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Homework Market Reviews 2021

Homework Market Reviews 2021

When I was evaluating various money making opportunities, I found doing online homework or assignments are quite worthy opportunities to cash out. There are a good number of websites engaged in these activities. And one of them is In this blog, we will review the pros and cons of the website as a money-making opportunity.

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Among the sites providing online homework or assignment services and online tutoring, is a popular one both for service receiver or service provider. In this review blog, our target is to assess the opportunities created by the site for the people who are interested to earn money by freelance homework jobs. Here’s what I have gathered while reviewing the site.

About The Website

Let’s start with a brief introduction of the website. is an online marketplace for homework services. The site acts as a mediator connecting the school, colleges and university level students with experts or tutors knowledgeable in their respective fields, to answer questions or to do their assignments. Started in 2011, the site is not very old, yet it managed to capture a great chunk of visitors/customers.

The feature of the site is pretty simple. They are very straightforward in their subject. The home page itself tells everything about the site. A student registers himself on the site and posts a question asking for help. Once a question is posted, it will be answered by more than one teacher and will be treated as reference answers. A student will be able to see the preview of the answer and based upon that he/she can purchase the full answer.

Opportunity For Tutors offer answer services in different subjects ranging from Mathematics to Political Science, History to Biology. So, the site provides a good opportunity for teachers having expertise in different fields.

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Students give start ratings to freelance teachers, depending on the level of satisfaction experienced by them. So, as a teacher, you should always be up to date and deliver the best out of you. A teacher having more stars have a brighter chance that a student selects his/her answers.

Ease Of Access: (5/5)

The graphical interface is very clean. On clicking the ‘Go here’ link the interface changes for the teachers. If you want to get registered as a tutor, you may find the link button on the upper right-hand corner of the site.

The signup process is pretty simple. You can register yourself with your social accounts like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, as well as with your Email ID.

The signup page.

You have to create two profiles on the site. One is private for site’s internal purpose and the other is for public viewing. To get registered on the site you need atleast two Govt Ids. In the public profile, you can upload your profile picture, write taglines etc. Your academic degrees, as well as your field of expertise, should also be mentioned as you would be judged by those by the students.

The site provides a good facility to chat with students whenever required. This makes things easier both for students and teachers to sort out things that hinder delivery of answers. There is also a scope for a teacher to promote himself through this chatting. Moreover, it shows the members who are online.

Authenticity: (4/5)

The site is operating in the homework service domain since 2011. Till date, no scam has yet been reported against this website. Based on previous experiences of the tutors, though a few delay in payments has been noticed, there is no record for non-payment.

Remuneration & Payouts: (3/5)

HomeworkMarket has a large student base, so it’s a good opportunity for a tutor to exhibit his knowledge and expertise and make a good money. Though it has not been clearly mentioned on the Site, it is deduced that the tutor himself fixes the price of the answer. If a student finds the answer as well as the price appropriate for his/her purpose, he/she will buy it. The payments are made through online mediums like PayPal, Payoneer and prepaid MasterCard through Payoneer.

The Company makes an upfront deduction of 20 percent as a commission from the fees paid by the students to the teachers along with handling charges for paying through online medium. This is a quite high rate of commission charged by any site so far as homework service is concerned. The Company is also silent about payout periods. But it has been witnessed in many reviews that the Site holds the payment for 45 days which is not very lucrative.

Overall Impression:

The usability of HomeworkMarket is not very complex, but the site lacks in providing some vital information regarding bidding process, dispute resolution process, payout periods etc. The Faq section of the site doesn’t serve the purpose of a student as well as a tutor. It seems very unprofessional as far as addressing the key points in its service. A video representation could have been better for conveying the focus points of the site to its visitors.

When you check out Homework market reviews, you will find a website that offers students access to tutors. Subjects such as mathematics, management, history, finance law and loads of others are catered for here. The website is simple and easy to use with guidelines on how to navigate through.

The first step is registering and confirming your account. Then, you post a specific question, essay or full assignment and wait for a tutor to send you a preview. The price is attached to the preview, and if you like the work you pay the tutor, and they send you the whole assignment. The cost, though, varies with the tutor and how complicated your task is.

As a tutor, you create a profile indicating the subjects that you qualify for plus your academic background. There is a chat icon that allows you to chat with students and other tutors either in a group or privately. It also notifies you when a client uploads new assignments. When you see a task that interests you, you send a handshake message to the client. You will then negotiate with them on price and deadline. The student will then deposit a down payment, and you can begin working. After completion, the client sends the rest of your money into your www homeworkmarket com account.

According to their terms and regulations, the company will hold your payment for 45 days. This policy is to ensure that the student is satisfied with your work. After this period, you can transfer the money to your PayPal account. However, if a tutor earns more than $5,000 they can access the funds within 14 days. Also, if a different student purchases the same answer or assignment you did, you get paid again. Homework market requires its tutors to have a level of academic qualifications. It lacks, however, measures that curb scammers from registering with fake credentials.


There are no set prices on Once you post a question, you are the one who will choose which answer to pick. Each tutor will give you a different price. You choose according to your budget. The websites only task is to connect you with tutors and they add a $0.20 handling fee on top of your payment.

There are huge differences in pricing from different professionals; you need to choose one that is logical. There is also information on pricing on the website to give a client an idea of what they may pay. There are no discounts offered by, it depends on what the tutor is willing to work for. The tutor will only receive 20% of the amount you pay as the website takes 20%. If you are a tutor with the site, withdrawing to PayPal will incur a $1 fee regardless of the amount. If you are on Payoneer, the full price list is shown to you when you’re registering. Any charges are deducted from your Payoneer account.

If you are a teacher and you get a dispute and fail to settle it within 3 days, a 5% fee is charged. For disputes extending 6 days or more a tutor will be charged 10%. The company accepts the following modes of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards, among other acceptable modes of payment

Home Work Market Quality of Services

Some of the services offered at home work market include:

  • Essay writing
  • Single question answers
  • Research
  • Report writing
  • Proofreading

When you check any homework market review, you will find varying statements from clients, both positive and negative. This is expected as the site accepts tutors from across the globe. Some of them have fake academic qualifications as they seek to make a quick buck. Eventually, they end up doing a shoddy job leaving behind a disgruntled student. This paints a bad picture of the company and there are measures to guard against such.

If a tutor receives numerous disputes, their account is blocked and they cannot access funds in their accounts. Another issue is the layout of the website. Although it’s easy to navigate, its appearance is not up to par leaving many prospective clients apprehensive about seeking services from it. Also, a client may log in to seek an answer to only one question but ends up being harassed by tutors to subscribe to other services that they offer. This is frustrating.

If you’re not careful, you will assign work to an unqualified tutor who will either give you plagiarized work or not complete the task altogether. One is advised to check a tutors ratings and the preview before a purchase. Also, there are a lot of scammers who ask for payment first but will not do the task. However, there are tutors who have received glowing reviews from clients who appreciate their work.

All in all, a considerable number of assignments are consistent with the agreement. Also, the modes of payment are secure as the website has put in place mechanisms to protect both its clients and writers. Anonymity is also upheld by the company assuring customers that their professors or teachers won’t find out. The company, however, needs to put in place mechanisms to vet their writers to avoid tutors who bring its image down.

Benefits of Homework Market

Many tutors are offering a wide range of services making www homework com market a one-stop shop for students. The pricing is also friendly to students considering that most survive on pocket money and allowances. Also, if you have a dispute, you can lodge even after a couple of days. The policy of withholding payment allows you to get quality service for money. There are also reviews and academic qualifications on the bio of the tutors allowing one to select the most qualified from the pool.

The website is running 24/7 to ensure that if you have an urgent assignment, you will find a tutor ready to do it in your timeframe. You cannot contact the site directly, but if you are a registered user, you will receive assistance directly. It also accepts writers across the globe offering employment to thousands of qualified persons.

Homework Market Review Conclusion has both excellent and unprofessional writers. It has issues faced by similar sites online. It is possible to find reliable work from the website if you can spot a capable tutor. A drawback for tutors is that the company tends to side with the student if a dispute arises. It will not matter if you are right, the website will restrict payment to your account. Some students exploit this policy to get refunds even if the assignment they received was accurate.

If you are a new client, look for tutors with a reputation for delivering quality work and positive reviews. If you are overwhelmed by assignments, is a decent site to look for a tutor. Also, pop up ads by tutors advertising their services are beneficial to a student who has no bearing where to start. For one who only needs simple assistance, they find them irritating.

When you choose, we conclude your chances of getting a reliable tutor to be 50/50.

Homework Market is a bit unique as far as academic help services are concerned. It is, as its name implies a marketplace for students to hook up with teachers to get their homework done, usually on an urgent basis. This may include writing assignments, but looking through the public chat feature, students are focused more on coursework assignments that involve short answer questions, STEM problem-solving, and, occasionally an essay or a longer-term work. It appears that Homework Market has been in business for about two years. It was difficult to evaluate this service the same way we do regular writing services, but we certainly did look at the small amount of content on the site, the testimonials that came from customers, the “sales pitches” of the writers, and the reviews that we were able to find out on the web. Here goes.

Product and Service Quality

There is not much on the website itself that speaks to writer quality. In fact, “teachers and tutors” simply register. So, we had to rely on the customer feedback and comments as well as our order for two pieces – one math econ homework assignment and one short essay on the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

  • Customer testimonials on the site were all pretty positive, but this is expected
  • Off-site HomeworkMarket reviews were a different story – more on that later
  • Our experience was mixed. The econ homework assignment, a series of short answer questions, was certainly adequate. The essay, however, was terrible. There was no thesis statement; grammar and punctuation, as well as word usage errors were present throughout.

Expertise of Writers and Customer Support Reps

In short, there is none. Customers select their tutors/writers and go from there. All transactions and communication are between a customer and his/her tutor/teacher. The company does not appear to do much other than process payments to the registered teachers.

There is a process by which customers can file a complaint and request a refund. We did this with the essay we ordered. Thus far, we have been ignored other than being told to take up our issues with the writer.

For registered teachers/tutors, there is a long, complicated explanation regarding registration, communicating with potential customers, payments and options to receive payments. We read it several times and were still in the dark as to how this entire thing even works.

Is Homework Market a scam? No, it is not. However, the process is complicated for both customers and teachers, and the lack of quality control means that students may get a great piece or one that is worthy of a trashcan. That was our experience.

We also discovered that there is no BBB membership, and that is a definite minus.

Pricing and Discount Offers

Here is where things get a bit complex. Once a visitor accesses the site, teachers aggressively engage in live chat, even before a homework or other assignments I posted.

Students can post their homework/order details on a public job board. Once that occurs, teachers/tutors will begin to offer a price for the work. It is up to the students to choose the person. A lot of chatting goes on both in public and private ways – it’s almost overwhelming.

Once a student selects a person, s/he may be asked to place a down payment on the work. Or, s/he may get a preview and then be asked to submit the entire payment, which, we suppose, the company holds. The company takes its fee from the agreed upon price before paying the teacher.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Because of this business model, there are obviously no HomeworkMarket discounts, unless a teacher agrees to one with a customer. As well, no one will find coupons/promo codes either. Homework Market prices are wholly decided by the client and the teacher.

Summary and Recommendation

We found a number of customer feedback comments on other review sites and on social media. Some clients felt they got their money’s worth, while others were quite angry about the lack of quality of what they received. It seems to be very “hit and miss,” depending on the individual that is selected to do the work. This sets up an inconsistency that is not good.

Our review on Homework Market was difficult to compose. While the business model has potential, there is simply no quality control, too many methods for chatting and communicating, and at times the entire process of ordering something seems chaotic. On top of that, there is just no consistency of quality, and this leaves students simply hoping they will get one of the “good guys.”

Unfortunately, we have to apply a HomeworkMarket rating of “poor,” and recommend that students pass this one by.

Homework assignments can be really hard and time-consuming to do. Even if you love studying, sitting down to finish a long homework task can be a luxury you can’t afford and this is where comes in handy. As you can order a finished sample there, which can be easier than at other writing services where you would need to wait for them to write it.

In order to submit a good task, you will have to spend a significant amount of time researching and studying the topic. After that, you will have to work on your task to make sure that you are writing it the way you should.

Before submission, you will have to revise your work to make the necessary edits in order to guarantee the best grades. The problem is that most students don’t have the time to do that. This website will help you if you are running out of time or are struggling with a difficult topic.

There are several services and homework websites that offer help to struggling students. Some students need to hire someone to write their homework assignments. Some ask for proofreading services that will guarantee the quality of their homework submissions. However, most students prefer to find someone who could tutor them, explain difficult tasks and even answer specific questions that they face while working on their tasks.

Homework provides services by connecting struggling students with knowledgeable professors and tutors who are ready to answer their questions. If you are working on a challenging task and can’t afford to waste time researching the topic, you can rely on the services provided by www homeworkmarket com.

This website helps with theoretical tasks that are related to several topics in addition to code issues if you are working on a program. If you don’t know how to write a research or an essay, a tutor can help you with creating the adequate outline and plan.

Homeworkmarket com reviews show that they rarely fail to impress their customers. The website hires experienced and qualified tutors who have the needed knowledge to answer your questions. The quality of the services provided is the same whether you are requesting their regular or premium ones.

The website guarantees that once you place an order, the right person will answer it to help you finish your homework tasks in a fraction of the time. Thanks to this reliable homework service, you will have time to study for your exams, finish other projects or simply relax after a long day at school or college. If you are struggling with challenging questions, you can definitely depend on Homework market answers.

The writers at Homework Market are available around the clock. You can type your question any time of the day or night and there always is an available tutor who is ready to answer it. This means that even if it is late at night, you can still get an answer to your question so you can finish your homework assignment before going to school in the morning.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that giving your tutors the time to process your questions, guarantees that you will receive the answer at the right time. Tutors are ready to handle urgent questions but they will usually charge a higher price if the time is tight.

You shouldn’t expect an answer delivered in the next minute. As a matter of fact, a good tutor should take enough time to research the question in order to provide you with a reliable answer. However, you can rest assured knowing that your question won’t be ignored. reviews show that they provide a reliable service. They will examine your question thoroughly to make sure that the right person is assigned to work on it. Since they focus on quality, you shouldn’t expect automated immediate answers. It is best if you ask them the question early in the day so you can have time to work on the rest of your assignment.

HomeworkMarket provides extremely affordable prices. This a great option for students who can’t afford to pay a big amount of money to get homework help.

This website hires a lot of professional tutors, teachers, and professors who have previously worked or are still working in the education sector. The website also hires private tutors who are talented in remote tutoring. All of these talented experts are ready to provide you with homework help whenever you need one. They can answer your questions and explain the more challenging parts so you can work on your homework assignment. This guarantees that your task will be ready before the due date.

HoemworkMarket provides fast services. Once you have submitted your question, you can choose between regular and urgent services. The urgent services cost more but they can be a good option if you are looking for answers within a few hours. Typically, you will receive an answer before the deadline you specify and most of the time it can be on the same day. A lot of people love this website because they provide quick and reliable services. If it takes more time, you should try to finish another task while the website handles your question.

HomeworkMarket’s assistance services are legit and are not prohibited by any law. It is just like asking for tutoring help which you can request from a classmate or a family member. However, the company owners understand that most students want to have their information kept private and that no one knows that they asked for homework help.

Your personal and financial information is safe with HomeworkMarket. No one will ever know that you hired someone to help you with your homework assignment because your tutor will never ask you for real name or information about your school. Some students worry that their teachers might be actually working for the website, which is highly unlikely. Most of the tutors who work for the website are full-time employees. This means that it is quite impossible that your college professor or school teacher will handle your help request.

The website uses the latest security technology. This means that hackers and even government agencies are unable to access the users’ information. It is one of the most secure homework help services out there.

Homework Market has a good online reputation. In some situations, the services provided were not of the desired quality but the company fixed the situations by hiring only the best experts. Now, most students are satisfied with the quality of the answers they receive.

The website is user-friendly. Students can easily create an account and press Homeworkmarket login button to be able to ask questions. The website typically processes your question and matches you up with a college professor, a teacher, or a tutor who has the experience needed to find an answer. This means that you can rely on the services of this website if you need to make sure that you are submitting an excellent homework assignment.

The website of hasn’t changed since 2018, the have pretty much the same design of bad quality, which also has bad server response.


  • Reliable high-quality homework service as the tutors are ready to help you with your task regardless of the topic
  • The website is very easy to browse and you can easily place your order
  • This service provides fast and reliable answers and you can expect to receive the answer within a day even if you haven’t requested an urgent service
  • Their services are affordable
  • Your information is safe, because this website takes confidentiality very seriously and this means that no one will ever know that you’ve hired someone to help you with your homework task
  • They will give you a chance to actually learn something as they teach you something by helping with a question, but you can still take the credit for the work submitted


  • If you are swamped with work and need someone to finish an assignment on your behalf, this might not be the best service for you
  • They will take a considerable amount of time to process and handle your question
  • If you are looking for an answer delivered within a few minutes, they will not be able to help you
  • They don’t check your assignment for grammar, lexical and spelling mistakes before submission
  • The website hires some remote tutors who might not be very good at what they do
  • You are still responsible for the quality of the final draft of your homework assignment

Students are supposed to have time for studying and exams, staying in touch with friends and family in addition to engaging in extracurricular activities. This is why most students prefer to get help with their homework tasks. HomeworkMarket is a reliable service that you can depend on. Still, you will be responsible for the final submission.

What to Expect as a Customer?

It’s the middle of the night and you can’t figure out how to answer a question on your homework. Perhaps a tutor available online can help. There are many such services available and making the right choice can be difficult. One of the popular options at present is Use this homework market com review to find out if this service will be of help to you.

1. Reputation 

This service has good reputation. It has a lot of positive reviews on its website. Still, the service is focused on linking students with tutors so if you decide to use it, you should pay attention to the ratings of the professionals who can help you out and to their individual reviews.

2. Services and Guarantees is a platform helping students get connected to a tutor. You get to ask a question and available tutors provide a reply. You have a short preview of the different replies so that you can choose which tutor to work with. It is possible to get extended help from a tutor. You can have him write your essay for you or do your math homework for you, for example. You get to negotiate the pay rate directly with the professional. You can get help with most, but not all academic disciplines. You may want to check the available menu first.
Tutors decide whether to offer a money back guarantee. The guarantee is run by the platform administrator so you can feel confident about using it. Still, you must read the terms and conditions to ensure that you are happy with what you get.

3. Prices and Discounts 

Unlike traditional homework assistance services which have fixed pricing, in this case the rates are set directly by the tutors based on the question which you ask. If several tutors bid to help you out, you can choose the most suitable option based on your budget and preferences. The platform’s fees apply to every purchase which you make so you should get a clear idea of the total cost. In this review, it’s important to highlight that there are no directly advertised discounts. Perhaps you can negotiate one with your tutor.

4. Quality of Services 

Since has many different tutors which are not regulated by the platform, it is practically impossible to evaluate the overall quality of the tutoring services. You will have to do some research and perhaps test the services of a particular tutor before you decide to work with him. It could be tricky to pick the right professional, especially in the beginning.

5. Customer Service 

There is a very detailed Help and FAQ page, but is a bit difficult to reach customer support directly, especially if you don’t have an account. You will have to rely on online forms and emails only. There is no direct telephone support.

6. Additional Features

There are no special features which make this service stand out. One interesting thing to note, however, is that when you first land on the home page, you will see direct offers for assistance from tutors.
In conclusion, Homework Market is a service which could be very helpful and affordable if you find the right tutor and negotiate a reasonable rate.


  • not clean money back
  • Unclear process of placing an order

When students request help with their homework assignments, they usually ask for 3 types of service. These services include writing their essays and papers from scratch, proofreading homework assignments, and asking specific questions regarding a particular task. This review is careful to the third type of assistance. This review is all about connecting school and university students with tutors knowledgeable in their fields and providing help with questions students ask. And here, in this review, we are going to assess the quality which this service offers and if students can rely on the service.

Our Score

After evaluating using our criteria, we obtained the following results:

  • Prices: 5;
  • Quality: 4;
  • Delivery: 5;
  • Level of tutors: 4;
  • Speed of response: 4;
  • Reputation: 4;
  • Confidentiality: 5.

If you want to know how we’ve come up with these numbers, we encourage you to read about all components of separately.


There are not many students who can pay much for help with their homework assignments. While some have part-time jobs, others receive pocket money from parents, which is never enough even for dining in the caff. The founders of know about that, so prices for individual assistance are not very high. At, they vary by the scope of the task, the subject, difficulty of the homework, by the program, which student stays enrolled in, and by the level of the tutor from Homework market review. also takes into account that questions students ask are not simple. If students have a simple question, they can ask their classmates and teachers during office hours. Sometimes tutors should think about that question, consider several alternatives, so the time needed for completing this assignment should also be paid. uses flexible rates, so if this question requires additional research from a tutor, students pay extra, but this amount is not tremendous. Comparing to EduBirdies' prices, Homeworkmarket seems a bit cheaper on shorter deadlines.


Quality of service is the ability to meet your expectations in the best way. ensures a modest level of quality by meeting the following criteria:

  • Speed of response and delivering: Clients never want to get the answer to their questions after their homework is submitted and graded. That is why when you ask a specific subject with, and you can expect to get a response during the first hours. Even if you don’t opt for urgent help, service tries to connect you with your tutor as fast as possible;
  • Level of tutors: Although prices paid for answers to questions are not high, uses a high benchmark so that only talented and experienced tutors will answer your questions. They are responsible for the quality of answers, and if students meet problems while working with authors, they can complain and get feedback;
  • Availability of tutors: An ideal situation is when you ask for an answer at any time (even in evenings and during the night time). When it is 8 P.M. on the clock, and you have an urgent question, can find a tutor. Note, that clients with critical issues pay higher, so if you have an opportunity to ask them before evening, you’d better do that;
  • Level of client supports: The level of customer support is one of the most important things when it comes to assignment help. can assist 24 hours a day, so if you face any problems with the service, you can obtain immediate assistance. Anyway, using it stays straightforward even for a high-school student, so a possibility of arising questions remains quite low.

A procedure for obtaining assignment help on is user-friendly and not tricky. Tutors answer quickly, so if you ask earlier, you will solve your issue before the deadline of your homework submission passes.


When you ask a question to a particular service, you shouldn’t expect an answer during the next minute. At first, needs to find available tutor, then connect it with you and give time to think on a question. But if you’ve asked a problem, it seldom remains unanswered. Tutors on want to make their job in the best way possible and do that faster to answer more student questions. Anyway, the right answer requires more time, so don’t hesitate to ask these questions and have a plan B to do something while waiting for the tutor’s response in

Level of tutors

Affordable prices in don’t reject the sound quality of assistance. assigns only professional tutors who stay knowledgeable about the subject they teach and who had an excellent performance at schools and universities. Most of them work as teachers and professors for many years, and others are talented individuals who practice remote tutoring. Anyway, if clients need help with a specific question, there will be no problems in finding a reliable tutor on

Speed of response

When you type your question into a specialized field of, you are asked to choose whether your matter is urgent or not. If this question is critical, requires a higher fee and tries to find the right tutor as quickly as possible. But when this question stays not that urgent, you can expect an answer any day before the deadline, which is assigned by you. Anyway, tutors answer very quickly, and even if this question seems not that urgent, on, you can expect an answer during the same day.

Reputation is a service that assists High School and University students for many years. Now it has a broad base of satisfied clients who are ready to recommend this service to other people. There were some disappointing situations at the beginning, but now pays a lot of attention to which tutors it hires and skills in subjects they teach. That is why we didn’t give a full grade for, but we expect this service to increase the quality level and soon get more positive feedbacks from consumers.


When students use or other similar sites, they are always afraid that their teacher makes home assignments for this site or that somebody will find out and disclose them requesting assignment help. ensures that nothing similar to it will happen with its consumers by:

  • Not disclosing names and institutions of clients: Yes, your tutor will know your name neither, nor where are you from. So, even if your teacher has somehow become one of tutors, he will not detect which student asks this question. However, most tutors in a platform are full-time employees, so it is implausible that one of your teachers will get to this platform;
  • Giving your questions to full-time tutors: Owners of know that outsourcing student assistance is hazardous. That is why they give preferences to full-time tutors rather than to remote ones. Even if someone in a platform knows you, it is improbable that this question will come precisely in his hands;
  • Using secure VPNs and maintaining the complete security of transactions: mitigates all risks of disclosing the fact that you’ve been using this service. Even hackers and government agencies cannot get access to your questions as uses the most sophisticated means of security. makes everything possible for maintaining the complete security and privacy of users. Anyway, services are entirely legal (this is the same kind of help as you might request from your classmate), and any University rule does not prohibit them.

What makes an attractive option?

Requesting help with assignments is the best type of student assistance. In contrast to ordering writing your paper from scratch, you do this assignment by yourself, the same way as you will do in your real life. Homework market reviews don’t make assignments for you, and they consult you on how to do that in a better way. You are also responsible for all the proofreading, checking for all grammar and lexical mistakes, as will not do that for you. And you are also responsible for the precision of your question as each additional question you ask costs you higher. can give a piece of advice on a large number of questions you may ask:

  • Questions about some theoretical and practical issues regarding your discipline or the task you need to do;
  • Recommendations on where to find the necessary information and how to organize your research on a given topic;
  • Questions based on formulations and what you should do in this assignment;
  • Issues related to the approach, how to do this task and which method to use for solving mathematical or economic problems;
  • Code issues: why your program doesn’t work and which algorithm to use for solving this particular issue.

No matter which subject are you searching for assistance to while using, you will find the tutor who can help you with this issue. However, you are still responsible for the results of your work with this service. Remember that you should pay attention to the time and not procrastinate this work to the very deadline for your homework submission. Tutors in are still humans, and if they need at least three hours to prepare a complete answer to your question, they will not do that in twenty minutes(even if they liked to do that).

Although is not the best possible homework assistance service, it stands out with its particular features, including:

  • Client-oriented approach: is not a money-making machine connecting students with tutors and receiving revenues as a commission. continuously develops its service, making it more user-friendly and useful for clients. There are many options on how to organize the process and how to meet your timeline requirements, the only thing which tutors want from their students is not procrastinating;
  • Professionalism and high quality of the final answer: values each client, so it will not give your question to the tutor, who is not that good at your field. Tutors know that if they are paid for assistance, it should be more professional than the advice of a teammate. That is why if you attend, you should expect a full and precise answer to your issue;
  • High level of confidentiality and privacy: When you negotiate with the tutor from, there is no point in worrying about disclosing your data. maintains a high level of confidentiality both inside and outside the system. The answer to your question is known only by you and your tutor, who doesn’t even know your name;
  • Considerable speed of response and high level of customer service: If you have questions on the assignment, which is due in a day and you send it on time, you will receive the answer the same day. tries to do the best work for any client respecting their academic performance and time;
  • Allowing you to think: Owners of don’t see that they help clients making their assignments from scratch. They can help you solve a problem, they can provide a piece of useful advice, but tutors will never solve it for you. As every tutor, they want students to master the subject they teach, that is why they think that it is unethical to do that assignment instead of students.

If you don’t want to pay for the entire homework but still want to come up with the topic you learn, you should consider as the first option. Although various sites offer the same type of assignment help, specializes in this field, having extensive experience in that. Type your question, login to the service, and then choose the tutor, which you are comfortable to work with. The service will do everything to provide a useful answer for your assignment.

HomeworkMarket is a service, custom-made just for that: homework. As you first enter the website, you can see a bunch of teachers that are online and waiting for you to ask your question. We tried this interesting homework platform and came up with some pros and cons, as usual. But first of all, let’s get a little clearer on what we took into consideration when reviewing the site and how we acted.

First and foremost, we checked the information about the company and then, of course, we went on to read the customer reviews. They’re a very important part in telling what a essay writing service is really about.

We also tested the platform to see how friendly it is, to see if you can find your way around it without much trouble. Then we went on and search Homework Market on BBB and found no complaints. There is a big red signal here that made us believe this service could be some sort of fraud. We checked their physical address and it is that of a student post office box in Florida. So, is this really a student’s own property, his big business or is it a bigger offshore company that uses a student’s box for an American business address? Strange. Anyways, we didn’t stop there and made our usual order on the site. We wanted our paper to be revised by an academic writer/teacher.

Now, all of these being made clear, we will further present what we found out in detail.

The writing services they offer are not really “writing”

This is a platform designed specifically for doing your homework. It cannot write professional articles. Students have to register on the website and post their assignment. It could be an article, essay or a math problem. The service works through a bidding process. After the student has posted his homework, he will receive messages from different writers asking to do the task and also indicating how much that will cost. The student chooses and that’s it.

In our test, we submitted two 1200 word essays. The academic level was Freshman College and the topics were nothing complicated.

The site is not what it looks like on a first glance

Once we posted the assignments, we got bombarded with a lot of pop up messages from writers who were trying to offer their services. The design and the functionality of the site proved to be a very poor one considering this approach.

The quality of the assignments

One assignment had average quality, the other was poorer. Overall, the writing quality leaves a lot to be desired. There was no real insight and content, only form and formatting. By the way they were written, they looked like they were completed by non-native English speakers.

Prices and the payment methods

The price you can choose based on your budget and needs. The custom writers are making their offers and you choose the one who you think is best suitable for you. You don’t get any discount. The only questionable form of discount you get is choosing the writer with the lowest charges.

Comparing to the other writing services on the market, doesn’t offer premium services, samples of content, any kind of special offers, discount coupons or anything like that. It is simply a platform where the writers meet the students and they have to understand each other and work together freely, without being watched over by someone. No real evidence of a good customer support here, so if you have a misunderstanding with your writer, it’s up to you to do something about it. Good luck!


We don’t think it is a very good solution for completing your school assignments. There are better and more reliable platforms out there which do that for the same amount of money. HomeworkMarket doesn’t even seem to have a system of choosing their writers so that they can pride on having a team of professionals. There is no such thing here. They don’t have the means to control the quality of the assignments, so it’s up to you to choose the best writer and get the best content. Everything seems unpredictable and left to chance on

Students need to be sure that their assignments are good quality and delivered on time and that they get what they pay for. This platform, we’re reviewing seems more like a jungle in which you don’t really know what will happen if you decide to enter. Their very chaotic website, the spamming, the pop ups messages, the red flags and everything seem shady. We cannot recommend it. There are a lot of other writing services that are really reliable and safe and where students know they can get the quality they have paid for. is not one of those services.

Recently we heard about an interesting new concept that is gaining traction online. It seems to be popular with high school, college, and even university students. It’s something called Homework Market. Given its raise in popularity, we decided to take a closer look at this academic writing service. Of course, we also gave them a test to see how the system works and whether we can recommend it to our readers. In this blog, you will find out what Homework Market is, how it works, and what our review has to say about it. Also, you will learn about the cons of this strange new service.

What Exactly Is Homework Market?

Let’s start with the beginning, because most of you are probably wondering what Homework Market really is. Basically, it’s a website where students supposedly get help from teachers. This help can be anything from answering a simple question to writing an entire essay on a given topic. It sounds interesting so far. On their website, we see two areas: the teacher login and the student login. Also, in the middle of the page, there is a large box that shows all the “bids” teachers place on students’ projects. The box is not very helpful, as it updates almost every second. It’s very difficult to read a whole sentence on Homeworkmarket before the box updates and pushes it down the list.

How Does a Market for Homework Work?

We took some time to analyze how this system works, of course. After all, it’s something new. The reality is that we tend to agree with most of the Homework Market Reddit comments we’ve read. This is basically a marketplace where a student posts a project (think of it as a job) and teachers place offers (in the form of bids). So far so good. This has the potential to work. However, we saw many Homework Market reviews that stated the contrary. It looks like most students are not happy with the system, so we decided to test it ourselves and see why. In our experience, when so many Homework Market reviews are neutral or negative, it means something is very wrong with the company or with its services.

A Short Homework Market Review

The first thing we did for our Homework Market review was to create a student account and post an assignment on the website. It wasn’t very complicated and the job was posted without any problems. We started receiving offers almost immediately after we posted the job, which raised our eyebrows. It’s like dozens of teachers are always online around here. Strange, isn’t it? In any case, we selected one of the offers from a teacher that had a lot of recommendations and a long history of completed assignments. And this is when the problems started.

Spoiler alert: this next part of the Homework Market review is not going to be pleasant. We were required to pay upfront, which is not something we usually do. We were assured the paper will be ready in 2 days. After 3 days we were still waiting for the product. The teacher didn’t answer to any of our messages. And on the fourth day, we received the paper – finally. The quality was subpar and the essay looked like it was written by a 10-year-old. We couldn’t believe our eyes! Then we realized why almost every Homework Market review online was negative.

Why Homework Market Won’t Work for You

We are certain that we discovered why this market for homework will never work. You will never get quality academic content here because of the simple fact that the so-called “teachers” are in reality students or freelance writers (probably from India, considering the quality of the essay we received). On a personal note, I closed my Homework Market account immediately after realizing what was going on in there. This is why so many teachers are always online to bid on assignments; because they aren’t real teachers. You should avoid this place at all costs, or risk losing your time and money.

The Best Alternative for Students

Students have so many other alternatives that don’t involve such risks. An academic writing company is your best option, guaranteed. Why? Because such a writing service will guarantee that the essay you receive is 100% original and of high quality. Also, you will get your money back if the paper is sent late or if it does not meet your standards. In other words, unlike on Homework Market, you are fully protected when working with a trustworthy academic writing company. Students can get the help they need online and avoid scam websites that will only make them lose their time and their money. Talking about scams, we consider Homeworkmarket to be one because they blatantly lie about their writers being “teachers.” They are not, period.

The following is our review of Homework Market. We researched this writing service carefully, placed an order, and paid close attention to Homework Market testimonials and reviews. Keep reading to learn what we think.

Services And Features Available

This is not a typical academic writing website. Instead, it is designed to be a homework based site. Essentially, this means that students submit a work that the need to be done immediately. This often consists of requests for problem-solving and other homework help. However, we did discover that writing services are available. In fact, as writers aggressively contact students, many offer essay writing and other services. We decided to order both an essay, along with a less complex assignment.

Pricing Systems And Discounts

HomeworkMarket prices vary depending on the job and what the writer demands. However, there is pricing information provided on the website to give customers an idea of what they will pay. The lowest quoted prices are extremely low. However, it is also possible to pay quite a bit.

There are no discounts available. It all depends on what the writer is willing to work for. Because of the lack of any Homework Market promo codes, it is hard for us to conduct a price comparison with other sites. A HomeworkMarket coupon code would have been nice, but we understand that there can be difficulty in providing discounts using this business model.

Security Level And How to Proceed With Payment

No HomeworkMarket customer reviews indicated any problem with making payments or website security. We can also affirm that we had no issues with making payment securely. It appears that they use appropriate secured payment methods.

We used a company debit card as is our normal method of making payment. They also accept credit cards, PayPal and other typically accepted means of making payment.

Writers Expertise And Delivery

Every Home Work Market review we read was very consistent. Work is consistently delivered on time. This was also our experience. We received our work on time. This indicates to us that Homework Market is legit and has some way of ensuring that products are delivered.

Unfortunately, writer expertise is really hit or miss. One of our orders, while not perfect, could have been made ready for turn in with a few edits and additions. This isn’t ideal, but it is workable. Unfortunately, the other order was a complete disaster. This one would have required an entire rewrite in order to make it acceptable.

In our case, we had a fifty-fifty experience. One was relatively positive. The other was decidedly negative. This gave us a lot to think about.

Additional Benefits

It’s very common for writing services to offer additional benefits and perks. Many offer free summaries and works cited pages, for example. Others have blogs and interesting articles. Unfortunately, because the focus is simply on matching students with writers and other academic professionals there is none of that here. That’s a shame because even with this business model, a lot of value could be added with some helpful content. Many HomeWorkMarket reviews that we read also expressed similar opinions.


We had to deliberate on this one for a while. Considering the fact that this review was a bit different from other reviews, we wanted to be fair. Ultimately, we have to leave a rating of low. While we are certain that there are very good writers working here, it’s simply not possible to be sure if the writer or academic professional you choose will be up to par. The current system doesn’t seem to differentiate between good writers and those who are hacks. We know that students hiring academic writing services need top quality every time, and must suggest that students use a writing service that is more consistent.