. It has a nice design, a variety of services, and good testimonials. Nevertheless, there are a few concerns about this service. First, you can place your order only after you communicate with a writer or customer support assistant. Second, the website gives no guarantee of a timely delivery to the client. Third, you cannot check your paper for plagiarism yourself. The writer is supposed to do it for you, but this way, you cannot be sure the paper is original. On the other hand, the papers are cheap, and you may get lucky if your writer sends you a really good essay. In some cases, you can get your money back or have your paper rewritten if the quality is really poor. But, you need to agree on it with the support service first. And of course, the testimonials on the website look too good to be true, which is not realistic. This Studybay review gives you more information on what to expect when buying papers on the website. In the end, it is only for you to decide whether to use this service or not. After all, they offer affordable prices for their services.