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PaperCheck Reviews 2021

PaperCheck Reviews 2021

As a student, you are probably familiar with various essay writing services who offer to create your paper from scratch. With these services, you don’t need to do any work at all other than placing your order on the website. However, there is also a separate variety of services that can only edit and proofread your paper, and PaperCheck is one of them.

Unfortunately, PaperCheck turned out to be a rather secretive company, as we couldn’t find any information about its origins or history on the website. However, the company does have a physical address and telephone numbers, which definitely add to PaperCheck’s level of trustworthiness.

At PaperCheck, you will only find two kinds of services: editing and proofreading. The company offers its services not only to students, but also to writers, corporate clients, and anyone who is in need of a spotlessly edited text. But can the service really help you get better grades? Find out from our review!

You can find out the price of your paper editing order even before you place the order on the website. PaperCheck has a convenient pricing guide and a calculator, which gives you a clear idea about how much your order is going to cost. PaperCheck charges customers per word, and the price per word mainly depends on the turnaround time, not your academic level. The cheapest option is a 3-day turnaround time, which will cost you $0.0339 per word, while a 3-hour delivery costs $0.0679 per word.

Some additional features offered by PaperCheck include:

Document storage

If you don’t own a computer or want to be able to access your files from anywhere in the world, for $1.99 per paper, PaperCheck will store your documents forever.

SMS notification

In case you need your paper as soon as possible and don’t want to miss the time when it’s finally ready, you can opt for SMS notification, which costs $1 per paper.

Volume discount

Is your document longer than 15 pages or 4,500 words? You can instantly qualify for a volume discount that will shave 10% off your order price.

Second look editing

If you already had your paper marked by an editor and made some additional changes you want the editor to check it out, you can hire the same editor for $0.0339 per word to take another look.

Quality of work execution

No one would probably argue with the fact that the quality of work is the most important parameter of any writing or editing service that can even justify a high price of the order. To test the quality of editing at PaperCheck, we uploaded a three-page essay and chose a two-day turnaround time. We include several minor and major mistakes in our text to see if the editor would be able to spot them and eliminate them from the document.

Imagine our surprise when we didn’t get the paper in the specified time. We waited and waited, and after three hours since the deadline passed, we finally got a notification that the paper was ready. Reviewing the paper revealed even more unpleasant surprises for us. The writer was able to notice and correct the most obvious mistakes, but the smaller ones remained unchanged, which negatively affected the overall quality of the paper.


PaperCheck has a whole section on its website dedicated to the guarantees they are ready to offer to their customers, but, unfortunately, when we reviewed this section, we didn’t find any definitive guarantees apart from promising an excellent customer service.

According to PaperCheck, excellent customer service includes high-quality grammar editing. To achieve it, the PaperCheck editors will accept a free revision in case you are not happy with the results or, in some situations, refund you the money you paid for the order.

Payment options

To give you as many opportunities as possible to pay for your order, PaperCheck offers several payment methods for their customers. Right now, you can pay for your order with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, as well as use your American Express, JCB, or Discover accounts to pay for the editing services. You can also choose to pay with PayPal.

PaperCheck does not accept checks, which is not surprising, considering the majority of the customers have moved their financial operations online a long time ago. When checking PaperCheck’s payment policies, we noticed an interesting fact: your card will only be charged when the editor delivers your paper. However, once you place the order, the payment on your card will be pre-authorized, so make sure there is at least a double amount of money you need to pay when you place your order — the pre-authorized will then be returned.


Researching the customer opinion of the service is an important part of determining whether a particular service is worth using at all. As always, the first place we went to for our PaperCheck Review was the testimonials on the PaperCheck’s own website. We were immediately concerned by the fact that the reviews on the home page were from 2012 to 2015, although there are some more current reviews in the dedicated section with the testimonials.

Unsurprisingly, most of the testimonials posted on the PaperCheck website are positive, although most of them are very brief and do not contain any information about the specifics of the order. Then we search for PaperCheck reviews on third party websites, and they painted a different picture of the company’s reputation. While some of the customer reviews are also positive and praise the work of the editors, many customers had an experience that was similar to ours: the papers were delivered late and the quality of editing was barely acceptable, given the high cost of their services.

We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons



Although the prices at PaperCheck are not particularly low, you can instantly calculate the price of your order and decide whether it’s worth it.

Physical address

With a genuine office address and telephone numbers, the chances of you getting into a scam are much lower.

Limited variety of services

At PaperCheck, you can only get your paper edited, which means you will have to do the writing by yourself.

Quality of work

We were not impressed by the quality of editing services delivered to us by PaperCheck.

Bad reviews

The less than positive testimonials from PaperCheck customers make us think it’s not the best editing service.


For a modern student, an editing and proofreading service like PaperCheck has very limited use. If you, like most students, are constantly pressed for time, then you simply don’t have the luxury to wait for 3 days for a professional editor to polish your paper. If PaperCheck offered not only editing, but also writing services, we would be more likely to recommend it to our readers, but right now, we don’t think it’s a good option for you.

Today, you have a chance to get acquainted with proofreading and editing of business and academic papers online. There do tons of services alike exist nowadays but few only, which are truly capable of giving professional help charging a small amount of money. To provide with exceptional fast, secure and confidential assistance is an art because excellent customer service is something what can be taught but far from every company follows its principles.


I probably liked the design of the website due to its color palette. There are two main colors, which are red and black. I have an association with Stendhal’s famous The Red And The Black novel with the same name and this book is one of my favorite since school times. I was fond of reading in general and novels in particular. I have never had some peculiar writing skills though and have always made mistakes in my writings for school and college. This is why I was happy in my college years to live in era of Internet when there are so many opportunities open up and I was able to find a professional online service, a helper on my way to a perfectly done paper. Customers may ask for their documents to be returned in 3 hours, which is super quick.


It is a shame that among such a variety of online services with obvious beneficial qualities, there are always plenty of disadvantages at the same time. For example, if to speak in terms of customer service and support team representatives work. Those are supposed to be people who possess kindness, politeness, understanding and ability to listen and to hear. I cannot say anything from all of the above when it comes to this service because its support system lacks all these qualities very much.

Quality of paper

I needed both, editing and proofreading and I can say that the team of writers work okay. My documents were edited and proofread so I breathed a sigh of relief when I gave my documents away for editing and proofreading and when I got them back being edited and proofread

Policy of price

Money is always an issue. Pricing is a question, which people ask first thing entering a shop or a website providing with products or services. In accordance with the academic level of a customer, type of required service and paper, number of words/pages and timeframe, the price is calculated. The writers on here work with many writing styles and formats, which rise them up in a customer`s eyes. Maybe this is what makes it to where the pricing is so royal. Despite the volume discount, it remains high.

Order details

You can place an order through submitting your document on the navigation panel, which is kindly presented by the developers of the website. Submit new document via filling in all the required fields of the application form. All you need to do is to provide with a description, register, confirm account, upload your document, pick up a payment method and order is complete. Do not forget to choose a document format. You will need to tick off in front of the needed format.


Like I have already mentioned, I enjoyed the outside look of the service. It reminds me of my favorite author and his novel plus black is my favorite color. The website is navigable. It does not contain any distracting graphics, videos, which would make the site load slower and no additional plugins are needed to be able to view its content but to look good is not enough. The pricing needs to be reasonable and a customer service needs to be up to par.

The PaperCheck global network strives for providing fast, secure, and confidential assistance at reasonable prices. The agency is positioned to offer high-impact editorial services to thousands of clients worldwide. Editors propose changes to the content and certify the correctness of documents. Contract employees try to carefully read, verify, and adjust the papers provided to them for achieving the best results. In this PaperCheck review, you will find out what customers actually think about this agency.

Almost every year, PaperCheck, LLC announces and releases scholarships for students. The amount of one award is about $500. The agency proudly states to have regular customers who are satisfied with the quality of the work performed. Currently, you can find many similar services on the Internet, but only a few of them are really capable of providing professional assistance in proofreading for reasonable fees. Therefore, new users may have a question of whether PaperCheck really offers the highest level of editing services.


PaperCheck pricing is determined by following the academic level of the copy, type of services needed, time frame, and the number of words or pages in a document. You can see the price samples for proofreading and editing services in the Pricing section of the website, where you can smoothly go from the home page. It gives you a good idea of what fee is to be expected for your document. It is better than placing orders on those websites that hide their prices under advertising articles and banners.

Despite the discounts offered, prices are somewhat excessive. That is, the cost for one page to edit in a document with the deadline of three days is about $7. The fee for Elite Editing is $30 per page with a two-day deadline, and $40 for the copy to be delivered in 24 hours. If you want to save money, it is recommended to place orders in advance, as prices for papers with a more extended time frame are lower.


The team of editors is trying to do their job well. Proofreaders who used to work for the agency state in their PaperCheck reviews that this company offers to new employees the necessary support, initial training, and some freedom for working remotely. Work at home is a privilege. It provides greater flexibility, but it also assumes less involvement and sometimes lower quality of assignments.
The hired editors get stable compensation. The agency claims to operate in the elite niche and charge significant fees for its services. However, the basic salaries of its employees fluctuate around California’s minimum wage. Correctors are paid better in stressful periods, as well as when they work at nights and get an increased workload. In other conditions, the salary level of proofreaders may not be enough.
Also, remote employees enjoy two weeks of paid leaves each year, which is a great benefit. However, a kind of misunderstanding can occur between employees. It can be explained by the specific management of the company and the remote nature of the employment. All of this can affect the efficiency and quality of work.


In the case of poor-quality work, customers have the right to contact support and require due corrections. Most likely, the agency will entrust the verification of your document to another editor. It should be noted that additional checking will also take several hours.
In the Guarantees section, it is possible to find out that PaperCheck is trying to maintain a high level of editing services. If a client is not satisfied with the work, the agency guarantees to refund the money paid and even provide modified texts for free. However, the company does not guarantee high marks for students or success in business activities for entrepreneurs thanks to the revised papers.

Payment options

The agency can accept such payment methods as Visa, MasterCard, as well as PayPal and AmEx. Generally speaking, such payment methods are quite convenient for customers, as everyone can select the type of payment they are used to.

  • Commendable social policy of the company that offers annual scholarships;
  • The contemporary design of the website;
  • Numerous academic styles for editing papers;
  • Direct contact with executive editors.
  • Many complaints related to customer service and the job of support representatives;
  • Lack of social interaction between the agency and customers;
  • Relatively high fees;
  • Satisfactory quality for editing services;
  • Possible paper delays.

Papercheck is a widely advertised online company engaged with editing and proofreading services. The site is very comfortable to use – you can order editing right from the first page, without a need to thread through the long articles and numerous pages. If you need extra information, you can find it by clicking a drop-down menu.

Price policy

Prices are on the front page, too. I found them quite reasonable: only $6.95 per page to get your document edited in 3 days. The order form is simple to fill in, too; their advantage is the opportunity to choose from the variety of formatting styles while most of the editing services provide 3 or 4. Moreover, they can take very urgent orders – the minimal deadline is 3 hours!

Order details

I expected to receive my edited essay in 2 days. There are not much extra features on the site – you can order elite level of editing with a set of bonuses, but there is any information about the discounts on the site. However, they do have some helpful articles for students on the site.

Quality of writing and support

As the deadline was approaching, I decided to call to the company and ask them about the progress. I spent several minutes on the phone talking with someone who couldn’t answer my questions at once. That disappointed me a bit, but now I have nothing to complain about, as I got the paper timely.


This site is orange and grey likely deal with a lot of customers daily and has a BBB accreditation. Yes, they are a reliable service. However, their attitude to customers is far not the best; moreover, the support system isn’t very effective. So I’d recommend a site with better support.