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Shmoop Reviews 2021

Shmoop Reviews 2021

A college education is considered to be essential for a successful career in the future, but the truth is that it’s not at all easy to excel at college. Students are constantly looking for ways to make the study process easier, and in 2009, Shmoop offered their own solution to the problem.

Shmoop, or Schmoop, as it is often referred to, is a comprehensive study tool designed for college students. Shmoop was founded by a couple of former students who are well aware of the struggles college students face every day. That is why the founders decided to merge study with humor to make the study process more enjoyable for their customers.

Right now, there are no Shmoop university plans, but college students can choose from a variety of services, including study courses ranging from Elementary to High School, and test prep for the SAT, ACT, and AP. The service also offers numerous free resources like literature guides, videos, flash cards, and college prep that are very popular with students.

Besides the few free study tools, most of the services offered by Shmoop are available only on a paid basis. However, you don’t need to pay for each service individually, since Shoomp offers convenient membership plans that will grant you access to any resources designed by the company. Shmoop is available not only for college students, but also for teachers and even school districts. As a student, you can choose a 1-month $24.68 membership or commit to Shmoop for a year for $150.

With your Shmoop membership, you get access to the following features:

Test prep

Struggling with tests at college? Use the resources and practice exams at Shmoop to effortlessly prepare even for the most complex and demanding tests.

Video guides

One of the standout features of Shmoop that is included in the standard membership is the access to thousands of educational and entertaining videos.

Career guides

Since college is not your final destination, but a stop on the way to a brilliant career, Shmoop wants to prepare you for the possible challenges of work life.

College credits

With Shmoop, you can get access to over 50 courses with transferable credits. It means that you can study at your own pace and still get valuable credits.

Quality of work execution

Smoop positions itself in the market as a comprehensive study tool, but we were surprised to see that the company does not offer any writing or homework services. That is why we can only judge the quality of work execution by the quality of study materials located on the website. At first glance, the materials looked rather diverse and well-written. The writers took into account the college curriculum and followed the most important academic standards in their work.

However, the longer we investigated the quality of work execution by Shmoop, the less convinced in their approach to studying we became. Shmoop is known for a humorous attitude to learning, with jokes being included in the study materials and comedy bits being featured in the study videos. Still, we believe that this approach does not work for everyone. Some students need a particularly serious environment to advance in their studies, but that’s not what you’ll find at Shmoop.


You would think that a service as established and well-regarded as Shmoop would have plenty of guarantees for its customers. After all, there are plenty of study tools you can choose right now, which is why it is important for you to feel secure in your decision.

However, you won’t find many guarantees offered by Shmoop. In fact, if you read the Terms and Services section, you will find that they do not guarantee that all information published on the site is correct, which means it’s best to double-check everything you find there.

Payment options

While you can technically use Shmoop for free, you can pretty much find similar study materials on many other websites. That is why most Shmoop schools and individual learners have to purchase a membership to access the most essential tools and resources. We have covered the membership prices for individual students earlier, and schools can get a discount on the services.

You can pay for your membership using your Visa or Mastercard payment information. We have found the selection of payment options offered by Shmoop rather limited, but if you are not too concerned about the safety of your financial data without PayPal payments, you will probably be satisfied with this selection. No matter which membership plan you go for, you can opt for a 24-hour trial. In our opinion, 24 hours are not enough to decide whether you are ready to commit for a long time, but there are no other trial options at Shmoop.


While preparing for our review of Shmoop and its services, we checked hundreds of reviews on third party websites and testimonials published on the Shmoop website. Those testimonials are obviously 100% positive, as you would expect from reviews published by the company itself. However, with third-party reviews, the situation is rather different. Among many positive testimonials praising the service, there are occasional dissatisfied opinions.

We found that the opinion about Shmoop and its features largely depends on the expectations the customer had prior to signing up to the service. Some customers were clearly looking for a full-service academic solution that would not only provide them with study guides, but also complete their assignments for them. These customers are definitely going to be disappointed, since Shmoop does not actually do your homework. However, as a study guide, knowledge database, and collection of educational videos, Shmoop enjoys a certain level of popularity among college students and teachers.

We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons



The lighthearted approach to teaching, filled with jokes, can make the study process easier for students.

Study tools

The collection of study guides and tools offered by Shmoop can be rather helpful.

No personal approach

All you can use at Shmoop are pre-published guides; there is no individual who will do your homework assignment.


Without a paid membership, which is rather expensive, you can only access generic materials that can be found elsewhere.


The design of the site is rather modern, but it can be difficult to navigate all the different section if you are a newcomer.


The bottom line for evaluating Shmoop is what you want to get from the website. If you are looking for a source of helpful study guides and test prep tools, you can be rather happy with what Shmoop has to offer. However, if you are searching for a comprehensive study solution that will not only allow you to read articles, but also complete your homework and write your essays, you will not find what you are looking for at Shmoop.

Learning resources contextualized with current events & pop culture to appeal to students


Schmoop contains learning guides, test prep, college entrance resources, and career exploration tools. The topics covered by Shmoop are geared towards students grade 7-12, in the content areas of English, Math, Science, Humanities, Arts, and Life Skills. Shmoop can be purchased by a school leader or teacher for whole school, whole class, or individual student use.


All features of Shmoop can be used by individual students or assigned by teachers.

Learning guides are available in a variety of subjects, including English, Math, Science, Humanities, Art and Life Skills. Each learning guide contains an introduction, examples, exercises, and quizzes. Teachers with a subscription can assign activities and quizzes to students. On the teacher dashboard, educators can view student performance data. Individual students have the option to create their own account and work independently. There are test prep guides available for SAT, ACT, state high school exit exams, and AP examinations, and state DMV tests.

Shmoop also offers resources for college entrance and career exploration. Students can access a College 101 handbook that includes the basics for getting into college, as well as information on a library of career paths. Additionally, the program provides an Essay Lab where students can get tips on how to write their college entrance exams.


An annual license for full school use can be purchased by a school leader. A standard annual license plan costs $35.00 per student, per year. However, pricing is based on student enrollment and products being used, and is negotiated on a site by site basis. Premium access includes online courses, test prep guides, teacher guides for SAT and ACT, drills and practice exams for students, gradebook, and individual and class analytics.

Individual teachers can purchase monthly options that include the same features as a premium package, but for ten students at a time.


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If it doesn't exist, look for opportunities to build in on-roads for English Lear...


Shmoop premium license - All Access license to Shmoop's premium test prep suite, 300+ online courses, and curriculum material.

Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, District Administrator, Student, or Parent.


This product is accessible via a web browser -- Optimized for mobile browsers

  • Shmoop is an online education provider that offers guides and online classes across a wide range of subjects from math to literature. They also have resources and courses for teachers 
  • Its content is clear, informative, and presented with a distinctive style that encourages rather than intimidates students. 
  • You can take advantage of its high-quality free learning guides, or pay a little extra each month to get unlimited access to premium materials like test prep guides, which help boost confidence and scores, and online classes, which may fulfill college admissions requirements or be transferred to college credit.

From classes that coach you through the dreadful job searching process to the courses that the country's best universities offer in their hallowed halls, you can learn just about anything online today. Your only job is to figure out which platform offers what you need, in a style and at a price point that you like.

For high schoolers and college students — current and aspiring — who are looking for affordable options, Shmoop is one of their best bets.  

Shmoop offers a large library of free and premium educational content, including in-depth learning guides for a variety of subjects, test preparation guides, and credit-eligible online courses. Teachers and homeschoolers will also find the content useful since it includes teaching guides and homeschooling lesson plans. 

Since 2009, the site has been drawing in students of all ages and levels (including myself) with its friendly and, at times, cheeky teaching style. Its casual, approachable voice and real-world references make you feel like you're learning from a friend, not an impersonal, intimidating textbook — a strategy that proves to be remarkably effective.  When you're already feeling stressed and pressured to attain certain grades or scores, the last thing you want is boring or convoluted content holding you back. 

Interested in more e-learning opportunities?

  • 54 free online courses from the best colleges in the US — including Princeton, Harvard, and Yale
  • 31 free Harvard University classes you can take online through edX
  • 100 online courses from Coursera are $0 now through May 31 — here's a list of all the classes open for free enrollment

Shmoop offers so many resources that the website can be a lot to take in as a first-time visitor. Here, we'll take you through some features you should focus on so you can see whether Shmoop is the right educational website for your needs. 

I highly encourage all students to take advantage of Shmoop's free learning guides, which I personally used in both high school and college to help me understand the nuances of Shakespeare, poetry, and US history.

Though my teachers and textbooks presented a respectable amount of information, these guides served as excellent supplements to round out my understanding of the subjects. With their summaries, themes, timelines, analysis, questions, and quizzes, they made things "click" in easily digestible ways that the traditional classroom couldn't seem to accomplish.

These learning guides, which cover a wide range of subjects, from English and literature to college resources and life skills, became indispensable parts of my exam study plans. Having sifted through plenty of free content of dubious quality, I was impressed with Shmoop's top-notch free offerings. However, the free content does include a lot of ads that can sometimes be bothersome. 

Access to premium content like test prep guides and online courses requires a paid subscription plan, which can range in price from $14.99 to $87 a month. 

Here are the different options both students and teachers can choose from: 

  • Month-to-month ($14.99/month): Unlimited access to all premium resources except ACE CREDIT recommended courses
  • Yearly ($150/year): Unlimited access to all premium resources except ACE CREDIT recommended courses
  • College Plus ($87/month): Unlimited access to all premium resources, plus ACE CREDIT recommended courses

Each course starts with a general introduction and what you'll need to know before beginning (required supplies or software, expectations, grading policy). Then, each unit of the course offers readings and activities for you to practice and apply your knowledge. Accompanying study aids like flashcards are also provided. The types of activities will vary; some ask you to fill in text boxes while others may have you upload files of your work. 

High schoolers who want to boost their confidence in test-taking and improve their scores on the dreaded AP, ACT, PSAT, SAT, and SAT subject tests will benefit from the intensive test prep programs. Shmoop has more than 30 AP test prep guides containing review topics, drills, videos, and practice exams, seven full-length practice exams and more than 1,000 practice questions for the ACT, and five full-length practice exams and more than 1,000 drill questions and 1,000 vocabulary words for the SAT.

All these resources work alongside a dashboard that motivates students to study by creating to-do lists, awarding points for completing practice exams and drills, and encouraging them to compete against other users to earn more points. Through practice, these standardized tests can be mastered. 

If you want to learn something new, work towards college admissions requirements, or earn transferable college credit, take one of Shmoop's many online courses.

They cover important skills like Excel and InDesign that you might want to brush up on before applying to your dream job, are approved by the UC and CSU systems if you want to apply to their schools, and are legitimate alternatives to expensive college classes.  

ACE CREDIT recommended courses are affordable, flexible alternatives to traditional college classes, and credits can be transferred to more than 2,000 colleges nationwide. Students must take proctored final exams and earn at least a 70% overall grade in the course in order to qualify for credit. 

Shmoop also has excellent resources for teachers, including teaching guides and classroom courses. Their teacher resource videos cover everything from hot-button items to dealing with parents. You can even access full lesson plans complete with quizzes, discussion topics, and activity ideas.  

Retail Price: Most of the site is free. The teacher resources are $7/year and the test prep ranges from $12.95 to $23/year. Schools and districts get a volume rate.

Product Description: Shmoop is a site designed by educational experts in more than ten subject areas, including Literature, Poetry, Shakespeare, Bestsellers, US History, Civics, Economics, Biography, Music, and Pre-Algebra.Shmoop offers free learning guides as well in depth analysis, questions, quotes and multimedia to help stimulate those creative juices .

Also, Shmoop offers premium paid services to teachers that includes, quizzes, essay questions and standard based learning guides.The unique humorous information provided on this site is what helps bring back that love of teaching for teachers.

Shmoop also features test prep courses for ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP exams.

Quality and Effectiveness

Shmoop is designed by educators who just “get it.”Many have Ph.D.'s and attended Master Programs at some of the top universities in the world - Harvard, Stanford, etc.A number of them have taught at the high school and college level. Their love of learning shines through their online content in just about every sentence, and it is this passion that inspires their users to achieve academic success. It’s no surprise that Shmoop is one of two sites to be nominated for a Webby Award in 2009 & 2010.

Students, parents, and teachers alike rave about how innovative and humorous Shmoop is, and how it makes complex topics easy to understand. One parent/teacher puts it best, “As a language arts teacher and homeschooling parent, I can tell you how hard it is to find Internet activities that won't leave teenagers rolling their eyes. Shmoop has just the right blend of wit, sarcasm and humor so teens actually "get it." I enjoy the variety of books you review and the study questions make my job a lot easier. Keep up the great work!" Marie-Claire Moreau, Ed.D, Jacksonville Homeschooling Examiner

Ease of Use

At first glance Shmoop’s home page might look a little busy.However, after a few minutes itbecomes clear how easy it is to navigate around the site and gain access to all of its in-depth content.Video tutorials offer guidance on using Shmoop and integrating it into the classroom.

Creative Use of Technology

What really sets Shmoop apart from other similar sites is how innovative, fun, and engaging it is.For example, users can earn "Shmoints" -- currency used on Shmoop which may allow the user to win prizes (ie, t-shirt).

An ingenious feature to be found on any analysis/learning guide is the section called, "Why Should I Care?"This section helps explain the importance of the analysis and puts the topic into easy to understand terms.Shmoop speaks the students’ language and has a knack for pop culture and connecting emotionally with teens.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment

Shmoop offers a large variety of resources and multimedia content.Teachers can pick a topic and then find assignments, quizzes, pop culture events and discussion and essay questions to use in their lessons.It is very easy to integrate Shmoop into the classroom and use as a study tool.

Overall Rating

I can not say enough great things about Shmoop or recommend it any higher. It is an educator's dream and a product I wish was available when I was going to school. It is very easy to use, simple in its approach, yet highly innovative and humorous to keep the user engaged. While this may have been designed ideally for higher education, I see Shmoop being useful in a middle school as well, because of the vital resources available.

Top three reasons why this product’s overall features, functionality, and educational value make it a good value for schools:

1.Mobility - Shmoop is the largest cross-platform educational publisher, with more than 4,000 titles available across the Web, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader. The company helps teachers and students take their classroom on the road in more ways than ever.

2.Test Prep – Shmoop has a variety of fun, interesting ways to help students prepare for their future, including ACT, SAT, PSAT and AP prep exams.It also offers good value for districts that desperately need to make their dollars go further. Test Prep and Teacher’s Editions are completely digital and very affordable.

3.InnovationShmoop provides an abundance of teacher resources, videos, and photos. By mixing its analysis with pop culture, it engages students with a unique and fun way to learn. Its array of online tools not only helps users improve their educational skills but also helps them increase their technology literacy as well.

shmoop com is primarily a study guide which offers everything from poetry, civics and literature, among others. Founded in 2009 by David Siminoff and his wife Ellen, their love for kids made them develop a helpful tool for them to enjoy the learning process. You can tell from the website; they use a friendly tone with a youthful touch. It is colorful with playful fonts. They also offer career guidance services so that students can discover their dreams in time to pursue them. Their vision is to become an all textbook site for high schools in the U.S.

Services Offered at

This is a one-stop shop for both the teachers and students. Once you visit the website, you can’t help but notice a variety of services offered. If you’re not searching for a specific feature, it will be hard to determine what the website is all about from the first glance.

This shmoop review gathered the following list of services at shmoop com:

  • Test prep guides
  • Online courses
  • Teaching guides
  • Elective courses
  • AP courses

All these and more guides are offered from grade 1 in elementary school all through to college. It is important to note that has both free and premium services, with the rates for the paid services being pocket-friendly. They also offer a free trial before joining Not all services that they provide receive the same amount of attention.

Some of their popular guides are:

  • Shakespeare Translator
  • Literature Guides
  • Famous Quotes
  • Bible Guides
  • English Guides
  • Historical Text Guides

How Can Help Me Prepare for Exams?

Preparation is the secret to success. Many students are never sure of the proper way to get ready for their tests. This is among the leading reasons as to why many students visit shmoop com. It is famously known for its Test Prep service which has 4 major categories:

Shmoop’s PSAT Stats – Plenty of drills and practice questions, 4 Full-length practice exams, a scoop of the National Merit Scholarship, etc.

Shmoop’s ACT Stats – Two diagnostic tests to asses to a student’s weaknesses and strengths, 7 Full-length practice exams, Over 1000 practice quizzes, etc.

Shmoop’s SAT Stats – More than 1000 drill questions, 5 Full-length practice questions, Math Shack, etc.

Test Prep Videos – Thousands of videos customized for an ACT, PSAT, and SAT, Sample quizzes with answers, Concept review for every topic, e.t.c.

How Can I Register at

As pointed out earlier, shmoop com is keen on children. It is a critical policy for them if you’re a student to register with your parent/guardian consent. This helps guardians in knowing what their children are up to. Once a parent is aware of their child signing up, they can supervise the sessions to ensure that the children do not abuse the site but only use it as a guide. In other cases, educators can give consent for the children since it is allowed by COPPA. Nevertheless, it is still crucial for the educators to notify the guardians about this.

Shmoop com Privacy Policy

To use some parts of, you will be required to register. They will collect details such as your name, email, and gender. This could make you ask “is shmoop legit?” “Is it confidential?” Fear not, the site is legit as it has been in the industry for more than 8 years. A lot of high schools religiously use it as a guide. abides the law by keeping your details private unless you give them consent to use it otherwise.

Level of Customer Support of

You can reach their support team via email, post mail or their online form and social media platforms. On the website, they have not indicated after how long you will be expected to receive a reply or if they are available on the weekends. In case a client has an emergency, we feel like such details are essential.


The problem with is that the site is not capable of handling all the features that they offer. Some of the courses offered are more extensive than others. The tone of voice used may be too juvenile for an academic website. The use of acronyms such as atm, fwiw and tldr should be discouraged from the site. On the academic front, shmoop com has the potential to be supplemented as a classroom instructor minus the pointers mentioned. It plays a significant role to help students tie historical events and link them to this era. Educators do not have to use the old “boring” system to put their points across. If used keenly, it can polish up on your academic mishaps.

Shmoop was founded in 2009. The agency provides help to more than 6 million students. You can find thousands of Shmoop schools that use solutions provided by the agency. Besides that, this company won 12 awards in the field of digital education.
What features and benefits can this agency bring to you? Read our detailed review to find out.


The company offers students and teachers several subscription plans: Monthly for $14.99, Yearly for $150 (in one billing), Monthly College Plus for $87.68, Annual tutor package (+10 student invitations) for $300 (in a single payment).

With these plans, you get access to all the study materials on the platform. The College Plus plan allows you to get access to more than 50 exclusive accredited courses on various subjects. And since the materials are certified, you can deliver Shmoop credits to more than 2,000 universities and colleges in the US.


Some of the materials are well-composed and structured on the platform. Shmoop’s study resources work well with something definitive. Namely, it touches math explanations where you can get a full understanding of the equations. Most of the online courses are well-developed as well. We have not found many Shmoop reviews complaining about learning programs.


There is no refund section in terms of use. It is because Shmoop does not provide compensation. Once you make a payment, you fully use all the services.
If you cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period, no funds will be transferred to Shmoop. After the 24-hour trial, you will be charged according to your membership plan. In any other case, no compensation is available.

The agency does not offer reliable assistance to its customers. Once you get to your account, you can use the support chat window. But no real person will be contacting you. Instead, you will be dealing with the Shmoop bot.

It only refers to the FAQ page which may not be helpful in every possible situation. As a rule, users cannot solve their issues while addressing FAQ only.
Alternatively, you can contact the real support staff via email. It can take up to a business day to receive a response. Obviously, it will not allow you to solve urgent issues or get the necessary information quickly.

Payment options

The agency permits debit and credit card transactions. PayPal and other e-wallets are not available. This limits your financial opportunities.

Are your payments safe? The agency processes transactions via the Stripe payment system. Your funds are secure this way. Stripe applies 256-byte encryption, which is pretty enough to get rid of any worries.

  • Accredited study materials
  • Extensive range of services from literature summaries to chemistry classes
  • Secure payments
  • No dedicated essay writing services
  • Paid registration
  • No refunds
  • The average quality of study materials
  • Limited Essay Lab functionality