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Paper Rater Reviews 2021

Paper Rater Reviews 2021

Basic features of PaperRater.

PaperRater is a start-up company offering grammar and plagiarism checking services.

It is marketed to students both on the college and high school level working on term papers. They offer a limited free version and a premium plan.

But is it worth if? Even if it’s free (or really cheap)?

That’s what we’re going to answer in this PaperRater review.

Disclosure: Grammar Gang is reader-supported. We might earn a small commission if you purchase something through our site. 

Our Verdict: We can’t recommend PaperRater because of their below-average accuracy. 

PaperRater Pros +

PaperRater is an effective program with fair limitations, given its audience.

It’s a one-of-a-kind that has its own benefits. It’s popular among as an efficient , or .

It draws on the databases of popular search engines to cover a wide array of internet real estate as it searches for plagiarism.

1. Database Powered by Search Engines

PaperRater checks for plagiarism using the search indexes of Google and Bing, the two most popular search engines on the planet.

A PaperRater representative told me that they are able to pull from “the entire searchable internet.”

That sounds promising on the surface. However, as you’ll see down below, it doesn’t necessarily mean their accuracy is very good.

2. Decent Customer Service

PaperRater offers customer support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The contact page of PaperRater.

I sent an email asking questions about their database. I received an answer within the hour. It was a great response time.

A sample of a response from PaperRater customer service.

It’s not a fantastic reply, but they did answer my question, and did so in a quick and efficient manner. So it’s enough to get into the pros section here.

PaperRater Cons

Our hands-on test of PaperRater showed less than the average accuracy in reporting on our sample articles. Its languages, device support, and reporting features all left me wanting.

1. Below-Average Accuracy

When I ran our plagiarism sample through PaperRater, it told me that the piece was 33% original.

The result of a PaperRater plagiarism check.

That means it received a plagiarism score of 67%. While that’s pretty high, most other checkers on this list scored it at over 85%, which means that PaperRater was missing an awful lot of copied content.

Just to see the other side of the coin, I made sure to check out our clean copy as well. PaperRater gave it a clean bill of health at 99% originality.

Another sample of a PaperRater plagiarism check.

2. Low Word Count Limits for Student Use

Free users of PaperRater can perform up to 10 plagiarism checks per month and offer relevant and  

Unfortunately, these checks must be no longer than 5 pages of 300 words each. So, in total, 1,500 words per check.

Premium users can perform 25 checks in a month. Each grammar check cannot exceed 20 pages of 300 words a piece. That equates to 6,000 words.

3. No Report Exporting

PaperRater doesn’t allow you to export your plagiarism report as a PDF.

There is an option to print out your results. Then, you could just scan it into your computer. But it would be far simpler to just have a feature that allows you to export.

4. No Mobile Support

The only way a user can access PaperRater is via its website.

There is no mobile support or browser add on function.

5. English Only

Currently, PaperRater only supports the English language. When answering this question on their Frequently Asked Questions page, PaperRater makes sure to use the phrase “Not at this time,” meaning that additional languages could be added in the future.

PaperRater Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

PaperRater has one free option and one premium plan. The premium has an option to subscribe for a year, or on a month-to-month basis.

The one-year commitment comes out to $7.95 per month, while the month-to-month service is $14.95 per month. That’s quite a lot for a program that caters to students and places restrictions on its use.

PaperRater’s available plans and prices.

PaperRater allows you to pay with a credit or debit card.

Do I Recommend PaperRater

No, I don’t.

As I was going through its features, I was considering recommending this and for students. If you’re a student looking for a free plagiarism checker, then it’s worth a go for your shorter papers. If you also need to catch in your , it’s worth a try. But I can’t in good conscience recommend a $14.95 per month service to a student that has such a poor accuracy rate.

At the end of the day, there are better systems for that come at a lower price point. If you need proper checks as well as a and , there are plenty of options.

Writing content with proper flow and zero grammar mistakes is such a toughest job in the world.

But producing a flawless block of content for your website, blog and other online platforms become easy when you go with any software to resolve all of your writing issues.

Today we will discuss about PaperRater proofreader and Plagiarism Detection Tool. This web platform is designed to provide a perfect solution for writers and online marketers to curate appealing, easy to understandable and unique blogs/other pieces of text.

The main reason behind the popularity of PaperRater is its Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, these both advanced technologies will give you a deep analysis via completely automated proofreading within less than 15 seconds.

When you add your material to the PaperRater for scanning then it will provide a complete report with the issues present in your submitted content along with the required changes.

The scanning process will depend on the length of your content, this tool will give several suggestions to make your material perfect.

PaperRater is very easy to use, simply copy-and-paste content in an open field. After the submission of your material you have to change the settings according to the type of content you are added for scanning. Here, you will see several options such as plagiarism checking, spelling, word use and many others to make you content more perfect.

When you analyze the report provided by PaperRater then you will see helpful comments along with the report. This tool not only detects issues within your material, but it also instructs you why it’s important to modify specific points of your content. So, you can say that, at this stage paperrater works as writing aid not as a proofreading app.

It also offers a grade score system works on its own metrics. While this grading system is not completely accurate, it is just for fun and motivating feature into this proofreading software.

Services Offered by PaperRater

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling check
  • Tips to fix/improve errors and awkward structure, such as passive voice
  • Plagiarism detection
  • A Score/Grade prediction of the piece as it stands is known proofreading software, it is considered to be the perfect one because you have to download, add, or do any other special thing to start using PaperRater. This free online proofreading tool contains a spelling check along with an advanced grammar checking software without any extra cost.

So, if you are searching for a high quality grammar checker tool without investing money then it is just what you are looking for.

Features of PaperRater

Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism checking is the important part of making your content unique. Copy content is the rising concern for both teachers and students because papers are occasionally copied in completely by copy cat students. This feature will allow you to make your content original or check other’s content for originality.

Grammar and Spelling Checker

This tool contains an advanced grammar and spelling correction features that allow you to make your content grammatically correct. Via this, you can also correct the wrong spelling which will help you to get rid of silly mistakes.

Real-Time Feature

Other available services take minutes to scan and give results of your content. But, PaperRater packed with an automated proofreader that will give you results in seconds. And, you don’t need signup or login to access all of these features.

Feedback and Writing Instruction

In order to get rid of grammar and spelling errors, its automated proofreader contains various modules. Some of the modules are:

  • Vocabulary usage
  • Sentence length and variability
  • Phrases to avoid
  • Passive voice detection
  • Readability statistics
  • Analysis of sentence beginnings

How Much Does PaperRater Cost?

Basic: FREE

  • Maximum submission length = 5 pages/submission
  • Unlimited total submissions
  • Grammar and spelling check
  • Writing Suggestions
  • Automated Scoring

Premium: $7.48/mo or $47.70/yr

  • Maximum submission length – 20 pages/submission
  • Unlimited total submissions
  • Grammar and spelling check
  • Writing Suggestions
  • Automated Scoring
  • Plagiarism check integrated into Proofreader
  • Ad-free
  • Enhanced Plagiarism check; Matching text displayed
  • File upload (doc, docx. txt, rtf)
  • Premium-only modules
  • Faster processing

Technical details of PaperRater

Devices Supported: Windows, Mac and Web-based

Language Support: English

Customer Types: Small Business, Medium Business and Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted


I like its uniqueness and easy to use option. It is completely free and safe to use. But if you want to upgrade your subscription then you have to pay. The whole subscription process is handled via a third-party SSL-certified processor. According to me, this service also needs BBB membership.

Overall PaperRater is recommended for all types of user, no matter which type of business you are running (Small Business or Medium Business) or working as a freelancer this tool will help you to improve the content quality for your website as well as crating unique content.

When I finished my Literature paper, I had so little time for editing and proofreading, that submitting it to an online service was out of the question. At first, I didn’t know what to do – I needed to edit my essay for sure, but how? And this is how I found an online tool –

This is how it works –students come here and enter their text into the special box. Then, the machine starts analyzing it and highlights the errors. There are several aspects checked – grammar, spelling, punctuation. Then, the tool indicates possible plagiarism cases and also offers improvement suggestions. There is also a Writing Suggestion section, for helping students improve their writing style, the word choice, the vocabulary and more.

Basically, students can use this tool for any type of text and at any hour of day and night. The services of the website include Plagiarism Detection, Auto Grader, Spelling and Grammar Check, Style and Word Choice Analysis, Readability Statistics, Title Validation and Vocabulary Builder tool. Anyway, these services depend on the type of package you choose.

There are two types of packages available – basic and premium. Personally, I have chosen the premium one. But first, let me tell you what each of them includes. The basic one involves Grammar & Spelling Check, Plagiarism Check, Writing Suggestions and Automated Scoring. The maximum length of the papers accepted in here is of 5 pages. The premium one includes these features, but it also involves Enhanced Plagiarism Check: Search More Documents, Enhanced Plagiarism Check: Matching Text Displayed, File Upload, Premium-Only Modules and Faster Processing. For this feature, the maximum length of the papers accepted is of 20 pages. The basic service is free and the premium one costs $7.95 per month, if paid annually.

Take a Look On The Best Editing Services

This professional proofreading service does not have special prices for different academic levels or for different types of papers. I liked this feature, as I know other companies charge more for texts like thesis, dissertation or scholarship essay. However, if you want to edit major papers like these, it is indicated to choose the premium package. In this way, you will spot all the errors and have indications for all possible improvements.

Here is a short list with the features I liked at this essay editing company:

  • There is no need to waste time with placing orders and with human interaction –everything happens in an instant and the final result really depends on your choices; the machine offers multiple indications and improvement solutions, and each customer chooses the ones best fitted for him and his personal writing style;
  • The plagiarism check feature –it is essential to eliminate any possible sign of plagiarism for academic papers; otherwise, students may get in big problems; I had colleagues who were severely punished for this and I don’t want to take any risks;
  • The fast turnaround time – basically, I didn’t have to wait for anything, the result was right there, in front of my eyes, in an instant.

When hearing the name Paper Rater, you probably imagine a service that helps teachers grade the papers submitted by the student. This is not too far from the truth! PaperRater was founded a few years ago and is described by its founders as a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-based solution for students who want to improve their grades.

However, if you are used to writing services that employ real writers who can help you with your assignment and give you better grades, that is not what you can expect with This service is aimed at checking the writing in the paper you have just created and improving its quality, which, in turn, can give you a higher grade for your work.

Everything you need to know about the Paper Rater com is described on their website. The company offers several useful services for improving your writing. You can even test your paper without registration, and the service is available online without any downloads. Still, since there are no real writers, it cannot be viewed as a genuine writing service.

If you are on a tight budget, you will be pleased to know that some of the services at PaperRater are available absolutely for free. With a free membership, you can check up to 50 texts up to 5 pages each per month. You will also get writing suggestions and automated scoring. However, that is not enough to maintain the high quality of your writing. If you plan to become a regular Paper Rater user, you will be better off purchasing a yearly premium membership for $11.21 per month.

A Premium membership gives you access to the following features:

Grammar and spelling check

Have your text analyzed by AI software that will highlight any grammar and spelling mistakes, which could hurt your overall grade, and suggest ways to correct them.

Writing suggestions

Not sure if your use of language fits the academic standards at your school? Allow Paper Rater to analyze your writing and suggest possible replacements for words and phrases.

Plagiarism check

Worried that your paper will not pass the plagiarism test at your school? Run your essay through the PaperRater plagiarism checker to see any unoriginal fragments you’ll need to rewriter.

Automated scoring

Want to have a better idea about the grade you will likely get for your paper? Paper Rater uses a complex technique for determining the closest potential grade for your essay.

Quality of work execution

When talking about the quality of work execution by Paper Rater, it’s important to first determine your goals for working with the service. If you are searching for a go-to essay writing solution, PaperRater is definitely not the place for you, because the company does not actually provide any writing services and serves more as a tool for improving your quality of writing and polishing the paper before submitting it to your professor.

However, if you are on a search for a comprehensive proofreading and editing solution, you have a big chance of a positive experience with PaperRater. The variety of services offered by the company is rather comprehensive. The opportunity to check your quality of writing, vocabulary use, and get notified about potential plagiarism, is a great way to ensure a higher grade and win the respect of your teacher and fellow students.


Surprisingly enough, Paper Rater does not offer too many guarantees to its customers. While we would like to see more promises from the company, we couldn’t find any mention of the guarantees at all. Even the quality of corrections and grading is not guaranteed.

PaperRater makes sure to mention that their grammar checking, word us, and plagiarism software is nowhere near perfect. The PaperRater plagiarism checker, for example, is not the steadiest software we’ve seen and delivers varying results for similar text fragments.

Payment options

As we have mentioned before, Paper Rater offers both free and paid membership. If you are only planning to use the service from time to time or even need to check your paper just once, you can easily get away without a paid membership. Even with a free membership, you can still check up to 250 pages of text per month, which is a decent number.

A paid membership will give you more opportunities for perfecting your writing, although that comes at a price. If you opt for a premium membership, you will need to pay for the whole year. The payment options available to the customers are rather limited: you can pay by the most common credit and debit cards. We were surprised not to see PayPal as a payment option, as it is widely known for its security and excellent user data protection. If you are not too worried about this aspect, you may be satisfied with other options.


For our review, we checked hundreds of paper testimonials and reviews and found that they are very different. The question of whether the customers enjoyed their PaperRater experience largely depends on their expectations. We did come across some very positive reviews claiming that the service helped the authors improve their writing skills and, subsequently, grades. These reviewers also pointed out the affordability of a paid membership.

However, most of the reviews we’ve stumbled upon were less than happy. The majority of users were not satisfied with the quality of work they got from Paper Rater. The plagiarism checker is often too sensitive, the writing suggestions and grammar checker are not very precise and can miss obvious mistakes, and the automated grading system is nearly always wrong. Plus, there is a big number of reviews from people who were disappointed by the lack of essay writing services provided by PaperRater, although, to be fair, the company does not advertise this type of services on their website.

We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons



The design and structure of the website are modern and easy to use.


The paid membership won’t break your bank.



Only editing and plagiarism checking services are provided.


The quality of services at Paper Rater is often hit or miss.

Payment options

The payment options offered by PaperRater are limited.


All Paper Rater services are only available online.


PaperRater is not a bad service if you know exactly what you are going to use it for. The Paper Rater plagiarism software and grammar checker can be successfully used for improving the quality of your writing. However, the scope of their services does not go beyond that, so if you are looking for a comprehensive writing solution for your essay assignments, PaperRater is not the best option — there are simply no human writers to help you.

OUR FIRST IMPRESSION of isn’t your ordinary writing company. In fact, their site might look similar to companies that write content, but this one does not actually deliver custom writing, after all. It’s a site that lets you check a text’s grammar and originality. Also, on their website, you will get some suggestions to improve your writing.

So basically, Paperrater works with finished papers only and helps you prepare them for submittal. It’s a tool you can use in the editing process, though judged by Paperrater reviews, it hasn’t proven to be very effective.

Before we jump into any conclusions, let’s discuss the key criteria of this Paperrater review.


As we mentioned, isn’t a writing service. Generally speaking, they have two services to offer to students – editing and plagiarism check.

In this sense, you should also be aware that Paperrater is an AI tool and not an expert in editing or writing. That being said, the site uses an AI engine called Grendel that will automatically detect the grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in the pasted content you insert onto the page. Moreover, this AI tool is programmed to provide some useful tips related to your mistakes, which are said to ‘make you a better writer’.

Prices and Discounts

The basic subscription comes free of charge and has a limited number of features compared to the paid version. It is however, a useful way to see how the site works before you make an investment. This basic option provides visitors with 50 submissions per month with maximum length of five pages each, 10 plagiarism checks per month, automated scoring, grammar and spelling checks, and writing suggestions.

If you decide to invest into using this editing tool, you will need to pay the membership fee of $11.21 per month, or their yearly fee of $71.55. These rates are discounted rates available at this moment. When there’s no 25% discount, the rates are $14.95 per month and $95.40 per year.

This discount has been available for a while based on what customers say in reviews and because of the low interest, we believe that the company introduced such discount to attract more customers. Still, seeing that they still aren’t as popular as they should be if the editor is good, we decided to check their tool and see how it works.


You should keep in mind that the paid offer includes enhanced features, meaning that it should yield better results than the basic subscription. To see the difference, we used both. Firstly, we added content for free editing. The results were much less satisfactory than we thought. Of course, those who want to leverage the full power of the AI tool should be prepared to pay some money for it, but we expected a bit more advanced basic option that would convince us to pay for a membership.

Unfortunately, even the second, paid option did not end well for us. With paid membership, customers are said to get an enhanced plagiarism checker, premium-only modules, and faster processing. Even though the experience with the paid membership was much more pleasant because it was ad-free and the checker was integrated into the proofreader, the quality of the editor remained the same – limited. This editor missed many mistakes and provided us with tips that were too general and not at all helpful in most cases.


The only way to reach out to the site’s creators and managers is through an email address provided in the Contact page. The service is said to work Monday through Friday from 9am to 5:30pm EST. But, it took them over eleven days to respond to an email we sent regarding the mistakes their editor missed after we paid for the membership.

Interestingly, the simple, free checker on Google Docs and some tools like Grammarly found more errors than this paid checker could find for us. We shared this concern with the support via e-mail, but they didn’t seem to care. The site has no guarantees of any kind, nor do they make some promises in terms of the errors the AI tool will find or the quality of tips it will provide.

That being said, you can use this checker, but do not expect too much from it because you paid money to be able to use all its features.

As soon as we opened the page, we learned that this isn’t a writing company. Nothing there is misleading, which is an advantage. However, to our big surprise, there are PaperRater reviews that speak of the website as a company that provides paper. This cannot be less accurate.

Paper Rater is, in fact, artificial intelligence software that edits, proofreads, and scans papers for plagiarism. It’s both free and paid, which means that you can choose between limited and more versatile feature list. For this PaperRater review, we checked all their offers, prices, as well as evaluated the quality of their services.

List of Services

Three things are offered on this website: plagiarism detection, grammar and spelling checker, and feedback and writing instructions. Apparently, it takes seconds to provide these services since the website is basically AI software. It’s available 24/7 and generates the results for each of these three service types in seconds. You don’t have to login or signup to use the free version, but if you want to use their paid option, you need to create a profile and pay a fee.

We were seriously disappointed to learn that you can’t get any kind of human help on this website. Not only they don’t really count as a writing company, but the services provided are very limited. Moreover, almost every Paper Rater review we found was negative and some of them were obviously fake considering that this is not a writing service at all.

The first two services are very clear, but the third requires more explanation. If you choose this, they’ll flag the spelling and grammar errors, but also check for vocabulary usage, phrases to avoid, sentence variability and length, passive voice, readability statistics, and sentence beginnings analysis.

The free version is extremely limited in terms of this particular service choice. If you want to really use all these features, you’ll have to pay their fee. With the free option, you get 10 plagiarism checks monthly, while the paid one gets you 25. The first only offers grammar and spelling check, writing suggestions and automated scoring. The paid one combines this, plus includes a plagiarism check integrated into proofreader, enhanced plagiarism check with matching text displayed, ad-free feature, file upload, faster processing, and premium-only modules.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

The cost of the paid version is $14.95 per month and $95.40 per year. Paperrater has a long-standing discount of 25% which we obviously doubt is a marketing strategy. With this, the price reduces to $11.21 and $71.55 respectively. Even so, this is still a very steep price for an AI editor and proofreader. Most such proofreaders are free or cheap. At this cost, students can benefit more from websites that offer custom writing help or editing help from actual professionals instead of software.

Quality Evaluation

In Paper Rater reviews, customers say that even the paid service is not detecting most of the mistakes. This is why we decided to buy only a monthly membership to avoid big and unnecessary expenses. It was the right thing to do – the quality check we asked for detected the most obvious mistakes and didn’t even find the passive in our paper. They mention readability statistics and just give a percentage without any explanation. The sentence beginnings analysis is simply automated tips that they send to you no matter what you insert in their system.

Basically, the only thing that works and the thing that you pay a fortune for is the sentence length, which the system just marks and tells you that you need to reduce. You can get this from almost every free AI editor, which makes this investment a completely unnecessary one.

Customer Support

Support is not always available, but you can find them at set hours Monday through Friday. Or, at least that’s what they say. When we tried the phone number provided, no one answered. Since this is software and not a company where employees perform services, it is safe to assume that it’s only someone’s steady income without him having to do any work. Therefore, we definitely don’t recommend it. is a new company that offers proofreading and other writing evaluative services. We were interested to see how the process works and to provide a Paperrater review based upon what we have found. In addition to studying all of the information on the website, we solicited Paper Rater student reviews (and received several), checked any Paperrater reviews we found on the web, looked at free and fee-based services, and reviewed policies and processes. 

Our review of this company will not be exactly the same as others, because it does not offer original writing products for its customers nor does it have a staff of writers. Nevertheless, we are going to follow our established review factors and give you what we can.

Quality of Services Offered

The owners of this company state that they have developed an automated proofreading tool that will provide the following services:

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling check
  • Tips to fix/improve errors and awkward structure, such as passive voice
  • Plagiarism detection
  • A score/grade prediction of the piece as it stands

The tool is divided into “modules” that will look at vocabulary use, length, type, and variation of sentences, awkward phrases that should be avoided, identification of passive voice, and reading and writing level as compared to other students at the same academic level.

The automated scoring module gives the student an estimated grade that he might expect from his teacher, analyzing the written piece as it is originally uploaded. 

A separate tool is a vocabulary builder. It provides definitions and shows how to use words in sentences.

To evaluate the quality of the tool, we read comments and feedback that customers provided to us and posted elsewhere on the web. There were no Paper Rater testimonials on the site itself. The biggest issue seems to be that the system is not yet “fully baked.” It does not pick up some obvious errors, and, in other instances, it marks correct grammar and punctuation as incorrect. The owners are relying on these comments to continue to improve the system.

One student stated that he had submitted a paper of six pages. The tool found a variety of errors that he was happy about. When he turned his paper in, though, his teacher found several more and his grade was lowered as a result. Obviously, the artificial intelligence used needs to learn more. At this point, it is certainly not 100% reliable and trusted to find every error.

There is also a blog, and it contains several articles that provide tips for writing improvement – how to get good transitions in, how to start an essay, how to write a conclusion, etc. These can be somewhat helpful.

Writers and Customer Support Agents

There are no writers and no customer support per se. According to the website, all services are provided through AI, and it continues to improve as it proofreads more text. As well, customers are invited to provide feedback on any errors that “Grendel” (the name of the system) has made so that they can continue to add to its core codebase. In fact, the company is soliciting for developers to join its team.

There is no method of contacting a customer support department via phone or chat. The company has a lengthy and rather detailed FAQ section that should answer most questions a user might have. If not, there is a place for giving feedback, and a question could be asked there.

Prices and Discounts

Paperrater prices are simple. The basic plan is free, and anyone can submit up to six pages of text for evaluation. Anything over that, up to 15 pages, is a one-time fee of $7.95. Customers can also buy a subscription for $14.95 a month that will allow unlimited submissions. 

If a customer has over 15 pages, they can submit it in chunks of 15 pages each.

Obviously, you will not find discounts; there is no Paperrater coupon code for a new customer, and there are no Paper Rater promo codes for any special pricing. It is what it is.

The payment process is safe and secured through a third-party processor. 

Additional Features and Benefits

There is a clear and simple comparison between the free version and the premium version of this tool, showing the extra features with the premium version. This allows students to decide if they want to pay for fee-based services. The premium package offers a more thorough plagiarism-detection, no ads, and faster processing.

Do We Recommend It? Yes/No

First of all, Paper Rater is legal and safe to use, and payment method for the subscription appears to be handled through a third-party SSL-certified processor. On the downside, however, we should point out that there is no BBB membership – something we always like to see. 

The other issue we have is that “Grendel” is still an “infant.” It will take some time for this system to be developed to the point that college students will want to fully rely on it. At this point, it does not measure up to a number of other like tools out there, both free and fee-based. Our rating at this point is a 3 on a 5-point scale. As the tool becomes more sophisticated, it may end up being a good choice.

Why Would Anyone Use This Service?

I’m sure the majority of students want someone to proofread their papers and essays, especially when the pressure is on. The reason for writing this Paper Rater review stems from the very root of these services.


Paper Rater is a service that offers plagiarism & grammar checking, along with stylistic suggestions to boot. It takes the system roughly a couple of seconds to showcase results, and it can work with both British English & American English.

However, it doesn’t take in context, flow and meaning,  everything this essay rater shows should be taken with a grain of salt.

More on that later.

Impressions From Customer Support

There is no live chat window to speak of, but then again, it’s not really required here. The feedback loop of the service is aplenty, and the FAQ section was quite good at explaining what’s going on.

No Installation Required

The service is a cloud-based platform that doesn’t require users to install any kinds of software on their PCs.

Pricing Policy

The site seems to operate on a free basis, but there’s an option to buy a subscription of sorts. It costs about $14.95 a month (but I have no idea why the banner shows the price as $7.95) and $95.40 a year.

Difference Between Free and Premium

PaperRater plagiarism checker acts as advertised, it tries to find information online and provides the string of words and source of information, but this functionality is only reserved to premium subscriptions.

That alone pretty much makes the free offering useless to find plagiarized content.

My Impressions

I don’t know whether this is something they’re usually proud of, but I definitely wouldn’t call this a great performance. I can’t speak from experience of other users, but as a moderately active writer constantly undertaking freelance assignments I was left with a distinct feeling of frustration, but then again, I should have kept my expectations leveled.

I started with a couple of texts that I thought were decent. The grades ranged from B to F, which was very surprising to me, considering they were very technical and far from mediocre regarding content.

On the one hand, that’s kinda understandable – the main page claimed that 25-45% of information could be wrong or incomplete.

It bears the question, what’s the point then, exactly? It only rates the visual aspect and some stylistic choices; it gives no estimation on the contents of an essay or paper.

Why would I pay for a premium subscription that only gives a questionable set of perks?

I can’t think of any instance this would be useful and “free” services have always been a point of contention for me.

What stops them from taking my essay/paper, run it through their algorithm and give an arbitrary grade and then either steal or post it somewhere online out of spite?

It would be scandalous had it occurred, but the thought simply doesn’t leave me. I wouldn’t check important papers and nor should you – just fluff texts and a few different articles to test it out.

It is always a good idea to have a useful tool for text check. My new review is just about one of such services for students – For my Paperrater review, I have studied and tested all its tools and features, so now I’m ready to share my experience and impression with you.

Interface And Usability 6/10

Many paperrater reviews I’ve seen highlight the high usability of this service and, in my review, I can’t help to agree with them because the site is genuinely user-friendly and convenient.

Why didn’t I give it 10/10? Because I didn’t like the website’s design, it is not too modern, and I find it annoying.

Customer Support 3/10

This is one of those things where, in my opinion, could’ve done much better because all support you can get here is through an email and only during the specific working hours. This is not convenient. In my reviews, I usually give higher ratings to the services that have live around-the-clock support, however, what I liked is there FAQ section because it is quite detailed and precise.

Safety 10/10

If you are wondering is Paperrater safe, the answer is yes. Using it, you do not provide personal, or payment information (unless you switch to the premium account) nor you risk your money because the services are free of charge.

Prices 7/10

In my review, I have to mention that although they claim that their services are always free to use, this is not entirely true because there is a paid plan. A paid plan gives you more possibilities for a comprehensive check, and the price is affordable, so it is up to you whether you need to use it or not.

Guarantees 6/10

According to many reviews, people are satisfied with the work of the site. Indeed, it completes its functions appropriately. The site guarantees you the following:

  • Comprehensive vocabulary, spelling, and grammar check;
  • Plagiarism detection;
  • Proofreading;
  • Automatic score.

In my opinion, does its job okay, except some flaws described below, which is why in my review I give it 6/10 instead of 10/10. There is still room for development and improvement.

Service Quality 5/10

Is Paperrater legit? The answer to this question depends solely on your expectations and needs. Thus, if you are looking for comprehensive proofreading and analysis of the text, I recommend you pay attention to the reviews I made on paper writing services because none of the tools can handle this task better than a real professional. However, if you are only looking for a tool to determine some glaring mistakes, this one should come in handy.

Additionally, I would recommend you not take the results of Paperrater plagiarism tool for granted because this is definitely not the most accurate plagiarism detector out there and its results can be quite misleading.


Is Paperrater reliable? In my opinion, it is suitable for specific tasks but not too good to give it a high grade. Many favorite tools would provide better results. Therefore, I give it a score below average. Review is different from other services in our reviews because here, you can’t order writing or proofreading help from professional writers, it only gives you specific tools to check your papers manually.

Here you can find a Paperrater plagiarism tool, automatic proofreader, and an approximate evaluator of the text’s quality.

Service Features

We didn’t really like the service’s design because it looks a bit outdated compared to some other services from our reviews that are all so modern and unique. However, we can’t deny the excellent usability of the site. It is intuitive and convenient, which is a plus.

A separate mention in our Paperrater review deserves the customer service because it is much worse than many other services offer – there is no online chat, you can only contact the support team via email during certain hours. Or you can also check out the FAQ section.

Is Paperrater Safe?

Yes, it is safe. Using the tools offered at this website, you don’t have to download any of software, and you also are not required to provide your data if you are not planning to subscribe for a premium plan.


They are trying to trick you by saying that service is always free of charge. In our review of, we decided to dig deeper and learned that there is also a paid plan, which differs from the free one. The cost is low, and it gives you the following additional features:

  • Proofreader with integrated plagiarism check;
  • No ads;
  • Enhanced check;
  • A possibility to upload files;
  • Faster work.

Is Paperrater Reliable?

We checked out many reviews before writing our own, and many of them are left by satisfied users. However, we had to check it. The offered tools guarantee to help you:

  • Check the texts uniqueness;
  • Identify spelling and grammar errors;
  • Improve the vocabulary use;
  • Proofread the text;
  • Give an approximate score.

We can conclude that by the most part, these Paperrater reviews are real. However, like any machine, this one makes mistakes and can’t be compared with the quality of a check by a real person, so you shouldn’t rely on it entirely.

Is Paperrater Legit?

Their checking tools are quite right. It is also a good thing that you can check grammar, uniqueness, spelling, as well as to get automatic proofreading and score for your paper. And all of this is for free! However, there is no exact answer if this service is as helpful as you may expect. Paperrater does its job okay as for AUTOMATED service; however, it does not give you the same excellent results as the proofreading by a real person as offered at PapersOwl. Therefore, we can provide this service a score below average in our review. We recommend using sites that employ real people because no machine can guarantee a high quality of your papers.








+ Positives:

  • Free use;
  • Safety;
  • Comprehensive check.

- Negatives:

  • Papers are being proofread by a machine;
  • Plagiarism tool is a bit outdated and provides uncertain results;
  • Not all mistakes are detected by the program.