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MyAdmissionsEssay Reviews 2021

MyAdmissionsEssay Reviews 2021

MyAdmissionsEssay is a student-friendly essay writing service that’s narrowed down their specialty to editing services and admission essay writing - hence the name. They still, however, have the usual offerings such as research paper, dissertation, and thesis writing, as well as resume/CV writing, among others. They also have pre-written essays for sale. Their team consists of over 170 writers and editors based in the UK, US, and Europe.

The website is owned by CoreForce LTD, a company that also operates a well-known custom writing service site, PaperHelp, which we recommend. The question now is, does MyAdmissionsEssay follow in the footsteps of its well-reputed sister site? To get more detailed info, read our MyAdmissionsEssay review to get a full report of our investigation.

Types of Services

While this website mainly targets students in need of admission essay writing help, they can do a lot more than that. Here’s the full list of services they cater to:

  • Admission Essay
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Application Letter
  • Argumentative Essay
  • Article Review
  • Biography
  • Book Review
  • Business Plan
  • Case Study
  • Course Work
  • Cover Letter
  • Creative Writing
  • CV
  • Critical Thinking
  • Dissertation
  • Editing
  • Essay
  • Lab Report
  • Literature Review
  • Movie Review
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Personal Statement
  • Presentation
  • Problem-Solving
  • Proofreading
  • Research Paper
  • Research Proposal
  • Resume
  • Term Paper
  • Thesis

Indeed, MyAdmissionsEssay targets a different client base compared to PaperHelp. We’ve mentioned why it’s okay for a company to create several essay websites, as long as those sites target different segments. It just makes sense that way, and it’s healthy competition.


From their website, you can see their rates for their writing as well as editing / proofreading services. Cost depends on the academic level and level of urgency (deadline).

For admission help, price starts at $34 but if you need urgent work, it will cost no less than $98. You can take a price cut on your orders by taking advantage of their special discounts. For example, you can save 10% on your first order if you use the discount code: HATEESSAY.

Comparing their prices, their admission and essay papers are slightly above average compared to, say MyAdmissionsEssay’s prices are much closer to that of’s level.

But while they’re still within the range of ‘reasonable’, it may not be worth it because this site is known for receiving plenty of negative feedback in this regard (more about this on their online reputation).


The ordering process is easy and straightforward. As mentioned earlier, you can choose from 4 academic levels: High School, College, University, or PhD. Additionally, you get to pick from 3 writer’s levels: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

  • Basic is ideal for foreign students who require a simple paper without complex grammar / vocabulary constructions (in short, non-native English writers or ESLs will be assigned to you).
  • Standard is a popular choice among students because writers of this level have good grasp of the English language, as well as other linguistic aspects.
  • For those who want the best, Premium is the way to go. A native English writer or ENL will be assigned to you, so expect a paper with exceptional quality. Of course, you need to pay extra if you want a better writer to work for you, but an additional $5 or less is pretty reasonable. Right?

What’s ridiculous about MyAdmissionsEssay is that they charge an exorbitant price on Plagiarism Report, which is an ‘additional service’. They explained that this is to ensure they can deliver an absolutely original paper, so they recommend adding it to your order.

Say what? Shouldn’t all clients be assured they’re always going to get completely original papers to begin with? Why pay an extra for something that’s supposed to be free? Besides, if the paper is indeed plagiarized, will they actually send you such report? It’s useless.


Money Back Guarantee

When it comes to refunds, MyAdmissionsEssay has put everything in detail. Here’s how it works:

  • Get a 100% refund if there was a payment mistake (double or identical payment) or there is no suitable writer for your order.
  • Get a 70% refund if you cancel an order after a writer has been assigned, with it less than 50% of the deadline has already passed (this is so the writer can be compensated for the work that was already done).
  • Get a 50% refund if no writer is available for a revision.

Take note that their money-back guarantee is only effective during their 14-day “cooling off period”, which starts from the date your order was accepted. Any requests for refund beyond this period will automatically be rejected.

Revision Policy

There are some important points to remember with MyAdmissionsEssay’s revision policy. This includes the following:

  • You’re only given 7 days to request for revision, starting from the date your order has been approved.
  • You can extend the grace period up to 14 days and take advantage of free revisions, but only if your order exceeds 20 pages.
  • The company can only complete up to 3 free revisions.

As you can see, the terms are a bit strict and can put some students at a disadvantage, especially those who have ordered less than 20 pages. Tough luck, guys. You will either have to pray you won’t ever need a revision or just do the work yourself if you have no extra cash to spare.

Online Reputation

Checking their reputation on third-party review sites like SiteJabber and TrustPilot, I found out that they mostly have positive customer feedback. Most of their customers are particularly satisfied with the speedy delivery and how professional their writers work with each order.

But it’s worth noting that, compared to, MyAdmissionsEssay isn’t so popular, and there are about 20% negative reviews from customers. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that there are common issues among customers. Most of the complaints are due to the pricing, and there was even a comment citing poorly written paper despite paying for a Standard level writer.


  • Discounts. Plenty of discounts and special promos for first-time and returning customers.
  • Writer levels. Choose a native English writer to work on your paper.
  • Rush writing available. Get your paper done and delivered within 3 hours.


  • Expensive. Price for their writing and editing services are above average.
  • Paid plagiarism report. You need to pay extra just to confirm you’re getting an original paper.
  • Limited revision. Customers ordering less than 20 pages are not entitled to unlimited free revisions.

My Verdict

Overall, MyAdmissionsEssay isn’t a bad choice. Their writing services are carefully lined up with the academic needs of students in mind, which is a big plus.

On the other hand, their services are slightly on the pricey side. Additionally, there’s no absolute guarantee you’re always going to get a good writer, which is worrisome. Because of these factors, it might be better to go to a website like or something that’s more budget-friendly.

To the surprise of no one, students buy their papers. Having bought quite a few of them in my graduate years, I am well qualified to write this review on MyAdmissionsEssay. The company allows students to hire professional writers for a small fee. Contrary to what its name might suggest, My Admissions Essay is much more than a writing agency targeting college applicants. The service can be used to procure just about any kind of paper, which is what I did. Unlike other reviews of MyAdmissionsEssay, I am not leaving feedback to criticize or praise the company. What is article is all about? It’s an attempt to recount my user experience and let you pass judgment. When writing My Admissions Essay review, I tried to stay as impartial as possible.

Without further ado, let’s look under the hood of MyAdmissionsEssay.

MyAdmissions Essay and its Low Prices

It seems that MyAdmissionsEssay does its best to sell as many papers as possible in order to stomp out the competition. By charging less for its services, the company tries to buy the loyalty of budget-strapped customers. How otherwise would you explain its lower than average prices?
The starting price for MyAdmission Essay is $9 per page. When nothing extra is added, a Ph.D. level paper costs $19 per page, which is at least 10% lower than the market average. Make no mistake, the urgency markup is there; however, it is nowhere as high as one would expect.

My crystal ball is dim at the moment, so I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of the company’s move. However, as a customer, I certainly welcome the pocket-friendly pricing strategy. Other MyAdmissionsEssay reviews seem to agree.

MyAdmissionsEssay Discount Code is a Blessing

My Admission Essays most tangible act of setting itself apart from the competition is the decision to run extraordinary discount promotions. I do understand that the company sends me a promo code not out of the goodness of its heart. Rather, a My Admission Essay discount code for writing serves as a tailwind to its selling activities. Nonetheless, there is no pleasure like applying an 11% off MyAdmissionsEssay coupon BESTGRADE and realizing you’ve saved a dozen bucks. In moments like this, it seems that the company actually cares. As they say, coupons speak louder than words, or something along those lines, so use MyAdmissionsEssay coupon code to the fullest.

My Admission Essay – Here’s a Real Sample of Writing

I asked MyAdmissionsEssay writers to review Sontag’s collection of essays On Photography. The website’s sleek design and miraculously low prices anesthetized me to the ubiquitous risk of web scam. Therefore, I had no misgivings when placing an order, which, in hindsight, was the right choice.

The paper arrived as promised. Its examination with a free plagiarism checker resulted in a reassuring 0% similarity index. It was the first indication that my money wasn’t wasted.

The writer opened the review by pointing to the Sontag’s partial refutation of the beliefs espoused in the book. After acknowledging the flux in her positions, the writer proceeded to discuss opinions, which weren’t modified later by the famous author. “Sontag’s peremptory condemnation of the ubiquity of still images in a consumerist society” was the main focus of the MyAdmisssionsEssay writer, who referred to the book as the “incessantly probing collection of essays.”

The writer discussed the ethical quandaries of Sontag with regards to still imagery production while citing the source material copiously:

Inherent contradiction can be observed between Sontag’s (1977) assertion that “aggression is implicit in every use of the camera” and her claim that photography is but a “mediated spectacle” (p. 74). The seeming logical discrepancy between the two contradictory propositions dissipates when the plurality of their aspects is considered. Namely, the propositions are reconciled when another conceptual plane is introduced, wherein they can exist without baffling the reader and detonating each other. Sontag does exactly that in later chapters by explicating how the onlooker’s judgment and narrative situate the perceived images in context, thereby freeing her previous statements from self-contradiction.

When compared to the paper written by MyAdmissionsEssay writer, my essay seemed bleak. So, I went ahead and submitted the purchased one. The result? Top score. Afterward, I bought a few more papers, and all of them were in the vicinity of the first one, both price and quality-wise.

Is MyAdmissionsEssay Safe?

The company is safe and legit because my papered has passed Turnitin. Should you follow my lead? I am not a finger wager. Examine your own feelings about academic fraud. Because who am I to pontificate on what’s right and what’s wrong? That’s being said, I have stubbornly high regard for reliable service and if you ever see any myadmissionsessay fraud accusations, those are probably the competitors’ attempts to damage the business. The company delivers on its promises, and that’s the only thing that matters to me. So I can highlight legit quality.

MyAdmissionsEssay Support

Upon placing an order, I was given an option to sign up to a private customer location. I created a MyAdmissionsEssay login and password, which granted me admin privileges: placing and canceling orders, tracking progress, etc. The user page was a convenient hub connecting me with writers. Whenever someone responded to my messages, a notification appeared at the top of the page.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t delete useless promotional messages, which accumulated quite quickly, thereby making it difficult to find useful ones. Speaking of the promotional materials, my mail was also full of them. The distribution of junk mail is something the company should reconsider.

On the flip side, the convenience of the user page prevented me from ever calling the company’s customer support line. When I wanted to change the details of my order or provide a writer with additional reading materials, I simply used the messaging channel embedded in the page.

My Admissions Essay – Final Rating

I realize that using a service once or twice is not a credential, which is why I do not presume to claim expertise of any sort. As has been said at the beginning of the article, I don’t like the role of a self-appointed arbiter of the company’s worth. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you like it or not. What I rate here is my personal experience with, and it was great. So much so that I score it at 4.9 out of 5.

MyAdmissionsEssay is a paper writing platform that provides a wide range of writing services. Such as academic, business, etc. As a student, you will get the solution to your paper writing problems here. So, if you are looking for a reputable paper writing company that you can trust to provide the best quality service MyadmissionEssay is one of the best platforms you can trust.
Students find all the important information about the company on one page. That is just how simple and straightforward the platform is. The simple but attractive web design offers a complete description of the products and services of MyadmissionEssay at a glance. MyadmissionEssay is a very popular paper writing platform that attracts thousands of clients every year. In addition, MyAdmissionsEssay has more than 3,000 skilled writers who work selflessly and relentlessly to ensure that every client is happy at the end of every order. Therefore, when you come to MyadmissionEssay, be sure to find an author who suits you.

MyadmissionEssay is so simple, and that is why many people prefer to work with them. the process is not only simple but the quality of the service delivery is superb.

Some of the qualities of MyadmissionEssay include:

  • professional approach;
  • experienced writers with academic degrees;
  • extra bonuses for the clients ;
  • unique and plagiarism-free papers;
  • on-time paper delivery, etc.

Prices and Offers

As a student, you only have a limited budget. And when it comes to using professional writing services, you try to get something below your budget. MyAdmissionsEssay is a service offering prices that adapt to your budget. Please read this information before you place your order to prevent misunderstanding that may occur along the line. It is necessary to understand that the service price of MyadmissionEssay is not fixed, it varies depending on a couple of factors such as:

  • The required deadline
  • The number of pages
  • The academic level of the paper

Extra features

For example, the price for college-level writing can be up to $2/page with a 20-day deadline. However, you may be required to be up to $16/page if you reduce the deadline down to one week. Also, with a deadline of three days, you may be required to pay as much as $18/page. A doctorate is the most expensive academic level paper. For example, you may pay as much as $23/page for a paper with a deadline of one week.
Unlike most other platforms, MyAdmissionEssay does not provide mouth-watering offers and bonuses for new clients. For example, a new client is entitled to only a 5% discount on the first order. But that is a lot when compared to the quality you stand to gain.

The lowest price is you can get is $ 9 per page for a high school project and this only when the deadline is up to 20 days. The shortest deadline you can get here is 3 hours, however, this deadline is a bit pricier.

In short, the services are quite cheap compared to other paper writing companies to meet the budget of the students while providing them with top-quality service.

Types of Services

We have already mentioned that MyAdmissionsEssay has a wide scope of writing services for students who need some help. Now, let’s study them in a more detailed way.

If you need a paper writing company that will provide you with the best quality paper on any given topic MyAdmissionsEssay is the platform that can offer what you want at an affordable rate. The company has made every effort to provide its customers with all the necessary facilities to get their work done on time.

As mentioned earlier, MyAdmissionsEssay offers a wide range of writing services to students who need help. Let’s take a closer look now.

The best thing about this paper writing company is that:

  • Offer articles in various disciplines
  • Edit or proofread of finished articles;
  • Can help you take care of your multiple-choice questions
  • Know how to handle troubleshooting tasks
  • Offer assistance to make your admission process easy.

Remember that not all businesses can help you with all of the above. In addition, the company has highly qualified professionals in various disciplines, including:

  • Biology
  • Literature
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Geography
  • Engineering etc.

In addition, the authors at MyadmissionEssay understand the standards of each type of academic paper writing. So be sure that your research, reviews, and any type of paper you order will be well-structured.

Another interesting feature of MyadmissionEssay writing services is that each client is entitled to three free document revisions before the final approval of the paper. For more information on this paper revision policy, visit MyAdmissionsEssay to learn more or you can contact the customer service team to know what is obtainable in that regard.


MyadmissionEssay has been in business for many years. The staff and agents are competent at what they do. Therefore, they have the trust and confidence of thousands of customers, who have given their positive comments about the services. The company is so trusted that every year, they get thousands of new customers. From time to time, you may see some bad reputation of MyAdmissionEssay online. When you see such accusations just know that it is the ploy of the competitors to stain the reputation. Anyone who has used the services of myadmissionEssay will confirm that the service is top-class.

How To Place An Order On Myadmissionsessay

The process of placing an order on myadmissionEssay is very simple. The company has made the process so seamless. Before you approach the company, you should know the type of paper you want to write, the academic level, the title of the project. If you don’t already have the title of the project, you can discuss the idea of the project with your author and he/she may help you to come up with a topic. And lastly, you need to state the deadline. The least deadline you can set is 3 hours.

Once you have provided complete information about the kind of paper you want, you will click continue and then you will be redirected to the payment page. On this page, you can add some extra features as you desire. These extra features include an official plagiarism report, a VIP service. Text Messages regarding your order updates, and a

Summary Page.

After you make the payment, an author will immediately be assigned to your project. All you have to do from this point is to concentrate on other things you have at hand and wait for your project to be delivered within the appropriate time. You can always access your account to monitor the progress of the task if you wish to. After the final delivery and you think the writer has made a mistake and you want modifications, you are entitled to three revisions. But people don’t usually come back for revisions and that further proves the quality of MyadmissionEssay.


MyadmissionsEssay is a company that has been around for several years. They have the interest of the clients at heart, and that is why more and more people prefer their services and even recommend it to friends and family.

My Admission Essay is an academic writing company that instantly lets you know about its purpose. The primary service of the company is admission essays, which are a source of stress and dread for thousands of aspiring college applicants. However, MyAdmissionsEssay’s scope of services isn’t limited to only admission essays.

The writers at My Admission Essay can also do your regular essays, literature reviews, presentations, and even CVs and cover letters. The website of the company is attractively designed, but upon further inspection, we didn’t find some crucial facts about MyAdmissionsEssay — for example, when the service was launched.

The company emphasizes the fact that while all of its writers work on a freelance basis, each of them is a native English speaker. My Admission Essay promises to resolve every issue in favor of the customer and to do whatever it takes to make everyone happy. That is exactly what we were hoping for when starting our review.

MyAdmissionEssay works on a standard pricing model, where you can find out the price for your paper with an instant price calculator. According to the calculator, the lowest price you can get is $9 per page for a high school essay with a 20-day deadline. The more urgent or complex your order is, the more you are going to pay for it. We also spotted a secret promo code for a 5% discount on your first order, but it’s only valid for orders worth over $500, which seems rather unrealistic to us.

There are some additional features you can get:

Previous writer

If you have already worked with one of the My Admission Essay writers and enjoyed the collaboration, you can request the assistance of the same writer for your new order.

Type of writing

MyAdmissionsEssay offers three types of writing to each customer. You can choose Basic writing at no extra cost, but Standard writing and Premium writing will automatically increase your order price.

VIP customer service

For an additional $14.99 to your order price, you can get your answers and requests addressed before hundreds of other questions in the queue of the customer support team.

Plagiarism check

If you want to get a proof of originality when ordering a paper from My Admission Essay, you can request a plagiarism report for an additional cost starting at $9.99 for a 1-5 page paper.

Quality of work execution

When placing our test order, we were surprised by how flexible the deadline at MyAdmissionsEssay was. There is even a possibility to order a PhD paper with a 3-hour deadline. However, we decided to go for a medium deadline and placed an order for a 3-page college essay with a 24-hour deadline, which was considerably more expensive than the advertised lowest price per page. We requested a Standard writing level and included several important instructions.

Our paper was delivered almost an hour late. The essay was formatted according to our requirements, but there were major problems with the writing itself. Having requested Standard writing, we expected to see complex sentences, academic language, and the use of idioms. Instead, we got a paper that seemed to have been written by a non-native English speaker. Plus, the final page of the essay was only ⅔ of the page long, which was not what we paid for.


There are not too many guarantees offered by MyAdmissionsEssay. If you are determined to find out about the guarantees of the service, you will have to take a deep look on the website. We discovered several guarantees, and this is what MyAdmissionsEssay promises.

The service guarantees that your paper will be written by a native English speaker. You are also entitled to a paper that is 100% free of any plagiarism. Your paper is guaranteed to be delivered on time, and if you are not happy with it, you can get a free revision.

Payment options

At My Admission Essay, you can pay for your order using one of the few popular payment methods. You can do it with a Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card, or use your American Express or Discover account to pay for the paper. Sadly, no PayPal payments are offered at the moment, even though many customers prefer to pay safely through PayPal.

We always pay close attention to the revision and refund policies at any writing service we review, and MyAdmissionEssay was no exception. The service does offer a free revision service, but you need to comply with several requirements — for example, after you approve the order, you have only 7 days to request a revision. In case of refunds, the situation is even more complicated. You can get a 100% refund, but only in a few cases, such as double payment. If your order is late, the customer service will calculate the refund amount.


If you are wondering about the public opinion about MyAdmissionsEssay, like we were, you can find several customer testimonials on their homepage. Unsurprisingly, they are exclusively five star reviews that constantly praise the service. The testimonials, however, lack essential information about the customer and the order for us to consider them 100% genuine. Plus, there is no way for new customers to make their own testimonials, which is not good.

We did not stop at the reviews on the My Admission Essay website and went to look for third party reviews, which revealed a different picture. Only a third of the reviewers we came across were happy with their orders, but even they often experienced minor issues when working with the service. Other customers reported a bad experience with MyAdmissionEssay. The most common complaint in their reviews was the lack of writing quality despite requesting Standard or Premium writing. Some customers also complained about missed deadlines, plagiarism issues, and troubles with customer support.

We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


Pricing System

Clear pricing system


Promo code for first-time customers


Many additional services that inflate the price


Complicated money back policy


No PayPal payments available


My Admission Essay is a writing company that is known for its adequate admission essay writing services, but it is clear that they struggle with other types of written assignments. Our experience with MyAdmissionsEssay was not a good one and we don’t think they will do a better job with your order. If you are looking for a reputable and affordable essay writing service, we believe you will get a more satisfying result with another company.


MyAdmissionEssay takes a customer from argh to WOW. The utmost attention to detail makes both writing and customer support great. I also love that the company does not charge too much for its help and lets its customers pay later. MyAdmissionEssay is highly recommended.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about college admission? You’d be surprised how much students are willing to pay for peace of mind during the hectic season. Smart high school seniors flock to the Web with the following search query: “Who can write myadmission essay?” Inevitably, they find MyAdmissionEssay website (apparently, Captain Obvious moonlights at Google these days). If there was a way to assess if legit and reliable, the discovery would be cause for celebration. Alas, there’s no means of testing the service other than giving it a try. And that is exactly what I did. If you’ve been searching for genuine reviews on, look no further. This article is not a boring regurgitation of MyAdmissionEssay Reddit posts. Rather, it is an honest-to-goodness description of a real purchasing experience. I wrote My Admission Essay review after buying an eponymous product from the company.

For the sake of full disclosure: I’m not a college-bound high school student, and I certainly need no admission essay. I earned a philosophy degree two years ago. Now, I’m helping GlobaLearn to review writing companies making sure to discover any possible scam accusations or, on the other hand, tons of positive myadmissionsessay feedback.

Here’s what I did to assess the quality of

  1. Compared the prices against the market average;
  2. Called the company;
  3. Ordered an essay;
  4. Run a plagiarism check;
  5. Checked style, flow, and grammar.

Almost forgot: I’ve presented the results of the quality assessment in a bite-sized format. Enjoy!

My Admission Essay Discount Codes

Good news for you, bargain hunters out there: My Admissions Essay has promo codes for the first-time buyers. New customers can also get a 11% off any purchase by using MyAdmissionsEssay coupon codeBESTGRADE. To apply one, I had to sign in to their admin panel using my newly-created login.

A Myadmissionsessay discount is a welcome relief since high schoolers usually apply to several colleges. Fact: on average, college hopefuls apply to 7 institutions. Given that it is not a wise strategy to submit the same application paper multiple times, students buy many essays. Therefore, prices matter (like, a lot!).

The amount charged by writing companies for an admission essay differs widely. There are profit-seekers who ask as much as $70 for a single essay page, whereas the average market rate for this type of writing is $45. That’s where MyAdmissionsEssay shines.

MyAdmissionEssay Prices Review

If you’ve started preparing for the admissions season early (most people do), the company will charge only $34/page. Those who want to get professional help a bit later will pay $41/ page, which is also a lower rate than the market average. The real latecomers (the eleventh-hour kind) will spend a lot on professional writing. An essay written in 24 hours will cost $71/page. While the price is lower than the market average for urgent writing ($85), it is still pretty steep. Therefore, you better start thinking about college admission at the beginning of your high school senior year (like I did).

MyAdmissionsEssay prices are low. I can see why the company’s offerings are embraced with open arms by college-bound high schoolers.

MyAdmissionEssay Writing Quality Of My Order

If you weren’t asleep two days ago around noon, you must have heard an ear-shattering THUD followed by the escalating lub-dub-lub-DUB-LUB-DUB…What was it? Nothing much: I read my college admissions essay. I was finishing the first paragraph when my jaw fell to the floor, and my heart began racing. I’m not even sure how to start describing my excitement about the cheap essay for high school students with academic motivations the company wrote for me. So, let’s start at the beginning. I sent the agency the following request: “Can I pay someone to do my admission essay for me?” A Customer Support manager responded in a minute and explained that they could write my admission essay and even help me in college or university. To test the company’s promise of urgent service, I said that I need help with my college admission essay in 3 hours. The manager didn’t think for long: “Place an order please, and we will start working on it right away.” I inquired about plagiarism, but she reassured me that my MBA admissions essay would be checked for uniqueness for free (It was a great thing since I wasn’t prepared to spend a lot of money for this Myadmissionsessay review).

Now, let’s discuss the essay itself. Two words: it worked.

The essay worked for me and, I’m absolutely certain, it would work for an admissions committee. Mind that those bluenoses are not the easiest bunch to impress.

The author took an unconventional approach to telling their my story. Instead of simply recounting my strengths as a candidate, they solidified them in the context. The author also managed to be specific without actually knowing me. That was a feat worth admiring. Either they practice tasseology or have extensive experience producing admission essays.

Another thing that stood out was style. Sentences were smooth: I jumped on the first one and rode to the last one with ease. Surfing linguistic waves was a real pleasure.

Grammar and spelling were also beyond reproach. Granted, the essay was only two pages long, but hey, it was more than 500 words – many things could go wrong.

To sum up, the essay was capital-G Great. If I used it to get into a selective college, my chances of successful admission would put many talented candidates to shame.

I bought an excellent essay for cheap. It was as if MyAdmissions Essay was an impeccable company. Unfortunately, there was a but. Read about the three-letter word and its implications for you as a customer of MyAdmissionsEssay in the next section of the article.

My Admission Essays Customer Support is Good, BUT…

Of course, you’ve heard about helicopter parenting. Get this: MyAdmissionsEssay will introduce you to the concept of helicopter customer support.

I was smothered by the relentless care of the MyAdmissionsEssay Customer Support manager. In the span of three short hours, I got four messages from her. Seriously.

I was informed that:

  • My order was successfully placed;
  • A writer was assigned to the order;
  • The writer finished their work on the order;
  • The essay passed Quality Verification procedure.

As if the messages weren’t redundant enough, the support rep called me to say that the essay was ready for download. Sheesh!

The Customer Support manager was sweet and helpful, but, come on, how many messages does a customer need?! Hey, MyAdmissionsEssay folks, while you are at it, start informing clients about each move your writers make. E.g., the writer created a Word document and wrote the first sentence and scratched their nose, etc.

Is MyAdmissionEssay Reliable, Safe and Legit?

Yes, it is. However, make sure that you are dealing with the official website and not a myadmissionsessay fraud replica. The URL you are looking for is Do not get tricked by web pages with similar name and domain suffixes such as .net, .org, or .cn among others. Those are mirror websites created to distribute malware or profit from the popularity of My Admissions Essay service.

MyAdmissionEssay Rating

Rule of thumb: follow a trail of satisfied customers to find a decent company. The company’s cohort of happy customers has recently acquired a new member – me. The essay was great, the price was sweet, the customer support … well, the redundant correspondence was a tiny bit bothersome, but otherwise, it was fine.

So… You’ve been waiting for it…

It’s time to pound a gavel and declare the final verdict: My Admission Essay is one hell of a writing agency! It will serve you well. There is every reason in the world to rate it highly – 4.9/5.


  • Amazing writing
  • Affordable prices
  • Speedy delivery


  • Excessive messages
  • Only 3 payment options is a website that offers a wide range of academic writing services. Students can find here everything they need. So if you’re looking for a reliable academic writing company, you’ve come across the right service.

One page website provides all the important information about the company for students to take into consideration. Simple but eye-catching website design gives a detailed description of the services. You can see that MyAdmissionsEssay is a popular service that has attracted over 130,000 clients last year. The figure is impressive, don’t you think? Apart from this, has more than 3000 professional writers working for them, so be sure to get a suitable writer for your case.

You can easily place an order on the website and get a paper in 4 simple steps. The first thing to do is to file an order. Then, you’ll get a price, automatically calculated by the website. Make a payment online and the moment the order is paid, their assistants and writers start working on your case. After that a writer shares the draft of the paper for your approval and in case everything is fine, you can download your paper. Nothing difficult.

The simplicity is one of the reasons why so many people choose these services. Among the others are:

  • professional approach;
  • on time paper delivery;
  • unique and plagiarism free papers;
  • experienced writers with academic degrees;
  • extra bonuses for the clients, etc.


When you are a student you have quite a limited budget to be spent. And when it comes to usage of the professional academic writing services, you’ll try to find something cheap. is a service that offers relevant prices for their services. Before you place an order, study this information to omit all the misunderstandings later. It’s important to remember that the price depends on the following factors:

  • deadline;
  • number of pages;
  • academic level of the paper (high school, college, university, or PhD);
  • number of paper extras.

The lowest price is $9 per page for high school and in case the deadline is in 20 days or more. The shortest deadline is 3 hours, but the price is much higher.

All in all, the services are rather cheap in comparison with the other similar companies, so it can fit the needs of the students.


If you are looking for a writing company that can help you with any type of assignment in any subject, is what you need. The company has made everything to provide all the facilities their clients need.

We have already mentioned that has a wide scope of writing services for students who need some help. Now, let’s study them in a more detailed way.

What is great about this company is that they:

  • write academic papers in different subject;
  • edit or proofread ready papers;
  • can help you with multiple choice questions;
  • know how to deal with problem solving tasks;
  • provide admission help.

Take into account that not all companies can help you with all the things listed above.

Apart from this, company hires professionals who have higher academic degrees in various subjects, including:

  • Biology;
  • Chemistry;
  • Engineering;
  • Geography;
  • Math;
  • Literature;
  • Physics, etc.

In addition to this, writers know all the standard requirements to any type of the academic article. So, be sure to get properly structured essays, articles, research papers, reviews, or theses. The writers know the latest updates of the academic requirements as they want to deliver impeccable paper to every client.

One more thing that is great about these services is that every client is entitled for 3 free revisions of the paper before it is approved. If you need more details about this policy, please visit the website and see how it works. It’s a great bonus for students.

Payment methods

VISA, PayPal, MasterCard

While some academic writing companies slowly asphyxiate, My Admission Essay enjoys rapid growth.

Shed no tear: the dinosaur companies are meant to die. I have worked for one of them and jumped ship at the first opportunity. Instead of warming a chair in a dusty office wondering when the company will go belly up, I joined

Turns out that trusting my instincts was a brilliant idea.

Aside from the fact that My Admissions Essay enabled me to work anywhere I could find an Internet connection, it also helped me to make a good living.

Decent money from the comfort of my gray sweatpants. What else? Read the article to find out. It describes what it’s like to work for My Admissions Essay. I’ve been compelled to share my experience of being a writer after answering one too many questions from my friends who have also wanted to work there.

For busy writers out there, here’s the TLDR version of the article: Merit-based raises at Check. Decent salary? Check. Friendly colleagues, management, and clients? Check, check, check!

Where Do You Find MyAdmissionsEssay Discount Code?

Why do you keep seeing Myadmissionsessay coupons in your Facebook feed? Well, simply because it is one of many gimmicks employed to generate a steady stream of customers who order admission essay services. Chances are that you’ve become interested in working for the company after seeing the ad for the umpteenth time. The same applies to customers. They regularly drop a order, thereby making me extremely gleeful. Why? Because the more essays I write, the more money I make.

Over the last few months, I’ve ratcheted up my income above peaks I had thought were unreachable.

Does MyAdmissions Essay Pay Enough for Basic Writing?

I graduated from college with a master’s in philosophy. Moving back into my parents’ house did not seem like a viable option, which is why I started looking for a job. Among a few marketable skills I had, writing was the most lucrative one. Being saddled with a soul-crushing student debt, I accepted the shittiest writing gig I found. After gaining valuable experience, I quit the dying company and joined the thriving one. And this is where the most interesting part of review starts.

I submitted several samples of my writing, passed an English test, crossed my fingers, and waited for the company’s response. Bingo, bango, bongo – I was hired.

Is It Nice Working for MyAdmissions?

Right from the start, I knew that MyAdmissionsEssay is not the place to make boatloads of money by simply writing. As a matter of fact, if you think that writing is an extremely lucrative endeavor, you look in the wrong career direction. If, however, you want to make a reasonably decent living while being your own boss, MyAdmissionsEssay is the place for you to be.

I chose the right niche: college-bound individuals paid good money for admissions essays. Namely, a single page written within 24 hours cost $30. If a college applicant was in a hurry – the usual kind – the same page cost almost $40. The bulk of that money resided in my pockets. There was something exciting about fulfilling urgent orders. The thrill of the last minute was followed by the buzz of a monetary reward. My regular pursuit of rush (expensive) orders could be fairly categorized as thrill-seeking behavior, which is something frowned upon by psychologists. I used to log in to my profile just to count the number of orders I completed that week and I felt proud for myself. But I didn’t care; the jingle of coins was too sweet to care. Also, merit-based raises amplified the jingle and my job satisfaction correspondingly.

Any Details of Working at MyAdmissionsEssay?

Well, yes. The potential for conflicts with customers was slim. The majority of them were satisfied, and quite a few of them were exalted. Imagine reading myadmissionsessay feedback from customers who got into college, in part, due to your efforts. The sweetness is almost dripping from their messages.

Are There Any Dark Sides of Working for a Writing Company?

Unfortunately, not every aspect of my working experience at MyAdmissionsEssay was enjoyable. Revisions were nasty. Over the two years of working at the company, I had five of those. The dissatisfied customers wanted me to tweak their essays, which I did on my own dime. Even though free rewriting is not the most joyous pastime one can think of, its occurrence was extremely rare.

High prices and plagiarism are often viewed as a two-headed monster that has destroyed some writing agencies and continues kicking others while they are down. MyAdmissionsEssay is well aware of the many companies’ downfall, which is why it takes active measures to fight the bogeyman. For one thing, it keeps its prices reasonably low. For another, it checks each essay with plagiarism detection software. So, if you are planning on joining the company, remember: plagiarism is a huge no-no.

Is Myadmissionsessay Safe?

I loved the steady, on-going work provided by By specializing in one area only – admissions writing – I managed to hone my skills in a manner not dissimilar to a Japanese craftsman sharpening and polishing a Katana. Therefore, the working process was simple and enjoyable (and never decaying thanks to the generous MyAdmissionsEssay coupon code). So if you hear any myadmissionsessay fraud rumours, as well as any scam accusations, know that it's a competitor's work and not at all true. MyAdmissionsEssay is a great place to work at. Come to think of it, it’s theplace to work if writing is your only marketable skill. Also, the myadmissionsessay support team is the best there is, trust me.

Once you are constantly running against specified deadlines and cannot cope with written assignments on your own, it is time to act and change something. Writing your assignment will never be so hard again with Forget about tiresome nights working on your essay, long hours in libraries and other difficulties you have been facing. Address professional writers working in the service and get top-notch essays at competitive rates, delivered on time. Highly experienced scholars will make your admission essay or report the most impressive paper possible.

Products and Services Available at

Striving to provide customers with the most innovative and convenient services, the company is constantly developing and advancing its offers. Currently, custom writing help features numerous exclusive opportunities, such as highly professional scholars that have required knowledge and expertise to fulfill the most complicated tasks, low prices that are formed based on a few factors, high confidentiality level, wide variety of assignments available, etc.

One of the most beneficial features singled out by previous customers is the great diversity of assignments possible to order. These types of work differ greatly and the price will definitely depend on the selected one, but they include:

  • Essays (admission, argumentative);

  • Letters (application, cover);

  • Reviews (book, movie, article, literature);

  • Case study;

  • Critical thinking;

  • Creative writing;

  • Dissertation (full paper, abstract, hypothesis, chapter, introduction, conclusion, results, methodology, etc.);

  • Report;

  • Presentation;

  • Biography;

  • Annotated bibliography;

  • Essay

  • Proposals (research, thesis);

  • Business plan;

  • Course work;

  • Research paper and others.

Opt for the necessary paper type and have it ready within a specified period of time. Forget about your problems with written assignments and get your first excellent mark for this type of work.

Policies and Guarantees of Writing Help

While many customers excited by the services offered and other benefits are ready to make an order immediately, the vast majority of clients still want to make sure the service is not scam and stay safe and anonymous within the website. features a clear ordering process, reliable privacy policy and high confidentiality level. All these peculiarities guarantee that the customer will keep confidential all throughout the process. The personal information presented will never be passed to any third party, as well as disclosed within the service. Besides, your payment data will be safely preserved.

Generally, based on the services and policies promised by the company, the platform is worth the trust, attention and money. However, a bare word is not a good reason to rely on the company, thus, a small investigation has been handled to ensure the service is legit and the options promised are real. So, as part of the project we have ordered a report for undergraduate level. The total price of the paper was around $90. The assignment should have been delivered in 10 days. After 9 days of expectations we have got the assignment. It was carefully edited following all the specified requirements. Besides, plagiarism check proved the paper to be 100% original and authentic. The proofread assignment met all the requirements and preferences. All in all, the experience can be truly called successful and the service – professional.

Pricing and Discounts – Advantageous Experience Ordering in also features competitive prices and impressive discounts. The total sum for any custom paper depends on four main points:

  • Type of the assignment;

  • Number of pages;

  • Academic level;

  • Urgency.

The price of the paper may vary from $9 up to $98, depending on the mentioned specifications. Being a return customer, you can use the benefits of loyalty program that allows saving money on the assignment. After you confirm and pay for the order, you receive a reward that may be used to cover certain expenses on the next order. Additionally, numerous discounts are accessible for clients, including:

  • 5% off for the order over $500;

  • 10% off for the paper about $1,000.

Benefits of over Other Custom Writing Companies is a service appreciated by millions. Its professional services and convenient policies gain the attention of its customers. Additionally, extra advantages cannot leave a single customer indifferent. They include:

  • Dependable, round-the-clock support team;

  • Timely delivery;

  • High quality papers for low prices;

  • Discounts, loyalty program and additional bonuses;

  • 100% authentic and plagiarism free assignments, etc.

Not everyone has what it takes to draft a top quality essay, personal statement, college admission essay among other types of assignments.

It could be due to lack of time or because of poor writing skills. Arguably, there are many other reasons why a student would fail to meet expectations on matters of writing academic papers. But like everyone else who might be in your situation, asking for help with my admission essay is not out of the ordinary. With a great review, you can land the best writing services on the web from among hundreds that exist.

Now, before EduReviewer can provide you with more information about, we know you must be wondering why you should trust us. Well, there are many reasons to choose whenever you want to find out the truth and even answer the question: is myadmissionsessay legit?

Why you should take our peer review seriously

  • We hold the notion that honesty is the best policy, and by which we always strive to deliver dependable and reliable information about best custom paper writing services.
  • We always go out of our way to unearth the truth about a service before providing you with in-depth reviews.
  • We have expertise, knowledge and hands-on experience regarding the admission process, which is another reason to trust our reviews.

Our criteria for choosing a Essay writing service for our review include the following:

  • Types of services available, in which case, we emphasize that students and job seekers choose a company whose services cover wide-ranging subjects, topics, specialties and courses.
  • A service that holds their client’s confidentiality in high esteem is another consideration we make when choosing one for our review series. Therefore, while you will be asking,Is myadmissionsessay legit? we emphasize a company that keeps your privacy remains intact.
  • The legitimacy of a custom paper agency is another vital factor we consider when reviewing a company.
  • Our criterion for reviewing an agency that writes papers is also informed on the premise of fair pricing and cost competitiveness. Story

You aren’t going to pay just anyone to write your essay. You need the best writers out there, preferably, professionals who know what they do. It is also noteworthy that with lots of myadmissionsessay reviews on the web, choosing what to believe and what not to can be difficult.

Myadmissionsessay got established several years ago, and today, it boasts of providing excellent services to students who need help with assignments as well as job seekers who want to write quality essays and personal statements.

The company has branches in the UK, USA, Canada and parts of Europe, not to mention an expanding workforce comprising 170 editors and administrators. Having gained outstanding knowledge on matters of college admission, you can be sure that asking a question like, “What is myadmissionsessay really like?” would pull up plenty of information to help you get started with a great journey of success. Pricing

Now, to get you started with using this company that writes essays, and other types of papers, we wanted to find out if it is worth the money. In particular, how much does it charge per page? We were able to verify that welcomes new clients with 5% off provided one uses a promo code. Customers within the EU are subject to VAT tax dedication (non-refundable) which is added to the total order price.

The cheapest price is $9 for a high school paper, $11 for college students, $17 for university orders and $19 per page for PhD students with a deadline of 20 days. And like most custom paper services, prices increase with tight deadlines. We, therefore, think that the cost range of between $31, $34, $39 and $49 per page spread across all levels of academia is fair enough for everyone to afford.

Moreover, you pay less or more depending on whether you seek basic, standard or premium writing help. Cost per page also varies depending on spacing, plagiarism report, a number of sources, VIP services, abstract, editing. For orders above $1000, you get 10 % myadmissionsessay discount and 5 percent for anything above $500.

Myadmissionsessay Payment

When it comes to paying for writing services online, security and convenience of a payment channel is another important factor one must consider. So, apart from asserting that myadmissionsessay legit, EduReviewer would also like to confirm that it provides clients with several secured payment channels. Whether you would like to use Visa, PayPal or MasterCard, everything is at your fingertips. Quality

The next issue of concern most people ask is, “How good is myadmissionsessay rating?”  Well, to further help you with making the right decision when placing orders, we wanted to make sure everything comes with top quality assurance. Our request for a 2-page personal statement went through smoothly, and delivery was the same impressive as on service.

On this premise, we then concluded that the service is not rated 4.8 stars just randomly. It provides the best quality writing services. The write-up was original and free from plagiarism (we paid for a report). We were also able to establish that writers who handle orders are professionals and possibly, native English writers. Customer Service

Customer service is a vital component of any writing agency, and so, you may want to ask, “How easy is it contacting support at” First off, their site does not have a live chat, which, we must say, is a big letdown to most people out there. Its toll-free line is only for U.S residents. But you can still make general order inquiries via customer support email provided on the site. Website Usability

Once you land on the site, it becomes obvious that navigating your way around wouldn’t be a difficult task. From highly visible navigation buttons, an order form you cannot miss to see, tips for students at the bottom, user guide, and payment information, website security overview to great color and design, is not only easy to use but also attractive to the eye.


  • Comprehensive money-back guarantee policy
  • Top quality academic papers on any subject, topic and essays
  • Professional writers are always on standby to handle your orders
  • Easy-to-use website
  • A variety of payment options
  • Wide-ranging free samples


  • The site lacks live chat
  • Occasional slow order processing
  • Order prices are quite costly
  • Extra charges on services such as plagiarism report, abstract and references cast doubt on the uniqueness of papers
  • Some clients have raised concerns with plagiarism if they don’t pay for a report
  • Difficulty with reaching support with urgent orders unless you pay VIP fees