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Paperhelp Reviews 2021

Paperhelp Reviews 2021

I salute efforts to help college students. The service they’ve managed to create is sublimely free of imperfections. The highlights of the service: crystal-clear prose, low prices, and customer support representatives who anticipate questions and provide helpful answers.

Excellent, outstanding, and even eye-poppingly great. Not many writing services garner so much admiration. Are these flattering appraisals of Paper Help scattered all over Facebook really indicative of the superior quality of the agency’s papers and the legitimacy of its services?

I decided to find out. The departing point of my inquiry was to check the company’s registration location. I was quite surprised to discover that it is Cyprus. Yet, this can be attributed to the fact that the country’s favorable tax regime attracts numerous American and international businesses that want to keep the costs of their services down. Maybe that’s the primary reason why the company offers competitive prices and affords to give away some valuable items for free (title page, reference page, plag check, etc.). Then, I’ve scrutinized Paperhelp’s registration certificate validity by running its unique entity number (UEN) through the online database of the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver of the Republic of Cyprus. Turns out, it is a real business that was established 10 years ago and serves customers who need academic papers in English all over the globe. OK, the company is legit; but is it any good? To determine the true quality of the company’s services, I unearthed my old college-level finance assignment and asked them “Please, write my paper.” The article reports the results of this improvised investigation.

PaperHelp Discount Code and Price Range

The company’s services mainly fall into five categories: writing from scratch, editing/proofreading, multiple choice questions, problem solving, and admission help. Naturally, they are priced differently. slots its offerings below the average market price frame in an attempt to attract cost-sensitive customers. Specifically, a basic high-school paper written from scratch with a 20-days deadline will cost you as little $10 per page. The prices of other services for high-schoolers also clustered at the low-end of the price spectrum. However, college, university, and Ph.D. students have to pay $12, $18, and $20 respectively for a page of custom writing. For the sake of fairness, it should be mentioned that the prices are nowhere near as high as those charged by the majority of other companies for their services. If you manage to grab Paper Help coupons or promo codes from social media or email, you can save up to 11% on your order, which is not a shabby deal for a financially struggling student”.

Furthermore, if your deadline is not pressing, you can snatch a paper for cheap. The bottom line is the company’s prices are quite reasonable.

Also, the service has a loyalty program: with each order, you earn bonuses, which you may use to pay for future papers. Plus, having spent a total of $1500, you automatically become a VIP client. It means that your orders will have a higher priority in customer service’s eyes, and you will have a personal VIP manager to discuss any issues with.

Paper Help Writing and Service Quality

There were three options for requesting custom help with my finance homework: desktop order, mobile order, and phone order. Having a negligible history of mobile shopping, I decided not to use the PaperHelp Essay app, and instead opted for the desktop version of the website. The company’s digital abode is rather generic: user testimonials, live chat, a bunch of long boastful texts about free revision on paper help, and everything else you might expect from such service.

Boring. When I was ready to sign in, I proceeded to another uninspiring page, which looked like this:

“Would it kill them to splash some colors around?” I thought as I entered my login details. Upon entering my admin panel, I clicked the New Order button and was overwhelmed by a multitude of options: help with English literature, nursing, philosophy, school, thesis, and term papers among others. I chose a research paper in finance, selected college as an academic level, clicked on APA formatting, and requested a regular writer. I also indicated in the online ordering form that the assignment should be delivered in 12 hours.

The total sum for the three-page research paper and an official plagiarism report was $93.00. “If they deliver on its promise of high-quality writing within just 12 hours, then it’s a real bargain,” I said to myself and proceeded to the payment page.

In 10 hours, a surprising message appeared in my email box: Order Placing and Delivery

PaperHelp order was fulfilled two hours before the requested deadline, which is pretty commendable considering regular delays I experienced when dealing with other services. As for the quality of the paper itself, it was beyond reproach. Introduction adequately conveyed the topic and even delineated subtopics: equity financing, debt financing, and lease. Strong organization of the material and exhaustive discussion of each source of capital indicated that the paper was crafted by a professional rather than an amateur. The writer even went so far as to create a chart classifying sources of SME financing by time period, ownership, and control. Clearly, all instructions were followed. I thoroughly scanned the paper in an attempt to find grammar or syntax errors. There were none.

Yet, being unwilling to turn off my fault-finding radar, I decided to check references and citations. Gotcha! I found two minor errors. One was the missing comma between an author’s last name and a year of publication in an in-text citation. Another was the italicized year of publication in a reference entry.

All in all, the paper was great, but not “eye-poppingly great.” I’m ready to admit though that if I’d chosen TOP writer to accomplish my order, the result would’ve been pretty damn close to those glittering terms some PaperHelp users write in their testimonials on TrustPilot and SiteJabber. Also, you can find some Paperhelp reviews on Reddit if you want to get a real feedback about the service.

Paper Help Customer Service

When it comes to PaperHelp support, there’s not much to comment on. I used the phone number indicated at the top of their main page to make sure someone was working on my research paper. A cheerful female voice reassured me that the order was in progress. The Customer Support representative also informed me that I could contact them 24h, 7 days a week and thanked me for calling. That’s it. The entire conversation took less than two minutes. During the brief interaction, I haven’t noticed any shortcomings in their service or grounds for complaints. has a regularly updated Facebook page – if you’re into college-themed memes, you’ll definitely like it. Yet, it’s not just for memes: I wrote them a message there with a question about the payment procedure and got an extensive answer in under 4 minutes. In turn, the PaperHelp LinkedIn page doesn’t seem to be so much “alive.” I am inclined to think that this page is meant for those writers who want to become a expert and not for customers who wish to place an order.

Is Legit? Does it Offer Guarantees?

Having used the company’s services, it can be unequivocally concluded that it is not a scam. Overall, I’d go so far as to affirm that Paper Help is a legal and fairly successful writing agency that sells good papers at affordable prices. It has To enhance customer loyalty, the company offers several guarantees:

  • Money back guarantee;
  • Paper quality guarantee;
  • Confidentiality guarantee;
  • Three free revisions guarantee;
  • Zero-plagiarism guarantee. Plagiarism Guarantee plagiarism warrants a brief discussion. Upon inspecting the ordered plagiarism report, I attempted to conduct an independent verification of the paper’s uniqueness. To this end, I used a commercial plagiarism checker – Copyscape. I had run the paper through the utility and discovered that no similar text appeared elsewhere on the Internet. My finance assignment was indeed 100% unique.

Is PaperHelp Reliable and Trustworthy Company?

PaperHelp is a legit company everyone should be using. But I went to PaperHelp not only due to security, but also because the quality of its services is sublime. Frankly, I couldn’t have bought a better and cheaper paper anywhere else. I checked it for plagiarism and didn’t find any. Also, get this: the paper was delivered two hours before the deadline!

PaperHelp Rating: The Verdict

I spent some time thinking how to rate the company’s overall performance. On the one hand, the paper’s quality was almost immaculate. Short delivery times (starting from 3 hours for first-time buyers and a mind-boggling 1,5 hours for customers who have at least one approved order) was also something worth noting. On the other hand, the company’s website was pretty dull.

Moreover, an annoying pop-up soured my user experience. Who uses them anymore?! It’s as if they lack the motivation to bridge the gap between great and perfect. Had the company invested in fresher website design and removed the pesky pop-up, it would have a 5-star rating. As for now, gets 4.9. Not bad for a company with an affordable pricing model.



  • High-quality written materials
  • Affordable prices
  • Short delivery times – 3 or even 1,5 hours
  • Friendly Customer Support


  • 3-hour deadline available for particular types of papers only
  • Annoying pop-up is an online writing service. Customers can place orders that require the website to accomplish the writing tasks. Customers place the instructions of the orders depending upon the kind of writing project and the goals it is expected to achieve. promises originality of work, which means that every task is written from scratch and comes from a professional writer. claims to have a team of professional writers who are skilled in taking all sorts of writing tasks and delivering them on time and in accordance with the instructions placed by the customers. The writing tasks include but are not limited to essays, articles, dissertations, stories, lab reports, and journals. claims that the writers have years of experience in undertaking such writing tasks. The writers are native speakers of the language in which the writing task is supposed to be delivered, as mentioned on Paperhelp. Customers pay the fee for getting their writing tasks accomplished by the website. Paperhelp keeps a share of the money and gives a share to the writers who are their employees. It is a mutually beneficial relationship between the customers, website, and the writers where everybody gives the other person something and takes something in return. As for the customers, they pay the money and get the work done. Paperhelp provides a platform for connecting the customers to the writers and also does all administrative and managerial work. The writers deliver the work and get the money. has been in this business for quite some time. Although the website has not been around for many years with the name “Paperhelp,” yet it claims that it has been serving customers with other names for a long time. Years of experience made the company evolve not only in terms of its writing services but also in terms of its platform and technical details of the website. The company came up with the name “Paperhelp” so that it would speak for its purpose itself. Customers can easily guess just from the name of the website that they can get help for their writing projects by using its services. This is a business and marketing strategy to attract more customers. The name also has an emotional appeal to it because of the word “help.” It is more capable of attracting the customers with this name as compared to how capable it would have been had the name been “paperwriting” or just “writing.” It is when the customers are caught in the middle of the problem because of lack of time or the technical skills it takes to write a paper professionally that they are desperately in need of help. That is exactly what Paperhelp promises to provide them with even with its name, and that is how everything begins.

There is a detailed process according to which things work between the customers, paperhelp, and the writers. Firstly, customers approach the website themselves. They get to learn about in a variety of ways. Sometimes, Paperhelp is recommended for use by their friends and colleagues who have had their work done from the very website in the past, and they liked the work. Sometimes, customers approach Paperhelp themselves because it appears on google search as a result of the keywords put by them in the search bar. Customers generally tend to visit the websites that make it to the top of the search results’ list. Hence, these websites take the necessary measures to make it to the top of the list, by paying and investing in marketing and advertisement. Once the customers click on Paperhelp, they tend to learn a bit about the expertise of the company. Careful and responsible customers tend to not only learn about Paperhelp from its own account as stated in the “about” section but also do some research to learn about it from external sources. They may visit certain blogs or threads that compare different websites and where previous customers have shared their experiences with the respective websites. has a live chat platform on the main screen. This feature appeals to the customers because they feel that they can instantly get in contact with Paperhelp operators so that they can have their queries answered without any delay. Staff dealing with the customers on the live chat is skilled in conducting the chats politely and very professionally. Their politeness and professionalism in the chat appeal to the customers so that they tend to trust Paperhelp with their writing projects. Once the customers have gathered the required information and reached the decision of placing the order, they write down their instructions in detail. These instructions include, but are not limited to, the number of pages they need written, the style and font in which the text has to be arranged in, the layout of the paper, the topic and subtopics, and the particular guidelines. Sometimes, the customers even upload the reference material so that the writers can use it to write the paper. This ensures that the writers stay focused and come up with a paper that substantially adheres to the instructions. Once the order has been placed, it is available for the writers to see on Paperhelp’s writers’ portal.

Writers have different levels of access to an order depending on the level of skill and experience. The journey of a writer begins with a newbie. asks the interested potential writers to complete a web form and register with the company. After registration, Paperhelp asks the candidates to undergo a writing test. This test includes a small task; sometimes, the writers are required to complete some sentences putting the appropriate adverbs and pronouns in the blanks, and sometimes, they may be required to write a small essay. The purpose of the writing challenges is to check the level of skill and capability of the candidates to deliver a writing task professionally. They are checked for their sentence construction ability, vocabulary, adherence to the deadline, and compliance with instructions, in addition to other parameters of interest to the company. It is only after the successful completion of the writing task that a writer is made part of the writers’ team employed by the company. The newbie is given access to the list of available orders. The newbie takes an order of their choice. The decision of taking an order is reached by considering various factors including the time, availability, and knowledge of the topic of the project. With time and experience, the newbie becomes premium, advanced, and senior advanced writer by maintaining professionalism and quality of work. With higher position come more privileges for the writers. This means more work and more money for the writers.

Once a writer has taken an order, they are responsible for delivering it in time and according to the instructions placed by the customer. Only if a writer succeeds in accomplishing this, they are paid. Otherwise, the writer is penalized through the imposition of a fine. states that it has an internal quality assurance and quality control department that regularly reviews and checks the work of the writers. This is done to ensure that the writers deliver the orders to the best of their ability, knowing that they if they fail, there is a system of accountability. From the time of taking the order to the time of its delivery, and also afterwards, the writer is provided access to the customer on Paperhelp’s platform. Writers can use this chat service to understand the instructions more clearly and have their queries addressed by the customers directly. The conversation between the writers and the customers is monitored by Paperhelp administrators to ensure that the conversation stays focused on work and that the writers maintain professionalism in their chat with the customers at all times. Also, Paperhelp administrators keep a check on the writers’ chat to ensure that no financial matters are discussed, or settlements are made between the customers and the writers. Writers may be fined if they fail to deliver the orders up to the required standard or within the deadline. The fines are decided by Paperhelp’s quality assurance and quality control department, and the writers have no choice but to accept the fines. They may argue with Paperhelp administrators if they have an objection, but the final decision is made by Paperhelp. The fines are deducted from the payment of the completed orders. So, the writers get the balance payment of the completed orders after the fines have been deducted.

Customers are promised money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the quality of the paper. Customers are promised that they can get their paper revised until they are satisfied with the work. In case the writers fail to address their instructions after repeated revisions, customers can get their money back. Money-back guarantee is also a very attractive feature for the customers.

Good Design, Built For Scamming

I got interested in looking at its design. The layout of Paperhelp has a professional appeal to it. It is very appropriately structured, and the different features are very attractive for the customers and also very functional. It is very user-friendly, and the customers easily understand the whole setup one step after another. There is the live-chat feature to address the queries just in case a customer has any. I needed help with a paper, and was one of the websites that appeared on the google search. I clicked Paperhelp, and did some research to learn about the company and the kind of services it provides. I talked to an administrator on the live-chat and found her very professional. So I decided to place my order. I was required to pay my money in full at the time of placing the order. First I was required to enter my credit card details. I entered the credit card details. The transaction got processed successfully. Soon after that, I got a notification that my paper has been assigned to an experienced writer. I was very happy to learn that the work has been started on my paper. Hardly ten minutes had passed that I got the message from the writer that he did not understand my instructions. I was surprised to learn that because according to me, the instructions were very simple and clear. Still, I elaborated the instructions to the writer in a message. The writer messaged me, “okay.” I awaited the paper with my fingers crossed. The deadline was in a day. I was eagerly waiting for the paper to be completed. The day passed. I checked my account expecting the paper would be there but it was not. I asked the admin on live-chat where was my paper. The admin said it would be delivered soon. I received the paper three hours later than the original deadline. I went through the whole paper. I found it deviated from the main focus and the language used also had a lot of grammar mistakes in it. I asked for a revision. The revised version was not much better than the original. I asked the admin to pay my money back as I was not satisfied. The admin offered to have the paper assigned to another writer. But I could not accept it because my time had already been wasted. Despite repeated appeals, my money was not returned!

How Orders Are Placed

The process of placing the order is simple. Once the decision of placing the order has been reached, the customer goes to the order form on the official website of The order form has different sections that inquire about the kind of project, length of project in terms of number of words, style of formatting required, number of sources that have to be used in the project, any criteria for the selection of sources, and any files that the customer would like to upload in order to make the instructions clearer and more detailed and specific for the writer. It may take five to ten minutes for a customer to fill the form depending upon the complexity of the project. The order form has a simple format and almost caters for every possible detail that a writer needs to know in order to comprehend the instructions fully. However, just in case the writer still has ambiguities and doubts about the instructions, they can always approach the customer through the writer-customer communication interface. Once the customer has completely filled out the order form, they are directed to the payment page. Payment of the order is directly commensurate with the level of complexity of paper, length of the project, and the level of urgency at which the project needs to be delivered. The more urgent the work, the higher the price of the order. Likewise, the more complex the project, the higher the price. This is so because orders with more complex instructions are relatively more difficult for the writers to complete, and hence, there is not much competition among the writers. In order to motivate the writers to take up difficult projects with complex instructions, establishes and charges the customer a higher price. Similarly, since the writers might have already taken orders, not many of them might be available to take up urgent orders. The company increases the price per page in such cases so that writers tend to take the urgent orders despite their busy schedules. Payment is done in terms of a number of pages of the project that need to be written. The company establishes the price of a page, and that price gets multiplied by the total number of pages so that the total price of the order can be established. The company gives a number of payment options for the customer to place the order.

Non-Native Writers From Third-World Countries

Having placed an order at, I am in a position to make a judgment about the quality of service the company provides to its customers, looking at the work it delivered to me. The first impression I got by looking at the kind of language that was used in the paper was that it was, by no means, written by a native English speaker, even though the company mentions on its website that all work is done by native English speakers. Work that was delivered to me had many linguistic errors in it from a native English speaker’s point of view. There were sentence construction errors, grammatical mistakes, and the language used was, by no means, suitable to match the professionalism required in writing. The writer had used some slangs instead of proper English words in the journal article that I had requested. From the kind of language that was used in the paper, I can judge that the writers employed by this company are mostly from third world countries where English is not the first language. I guess that my writer was either from India, Kenya, or South Africa. I remember having asked him where he belonged, but the writer was reluctant to share his country of origin with me. He said to me that he was not allowed by the company to share his country of origin with the customers. This gave me a red signal, and my doubt in the native English speaking writers of the company grew stronger. I tried to learn about his country of origin indirectly by phrasing such questions as what is the time zone in his country. Although these questions were not related to my order, yet they gave the impression that I am trying to bond with the writer.

What’s Done Once, Is Done!

Once my order was completed, and I decided that it was not up to my expectations, I requested certain changes in the instructions so that the order could be revised properly. This led to a huge argument between the writer and I. The writer was in no way willing to revise the order, and the claim he was coming up with was that the revision instructions were not consistent with the original instructions. In reality, the revision instructions just explained the original instructions in detail. After a long message fighting, the order went to QAD who approved it for quality, thus leaving me dissatisfied.

No Plagiarism, But Also No Quality makes a claim that all work delivered by its writers is original and there is not a speck of plagiarism in it. The writers are allowed to use external references and quotes from other sources as such, but not without mentioning the names of the original authors and giving complete details of the source. In my case, I think there was no plagiarism. Although I did not check the paper in any plagiarism-checking software like Turnitin, yet I can tell from the quality of work that was delivered to me that it was original, as nobody in the past would have written that article as bad in a way as this one was written. I took parts of the statements and copy-pasted them in google search with a view to detecting plagiarism, but could not find any article online that had the same sentences as the ones in my paper. However, the quality of work was terrible. There was no structure in the work, the layout was totally in contrast with what I had requested in the instructions, the language was very unprofessional, and most importantly, the overall attitude of the writer, as well as the admin, was not good with me ever since I placed the order. The writer would argue with me harshly and rudely, and the admin would not take any notice of that. The admin always came up with a cold reply whenever I asked any question, and eventually, decided the dispute in favor of the writer despite all the mistakes in the paper.

Communication, Post Order-Placement, Haha!

One of the worst aspects of my experience with has been communication and customer support system of the company. There is a remarkable shift in the way the admin talks to the customer from the time when the customer is deciding whether or not to place the order to the time when the order has been placed. In the start, the admin talks so nicely and professionally that the customer is reassured of the level of professionalism of the company, in a way. But once the order has been placed, the customer starts to feel like a rat that has been caught in a net. The admin starts to sound like a machine that sucks blood from the bodies of the customers in the form of money. They do not even sound like humans sitting at the other end of the communication portal. The customer gets the impression as if they are speaking to some robots that give automated responses, and are unresponsive to the claims and concerns of the customers. Every time I open the chat, a new admin shows up with a new name. Even the names are so short that they sound like nicknames more than proper first names. Names like Ted, Fina, Titi would frequently show up as admin. We do not find many people with such names in the society generally. The customer support system at is so bad that the customer feels frustrated to have used the service. Rather than addressing my concern and getting the paper fixed, the admin just kept telling me to cool down. How can one stay cool when the paper is delivered three hours later than it is due carrying the quality that it did? Finally, when I objected to the QAD’s decision, admin told me that that was final.


After getting such bad response from the admin, and having such bad experience with this website, I opted to check how other customers were thinking about I should have done this research before placing my order on Paperhelp, but I was in such a hurry that I forgot to. I did some google search putting the company’s name and reviews next to as the keywords. I came across a thread where people had reflected upon their experiences with this website. I was astonished to find out that the only positive testimonials I had come across were the ones directly on the official website of the company. All other testimonials were against Some were calling the company “thieves,” others were calling them “fraud.” I even happened to come across the written experiences of some writers who had worked for the company. The writers shared that they had not been paid by the company and that they regretted having given their time and energy to this company, thinking that they would be paid. Other customers had very bad experiences with this company. Common complaints included late delivery, plagiarism, lack of cooperation of admin, and loss of money.

Not Secure Service. You Can Even Get Penalty From Univesity

There is also the issue of confidentiality in getting the work done through The main reason is that I was not the only one placing an order on this website. There can be and might have been, other customers like me who belonged to the same university or the same class as mine, using the services of this company, since this company is popular in the field of writing among the students. The fact that this company is popular among the students also makes it a top-choice for scrutiny and accountability by the academicians and the universities. is one of the academic writing websites that appears on the first few links upon the google search. This speaks of its popularity and influence on the academic projects. There have been similar instances in the past when our university found out that students were getting their work done by such websites. Schools and universities remain conscious of such websites and have their mechanisms and means through which they might know that a certain student is getting the work done through such a website. Sometimes, some schools and universities have QAD departments who disguise themselves as customers using the services of the same website, in order to get to know more about these websites. Particularly, if a student’s general style of writing in the past writing projects is in contrast with the style of writing in the latest project, it gives a red signal to the university that the work is not original. With some search and questioning, things might become very clear, and in such cases, a student can risk his/her career. Some universities also question the students about the very points that they have written in the assignment. When a student is not able to explain what he/she meant by those points, the university learns that the work is not original.

Compromised Card Privacy!

One thing that particularly got me interested in getting my paper done from is the fact that I was getting discount. Paperhelp stated that there is a discount of 50% that can be availed the first time a new customer places an order. I was excited by the idea of getting the discount of 50%. However, the discount was more than compensated when my card was charged two times instead of a single time. The first time, payment got deducted from my account even though Paperhelp showed that payment was unsuccessful because of a connection error. To ensure that the payment gets through, I re-entered the card details and was expecting the payment to get through without my card being charged. But to my utter surprise and dismay, the payment was charged a second time. When I enquired about this from Paperhelp, the admin said that they had got the payment only once, i.e., the second time. It was a very bad situation for me because I had no idea where my money had gone. I contacted my bank, and the bank representative said that the payment had to be cut twice because I had attempted the transaction twice.

The Bonus System Which Fools You

The company has a bonus system in place for the writer. If the customer is satisfied with the quality of work delivered by the writer, the customer can offer a bonus to the writer. However, the bonus can also be granted in other instances. For example, if a customer feels that the number of pages requested in the instructions is insufficient to cover the total volume of work along with addressing all the requirements and instructions, a bonus may be granted. A bonus is particularly an option when a customer just wants to pay for the change in original instructions or the additional work outside the scope of the original instructions, without having to pay for per page addition. Paying for the addition of per page can be expensive for the customer because the cost increases directly with the increase in the number of pages whereas, in the case of a bonus, a customer can just pay a lump sum fee for the additional work. However, in my case, the quality of work was so bad that I even wanted the original payment to be returned to me, what to talk of a bonus! I wanted to save any dime I had after this experience.

Payment Methods

The company provides its customers with a range of choices for making the payment for orders. The payment methods include but are not limited to transfer in the bank accounts and use of master or visa card. Debit cards can also be used to make the payment. Making the payment is very much similar to making the payment in any online website or store. Generally, whatever payment channels are provided on other websites are all also available at However, sometimes, there can be stages in which the payment is made. For example, there can be a case when a customer has made the payment for a certain number of pages in the start, but along the way, as the writer progressed with the paper, a need to increase the number of pages was realized. In such cases, the customer may be required to make additional payment subsequently to cater for the change or addition in the original instructions. Similarly, payment may need to be made in case the customer needs to give a bonus to the writer for any reason. The payment system is quick and efficient, and money is transferred from the customer’s account to Paperhelp’s account instantly.

Impossible Refunds

Once a customer has handed over their money to this company, it is impossible for them to retrieve that money by any means. It might be possible for that the sun to rise from the west, but getting a refund from is not possible! It is so difficult! I asked the admin for a refund, stating that the customers are entitled to refunds if they are not satisfied with the quality of work. This is mentioned on Paperhelp and is established at the outset. It was with this surety that I had decided to place the order on this website in the first place, but little did I know that I was being bluffed. I asked for a refund with solid reasons for it. My order had not been delivered on time, and even what I got after a delay of several hours was highly unprofessional work. But my request for a refund was never entertained. I was allowed to have a revision, but it was not worth it because anyway, the time for the submission of work at the university had passed. I was hardly done with the grief of lost payment that was made at the time of placement of order, that I had to deal with this new grief of lack of refund. Admin had no objective reason to turn down my request for a refund. They stated that I was entitled to revision, and a refund was not possible because the customer had delivered the work. Admin went on to state that a refund is granted when the work is not delivered. What is the use of work that does not conform to the instructions, but is delivered? Admin had no answer to this question, or maybe they had, but just did not want to answer me!

Paperhelp Is A No-Go!

Some people simply opt for such writing services as with a view to checking the quality. Such customers include but are not limited to students that need help with their dissertation writing, researchers who need academic skills to draft their papers, and newspapers that need blogs or articles for publishing. When more writing has to be done in little time, the idea of getting it done from such websites as seems captivating. But having had a paper done by this website, I would strongly suggest everybody not even to consider placing an order here because this company is an academic fraud. You would be charged big time even if your intent was just to check the quality of work. Their rates are very high, and they charge on per page basis. So if you are considering placing an order to check the quality of work, better save that money and experiment with some other company. Not only will the order be deflecting from the instructions, but you will also not get any refund. Do not fall for the claims and promises makes at its website as you will find the reality to be in contrast to the image set at the outset.

Why Choose Other Writing Service

If you need academic help, you may seek online help. Not every website is like, I have myself used the services of other websites in the past, and sometimes, my experiences were great. I know many friends also who use such academic websites and have had wonderful experiences with them. Their orders were delivered on time. They conformed to the original instructions. The admin remained polite and professional throughout the experience. The writers were very professional and understanding and were willing to go an extra mile to make the customers satisfied. The papers were plagiarism free, and all content was original. Fees were reasonable, and I happened to get discounts a lot of times especially when I placed an order for the first time on some website, or when I referred Paperhelp to a friend and that friend actually placed an order there. In fact, there was one occasion when I was not satisfied with the work I was delivered. I asked for a revision, and the writer not only addressed the new instructions but wrote the whole paper from scratch. The services were excellent, timely, and satisfying. It is only with this website that I have been so disappointed with the work. People looking for getting academic help from such websites should start over by conducting some background research and doing their homework. There are many websites that draw a comparison between the different popular websites offering academic writing services. Such threads carry very useful information for the newcomers because most of the experiences in them are shared by people who have been past customers of the websites they talk about. It is better for a newcomer to benefit from others’ experiences at paperhelp rather than taking a chance. Once gone, it is close to impossible to get the money back. Review is an association that attempts to furnish their clients with any sort of writing task, from secondary college essays to PhD papers or to help with altering and editing finished assignments. This association says that they see how critical scholastic achievement is and they needed to ready to give reliable writing services, which have been troublesome for individuals to discover before.

How Can It Function?

Clients, who are worried that will most likely be unable to address their issues or the necessities of a task can ask for a free request or read some reviews about company. This is the point at which you present all the important guidelines and necessities, and the site will get in touch with you when they have discovered professional writer who can effectively finish this venture. Lamentably all orders must be pre paid before a writer will really tackle the task and start working, however you’ll have chances to look in on and remark on this work.

Expense/Price Arranges

Price relies on upon what number of pages you need finished, what sort of writing task it is, at what level of writing you’re taking an interest whether Undergrad, Graduate, or Expert level and how long or hours until your due date. The PaperHelp site offers a number cruncher where you can answer these inquiries and get a price cite before you present your order.

Discount Approach

There is more than one discount arrangement respected by, sketching out circumstances in which clients are qualified for a 100% discount, or halfway discounts of different rates of the last paper price. Clients are qualified for a 100% discount if PaperHelp is not ready to locate a suitable writer for your task, or if the writer that was alloted to you was not able to meet your due date. Also clients can write good or bad reviews about services.

Client Service Contact Data

Clients who have any inquiries, concerns, or objections can contact their Client Service group by telephone at 888-318-00-63, by e-mail at [email protected], or by utilizing their site’s Live Visit highlight.


This company has gotten blended reviews with some other their clients reporting great encounters and others having a considerable measure of trouble working with their writers or with the Company’s Client Service.

Contenders and Options?

There are different organizations, which offer to either give papers or to write essay papers and regularly individuals have found there are other advanced commercial centers, which don’t represent considerable authority in writing yet will permit you to discover writing services.

In the event that you have any involvement with this service or their items, please leave your reviews underneath.

Today I’m going to write Paperhelp review one of my favorite (third favorite to be exact) paper writing service – Being one of the market leaders for over 10 years, PaperHelp is a great example of a service where details matter.

The overall design is neat and has pleasant colors. They have everything you would ever need there – a calculator, samples and one of the most detailed FAQ I’ve ever seen on custom paper writing websites. They get 5 out of 5 for their website. And yes, they do have a mobile app!

2. Customer support

This is where all the problems begin. I understand that it’s a high season and many students place orders now, but you cannot have such poor and unqualified support.

When I came to chat Henry was kind enough to ask if I need any help. Is paperhelp reliable after that? Let’s find it out. 

I asked a few general questions and suddenly chat was taken over by Melinda who accidentally thought that I am Henry. She told me that their support office is located in London, but can you imagine a company, hiring London support and paying them big pounds, whose support does not some basic grammar? So, is paperhelp scam? I don’t think so. 

“Thank you so much for interesting in our service”, “our support is located in the London”, “we will be more than welcome to help you with your assignment”, “we are working more than 6 years on a market and our writers providing original papers” is not a full list of basic grammar mistakes done by this poor girl.

The speed of reply was okayish, but the whole conversation was not informative at all. If you check my screens, you will see that Melinda basically never answered any of my questions directly.

She sent me some template messages that were of no use. If I had any serious problems, I really doubt she would be of any help. My verdict: 2 out of 5 for chat support, I am a generous person today.
Support in messages is really fast. It took them but 2 minutes to address my concerns! Surprisingly, the reply was on topic but it contained marketing offer as well. I really hate it when I am being offered things I don’t really need. Boy, I have not even paid, why would I need your plagiarism report? 4 out of 5 for support in messages.

3. My experience

I have been placing orders with PaperHelp for over 2 years, mostly during the low season when their support is more adequate and helpful. The quality is usually good, the value for such price is tremendous.

They also have sweet loyalty and referral programs, which allows you to bring your friends to PaperHelp and get 10% from every order placed by your referred person.

Speaking about grades, I received my grades within the range of B- and A. Sometimes it was my fault that paper details were not communicated properly, sometimes the writers were not proficient in the topic and I had to negotiate with their manager to have a substitute.

To summarize my experience, it was not perfect but I got the grades I needed and had a strong backup from their managers. I’m 100% sure that paperhelp legit company.

4. Order form

I remember when PaperHelp had a 3-step order form, but now it all changed. They redesign their site once a year to make the customer experience better.

The order form has only 2 steps. On the first page, you merely enter the main information about the paper. Files can be uploaded afterwards. On the second page, you are being offered to upgrade your paper. Let’s review their bundles in details. 

  • VIP customer service for $14.99. This option can probably work for customers placing important or big orders, but for me paying additional 15 bucks just to have support to their job sounds ridiculous.
  • Plagiarism report goes for $9.99 if your paper is less than 10 pages (double-spaced) and the price will be increasing with every page by $2. So, if you have a 20-page paper, plagiarism report will cost you $30. Definitely not worth it. If you value originality in your paper, use WriteCheck to be on a safe side. As PaperHelp mentions itself, they can only guarantee you the paper free from online plagiarism.
  • Abstract page will cost you additional $14.99. Personally I don’t understand why people have to pay 15 bucks for 100-150 words of your paper summary. It’s inhumane to change so much for a quick 5-minute work.
  • Sources used will cost you $4.99 per source. It means that the writer will also upload soft copies of the sources used in addition to the paper. I believe this feature makes sense only if you are not sure in writer’s competence or if the professor asks you for such soft copies. An average research paper usually asks for not less than 10 sources, which is additional $50 to the final price.
  • Table of contents will be $9.99. Ripoff.
  • TOP writer will cost you additional 58%! PaperHelp never discloses this figure in order not to scare its customers, but it’s 58 fucking percent on top to have a super-duper writer working on your assignment. Use this feature only if you have too much money or you are in a desperate need to get a good grade (which PaperHelp does not guarantee lol). Rumors say that it works in 70% of cases.

5. Discounts and pricing

The prices for papers are more than adequate. The start with $10 per page and may go up to $197 (yes, you read it right!) for Admission Help work. In addition, you may get 5%/10% paperhelp coupon on your first order depending on how actively you beg 

The service is good enough for a long-term use. As a broken student, I always seek ways to save more on my purchases, so PaperHelp turned out to be a lifesaver during my summer classes.

6. Revisions

Revision Policy offers up to 3 free revisions, which is usually enough to get a good quality at the end of the day. Make sure to be precise about your initial instructions, because they may reject your revision request if suddenly your prof decides to add up more information about the order.

7. Final quality

The final quality is usually more or less satisfying. I have a good habit of re-reading whatever paper writing services deliver to me, so after my own editing the papers are of at least B grade. Try not to be lazy and do not expect PaperHelp or any other service do the whole job for you.

8. Writer’s proficiency

Most writers are definitely ESL speakers. However, they do have a strong understanding of the topics and their language skills are compensated with the quality content they write. However, if you order some really important paper and you are ready to pay big bucks and pick TOP writer + other bundles, expect to be treated like a king.

9. People talking

The online reputation of PaperHelp is quite bad. I have noticed many fake review sites putting negative marks to the service, while their influence most likely spread wide to even credible sites like EssayScam, TrustPilot, and SiteJabber.

The only credible site with positive paperhelp reviews is ScamFighter. Please take all those reviews with a pinch of salt, it’s the Internet and most businesses compete using some dirty tactics. I am pretty sure that PaperHelp itself has a few unsatisfied customers, so it’s only up to you to make the final mind.

10. Loyalty program

Unlike most writing services, PaperHelp has a clearly defined loyalty and discount program. It allows you to get bonus credit money with every order you place with them. In addition to their referral program it can reduce the price of your work even more.

11. Pros and Cons


  • Cool mobile App
  • Great informative site
  • Referral program
  • Good quality


  • Bad online reputation
  • Poor customer support
  • Aggressive marketing and very expensive bundles

Paperhelp is one of the best paper writing services on the internet today. If you are looking for a good quality paper at a very affordable price, search no further. PaperHelp has skilled professionals to help you get the best grades in your academic project. Though people are not too comfortable with their customer support team because they are relatively slow, the quality of the paper is top-class.
The price range is relatively affordable, you may begin to think that the quality will be below average, though this may be the case with some paper writing platforms, PaperHelp makes quality a watchword. Additionally, you will get a refund for your paper if anything goes wrong with the order. Therefore, you have nothing to fear. However, you may not easily find this refund policy on the website. If you have questions or you need any assistance, you can contact the customer support team, they are willing to provide you with whatever you want. See the review below to know why we think Paperhelp is right for you.

This company was established sometime in 2013. Though young, they have developed their writing services to become one of the best paper writing companies today.

Generally, they provide their customers with top-quality paper. As with every other service company out there, there are a couple of people who may not be satisfied with the services of Though the origin of this company has not been well established, people are more interested in the quality of the service they get from the platform, and that is all that matters.

Pros and Cons


  • Top-quality paper
  • On-time delivery
  • Top-notch service delivery


  • Foreign support agents
  • Customer support may be slow to respond to your queries sometimes.
  • Online Reputation

Paperhelp is a company that cares so much about its online reputation. Though they have some bad reviews online, the people who have bad experiences with the company are always compensated. You can always talk to the managers or get in touch with the support agents. They will always be ready to give you a refund according to their refund policy. You can contact them to know their refund policy and how it applies.


Paperhelp’s guarantee and terms of service are very fair. At you are sure that your identity will remain protected. They also, promise you a plagiarism-free document. There are certain conditions for which you can get a refund, and they are:
When they can’t get a suitable author to handle your project. When they are unable to complete your paper before the deadline. If your work is plagiarized. (you will find this particular option in the company’s Terms of Use).

When half of the order deadline has passed and you decide to cancel your order, Paperhelp will give you a 70% money-back guarantee when you decide to cancel your order. However, you might not get a refund after your order has been delivered and you decide to cancel the order. But in all other cases, you are assured of 50% money-back.
As said earlier the only condition for which you cannot be granted a refund is when your order has been approved and then you decide to cancel it afterward. Paperhelp does not defraud its customers. They keep to their guarantees; they care about their customer feedback and they treat their clients with respect. Overall, they have one of the best money-back guarantees in the paper writing industry.

Types of Services
Paperhelp provides its clients with these kinds of services:

  • Case study;
  • Book report;
  • Position/opinion paper;
  • Information writing;
  • Statistical summary;
  • Critical analysis/critique;
  • Bibliography;
  • Annotated bibliography;
  • Extended assignment;
  • Essay;
  • Subject outline;
  • Literature review;
  • Term paper;
  • Research paper;
  • Senior thesis;
  • Grant writing;
  • Review;
  • Technical report;
  • Lab report;
  • Historical research;
  • Midterm/final exam essay;
  • Resume & other business writing;
  • Experiential Learning-related project;
  • Service Learning-related project;
  • Independent study;
  • E-mail;
  • Web writing;
  • Oral presentation of a written report;
  • PowerPoint presentation;
  • Lifelong learning-related activity.

Ordering Process

At this point, we will learn how to successfully place an order with Paperhelp. PaperHelp presents the simplest process of placing orders. The first step you need to take is to access Once you have accessed that page, the next thing to do is to fill out the order form on that page. You may not be required to provide your real names, that does not matter to them because they care about the safety of your information (both personal and financial).

After you have provided the required information, you will be prompted to provide the details of your project. Such as the type of paper, the format of the paper, the project topic, and the sources. You can add extra information and materials that will aid the research process.

Once you are done with filling the form, the next step is to select your desired payment method. Once that is done, you will click continue or proceed. You will see the order page once your payment is successful.

The platform will send you email updates regarding your order, and when the final document is ready, you will be able to download it from your e-mail.

Prices and Fees

Paperhelp offers one of the most affordable prices in the paper writing industry. The price of your project depends on the following:

  • The academic level of the paper;
  • The deadline (the closer to the deadline at the time of your order, the more expensive your project will be);
  • The desired number of pages.

You can access the comprehensive list of the prices at Paperhelp/prices. And in case you do not understand something, you can contact the customer help desk. You can also contact the help desk to get discounts and promo codes if any at that point.

Paper Quality

Can you rely on Paperhelp to help you solve your academic paper writing problems? Yes, you can. The quality of the final paper delivered is usually acceptable, this statement is following hundreds of clients who have used the service and are perfectly satisfied with the results. However, if you have a complex paper to write, you may need more quality. Therefore, you should spend the extra cash on top writers to get the work done superbly.

Customer Support

The only thing people seem to complain about the company is the customer service team. They may respond too slowly to your queries. But they always reply to you to give you want. People have complained that the customer support team may not be native speakers of the English language.


Generally, Paperhelp is a platform you can trust to help provide you with the best solutions for your academic or other paper writing problems. You can be sure that your paper will be free from plagiarism. But if you are unsure of the originality of the paper, you can request a plagiarism report. Note that if you want to do a doctorate paper writing, it is mandatory to select a top writer to handle your project.

Is Paperhelp legit?

Paperhelp greets its visitors with a rather new way to attract customers: a spinning wheel that you use to get a discount. This is something we’ve seen on eCommerce websites, but it’s definitely the first time for an essay writing service. Anyway, it’s always good to see that online essay writing services give away discounts. Well, the website nails the first impression as well; it’s clean, easy to navigate, and provides easy access to the most important information. Nice work, UI designers.

They even have video testimonials from a few smiling customers saying that Paper Help did a great job helping them. This is something we don’t see very often, so we decided to write this Paperhelp review and test them with a complex paper. Read below to know if they delivered.

Paprehelp Writing Services Review

According to Paper Help, they can write just about any kind of essay that exists. On top of that, they claim to be able to help with research papers, coursework, personal statements, and term papers. This is surely a limited range, but we found more in the ordering form. There, Paper Help lists a lot of typical academic works in addition to editing, proofreading, and even typing.

One thing that we noticed is that the main menu items at Paper Help are basically a bunch of keywords. This is not a very user-friendly way to provide content.

Paperhelp Coupons, Discount Code and Price

There are four writing levels that define the price at High School College, University, and PhD. The first respective one has the lowest prices; for example, to get one essay page written in 7 days, you’ll pay $17. For college and University levels, this price increases to $19 and $23, respectively. If you’d like to order a research paper, you’ll find the same prices for these levels and deadlines. The most expensive service, PhD writing, costs $27 per page with a 7-day deadline.

If you’re a first-time customer, you can either spin the wheel with discounts we’ve mentioned or use the code to get a 15 percent off (5% instant discont + 10% bonus). We’ve chosen the wheel and ended up with a 7 percent discount.

For the work that we ordered for reviews – a 4-page literature review with a 7-day deadline – we paid $92. Reviews: Paper Quality

This time, we ordered a rather unusual assignment for us: a literature review. The title we’ve chosen was “the Diagnosis of Depression in Older Adults.” We’ve described the following requirements in the file with the instructions that we sent along with the syllabus:

  • Sources not older than 5 five years
  • A 200-word summary of each source
  • At least 4 peer-reviewed sources.

Since Paperhelp has impressed us so much, we gathered our whole team to read the paper when we finally got on our email. As it turned out, that was a good decision because we found something we’d never thought we would.

Even though the paper had no grammar or punctuation mistakes, it failed to meet some of the essential requirements we listed. For example, when we decided to run the citations through Google Scholar to see if the writer got them right, we found that one of them was published in 2011 and never revisited. However, the citation in the paper had 2015, which means that it was inaccurate! The writer must have put this year by mistake or something.

Even though it may seem like an honest mistake, the professor reviewing the paper might think differently and lower the grade significantly, because, well, it does look like an attempt to cheat, too.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only bad thing that we have to mention in this Paperhelp review. One of the sources used in the paper failed to meet the requirements as well because it wasn’t peer-reviewed.  When we managed to locate it online, we found it to be a well-designed white paper. The writer clearly missed this.

These two mistakes effectively ruined the impression we had of this company. Unfortunately, we can’t recommend it to anyone based on the paper they’ve provided because it wouldn’t get an A. Moreover, it could even cause some problems with the incorrect year in one of the sources.

Paperhelp Customer Support Review

As always, we used multiple ways to contact customer support: live chat and email. Both have worked pretty well and we were satisfied with the quality of support we received. However, there’s one small issue that we need to point out: to contact live support, you have to provide your name and email address even if you’re not a customer. If someone wishes to ask a question, they must provide this information, and there’s no privacy policy link to read the uses. Not good.

Conclusion of Paperhelp Review

Based on our experience with these reviews, we can’t recommend this online assignment help service. Even though their prices are competitive and they give you discounts, there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter problems that we’ve discovered with our paper. If we had turned in the paper we received from Paper Help, we’d definitely get a low grade.

Once again, the writer failed to follow the instructions for the paper, which is definitely a recipe for a disaster.

What is

Paperhelp is an online writing service that helps you with essays and assignments. It promises the originality of work. Many Paperhelp org reviews posit that it is an excellent service that offers you plagiarism-free paperwork on time.

In addition to this, customers are sure of getting an immediate response when they need help. Furthermore, professional writers that are experienced in the art of writing masterpieces do the essays.

Whether you're looking at writing essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, or reports, Paperhelp writers can provide you with many writing tasks. Also, our Paperhelp org review showed that the website offers writing services at cost-effective rates.

Is Paperhelp Safe?

The question of “Is reliable” needn't come up because the website has been offering writing services for years under different names. With the reputation it gained over this period, the tendency of scam is not possible because it is transparent in all its dealings.

What's Inside, and What do I get from Paperhelp?

Before you decide to give your essay or any other writing task to essay writers, you may want to find out the benefits of doing so.

First, it covers many writing aspects, including but not limited to speeches, term paper, and research papers.

Second and most important, the plagiarism tool is active and checks every document before released to the customer. Besides, the website absorbs college students who help in writing unique content for customers.

How does Work?

The website works in a seamless manner, which makes it possible for anyone versed in web surfing to place orders.

All you have to do is to visit the website, select the category of the writing task you want, pay for it, and wait for the writers to complete the job.

Our review of essay services showed that the website allows customers to check the status of their orders. It also will enable customers to offer samples or guidelines they want to be incorporated into the work.

Who makes use of Paperhelp?

The website and its services are open to students, business executives, and public speakers.

Paperhelp writing services are also open to anyone that has jobs related to writing. Be it essays, coursework, dissertation, speeches, or research papers, and you're sure that Paperhelp an excellent service that offers all your writing needs.


  • plagiarism index makes sure that all papers are double-checked
  • Many customers are satisfied with the quality of work
  • Paperhelp prices review show the rates are moderate; starting at $12 per page
  • Efficient customer support/live chat
  • Covers a wide range of service


  • Customers are not happy with the late delivery of work
  • Hardly offers refund’s Online Reputation suggested writing services under different names in the past. During the time, it was able to deliver top-notch and plagiarism-free paperwork to the customers. This earned it a reputation as a genuine and reliable writing service.

Besides, many websites and unbiased review platforms have taken to embark on reviews, did researches about Paperhelp paper writing, and found it viable. You can locate some of these paper writing reviews on Google and other Search Engines. Therefore, the answer to “Is trustworthy?” is YES!

Paper Quality and Work Quality of Paperhelp

The website has a reputation for delivering top-notch paperwork. However, some customers complained of the low quality of some tasks, and many other Paperhelp paper writing reviews share the same view. This is just as they lament about the late delivery of the work.

Benefits, Peculiarities, and Features of

Considering its longevity in the writing niche, it's expected that must have the necessary tools to facilitate the writing tasks from customers. Let us look at some of the features that make Paperhelp an excellent service.

  • Design and Navigation

While many customers are there to get immediate work on their essays, the interface of the website also has a role to play in keeping customers glued to

The website is not only easy to surf but displays relevant Call-to-Action you may want to use. For instance, the Home Page contains the average value of a page or paperwork ($12) and the different users that Paperhelp accepts their work (High School, Ph.D., College, and University). The page also contains the expected timeframe for the completion of the work and a synopsis of how works.

  • Mobile Friendly

Just as the website is easy to surf with a personal computer (PC), it offers the same ease of navigation from a mobile device. Therefore, you can place and track your orders while on the go.

  • Deadline

The timeframe for the completion of a task is one of the downsides to's essay. Customers are not happy with the delay in delivery and tend to wonder about is Paperhelp trustworthy?

  • Guarantees

The website assures customers of quality work. Yet, feedback from some customers shows that some writers do not meet up with demands. Besides, reviews for Paperhelp point to the claim that is cheating the customers. Most times, the website promises to refund money when a deal goes wrong but hardly lives up to its promises.

  • Confidentiality

You're sure that your work won't be released to anyone. Besides, the work remains yours provided you make payments for it.

  • Others

Combining professionalism, low-cost, and efficient payment methods, is an online writing service that you wouldn't want to miss out on its impressive writing services.

Meet the Paperhelp Writers/a Team of Professional Writers

You may be wondering about the quality of work, and is it reliable. In addition to the safe working environment, the website also has a team of people writers with a grasp of the English Language. The team is also versatile, making it possible to undertake different writing tasks for customers. team of writers is English native speakers from countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA. The website takes selected individuals that want to join the team through rigorous tests before hiring them. team also has Ph.D., Bachelor’s, and Master's degrees in their respective fields.

Customers can be sure that they will receive well-written papers on time. With the writing team of Paperhelp, there is no need to worry about grades.

Types of Services offered by Paperhelp

Although it's an essay writing service, has restrictions on certain types of projects. The current coverage of writing tasks makes an excellent service.

The writing services include and are not limited to Business Writing, Dissertation, Reports, Essays, Research Papers, Coursework, Term Papers, and assignments.

Paperhelp’s Customer Support

Whether you're looking for immediate response to your bid for a task to be done or for clarifications, you're sure of getting a timely response to your queries.

Paperhelp has a 24/7 Customer Support with English Speaking operators to handle your requests anytime you establish contact. You either get across to the representatives through the US-Toll Free Number. You may also want to go online to have a live chat on the website or using Skype calls.

Paperhelp’s Costs, Taxes, Pricing Policies, Repayment Methods prices for paperwork are affordable, but some factors can influence it. The academic level (High School, University, Ph.D., and College), the number of pages, and the deadline for the task contribute to the price of the job.

Besides, customers have to pay for Value Added Taxes, which is exclusive to customers from European Union countries.'s price reviews show that the rates start at an average of $12/page for College and can go as high as $20/page for Ph.D.

Customers have many options to choose from when making payments. Paperhelp supports MasterCard, PayPal, JCB, Discover, Apple Pay, VISA, and Splitit.

How to Make Orders on

Placing an order on writing service is as easy as making a cup of coffee. Customers have to fill the details of the task in the columns and provide any file that will help the writer to understand the job better.

If you're not sure the writer comprehends what you want, you can then proceed to establish direct contact with the writer to be sure everything goes on smoothly.

What Reasons to Choose

There's no doubt that the Internet is a mine of information and you can get any information you want. However, consulting an online writing service allows you to get your work done promptly and with no plagiarism. Besides that, below are some other reasons to choose Paperhelp:

  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • 24/7 Support
  • Customer-Writer Communication
  • Efficient Payment Methods
  • No Paperhelp Plagiarism Paperwork
  • A wide range of writing service

Verdict on

Prospective customers are asking pertinent questions such as “Is Paperhelp Trustworthy?" “Paperhelp is it Reliable?", and “Is Legit?”. The answer to all these is a resounding, "Yes.”

Even though it hardly makes refunds and doesn't meet up with deadlines, Paperhelp scam is not likely because the legit website has been running for years without issues of fraud. It is also and an excellent online writing service you can trust. is a writing service that was established in 2010. We are providing a review of this company for the benefit of students and career professionals, so that they may have enough information about the products and services to make a good choice. In keeping with our own review policies, we have assessed Paper Help according to the same factors and criteria that we use for all companies we evaluate. This review is based upon factual information that we have gathered from the website, specifically products and services, pricing, benefits, security, customer service, and Paper Help testimonials. In addition to that, we have reviewed the sample writings found on the site and the quality of a research paper which we ourselves ordered. We also took into account customer reviews and feedback that we found on social media. This report is a summary of our findings.

Products and Services You Will Find

Paper Help focuses almost exclusively on academic writing products. It offers a full range of these, from basic essays and papers through college level writing, such as case studies and research proposals, and includes thesis and dissertation products as well. Students from high school through Ph.D. programs are served. Other writing/services include coursework assignments, such as math and science problem sets, multiple choice test-taking, resumes, CV’s, cover letters, and admissions/scholarship essays.

We were unable to find any services related to re-writing and editing, and no PaperHelp reviews from customers mention having received this service.

The Real Proof – Writer Expertise and Quality of Products

There is absolutely no information about company writers on the site, other than to say they are professionals. Their expertise, in fact, can only be gauged by the quality of products they produce. In evaluating the quality, we looked to the sample essays and papers on the site, to their published testimonials, to customer reviews we found in other places, and through an evaluation of the research paper we received. In general, the following can be stated:

  • Many of the sample writings did not contain thesis statements in their introductions, and this can be an issue at the college level especially
  • We also found, in the sample writings, instances of fragments and run-on sentences, as well as punctuation and word usage errors.
  • Much of the writing in the samples was simplistic and appropriate for the high school level.
  • Customer testimonials speak very positively about the products received
  • Customers who provided off-site comments gave mixed reviews about quality
  • The research paper we received was also a bit simplistic for the university level, and resources were a bit “elementary.”

At no time did we find any complaints about delivery. In fact, our paper was delivered right on time. All specific category Paper Help reviews indicate that the company is legitimate.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

PaperHelp prices begin at a standard, average level, at $10/page for a basic high school essay, due in 14 days. From there, however, prices take very hefty jumps, up to $197.00/page at the Ph.D. level with a very short deadline. The pricing chart we found did offer cost of editing and proofreading, but those are not listed in the drop down selection menu on the order form. Admissions essays are a bit pricey - $41/page

In terms of discounts, there is a plan which provides for 5% off of any order that totals more than $500 and 10% off of any order that totals more than $1000.00 Other than these two, there is also offered a PaperHelp coupon code for a 10% discount for a first-time customer on his/her first order.

We could not find and paper Help promo codes or any mention of special sale pricing that might occur at other times.

The paper we ordered was an 8-page university level work, and the price was $160.00, higher than average in comparison to other writing services. With our 10% discount, the final cost was $144.00, still higher than most others.

Payment methods are through any major bank card and PayPal. Methods are secure and Trust Guard is used to process payments. It is a reputable 3rd party processor used by many online retailers.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

Among the good and beautiful, this company does provide the products and services it claims to provide. Further, ordered products are delivered on time. Other good features include:

  • Customer-writer communication
  • Customer service center open 24 hours a day
  • All types of academic writing are available

Among the bad and the ugly, first and foremost we would state that the quality of written product could be improved, perhaps by an editing staff that would review what has been produced before delivery to a client. Among other concerns are the following:

  • The extras that are usually provided for free by other services are all fee-based. For example, a table of contents will cost an additional $9.99
  • If a customer wished to have his/her product reviewed for quality before delivery, there is an additional fee – most services have editorial reviews as a part of their normal processes.

Overall, we would state that this company is provide legitimate writing services, although its quality and pricing provide some concerns. Our summary rating is “Fair.”


A good few of students ask professionals for help when it is time to prepare some type of academic paper, definitely for their educational institutions. Such service is not cheap, and that’s why it is important to know if you really can get what you want and what you pay for. One of such services is Paperhelp. This company in generally focuses on students of any age and professional category, you can order some term paper with a difficult topic, book review and even ordinary homework.

Information about services is laconic; every visitor of a site is able to learn the question which is interested for him/her by opening a particular page. The company emphasizes originality of works. The site has an interesting feature: there are many finished papers written by its authors. It is possible to download them for free or to read online, and in such a way you will know what to expect for. Prices

On the site you will find a table where is offered all types of papers, academic level and deadline. Choosing all the necessary you will see the price in the table. However, if a customer wants to know more about prices, he/she can choose the page indicated with the word “prices” and find a table with detailed information concerning price of any type of paper. Prices are rather low than high in comparison with other services like this. For example, the lowest offered price of a page is just $7.70. The cost depends not only on such objective factors as difficulty level and type of a paper or a service, but also on time which writers have to prepare the work. Furthermore, the company offers discounts for expensive papers: 5% for orders which cost more than $500 and 10% for more expensive than $1000 papers. As well you will get 5% discount if you order the work for the first time (papers that cost less than $30 are exceptions).

By the way, when you specify the necessary number of pages you should count only pages with text. The company provides customers with free title page and references.

Other essential advantages

There is free round the clock customer support on the site, so everybody can ask a question or suggest something in any time. In addition to this, customers can write a message to their writer.

The service offers a number of other guarantees, for example customer satisfaction guarantee. You will get preview version of your paper and a possibility to inform about changes which are necessary to be made. pays a great attention to confidentiality of its customer. All issues concerning protection of privacy is considered on the site to avoid any misunderstanding.

Everyone who makes an order for the first time or who is a regular customer can easily find here an answer to any question. If a customer is not satisfied with the result, offers free proofreading and the money-back guarantee. You can learn about it more on the website of the company.

Meditation through exercise is all the rage nowadays. Meditation through PaperHelp essay writing is something unheard of.

After realizing how mindful, energized, and satisfied I was while working at the company, it becomes clear: writing is also a form of meditation. Every day, I would harmonize my mind and spirit while producing hall of fame-caliber papers. The more I enjoyed the process, the better I wrote, the higher my salary got, the more I enjoyed the process. It was an ultimate virtuous cycle.

Here’s how it worked:

Order Assignment

Orders were assigned by Shift Managers. Those folks knew my preferences well enough to task me only with the most challenging and exciting papers. Occasionally, the size of a challenge would overshadow my ability to rise to it. In such cases, Shift Managers reassigned the complicated orders to someone more experienced. Thus, I had two things that are prominently lacking in other companies: choice and variety.

Order Fulfillment

To fulfill customers’ orders, I had to conduct research using academic databases and, well, write papers using writing skills acquired in college. Was it difficult? Sometimes, it was. But most of the time it was a meditative cakewalk. I wrote at least 50 papers on the meaning of leadership in nursing (no exaggeration here).

Order Evaluation

Each essay/case study/report/etc. was evaluated by the agency’s Quality Assurance department. hired experienced editors who checked my writing for uniqueness and supplied me with indispensable style improvement suggestions. With their help, I quickly refined my essay writing game.

Order Revisions

Once in a blue moon, I had to revise an order. A persnickety professor would ask to elaborate a point or reinforce it with a quote. At the time, I hated revisions, but in retrospect, they don’t seem like too much of a bother.

PaperHelp Overview

You don't have time or you simply dislike writing papers for college? PaperHelp review can help you out of any hard situation you may find yourself in.

PaperHelp is a college paper essay writing service meant to make your life easier. Operating since 2008, their service exists for people who don't have time or simply dislike essay writing/assignment tasks. PaperHelp website is very user-friendly, with more than enough information on the home page.

You will get a plagiarism free paper guarantee, and if you're not satisfied with their work, feel free to ask for a revision or money back. If by any chance something is unclear, you can even call or chat with them 24/7.

A distinctive feature of this site is a wide range of services. In addition to popular types of papers, you can order lab reports, math/physics/programming assignments, multiple choice questions.

My Story

First time I stumbled upon PaperHelp was maybe two years ago, when I was a freshman in college. Homework was getting pretty hard and I couldn't keep up anymore, so I knew I needed help.

Back then the papers task I received were very complex but their team of writers, in most cases, coped well with them. Even when I didn't have a clue what to write and how to start, they managed to make good academic works. I've used their service quite a few times now and fortunately (unlike some students) had no problems.


When it comes to pricing, Paper service offers a simple payment system. You can calculate the price of your essay or other type of writing easily.

Their services aren't too expensive, but you can expect to pay more if you want your essay done in just a few hours. However, sometimes I get letters with very favourable offers and discounts. In addition, every time I place an order, I get up to 15% bonuses back.


The quality of their work is good (usually I pick "Advanced writer" extra). I've never had any problems with it. A few times I asked to revise my paper when I needed a better quality work (it's free, since they provide up to 3 free revisions). Usually the first draft is passable.

You can choose between 4 academic levels: High School, College, University, Phd.

After you use their service constantly, you begin to know which writers are the perfect teammate for you, so the chance of mistakes is null.


After you've decided to try their essay writing service, next step is payment. On the payment page, you will have to complete the type of paper, subject, format, topic, and more details about your essay. After that, you will pay via Credit Card or PayPal.


PaperHelp has a money back guarantee. They provide 100%, 70% and 50% refund depending on the nature of the cases. Find more details at

PapeHelp gives an opportunity to request a revision

  • before the order has been approved and
  • after the approval of the order within 7 days.

You can request for revision any time before approving the final product. But even after you’ve approved your order, you can still request for a revision within 7 days. If your paper is more than 20 pages, the revision period is extended up to 14 days.

PaperHelp can complete up to 3 free revisions. You are then given 14 days to approve the latest revision. If they don’t hear from you during this period, they will automatically approve your revised paper.

How to Make an Order?

The ordering process is essentially no different from other sites. Everything is extremely simple and intuitive. Don't forget to enter a discount code "HATEESSAYS" and get 15% OFF.

After you paper is completed, you will have to look through the preview file and approve the order or ask for revisions.

Online Reputation

PaperHelp is stuck between a rock and a hard place – the user testimonials include both sides of the extreme, as some people claim they're beyond satisfied.

While others urge people to "stick away" which is more prevalent for last year's reviews.

These statements are quite powerful, which leads us to the conclusion that no scam politics stand behind it. Let's discuss the potential of truth of these statements. If the positive reviews are to be believed, the reason would be quite simple. This company boasts an exquisitely remarkable customer support service – they answer rapidly and to everyone. If, on the other hand, the negative reviews are correct, there's a high chance that these users haven't had the foresight required to predict the writer who would get assigned to their paper.


  • Usability. I love their website and how easy it is to use. From the home page to the order section, it's all ready well done and will surely make for a great experience.
  • Wide range of services. Besides that, they can take on even the most complex types of college papers. Essays, research papers, lab reports, assignments, problem solving, editing/proofreading.
  • Timeframe. Thirdly, you can choose for your paper to be delivered within 3 hours. I use this feature most of the time since I've got harsh deadlines and they always deliver.


  • Urgent orders aren't so cheap. A thing I dislike about them is perhaps the price for 3-6 hours deadline. They are definitely not the cheapest on the market, but if you're in need for a quality essay I highly suggest their service.
  • Some bad reviews. Last couple of years they have a poor reputation on SiteJabber/TrustPilot. But the reviews seem real. Maybe, I'm very lucky man?

My Verdict

So, is PaperHelp legit? Overall, I can recommended PaperHelp, and I think service is pretty good and amongst the top, not a scam. All the times the quality was good (despite bad online reviews), prices are okay, delivery time is excellent, and their website is a blast to use. It looks very clean and it works wonders. They are one of my favorites I always come back to. For long periods of time, PaperHelp was among my top 3 essay services. But because of the large number of negative reviews, I stopped using it.