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Speedypaper Reviews 2021

Speedypaper Reviews 2021

It’s not difficult to understand what’s going on here: SpeedyPaper hires ESL writers who deliver substandard albeit urgent services. My paper was written by a so-called expert who did not know the difference between the terms “nursing leader” and “nursing managers.” All things considered, the paper was fine for its price, which was ridiculously low. However, I have a hard time believing any professor would give it more than a minimum score. Bottom line: if you want better results, keep looking for a better company.

It should be stated right from the get-go: SpeedyPaper is not a scam. There’s no question is Speedy Paper legit or not – it is a lawful writing service meant to help students secure delivering a certain workscope volume required by tutors. Based on our experience and real Speedy Paper Reddit, TrustPilot, and SiteJabber customer reviews, it is possible to conclude that the website successfully achieves its main purpose – solving students’ problems. It is not markedly different from other sites offering writing services. However, it is far from being the best one. Keep reading this review for to find out what is it like to use this service and whether it is as “pain-relieving” as they promise.

SpeedyPaper Prices and Discounts Policy

Speedy Paper doesn’t charge exorbitantly for its services. Starting at as little as $9 for a high school paper, the price per page grows to $88 for an urgent admission essay. Although it seems that $88 is too much to pay for a page of writing, it is nothing when compared to similar offers by other websites. In some companies, the cost of essays for students applying for scholarships reaches whopping $170 per page. The shortest deadline available on SpeedyPaper is 6 hours, which is not the fastest offer you could find out there. Naturally, the price per page increases along with the academic level you need and the deadline you choose. The shorter the deadline, the pricier a page. However, you can slash the price by some 10% if you use a Speedy Paper promo code or a coupon. To get a discount, you’ll have to login to your user dashboard and enter the code. To sign in, you’ll have to enter your email, phone number, and password. No other information is collected. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t offer a bulk order discount. This is an affront to returning customers as the vast majority of other writing companies give 5 to 15 percent off on orders over $500. At some point, it even crossed our mind that there is no such discount code for SpeedyPaper because there are only a few returning clients?.. But probably it’s just a marketing-based shortcoming that can be fixed quite easily.

The company’s prices are within reach of every student. If you snag the discount, the price will be even sweeter. However, the deadline limit has been set pretty high, which is a surprisingly poor move given that SpeedyPaper is up against stiff competition.

SpeedyPaper Paper Writing Reviews on Quality and Services

Let’s get to the meatier part of this review: the quality of writing and services. The company provides academic assistance, grading, problem solving, admission writing, and proofreading/editing services. We ordered a simple nursing assignment requiring to explain what is expected of a nursing leader. There wasn’t a need for progressive delivery since the paper was only four pages long (however, it was good to find out that SpeedyPaper offers such an option). We asked the author to write for an undergraduate level using APA formatting style. We also purchased a plagiarism report ($9.99) to check the uniqueness of the assignment. The essay arrived as had been promised – in fourteen days. Having read and reread the piece for several times, we found two grammar errors and the confusing use of the Oxford comma. Given the length of the paper, the number of mistakes cannot be considered a cause of serious concern. The plagiarism report showed that the paper was 100% unique. From this perspective, there could be no claims to SpeedyPaper writers, too.

There were some issues regarding the content’s relevance. The writer uses the terms “nursing leader” and “nursing manager” interchangeably even though they are not synonymous. Furthermore, they state that the nursing leader is not tasked with advancing the company’s mission, vision, and strategic goals, which is the opposite of the truth. Judging from the quality of the paper’s content, it can be concluded that the writer is not a subject matter expert, which calls into question the veracity of the company’s claim that all of its employees are “qualified and experienced experts.” Later, we ordered the same nursing paper from the company’s TOP writer. The choice of the better writer increased the final price by 45%. However, it was absolutely worth it. The paper’s quality shot through the roof.

The poor quality of papers produced by average writers can be attributed to the low cost of their services. Even though the company indicates that there is a qualitative difference between average and TOP writers, it stays mum about how considerable it is. The bottom line is if you are willing to pay top dollar for content quality, you will probably get it. Support and Customer Service

The SpeedyPaper Customer Support team is available 24/7. It can be reached either via a livechat or phone. After using the contact number to get in touch with Customer Support, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a real person in an office on the other side of the phone. Massive kudos to Speedy Paper for eschewing canned auto-responses, which are commonly abused by other companies. A Customer Support employee was helpful and made a good impression. Overall, the quality of customer support in the company is commendable.

Is Speedy Paper Safe? What Are Their Guarantees?

We are not aware of any SpeedyPaper activities that cannot be considered legal. After ordering two papers and receiving them before the agreed deadline, we concluded that the service is safe and reliable. A prolonged search for confirmation of several SpeedyPaper scam or fraud complaints we’ve seen in customer reviews didn’t bring any results. Allegedly, those were just elements of a defamation campaign by competitors. SpeedyPaper offers industry-standard guarantees meant to reassure cautious customers: free revisions and a refund. You can request up to three revisions before approving the order. The company also guarantees you a free revision within a week after clicking the Approve button. It comes in handy when a professor provides feedback that should be incorporated into the paper. The money back guarantee, on the other hand, is less straightforward. Depending on the case, you can reclaim 100%, 90%, 70% or 50% of your expenses. You are advised to carefully read the company’s Money Back Guarantee policy to understand how to get a refund. All in all, the answer to the apparent question “Is SpeedyPaper trustworthy company?” is fully affirmative.

Rate SpeedyPaper: Final Verdict

The real round-the-clock Customer Support, low prices, and major discount rate are the main benefits of the service. Does Speedy Paper work as advertised? Kinda. They do have on-time paper delivery; the papers are indeed 100% unique. However, the content quality is lacking. Maybe our experience with the company’s average writer was an aberration, but several negative reviews on the Web suggest otherwise. Therefore, the company’s overall rating is 3.8 out of 5. Feel free to use its services if you want to save money and are not obsessed with the top quality of writing.

MyAdmissions Review

In case you want to keep searching for another essay writing assistance, try reading about MyAdmissionsEssay. It has all it takes to be number two in our rating.



  • Prices lower than average on the market
  • Quite broad range of writing tasks advertised
  • Possibility to track writer's work with progressive delivery


  • Inconsistent quality of papers
  • No information about paid extra features on the main page

Hello and welcome! Today I am going to review one of my favorite paper writing sites. During my college years, it repeatedly saved my ass with most urgent papers. Meet the speediest writing site on a market –  And  your  first  question  might  be  “is  speedy  paper  legit?”

The general view of the site is quite simple. Unlike most of the sites I’ve used, speedypaper is not cluttered with unnecessary information. What I really like about writing sites is when they allow me to check price as quickly as possible without having to interact with support.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against qualified help, but sometimes I don’t want to have strings attached (i.e. leaving my personal info) and want to know the price to make sure I can make it financially. Calculator is exactly what helps me to check price within a few mouse clicks.

The site also has some useful info if you hesitate on whether to use it or not:

  • How it works video (can be useful to people who are new to using such sites)
  • Samples (the quality more or less matches the one I got)
  • Speedypaper review from the outside resources (not those fakey reviews but the ones people leave on credible review sites)

On the whole, SP gets my like for not making customers’ life more difficult. Simplicity is what I value in all things and this site is not an exception.

2. Customer support

This is where magic begins. They are really fast. When I say fast, I really mean it. Although they might be quite busy during the hot season (April – May, when students have most of their papers due), I was surprised with the way they react to some common situations. Just a few days ago I placed an order for 10 pages with a deadline of 7 days.

In a day I received an email from my professor who decided to change paper instructions. Most services charge the additional fees or even refuse adding more details (truth to be told, it’s all written in their policy). I had a week before the next paycheck, so I could not afford placing a new order. Can you imagine my relief when Steven allowed me to send the additional info for the paper without any additional payments.

Are you attentive enough? Check out the speed with which I was given a reply! I specifically made those screenshots to back up my words – the average speed of reply was around two minutes!

Of course, this is the ultimate example of SP quick support, but in general it takes around 6-7 minutes to receive a reply during the hot season and around 3-4 minutes during the low season. Some supports are not that friendly, some reply with generic phrases, but if you compare their support with that of Google/Apple/Facebook, you will find yourself in support heaven.

 3. My experience

I have been usingthis company since the second year of studies, when I got a part-time job and was learning to code to get to the Java bootcamp. First time I was quite skeptic about using such type of service and therefore decided to outsource them a simple philosophy paper. How surprised was I when I got this paper returned with an A- grade, whereas my best result in this class was B+.

I got really intrigued by this possibility to unload my schedule from shitty papers and do what is meaningful to me. In total, I placed 18 orders during the course of 3 years and SpeedyPaper deserves a fair share of my degree. Out of curiosity I also use some other services (there’s always place for perfection) but SpeedyPaper is like first love – it always stays in your heart.

To move away from all lyrics, after my good experience with SP I kept experimenting with the similar services and that’s how the idea to create a blog to help you all was born.

4. Order form

The order form is intuitively simple and clear. There are 3 quick steps to fill out before you submit the payment details. Step 1 basically asks you for paper details/formatting/additional materials. Step 2 is all about customizing the price by setting the deadline, academic level and type of work.

Lifehack: always place your orders in advance. This gives you some additional time for revisions as well as puts you on a safe side in case of emergencies. It’s always easier to pay additionally and ask for shorter deadline later on than placing orders with short deadlines and paying big bucks for some regular college essay.

I was really surprised to discover that the quality for urgent orders is almost the same as for order with a 2-week deadline. So, if you are in a hurry, use this service with confidence.

Step 3 offers you extra features for your choice: PRO/TOP writer, progressive delivery, and plagiarism report. Let’s review them one by one:

  • PRO/TOP writer – best writers they have, they are punctual, precise in following your details and deliver quality up to my standards (I always expect not less than a B from such writers. TOPs got me B+ and A- on two important capstone projects). If you are short of cash and still want your work above average go for PRO. If the project is of utmost importance – TOP writer is my pick.
  • Progressive delivery allows you to get your work on a draft-by-draft basis. By paying additional 10% you put yourself on a safe side and have a better grip on your paper quality. This feature is very useful for papers longer than 10 pages, because it allows you to react to paper discrepancies much quicker than if you had got a full paper at once.
  • Plagiarism report costs $9.99 regardless of the number of pages (some other services charge more for papers over 10 pages long). Basically, this report shows you the level of online plagiarism (don’t mistake it with plagiarism by paraphrasing or incorrect citing, this report won’t save you from those). I rarely use this feature myself, but it can be a dealbreaker for overly paranoid students who don’t believe that their work is original.
  • Lifehack: if your academic life is at stake and you are scared of getting caught for plag – use It’s a service designed by TurnItIn (with the only difference that it does not add papers to the database) and only it gives you a close to 100% protection from plagiarism.

5. Discounts and pricing

SpeedyPaper offers some liberal pricing structure for an average student. They start as low as $9 per page for High School work and go up to $49 per PhD 6-hour page of work.  

According to their FAQ, “Each writer’s payment is derived from several variables: academic level, complexity of paper, and deadline, but cannot be less than $8. We have a flexible system of negotiations with writers about their bids, which allows us to assign a satisfied writer to work on your order.”

Their minimum payment is over $8, which is approximately the hourly wage of a McDonald’s employee, but if you pick high academic level or make it more urgent, the writer’s wages will rise up to $15-20, which is a decent payment for a freelance writer. This makes me think that writers who are paid well are more motivated to deliver better work.

To minimize costs, SpeedyPaper clearly states that they outsource their customer support to Ukraine. To me, it never mattered a lot. I had no issues communicating with Ukrainian support (unlike that of Indian) and if this move allowed Speedy to lower the customer prices and increase the writers’ salaries, then SP gets my respect for this move. Grab a 10%  SpeedyPaper discount. 

6. Revisions

SpeedyPaper officially offers up to 3 free revisions, but in practice they take as many revisions as necessary to leave you satisfied. Personally I had 5 revisions maximum. The writer stuck at one question and we had to do it step by step to get it done right. Lifehack: don’t be lazy to type your revision comments.

Some of my friends complained about bad grades but later on confessed that they wanted the writer to do everything for them and were not willing to cooperate. This is a bad approach. If you want to be a smart customer, you need to communicate with support and writers to achieve the best results.

I even know the cases when Regular writers produced better results than PROs because one customer was detailed about his revisions, whereas the second customer could not properly explain what was wrong.

7. Final quality

After revisions and my personal editing (I try not let things go on their own) I usually score around B+/A-. The content is very solid and after I distil it with my own ideas it looks really good. Sometimes I find it really hard to collect the data or organize my ideas. Speedy is a safe writing company!

8. Writer’s proficiency

According to the FAQ section, SpeedyPaper writers have at least Bachelor degree with a decent GPA. Good enough for me. If I want a better quality I pick PRO/TOP writers who usually have Master or even PhD degree (have not ordered their papers yet, but Master level writers usually delivered quite solid researches).

Lifehack: if you liked the writer’s work, you can request him/her to be your preferred writer (Note that if you previously ordered a PRO writer, by asking for a Preferred writer you will need to pay for this extra again). Such approach helps you maintain the same quality of work during one course. In a long-term run it also protects you from professor’s suspicion of using someone else’s help.  

9. People talking

There are tons of speedypaper reviews (if this can be applied to such sort of business). They have really good reviews on credible sites like TrustPilot , SiteJabber, IHateWritingEssays and ScamFighter.

There are, of course, some bad feedbacks, but what pleases me in this situation is that SP management quickly mitigates all conflicts with unsatisfied customers and even offers some hefty discounts. Strange enough, I didn’t find any speedypaper reddit reviews. 

10. Loyalty program

SpeedyPaper does not have explicit loyalty program but if you have many orders with them, you can easily ask for a lifetime discount or some free bundles. Usually they offer 11-15% discounts. If you are placing big order (over $500), you can negotiate about even better speedypaper discount.

11. Pros and Cons

In general, I am very satisfied with SpeedyPaper service and consider it one of the best in price-quality category. They offer tremendous value for an adequate price and have a really friendly support. Good choice for people who want stability.

  • Quality
  • Support
  • Price
  • Referral program


  • Aggressive advertising and upselling
  • More than 1 revision may be needed to get your work done

Speedy paper is a US-incorporated writing agency, with a support office in Eastern Europe. They offer quite a long list of academic writing services for all academic levels. Here you may pay for essay, homework, research or term paper, dissertation, thesis or even a resume – they do it all. Surprisingly, every Speedy Paper review on their website is absolutely positive. You won’t find a single 3-star rate in nearly 40 pages of comments, which seems too good to be true. So, we decided to find out if they are really that good in our own Speedy Paper review!

Their website is very easy to use and find all kind of necessary information. It’s obvious, that the company’s priority is on-time delivery of your essays. That seems right, since after receiving your essay you still want to have some time for reviewing and maybe have it revised. Most of speedypaper customers are returning and loyal. It feels like the company know how to keep you there with frequent discounts and bonuses. And they also know how to receive another positive speedy paper review from them.

SpeedyPaper prices range from $11 to $88 per page, depending on the academic level and deadlines. Overall prices are average, but you’d have to pay 25% or 45% more for a PRO or TOP writer, respectively.
Talking about speedy paper discount code. Sometimes you might be lucky and enter during the hot deals period. They have great price cuts from time to time. Besides that, they do have a loyalty program. But you can find out about it in details only once a member.Generally speaking their prices for a not urgent, standard writing are very low comparing to other platforms. For 11 $ you will get their standard quality, which is higher than average.

Almost every speedy paper review you spot on web will praise them for quality. It turns out, that if you want a decent essay, you should go for their service. After all, what else if not quality you want by default from an essay writing company.Another good news in our speedy paper review. They use Turnitin to ensure your paper is truly unique. In fact, their editors are checking your essay on various stages of completion. So, if a problem occurs in the beginning, there is still time to fix it. The reason of their quite low pricing policy is not lack of quality. As it turned out that they focus on loyal customers and keep pricing low to encourage the next purchase.

Payment options
It is a very simple process to create an order and pay for it through speedy paper website. You simply need to fill in all the information about your future essay and the system will calculate the total cost. You could add extra services if you want to go over their standard quality. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

QualityThe best advantage is that you won’t really need revisions, that good the quality is. Speedypaper seems to hire really professional staff and native speakers.
Flawless websiteTheir website works flawless and you won’t get a problem while ordering, paying or reaching out to their staff. Besides that, it’s easy to find out additional information, related to their policies.
SupportSpeedy paper has a very actively working customer support team. They are available 24 hours 7 days a week.

PDF viewerYou can preview your paper when it’s done only in a PDF viewer. This may lead to you pressing the approve button unconsciously, just to get an easy to read document format.
Aggressive marketingNot a single speedy paper review mentioned that they do have a very aggressive marketing team. Once you are in, you will get many emails with promotions and discounts. Almost on a daily basis. Sometimes you may have a feeling of being spammed.

Today, we will observe a writing service called Speedy Paper. We will try to identify if it is worth your money, expectations, and attention. Plus, we will try to guess if a catchy name is truthful: we will see if the service is quick enough to deal with the most challenging papers. Design and Website Building Features

First of all, this writing company proves its name by the website work. It is swift. The speed of page download is high, despite background images and plugin blocks. The main page of the site contains all the necessary information. A standard upper menu leads to the pages essential for a customer. The bottom space contains all the links that lead to different pages describing the services and providing a client with the necessary knowledge. Each page about a particular academic paper does not only hold info about the company’s advantages, but also gives useful tips about essay writing.

The design is pleasant as well. The color scheme contains different shades of blue. The backgrounds of the pages are supplied with some non-bothering stock pictures. The blog of a company is interesting to read. It contains both frequent posts and assistance with writing. It may sound unnecessary, but there is no need to hit the “Back” button on your browser to quit the blog. It is quite an advantage though. A company has developed a pleasant application for smartphones. Also, the mobile version of the site works well. From the first glance, the design of the website gives an affirmative answer to the question “Is Speedy Paper reliable?”

Writers’ Information and Paper Quality Level

There is a separate page devoted to the writers of a company.

There, you can get acquainted with three top writers. There is an option to select a top writer to complete an order for you, but no options for selecting a definite writer of your choice. Plus, there are only three writers on the page. A company also provides information about the hiring process. It says that writers have to pass several tests and interviews to get a job at SpeedyPaper. Unfortunately, for this SpeedyPaper review we could not find a way to see how to apply for a job and evaluate the quality of the tests. 

As for the paper quality, the independent reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber indicate that it is good enough. There are some negative SpeedyPaper reviews as well. However, their number is too low to count them into statistics. In most cases, people are amazed by the speed of the company and the overall quality of papers. The company tries to work with reviews and maintains dialogs with every customer. Therefore, you will not have problems with a paper if you provide enough instructions, specific literature sources, and show some patience. An overall SpeedyPaper rating indicates that a company is legit and can be trusted. 

What Services Can You Order At

This writing service works with all possible types of academic papers. One can order both simple papers (essays, book reviews) and complicated texts (dissertation, thesis, etc.). The company works with admission papers and work application requests as well. One can order CV and resume writing. Unfortunately, there is a little problem with custom assignments: there is no option of selecting an “Other” type of paper, which is common on the other similar websites. So, you might waste some time explaining to a writer what to do or contacting a customer support service. There is also a set of additional services which can be found in the third step of placing an order.

The additional paid services include:

  • Assigning a top writer to make a paper (professional writer, a top writer, and a writer who worked for you before – 25%, 45%, and 10% to the final price correspondingly). 
  • Ordering a non-plagiarism report for $10. 
  • Asking for a progressive delivery that implies delivering a paper step by step so you can control the process. It will add 15% to the final price. 
  • Ordering a summary and a draft of your paper.
  • Asking a writer to use specific software to do your project. The price will depend on the chosen option. It is quite a rare feature among the essay writing websites. 

What Payment Methods Are Used At SpeedyPaper?

There are four main payment methods used at SpeedyPaper:

  1. Credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Maestro, Diners, and Discover processed via the SafeCharge transfer system. 
  2. Alipay.
  3. WeChatPay.
  4. UnionPay.

As you can see, the company tries to conquer the Chinese market. It is one of a few companies applying local Chinese payment systems. Unfortunately, there is no information about using other local transfer companies, PayPal, bank transfers, and e-wallets. It may be a bit inconvenient for those who have gotten used to these online payment methods. Mind that service will refund money by the method used to pay for an order. Using a SafeCharge system definitely gives a negative answer to the question “Is SpeedyPaper fake?”, as it is a well-known reliable money transfer company. 

As for the currency choice, SpeedyPaper is similar to other writing services – it performs operations in US dollars, but a customer can use any local currency. It will be converted automatically. To sum up, the payment options will please Chinese customers, but will not satisfy the citizens of other states. There is a referral program that lets a customer invite friends and get additional discounts and payments from the company.

What Are The Prices At SpeedyPaper Company?

The writing service uses a standard pricing system: a client calculates a final price for an order, pays a definite sum, and then a writer starts working. It is more convenient than a system of writers’ bids because a customer knows the final price. There are no surprises and changes that depend on the writer’s mood.

The factors that affect the SpeedyPaper prices are standard as well:

  • A number of pages.
  • Five quality levels (High school, bachelor, Master, Ph. D., and Admissions).
  • Deadlines – from six hours to 20 days. 
  • Type of service – writing an original paper ($9-$99), editing and proofreading ($5-$54), problem-solving ($11-$82), grading, and marking ($5-$54), paraphrasing and rewriting ($7-$82). These numbers visualize the minimal cost (high school, 20 days deadline) and the maximal cost (admissions, 6 hours deadline) for one standard page of a text (275 words). 

What Are the Deadlines At SpeedyPaper?

Unfortunately, the company cannot be proud of the quickest delivery on the Web. The minimal deadline (6 hours) is quite common, and there are even smaller terms (two or three hours). The deadlines a customer can choose from are 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, two days, three days, five days, seven days, nine days, 14 days, and 20 days. There is an option to discuss a custom deadline if an order implies massive writing efforts. 

The delivery of a paper is performed via the user’s profile. In order details, you will get messages from a writer. When a paper is done, you will get a notification and a request to check it. Once you hit an “Approve” button, you can download a document or send it to your email. The delivery issues are minor, according to the independent reviews. A paid progressive delivery option implies a custom process of checking paper quality. 

Peculiarities of The Revision and Refund Policies at SpeedyPaper

In general, the revision and refund conditions do not differ from other writing services. There is a set of circumstances when a client can ask for both, and a set of requirements a request must follow. Here they are:


The revision instructions must not contradict with the initial order instructions. A customer cannot ask to make adjustments in the paper that is not covered by the price of an order and was not mentioned before. Otherwise, a customer will be suggested to make an additional payment. A revision can concern grammar mistakes, style, logic, plagiarism, and deviations from the instructions. There are three free attempts to ask for a revision. There are two time frames as well: 7 days and 14 days for the papers with more than 20 pages. If a customer does not use the right within these terms, the order is considered to be approved. One can ask for a revision within seven days after order approval.


A website has a clear money-back guarantee. Its requirements do not differ from those other websites use. There are different refund volumes (100%, 90%, 70%, and 50%) that depend on the issue. The full refund is given when a system failure takes place and when there are dublicated orders. Another case is when a client has not received a paper after a deadline expired at all and is not going to use it anymore. 

Partial refunds are given in the following scenarios:

  1. if there is no author assigned for an order (90%)
  2. an author started working on the assignment and a refund request came earlier than a half of deadline (70%)
  3. a writer has started working and a refund request came after a half of deadline passed (50%)
  4. a company could not find a writer for a revision (50%). 

Hitting an “Approve” button automatically cancels a right for a refund in these cases.

Be aware of your rights and read the terms of conditions pages carefully. 

How The Customer Support Service of SpeedyPaper Works?

There are three main ways to get an answer to your question on the site: reading the policy pages, visiting an FAQ page, and asking a support manager for help. The support department works without delays and holidays. It can be reached by a phone call, an email message, or in the online chat. A customer is free to ask questions concerning both existing and future orders. The answers are exact and quick. In general, the presence of the support management, the answers at Trustpilot, and a physical address make the answer to a question, “Is SpeedyPaper legal?” an affirmative one. 

Highs and Lows of SpeedyPaper Writing Service

It is time to conclude this SpeedyPaper review. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this writing service:


  • Excellent website with great speed. 
  • The mobile application that helps students. 
  • Blog with different posts.
  • Good quality of papers.
  • Prices are lower than competitors’. 
  • Interesting paid features.


  • Some SpeedyPaper scam accusations from unsatisfied users. 
  • Absence of free writing features and services.
  • Not the fastest writing service on the Web in terms of paper delivery. 


Though it cannot be called the quickest writing company, we recommend using SpeedyPaper. A number of complete orders, reviews from satisfied customers, and the amount of time a site exists on the market along with low prices, disprove the question of “Is SpeedyPaper fake?” It is a reliable website that can become your assistance portal for many years. At least, it is definitely worth trying.


What is SpeedyPaper?

SpeedyPaper is a custom writing service that provides its clients with original academic papers and other kinds of writing assistance. It is a paid service that solves the problem of an overdue assignment. 

Is SpeedyPaper legit?

There are several reasons to answer the question, “Is SpeedyPaper legal?” with affirmative nod. The money transfer companies it works with, a number of independent reviews, a physical address, and the means of contacting a company make it a reliable agency. 

How much does SpeedyPaper cost?

The registration, membership, and consultation of the support department are free. The price of a paper varies and depends on the order details.

Is SpeedyPaper scam?

No, it is not – positive reviews from satisfied customers prevail.

Is SpeedyPaper safe?

It uses all means of billing information protection. The site has a number of important guarantees, so yes, it is safe to use. 

Is SpeedyPaper plagiarism-free?

Yes, the company guarantees the absence of plagiarism in every paper it delivers. A customer can order an additional plagiarism report. 

Are there SpeedyPaper discounts?

There is an 11% discount for the first order. There are lots of occasional discounts connected with holidays and events too. Plus, there is a referral program that implies additional discounts. 

These days, the competition in the essay writing market is so intense that it takes a lot for an academic service to stand out. Some services do it through low prices or additional features, but Speedy Paper decided to take a different road — fast delivery of the papers.

The service promises to do your paper in as little as 6 hours, and we were very surprised to see that it is true not only for high school assignments, but also for PhD papers. Most other writing services take way longer than that for undergraduate assignments, so we can’t help but wonder: does the fast delivery negatively affect the quality of writing?

The variety of services offered by SpeedyPaper is decent but definitely not mind-blowing. Here you will find assistance with the most common paper types like essays and dissertations, as well as common subjects like Literature and Social Studies. However, if your assignment is more exotic than that, the service may not be able to help you.

The section describing the pricing at Speedy Paper is hidden at the very bottom of the home page, so you will need to scroll further down to access this page. Once you open the pricing page, you will see the prices presented conveniently in a graph. The prices at SpeedyPaper are flexible and depend on the type of service, academic level, size of the order, and deadline. The cheapest price we could find is $9 per page for a standard high school essay with a 14-day turnaround time.

Right now, you can order the following services from Speedy Paper:

Essay writing

Have your next essay written from scratch by an ESL or ENL writer and delivered exactly when you need it, even in as little as 6 hours.


Want a professional editor to proofread your essay or rewrite it completely to avoid any potential plagiarism problems? Prices start at $5 per page.

Problem solving

Having trouble with a particularly challenging assignment? Speedy Paper writers can help you with the task. 1 problem solving costs from $11.

Complex assignment

SpeedyPaper has a list of subjects that they deem to be complex, including Mathematics and Physics. Assignments on these subjects will cost you 20% more.

Quality of work execution

When we first noticed the appealingly low prices offered by Speedy Paper, we had a feeling that the quality of writing was not going to blow us away. We ordered a test paper to see how well the essay would be written, how quickly it would be delivered, and whether we would have any problems with the order. The paper was delivered on time we specified at first, but when we requested a revision, the writer was a full 24 hours late with the revised work.

The main problem with the paper we got from SpeedyPaper was the quality of writing. We ordered a paper for an undergraduate student, but the contents of the essay were nowhere near that level. The phrases were too simplistic, the research wasn’t profound enough, and the incorrect punctuation made it hard for us to like the paper. The writer agreed to a revision, but the updated version of the work was not very different from the one we got originally.


Like any other writing service that wants to win the trust of their customers and beat the competition, Speedy Paper offers the following guarantees:

  • On-time delivery: just tell the writer when the paper is due and receive it on time.
  • Individual approach. You can ask for any type of service within the range offered by SpeedyPaper.
  • 100% plagiarism-free. The paper written by the author will be absolutely original without even traces of plagiarism.
  • Free revisions. Not happy with the paper you got from the service? Ask the writer to revise your essay for free.

Payment options

The payment options offered by Speedy Paper are not very diverse. You can pay with the usual Visa and Mastercard methods, as well as the more exotic American Express and Discover. We were disappointed to see that SpeedyPaper does not offer PayPal as a payment option — it is known as one of the safest ways to pay online, so it would be nice to see it there.

When reviewing the payment options at Speedy Paper, we were especially interested in whether the service offers full or partial refunds. We have encountered many cases where the customer is not eligible for a refund even if the paper was not delivered at all. Luckily, that is not the case with Speedy Paper, as the service has a list of situations where you can get your money back. For example, if it is past your deadline and you haven’t received your paper, you will get a 100% refund. This feature is rather reassuring to us.


The service we are discussing today has been in the essay writing business for several years and has had quite a success with the customers, which is why there is no shortage of Speedy Paper reviews on the internet. There are also numerous testimonials on the SpeedyPaper website, but, given the fact that the service can easily filter out the reviews and leave only the positive ones, these testimonials should be taken with a grain of salt.

A deeper look at the online reputation of the company revealed that while there were many customers who were happy with the work they received, there are also lots of complaints about the service and its work. We have encountered more than one Speedy Paper review claiming that the quality of writing done by the service does not match their promises. One of the reasons for that may be their hiring policy, which hires both ENL and ESL writers, so you can never know who exactly will work on your order. Some customers also reported late delivery of their papers, which is unacceptable.


We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons




The prices offered by Speedy Paper are rather competitive and flexible.

Individual approach

The service is prepared to work with each customer individually to ensure a good result.


Work quality

The quality of writing at Speedy Paper is hit or miss, with some papers being really bad.

Service variety

SpeedyPaper mostly works with the most popular assignment types, so there is a chance they will not help you.

Non-native writers

The service employs many writers from non-English speaking countries, which directly influences the quality of papers.


The Speedy Paper writing service has the potential to become a reliable destination for your academic writing needs. However, the numerous problems currently present at the company make it impossible for us to recommend it to our readers. With the unstable quality of writing, the occasional missed deadlines, and the fact that your paper can be written by an ESL author, you can expect a better result if you order from another writing service.

Speedy Paper Overview

Asking the question, "Is Speedy Paper legit?" Then this SpeedyPaper review may be your answer. SpeedyPaper is making waves among students so I went to see for myself what the rave's all about, by ordering an essay from them. Naturally, I expected decent quality from a respectable company, and it's safe to say that they're living up to their name.

They are a team of expert writers and their job is to write any type of academic papers for you. If you dislike or simply don't have time to write your essays, you can call or email them and ask for help.

One thing I liked about SpeedyPaper is their commitment to transparency. It's good to know that the company is incorporated in the USA, and the support office located in the Eastern Europe.

Their website is built very well, being both easy and friendly to use. The first thing you'll see when you visit their page is the calculate your price feature, so you know how much you're going to pay before you order. After that, you're free to read the remained of the information that is more than enough to give you an idea about how their service works.

My Story

My story with the guys over at Speedy Paper is a very pleasant one. Back in my second year of college I had lots of problems with essays and homework in general. I couldn't keep up. That's when my best friend recommended me his solution to this hassle, and it was SpeedyPaper writing service.

Being a student myself, my main concern with ordering custom essays online was to not get caught up with a poor grade, submitting my paper late, or worse, called out for plagiarizing.

I can now sleep at night knowing an expert is handling my essay. Something I really like is that I keep using them even now, more than a year later. My overall experience with SpeedyPaper was convenient and I can only boast about how efficient most of their writers are when it comes to delivering good papers. Needless to say, getting academic assistance from them saved me time and effort when dealing with piles of college work.


When it comes to pricing, their website uses a plain payment system, meaning you fill in all the information and then you pay. Prices are average, real cheap for easy to build papers but can grow if the complexity is higher than normal.

For first-timers, SpeedyPaper is currently offering a juicy 10% discount off first orders. But that's not the only deal they have on offer. They're a generous bunch that offers cool deals on a frequent basis and if you're lucky, you can get up to 35% off your order, which is more than I'd get from other companies. I like to grab every opportunity to save money and SpeedyPaper always lets me know whenever they have discounts and promos, via email. You need to keep your eyes peeled though, because these offers are only available for a limited time!

SpeedyPaper Writing Quality

Quality is something really important that everyone should keep in mind before ordering an essay. The main reason I use their service is because of their writing standards. It's an undeniable fact that there are many good essay writing services out there, but not many will leave a strong impression like SpeedyPaper does. 90% of the time, communication with their writers have always been smooth-sailing for me. I could easily get in touch with them so the entire process always results in a well-written essay delivered right on time. A few times I was very unhappy with the writer, but their support always agreed to replace him/her by another one.

Writers' Levels

SpeedyPaper only lets the best writers join their team, or so they say. According to them, all writers are found at LinkedIn, imposing writer quotas for specific fields of studies. From among hundreds of applicants, only a handful of the best writers are carefully chosen through rigorous screening procedures. To become a SpeedyPaper writer, one must have the following:

  • Bachelor, Master or PhD degree, GPA not lower than 3.0
  • Passed all their tests, with a score of 80% or above
  • Submitted a sample work with a Grammarly score that's not lower than 80

I wanted to see these for myself so I went ahead and asked Customer Support for more details. According to them, their writers are divided into PRO and TOP writers, and they were nice enough to explain to me in detail about the differences between these two.

As you can see, the difference lies mainly on the number of years they've been working with SpeedyPaper, including the client's feedback rate. While Top writers are in-demand among clients who order papers with a higher level of complexity, Pro writers tend to be a more popular choice because they're a few dollars cheaper.

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is available for clients who choose to have a Top writer work for their paper. This is useful when you order a multi-page essay (dissertation) as it grants the complete control over its development by receiving small portions of it.

It allows to keep track of the progress and it gives the opportunity to break down the payment in installments, which is just right for students with a modest budget.

ENL/ESL Writers

Although just a minor hiccup, one thing that's missing from SpeedyPaper's service is that there's no option to choose between ENL and ESL writers. But you can simply contact Customer Support and request for an ENL writer.


Payment is very easy to make. You start by filling in information about your paper, the website calculates a price and then you select extra features if you want to. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and a few others. After you manage to pay, your order will be queued.

How to Order at Speedy Paper?

So, for example, you need a paper on "My engagement with a community to which I belong". Just fill all the necessary information.

Then, choose your academic level, type of work and deadlines to calculate the price. Pretty easy, takes a few seconds.

After that, there is an option to choose extra features like PRO writer. One thing I find particularly odd is their Plagiarism Report add-on feature. This doesn't make sense. I DON'T recommend you paying an extra 10 bucks or more for it because to begin with, you'd expect them to deliver 100% unique content to you. At the time of writing, there have been no reports of plagiarism coming from this company so you can rest easy.

Finally, you have to pay the way you like. You can always track the status in your admin area.


Revision Policy

SpeedyPaper is ready to revise your essay if it doesn't meet your specifications. As long as your instructions don't contradict your initial instructions, they will surely ask your writer to make the needed changes. You should also keep in mind that

  • you are eligible for up to 3 free revision requests (but in practice they never take money for additional revisions) for any time before pressing the "Approve" button as long as they adhere to their provisions.

  • you can even request a free revision within 7 days after you approved the order.

Money Back Guarantee

You may qualify for 100%, 90%, 70% and 50% refund depending on the case.

Online Reputation

SpeedyPaper reviews at SiteJabber and Trustpilot began to make their appearance starting from late 2015, early 2016, broadly in line with company's market entry. There are a large number of overwhelmingly positive reviews which I believe are real. Like any service, SpeedyPaper has a few bad reviews. In contrast to many essay writing companies, SpeedyPaper support team always reacts to negative feedback and makes efforts in order to address the problem.

Unfortunately, Google search result page is full of fake review sites deliberately created by competitors.

It’s a cheap and dirty trick done by many multisite companies. A lot of people, particularly those who don’t dig deeper, would think SpeedyPaper is a scam, but they’re anything but.

The best way to find out whether or not SpeedyPaper is legit, is to read verified customer reviews on sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber. Better yet, stick with us here to read more unbiased, comprehensive reviews on essay writing services.

Is SpeedyPaper Safe to Use?

Yes, absolutely. With all these scam websites littered about, a legit writing service like SpeedyPaper is hard to come by these days. Save for a few minor complaints about writers not being able to follow instructions, this company’s reputation is almost unsullied.

They even have a genuine physical address displayed on their TrustPilot profile, and they’ve provided various ways for you to reach customer support should you have any concerns. That’s transparency done right.




  • Not bad wuality. One of the great things is that they have a team of academic writers that are carefully handpicked based on their qualifications and capability to deliver quality output that's on-par with SpeedyPaper's standards.
  • Human service. Customer service is also extremely good. I didn't have to use it much, but I did have a few questions/requests that were answered by very calm and civilized people. Patience is one of their many qualities.
  • Easy to go. The payment process and their website overall is also something I really like.
  • Referral program. Inviting my friends to order from SpeedyPaper gets me a juicy 10% bonus for every paid order, on top of my friends getting a 10% personal discount, as well. This is a win-win situation on both sides, and one that allows me to earn a bit of cash on the side.




  • Aggresive marketing. One thing I'm not a fan of is the fact that their customer service is all over you. It's good, it really is, but they are very pushy and you might find yourself feeling "spammed" at times. This isn't really a con to their service, but something you should be aware of.


My Verdict on SpeedyPaper


All things considered, my overall impression about SpeedyPaper leans more on the positive side. It's a bit of a stretch to say they're the best I've worked with (they aren't), but collaborating with them has generally been pleasant and satisfying, all thanks to their talented writers and customer support system. is a relative newcomer in the writing service business, but we have already received some comments and feedback on the company, as well as requests for a review. While the company states that it is based in the U.S., it is actually based in Ukraine. This alone does not mean that it is fraudulent. Many foreign-based services claim to be U.S.-based because they believe that it promotes more trust among English-speaking customers. So, we began this review with an open mind, using the same criteria that we do for all of our reviews – content presented on the company website, testimonials that the site posts, customer reviews that have been submitted to us or found elsewhere on the web, samples if available, prices, and any additional benefits or perks. The following is all that we found.

Services And Features Available

Speedy Paper focuses only on academic writing products and services, for students at all levels of study. Products include all types of essays, research papers on any topic, book and movie reviews, critiques and analyses, case studies, lab reports, and even major graduate-level projects such as theses and dissertations. They also produce application and scholarship essays for both undergraduate and graduate/professional programs.

In terms of services, the company provides editing and proofreading, problem-solving assignments, and other coursework.

Pricing System And Discounts has a pricing chart so that customers know upfront what their order will cost. Pricing ranges from $8 per page for a basic high school essay and increases up to $88/page for admissions essays with a 6-hour deadline. In between, there are prices for undergraduate and graduate-level pieces. Pricing depends upon the type of product ordered, the academic level, and the deadline requirement. Overall, pricing is in the low average range for the industry.

In terms of discounts, there are none that are published on the site. We did contact customer support and ask about these. We were told that discounts were given on an individual basis when customers requested them and that a coupon code would be given for them. It might be a good idea fork Speedy Paper to set up a discount plan and publish on its site, or at least tell customers that they can request one.

Security Level And Payment Methods

Customers can pay via any major credit card or PayPal. These methods seem fully safe, as the company uses a third-party SSL-certified processor – one that is used by major retailers all over the web. Financial information is thus secure.

Writers’ Expertise And Delivery

Here is where the “rubber meets the road” so to speak. A writing service is only as good as the people who actually produce products and services. In the case of, we used a few factors in determining product quality:

  • We reviewed the on-site testimonials, all of which were very positive. This is to be expected.
  • We reviewed what former customers had to say about the quality they received.
  • We read several samples that are published on the site.

In general, the off-site feedback and comments are mixed. While some customers were satisfied with their pieces, others were not. Some believed that ESL writers were used, given the grammatical and word usage errors they found. Many stated they either had to ask for revisions or make those corrections themselves. All customers stated that they did receive their orders on time, which is certainly a plus.

The samples we reviewed, two research papers and an application for admission essay, were not what we would consider great writing. One piece related to omnivore eating habits was actually focused on the poor diets of society and the issues of food production. The application essay was fraught with grammar and word usage errors. The other research paper we reviewed reflected the same grammar issues and used only secondary resources – not acceptable for a college-level paper.

In general, we would state that, while Speedy Paper is a legal entity and can be trusted to deliver orders on time, the quality seems to vary a lot.

Additional Benefits

It appears that the title, table of contents, and bibliography pages are free, for the charges are based upon the actual page length of the piece. There are other additional benefits that are fee-based, including “VIP service” and a plagiarism report. Since the company guarantees no plagiarism, we wonder why customers have to pay extra for a report. This should be handled by a quality control department that checks for this before the product is delivered.

  It would also be nice to see a blog with articles that would be of benefit to students.


Here is what we can objectively state about It is a legal and reliable writing service. As it matures as a company, we can assume that it will improve the quality of writing, even if that means increasing prices a bit. Right now, we are giving the company a rating of 3, on a 5-point scale.

We decided it was time to review Speedy Paper, an essay writing service that targets Canadian students and claims to understand the requirements and standards set by institutions in Canada. The most important factor that any student has to consider is the fact that an essay writing service could turn out to be a scam, which is why it’s important for all students to survey reviews of essay writing services and decide: is legit?


SpeedyPaper offers essay writing services, and does offer different levels for undergraduate, masters, and PhD students. There’s a list of subjects to choose from, and you then add your specific topic. You also pick your references and your word count, however there are no options to select the grade you want and the subject list is very vague. For example, you can see that ‘History’ is an option, but there’s no option to break that down further, even though ancient history, modern history, and the histories of other countries around the world are extremely different.


The main quality concern for is the fact that you can’t pick the grade you want. This means that if you fail, it could be difficult to get a refund, as they haven’t actually promised that you’ll pass or achieve any particular grade. There’s also little solid information regarding the writers, which is alarming as any reliable essay writing service places a massive focus on the quality of their writers.


The prices on this website are very low. Considering the high quality of the requirements of CA universities, it’s important to understand that you do need a high quality paper, and so you will need to pay for quality. The fact that you can get a 3000 word paper for $198 means that this is a little too cheap. The fact that you can’t pay more for higher quality, and can order a 3000 word paper with only a 24 hour turnaround for $275 indicates that papers are rushed and poor quality. There’s no discount code or coupon available, so you will most likely pay full price.


There’s live chat, email, and phone contacts, however considering that the site promises almost nothing, it would be hard to really complain or query anything and expect a concrete response.

Is SpeedyPaper Scam? is a nice website – we thought when starting to write SpeedyPaper review. Unfortunately, that’s where the positive impressions about this service stopped. It didn’t meet our expectations regarding quality, affordability, and customer support. We’ll give you more details in this Speedypaper review.

Speedy Paper Services Review

The list of services is quite extensive. There’s no clear list at the website, but you can see the papers that are available for order in the price form and order form which we id for this Speedypaper review.

From what we noticed, SpeedyPaper delivers content for all academic levels. You can get an essay, research paper, business plan, book review, critical thinking assignment, and much more. MA and PhD students can get their theses and dissertations. The company also delivers job application documents, as well as application papers for college and university.

The only problem is: SpeedyPaper does not have the capacity to deliver all these types of content.

Speedy Paper  Price

The prices are clearly listed in a chart. The usual essays are affordable. The quotes start from $9 for High School level with a deadline of 14 days, and range up to $52 per page for PhD level with a deadline of 6 hours. The prices for Admissions, however, are quite expensive – from $34 to $99 per page. Note that the deadline of 3 hours is not available at this website, and the longest deadline is 14 days (the options usually start with 10 days at other website). Thus, the quotes for the longest and shortest deadlines may give you the wrong impression that this service is more affordable than most others. In fact, the prices are average.

Speedy Paper Discount Code

As for the discounts, there is a one-time Speedy Paper discount code for the new customers – 11%, which is lower than average on the market.

SpeedyPaper Quality

We wanted to see how the company dealed with important orders, so we ordered a term paper for our Speedy Paper review. There was no discount, and this kind of project is long, so the price was not as affordable as we assumed.

That would be okay if the quality was good. But, it wasn’t. There was no communication with the writer whatsoever. We tried to reach him, but had no success. We received a generic term paper with paraphrased paragraphs from Wikipedia and other obvious online sources. That’s not something a student wants to pay for.

Customer Support Service

There’s a live chat, but the support representatives ignored us when we complained about the quality of the paper. They said it passed plagiarism detection engines, so it was unique. Yes, it did pass Copyscape, but this was a paraphrased paper. That’s not unique at all, and it would fail according to the standards of any professor.

The other contact options include email and phone, as well as social media pages.

Conclusion of Speedypaper Review

Considering all Speedy Paper reviews, this is nothing more than an average player in the essay writing industry. The prices are affordable, but the lack of discounts draws you a different picture. When we realized that the writer delivered paraphrased content, we were very disappointed.