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GrabMyEssay Reviews 2021

GrabMyEssay Reviews 2021

General Impression
You know those old-fashioned websites with tons of text in tiny letters? I don’t get them. I don’t like them. is one of them. That being said, this is a relatively popular service in the online writing industry, so I decided to see what it could do. The Samples page looks really shady, though. There’s an essay with a title How to Reach Millennials with Your Marketing Efforts. It’s not an essay; it’s a blog post.

Services Provided
In the main menu, you’ll see a Services option. It leads you to a pretty detailed list of services. I like services that categorize their products like this. At, you can order an essay, research paper, book report, thesis, case study, article, reaction paper, and much more. In addition, you can also get admission services, resume writing services, math/physics/economics/statistics problems, and even resume writing services. Surprise, surprise: rewriting is available, too. That’s never a good thing.

The prices are not affordable at all. $49.99 per page for an essay of High School quality with a deadline of 6 hours? That’s crazy. It’s High School level we’re talking about. I ordered a descriptive essay of Sophomore quality with a deadline of 5 days. The initial price was $21.99. Are you interested in the full price range for essays? It’s from $14.99 to $60.99 per page. Rewriting, which is a useless service, is also too expensive: from $11.99 to $53.99 per page. Crazy!

Discounts and Free Features
There’s some relief in the fact that these expensive prices come with discounts. You can use a code to get 15% off at the checkout. In addition, you get life-time discounts of 5%, 10% and 15% as you keep ordering more pages at the website. As for free features, you get the usual outline, revisions, title page, bibliography, and formatting. Plus a plagiarism report for free, and that’s a nice touch.

Ordering Process
I don’t like multi-step order forms. First, I needed to provide the basic details for my order. The next step was Order Preferences. Here, you choose the rank of your writer. If you want a freelancer who’s proficient in the subject area, you pay no extra money. A high-ranked professional with extensive experience in the area of study, however, costs +25% of the full price. Here, they offer you an originality report for $29.99. Why did they list the plagiarism report in the free features when it costs $30? Why would you pay so much for a plagiarism report, anyway? Proofreading costs additional $5.10. At this point, the service started getting on my nerves. Finally, the last part of the order form asks you to sign up and provide payment info.

Communication with Writer
There was no communication with the writer. I did get access to a 24/7 support, but the direct contact with the writer was a serious disadvantage.

I expected something to go wrong with the order, since the entire service looked suspicious from the very beginning. However, the writer delivered my paper on time.

The Work I Got
Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad. It was a usual essay at first sight. However, I noticed few sentences that were paraphrased from the most obvious source – Wikipedia. Overall, it wasn’t bad, but it was not worth the money I paid.

Even though Grab My Essay is a fairly popular essay writing service, it’s difficult to find any information about the company and its origin on the website. Unlike companies who proudly describe their history and mission on the homepage, GrabMyEssay is surprisingly secretive about themselves.

GrabMyEssay strives to be a one-stop-shop for all of your academic writing needs. In addition to providing writing services for any subject and academic level, the writers and editors of Grab My Essay can also do proofreading, editing, rewriting, and copywriting for both individuals and businesses.

The Grab My Essay website is rather busy, which makes finding the necessary information rather challenging. If you browse the website for a little, you will find some statistics. For example, currently there are over 350 active writers and hundreds of orders are uploaded to the service every day.


Like many other writing services, GrabMyEssay tries to lure in new customers with low prices. A quick look at the prices revealed that while the prices at Graby My Essay are more affordable than some of the highest ones in the market, they are still not as low as offered by other services. The minimal price for a one-page essay is $14.99.

The price of your order depends on the academic level, the number of words or pages, and the deadline. The maximum deadline is 14 days, and the shortest one is 6 hours, although there is a limit on a number of pages that can be completed under 6 hours.
Grab My Essay also offers regular discounts and promotions. Each new customer is entitled to a 15% discount, while existing customers can sometimes take advantage of seasonal promotions and discounts. Plus, if you order enough papers, you can become a VIP customer with certain perks.
There are some services offered for free by GrabMyEssay, including the outline, bibliography, and formatting. However, since those features are normally offered for free by most other writing services, we can hardly consider them a big advantage. Moreover, the service requires you to pay for a detailed plagiarism report, which means you can’t know for sure whether your paper is 100% original without paying extra.


The quality of the writing provided by Grab My Essay is one of the most common complaints in dozens of Grab My Essay reviews. Customers who ordered papers from GrabMyEssay often report that the paper lack quality, integrity, and logic. Some customers even say that big parts of their papers were plagiarized from other sources.

A likely reason for the quality problem at GrabMyEssay is the fact that the service doesn’t employ exclusively native English-speaking writers. On their website, they talk a little bit about their hiring policies and that they only hire native speakers with a flawless grasp of English and at least one degree. However, the average score of a typical GrabMyEssay review online suggests that the service should have stricter policies for hiring new writers.
And the most worrying aspect of buying a paper from Grab My Essay is the fact that if you are not happy with your order, a refund is not guaranteed. There is a whole section of the website dedicated to the money back guarantee, but you need to meet a string of conditions if you want to be compensated for your order. Plus, even if you do get a refund, it likely will be around 60-70% of your original payment.

Payment options

GrabMyEssay offers a variety of payment options. In addition to the common Visa and Mastercard options, there is also an opportunity to pay through AmEx, Discover, and PayPal. The payment system is protected by SSL encryption. You will be charged the full amount of your order once you place it, and not after the order is completed.

The pros of the Grab My Essay writing service include:

The customer support is available over the phone and via online chat 24/7.

The variety of services offered by the company is all-inclusive and has services both for individuals and businesses.

Regular discounts and promotions for new and existing customers.

The availability of PayPal payments adds to the security of the customers.

Still, there are some noticeable drawbacks of GrabMyEssay:

The papers completed by the service often lack quality.

The company doesn’t disclose information about its origin and office location.

The refund system is complicated and does not actually guarantee that you’ll get your money back.

Only a basic plagiarism check is included with the order; you have to pay extra for a more thorough plagiarism test.

Grab My Essay is not the most famous or popular paper writing service, but it does enjoy its share of fans among students. The service widely advertises their unique features, but even after investigating the site for hours, we could not find anything that could make GrabMyEssay truly stand out.

We did, however, like the fact that GrabMyEssay offers a decent variety of services to its customers. In addition to the usual academic writing services like essays and term papers, the company can also do your CV, solve various problems, do multiple choice questions, as well as proofread, rewrite, and edit the paper you submit to the writers.

When researching the grab my essay website, we found that the site is rather informative and smartly designed. If you spend a couple of minutes browsing the website, you will probably easily find answers to most questions. However, with our GrabMyEssay review, we will try to answer the most important question: should you order from Grab My Essay?

The prices offered by GrabMyEssay are conveniently displayed on the corresponding page of the website and are presented as a widget where you can quickly find out the price of your order by entering a few details about the assignment. The price of your paper depends on three factors: the word or page count, the academic level, and the urgency. In general, we found the prices at GrabMyEssay to be higher than average. For example, a 1-page high school essay due in 14 days will cost you $14.99.

There are some additional features you can choose at Grab My Essay:

VIP support

For $11.99, you can get a VIP support feature for your order. Unfortunately, GrabMyEssay does not explain this feature in detail, so we have no way of knowing what it includes.

Top 10 writers

If you are willing to pay $6.99 in addition to the price of your order, you can get your assignment displayed only to the top 10 of the writers.

Custom approach

For an additional $1 to the cost of each page, Grab My Essay can perform your assignment with a custom approach. Again, this feature is not explained anywhere on the website.

VIP service package

In case you feel like you deserve the absolute service best from GrabMyEssay, you can opt for the VIP service package, which will increase your order price by 30%.

Quality of work execution

We heard some pretty unfavorable reviews of Grab My Essay, particularly regarding their quality of writing, but we always place a test order to experience the level of service ourselves. In the case of GrabMyEssay, the order placement process was rather smooth — we asked the service to do a two-page college essay with a 3-day turnaround time. The support quickly assigned a writer to our order and we were able to communicate with him in the process, which was a big plus.

However, then we experienced a number of problems. First of all, the writer was an hour late with our order, which is not a long time, but still wrong. After we have reviewed the paper, we spotted numerous issues with the writing. Not only was the formatting different from what we requested, but the content of the paper itself was mediocre at best. Plus, the many spelling and grammar mistakes convinced us that there was no way a native English speaker could write it.


The Grab My Essay writing service offers a considerable number of guarantees to their customers, and here are the four most important ones:

Each paper is written completely from scratch with no traces of plagiarism. Your paper can be done in as little as 6 hours while still maintaining the quality. You can reach out to your writer at any time to discuss the assignment details. GrabMyEssay only hires writers with Master’s or PhD degrees.

Payment options

There were no surprises regarding the variety of payment options offered by Grab My Essay. You can pay for your order with a Visa or Mastercard credit card, as well as use your American Express or Discover account for the payment. We also liked the fact that GrabMyEssay offers PayPal payments — it certainly makes you feel more secure while paying.

To determine whether the service is reliable enough, we always check the revision and money back policies offered by the company. We were happy to learn that the service offers unlimited free revisions, provided that you do not place any new requests compared with the original order. The money back guarantee is more complicated, as there are a number of conditions you need to meet in order to get a refund, including a detailed investigation by the support team, and even then a 100% refund is almost impossible to obtain.


As always, when trying to find out what the customers think of the service, we started with GrabMyEssay’s own website. However, we quickly discovered that 100% of testimonials on the website are absolutely positive. Then we started digging deeper and found out that the company allegedly does not allow negative reviews to be published on their site, which does not reflect well on Grab My Essay or ensure a particularly high quality of writing.

After checking the Grab My Essay reviews on their website, we began looking for reviews on third party websites, which were pretty easy to locate. We noticed a shift in the tone, since there are more negative reviews of the service than positive opinions regarding Grab My Essay on the internet. Customers complain about the quality of the papers and the late delivery. Some users also suggest that the service simply tries to make you pay more by offering various VIP packages that do not dramatically increase the quality of writing. The prices are also a frequent subject of complaints.

We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


Grab My Essay offers a decent variety of writing services, both for students and working professionals.


The big number of guarantees offered by GrabMyEssay makes us think it’s a legit writing service.


The prices for paper writing offered by the service are, on average, 50% higher than what the most popular services offer.


The quality of writing delivered by Grab My Essay failed to impress us and many other reviewers.

Extra services

The variety of additional, often expensive services offered by GrabMyEssay looks like a plot to get more of your money.


When we first found out about GrabMyEssay, we were impressed with their range of services and positive testimonials. However, when we researched the service for our own Grab My Essay review, we found numerous flaws with their features and organization. While there are some positive things about the company, including their extensive guarantees and the desire to do more for you, right now we would not recommend it for your academic writing needs. has been around for several years now, and has a pretty solid reputation on the web. Still, we are in the business of being a one-stop source for writing services reviews, and have decided to add this company to our listing, with a thorough and current review that matches the reviews that we conduct for all such companies. We take into account a number of factors – customer reviews that we find on other reviews sites and social media, information that the company provides throughout its website, customer testimonials posted on the site, a review of sample writing pieces if available, our experiences with the customer support department, and the evaluated quality of a piece of writing that we ourselves order from Grab My Essay. This is our summary.

Offered Products and Services

GrabMyEssay has always focused on academic research and writing for students at any academic level of study. This includes every type of assignment from essays to dissertations. Students may find help with virtually any type of academic assignment, even coursework problems in math and science.

In addition to these products, the company has moved into editing and proofreading, resume and CV design and creation, and copywriting services for web-based businesses.

The scaling of services has occurred over time, gradually, and this was probably a good thing, as it allowed Grab My Essay to shore up its research and writing base of professional writers.

Quality of Products/Writers

The quality of writers is demonstrated by the quality of products that they produce. To gauge this quality, we focused on products and customer comments on the products they have received. The following has contributed to our rating:

We reviewed the sample writings posted on the GrabMyEssay website. This may be the largest number of samples that we have seen on any writing website, and there is quite a lot of variety of topics and academic levels. We reviewed 5 of the samples and found that they were authentically researched, well-written, and reflected a structure, style and vocabulary that is appropriate for the academic level. Grammar and composition can only be described as superior.
Customer comments and feedback that we have found have been predominantly positive. They note that they are satisfied with the quality they receive, that they receive their products on time, and that their detailed instructions are followed.
The research paper we ordered and received was exemplary. The writer followed our detailed instructions, exceeded our deadline demand, and, in fact, we were able to tweak some of our instructions during the process, with writer compliance. We were impressed with procedures and communication.

Without any reservations, we can clearly state that Grab My Essay is not a fraud or scam.

Quality of Customer Support

The responsiveness and knowledgeability of the customer support department of any writing service is a critical piece of credibility and professionalism. We contacted Grab My Essay customer support on three occasions, as is our normal procedure. When we talked with representatives by telephone, we were relieved to find individuals who we were able to understand, who spoke clear English, and who had extensive knowledge about the policies and products that are offered by this company. We asked very specific questions about policies and products and received good responses. When we engaged in live chat with one of the company reps, we asked specifically about dissertation services. Fortunately, we were told that dissertation research and writing is a long-term project, and that students who wish assistance with their dissertations will need to plan in advance and get a personally-assigned consultant to collaborate and work with them throughout every step of the process.

Prices and Discounts

Grab My Essay prices fall within the average range. While the price of our 8-page research paper was $167.92, we were able to take advantage of new customer discounts of 15%. We were provided with a promo code to enter into a field on the order form.

 There are also permanent discounts based upon cumulative number of pages ordered and additional sale prices with coupon codes published in the company newsletter.

Additional Benefits

The company provides the standard free benefits, including title, bibliography, and outline pages, as well as formatting and revisions. Additional benefits are fee-based and can be ordered at the time of order form completion.


We are quite “high” on this writing service, as we look at its pros & cons. It is well established, has an A+ rating with the BBB, has a history of customer satisfaction, and delivers on its promises.

Grab my Essay is an online website that is popular for its free plagiarism report feature. The website is designed to help students excel in their studies without having to sacrifice a lot. There are lots of websites out there that offer writing services to college students. Grab my Essay is one of the companies we chose to review. This article will answer this question through comparison.

Range of Writing Services offers a wide range of writing services. All these services are here for students’ convenience. You see, when the exams or deadlines are around the corner, the last thing you want to do is start registering on several platforms to get different services.

This website offers writing services such as writing from scratch, copywriting, proofreading, multiple-choice questions, rewriting, resume or CV writing, dissertation writing and editing. It’s difficult to find a writing service that offers all these services that are essential for you to excel in college.

Price and Discounts

At, they love the saying that goes, you always get what you pay for. If you use websites that don’t ask for much, the quality will be low. This is not always the case but in most cases, this is the truth.

A website that demands more from you will offer high-quality services. operates the same way. The company charges $14.99 per page for a two week (14 days) deadline. This is not cheap. A similar essay with a short deadline like six hours will be $49.99 for every page.

Although the charges are quite high, the grab my essay offers discounts to its clients. You can get a 15% discount from the first orders you make and a loyalty discount starts accumulating orders with more than fifteen pages. Most Grab my Essay clients have reported that the company is quite expensive. Therefore, there is a need to review its price list and quality of services offered.

Quality of Papers

The company does its best to deliver high quality papers. As we said earlier, you get what you invest. However, a number of customers have complained about grabmyessay paper quality and deadlines.

That is not great for a company that’s trying to make progress. The quality of papers is something the company should work on and improve to avoid the negative feedback left behind by dissatisfied clients. 

Customer Support Service

The company’s customer support service is doing what it can to satisfy clients. You can contact them using the toll-free number displayed on the website, live chat with the agents or write an email.

While all the communications systems are working, a handful of clients have complained about their rudeness and failure to do what they promise especially when it comes to refunds and paper revisions. The customer support needs to improve their service and walk the walk if they want to excel in their daily operations.

Online Reputation

According to grabmyessay review, the company is doing all it can to provide a good service for all its clients. In general, the company is performing quite well and its reputation online is good. However, there have been several complaints filed by a few clients which are certainly being sorted out.

As a new client, you are welcomed to use the available services whenever you want. The company has received a 2.5-star rating but there still exists a huge opportunity for growth and success. The company needs to step up its game by providing good customer assistance, quality services and offer better prices. Failure to do this will result to a further decline in the ratings and all the clients will be taken away by other better writing services. Reputation is everything.

According to the information on their website, Grabmyessay is an essay writing company that provides high-quality papers and assignment help to students. We wrote this review to determine whether this writing company is actually a trustworthy writing company that students can depend on to supply them with assignment help with zero plagiarism or not.

Based on the mixed feedback on the internet, students may find themselves wondering if this writing service is reliable. For students to avoid scams, they need to rely on Grabmyessay review that is based on information gathered from feedback from customers and our experience with the writing service.

Provided Services provides a wide range of academic and non-academic writing services. Students can hire this writing company for their essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, book reviews, book reports, movie reviews, research summary, dissertation, thesis, case studies, lab reports and other types of papers. You can also get solutions to your mathematics, physics, or statistics problems.

We are also impressed that apart from all the specialized academic services that this writing service caters to, they also offer resume, CV, cover letter, LinkedIn design services, copywriting services, proofreading, editing and rewriting services among others. However, a worrisome issue is the excessively wide range of services they offer and we wonder if would be able to maintain high quality.

Prices and Discounts

The pricing system of Grabmyessay is based on the urgency of the paper, the type of service, academic level and number of pages of the work students want to order. All the prices are written clearly on their website so that clients can see the cost of whatever service they want to order for in either US dollars, pounds, Euros, Canadian dollars and Australian dollars. The prices available for each service are affordable and this writing service can even be said to be relatively cheap when compared to other writing services online. is obviously one that understands the concept of customer attraction and customer retention because they have discount packages for both first-time clients and regular clients. First-time customers can enjoy a 15% discount on their papers or assignment. Regular customers enjoy discounts based on the number of pages they want to pay for. Customers paying for more than 15 pages can enjoy a 5% discount; customers ordering more than 50 pages can enjoy a discount of 10% while customers paying for a paper of more than 100 pages get a 15% discount.

Apart from discounts, this writing service also allows customers to enjoy free features: a free outline, title page, bibliography, plagiarism report, formatting and unlimited amendments with every order.

Papers Quality

The quality of papers and assignments which this writing service offers is one of the reasons for their low ratings during this review. Apart from the bad ratings from clients who have hired this writing service, we decided to buy a research paper from them. Although they delivered our paper on time, the paper did not meet our expectations at all. Furthermore, the paper had a few plagiarized contents.

Customer Support

We contacted customer support to get our work rewritten but we had to wait ten hours to get a reply. Their slow reply also contributed to the ratings we gave them during our Grabmyessay review. However, when the customer support attended to us, he did his job and directed us to a writer who helped us to correct the paper and re-write the reference.

Online Reputation

This writing service has a positive/negative online reputation. Some students have sworn off ever hiring them based on their reviews while some customers have provided good testimonials supporting this writing service.

Bottom Line offers its customers affordable services and provides its customers with both a toll-free number and chat option on their website to make it easy for clients to contact customer support. However, they need to improve on the quality of papers they provide. They need to get expert writers or train and develop their current team of writers so that they will provide customers with high-quality assignment help.

First look

The main issue with how Grabmyessay looks is its cluttered appearance. Those not used to older-generation websites might not be able to navigate all of its information. Price tools, testimonials, discounts, login tools, payment options, and other information is cluttered on the homepage. [grabmyessay] It’s quite difficult to navigate around all this information, and many users are left without any real method of understanding where to start as a new customer. Most other writing services offer much simpler websites that are designed more intuitively to help users find important information.

Website testimonials

A widget for website testimonials is included on the homepage. All of these reviews are very positive, but they don’t reflect the experience of all users. It’s impossible for all users to be completely satisfied. Furthermore, on some level, they should have at least a few ideas on edits or text improvements. These are not shared in the testimonials section, which raises authenticity concerns. Grab My Essay testimonials are far from realistic. Simply browsing through them, students find they can’t be trusted. The paper writing service only has positive and extremely positive reviews. Furthermore, it has a feature that shows the location of the reviewer. Supposed clients from non-English speaking countries such as Qatar and Hungary write in perfect English, which raises the question of why they’d need an essay writing help in the first place. Some of the fake reviews even go further than expected and they describe things like customer service as impeccable. But this department doesn’t write the essays and it only deals with client requests in case something goes wrong, which is not specified in the fake reviews.

Prices and customer support

The prices are not as low as they are advertised on the homepage. Not only that, when compared to other academic-level writing prices, the $29.99 price per page seems high. Furthermore, the service is not as reliable as many might believe, based on what these prices offer in terms of actual writing quality. [grabmyessay discount codes] The lowest rates are offered with a 14-day delivery time. At $14.99 per page, this means pages might cost half as much under certain circumstances. As many students know, longer delivery times are usually associated with lower writing quality; however, many writers don’t actually allocate the time needed for research or they completely forget about the timeline, which leads to further delivery delays and poorer quality of writing.

The Grabmyessay discount code

Promo codes are advertised with separate widgets on the website, depending on the day and the week. A Grabmyessay discount code varies in discounts of 10% and 15%. As applied to the high prices above, these don’t mean too much in reference to the final price. Even with the applied discounts, the prices remain high compared to other similar services.

Grabmyessay review – We ordered a test essay

All roads lead to a test essay to establish writing quality. For example, we placed a rewriting order for a research paper. It needed to meet Harvard writing standards, and the citations needed to be specific for admission to a research journal.

What we received

The received text was inconsistent in meeting all standards. For instance, it lacked the uniformity needed to achieve a high research standard. While some citations were properly implemented, others weren’t. It’s known that even a single formatting mistake can keep research papers from being accepted by busy research journals. Capitalization was also inconsistent, together with the abbreviation of research writers’ names, with only their last name and the first letter of their first names needed, followed by a full stop. As other Grabmyessay reviews have already shown, these types of details are not taken into consideration by the company’s writers. Even so, most still hope higher prices, as well as the advertised quality control department, can somehow fix these issues. Further edits were needed to make the text better. Unfortunately, there was no point in asking for the revisions as the deadline had expired and there were simply too many errors to revise as they weren’t revised on the original text in the first place.

Is Grabmyessay legit?

Grabmyessay is a genuine scam. Too many similar stories are shared by their other clients. Many even go on to show how they got scammed into losing an original piece of text due to plagiarism and not being able to get a full refund. A customer recalls such an instance when the text was both late and plagiarized. The company refused a full refund and offered the same value in credit purchases instead. This is against the so-called money-back guarantee advertised on the homepage. In deceiving its customers, the company fails to offer real progress and improved services when it comes to major issues such as plagiarism and avoiding monetary refunds. Another problem comes with Asian-based writers pretending to be native-level English speakers. Prices are astonishingly high and for these problems, it is a company that needs to close its doors. Is Grabmyessay worth your time and money? Certainly not.


Grabmysessay reviews confirm that these poor results are not an exception. It’s not acceptable to have sub-par work delivered at such high costs. It’s not acceptable to have the company refuse to provide a refund when it advertises full money-back guarantees. This is why it’s crucial to say upfront that actual refunds are rare. This would be a better interpretation of the company’s policies. While many customers like that they can pay using various currencies, they should also know they won’t see the money back in case the delivered essays are of poor quality. Another disheartening issue comes with fake testimonials. Many potential customers read them believing they are written by customers. This is not the case. None of the testimonials published on the company’s website looks into any of the problems mentioned above. Everything seems fine at first glance. However, online forums show a different experience. Asking if they’d recommend the service to a friend often leaves to negative responses from previous Grabmyessay customers. This says a lot about how the texts were delivered. Even those not plagiarized weren’t good enough to get a passing grade, let alone a good grade. Students willing to spend so much on an essay have better options elsewhere.

Providing students and professionals important information about online writing services is an ongoing project for us. It is our goal, in fact, to review and evaluate as many of these companies as possible, so that consumers get accurate information about these writing agencies before they spend money paying for products and services. This review of is a part of this effort, and the report that follows is a compilation of many factors that we use to assess all online writing enterprises. We hold all writing services to the same standards and use the same criteria. That criteria is listed below. We use many pieces of information that we gather from several sources – the content presented on the website, Grab My Essay testimonials, samples of writing that may be provided on the site, GrabMyEssay reviews that we find on various web-based sites and social media, and the results of our ordering a piece of writing which we then evaluate.

Products and Service You Will Find

There is a link for the specific writing services provided at the top of the home page, with a drop down menu of products. This is even more detailed on the order form on which customers are asked to provide all specifics of their writing needs.

Academic Products: Our GrabMyEssay review of academic products showed that the company offers a complete range of writing products and services for students at all levels of study through graduate work. These include all of the standard essays and papers but a long list of other products such as presentations, case studies, lab reports, book reviews, and even difficult coursework assignments in math, sciences, and statistics. Students looking for help with their admissions and scholarship essays will also find it here. Graduate students are provided Ph.D. assistance with their theses and dissertations.

Career Writing: Resumes, CV’s and cover letter design and creation are provided

Business Writing: E-commerce copywriting as well a web design are offered.

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

Our review in these two areas are dependent upon customer comments and feedback, sample writings published on the site, and the quality of the research paper we received. While any site can claim that it has degreed and qualified writers, the proof is in the actual writing produced.

The site-published testimonials are all very positive, but we also like to see Grab My Essay reviews from customers who have posted comments in other places. We found quite a number of comments, actually, and they reflected high levels of satisfaction with the products received. Specific statements related to instructions being followed, deadlines being met, and good quality writing and resources.

We reviewed several of the sample essays and papers provided by the site and found them to be well-written and cited.

We ordered an 8-page university-level research paper with a 7-day deadline and 4 current journal resources. We got exactly what we ordered by our deadline, the resources were appropriate, and the composition, style, and language was what would be expected at that level.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

GrabMyEssay prices range from $14.99/page up to $50.00+/page for doctoral research works with a short deadline. Prices are based upon level of difficulty, type of writing, and the deadline need.

There is a Grab My Essay discount of 15% for every new customer. Beyond that, there is a blanket discount program that applies 5%, 10%, and 15% discounts based upon the total number of cumulative pages a customer has ordered. Other discounts apply throughout the year as the company offers special sales with Grab My Essay Promo Codes. Customers who sign up for the regular emails will find periodic specials they can take advantage of with a special GrabMyEssay coupon code.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

Grab My Essay has been around for a number of years, and it shows. Over time, it has developed the staff and the systems to provide exceptional writing service to its customers. Products are of high quality, customer service is available around the clock, and people get their products on time. At this time, given the information that we have accumulated, we are giving a rating of “Superior.”

Grab My Essay Overview

In this Grab My Essay review, you'll find out why I consider them one of the most heinous essay services on the market and definitely not legit or credible in any way. From all the college paper writing services I've used and tested over the past, this one has to be the worst.

Owned by Ukrainian essay company gang NetFix LLC (PRO ESSAY Limited).

My Story

The moment you visit, you'll be greeted with lots of text and listed features that don't create the best big picture. All the information is in one place, the texts are way too long for clients to be interested in reading, and the usage of a small sized font doesn't help either.

I personally ordered from and I'm going to tell you my story. I found them over at and the image they made seemed like a good one. I made the mistake of trusting them before I found out that owns the review site, and other similar sites that all look the same (just read this case that will explain everything in detail).

My paper was already on its way when I came across GrabMyEssay reviews at SiteJabber, so I was just cringing thinking of the quality of the paper I was going to receive.

It's worth noting that I ordered a 500 word essay and I chose the best available freelancer and proofread option that costs $2.55 per page so it should have been decent. But it wasn't.

I received the worst essay I have ever seen. It was plagiarized, it had several grammar errors, some sentences made no logic and there were no arguments provided. The writer definitely didn't know the language too well so I have no idea why he was even hired. Like someone just threw a bunch of words together and tried to form sentences.

But that's not my problem. My problem is that I spent money on garbage and I have also been scammed by a fake review site.

I ignored my instincts and still went with them even though I had a feeling something was not right. Their whole website isn't meant to be a scam, since they deliver. But for your own good, never order from here. Learn from my mistake and stay away from anything that seems fishy. I can't recommend GrabMyEssay.


Prices aren't very high, starting at $5 for proofreading, $7 for editing, or $25 for copywriting. Their pricing is quite reasonable compared to other sites that charge way more. They also give 15% first customer discount, but who needs it if the quality is so shitty? Stick it up your arse, fucking thieves!

Grab My Essay Writing Quality

So as I said, the writer's ability to speak English wasn't great and the paper I received was not only plagiarized, but full of wording mistakes and lack of logic. Maybe none of it would have happened if I chose the "Premium" or "TOP 10" writer level.

Another interesting aspect of GrabMyEssay service is a possibility to choose your needed academic level: High School, Freshman (1st year), Sophomore (2nd year), Junior (3rd year), Senior (4th year), Master's and Doctoral. Just curious - Is there such a big difference, say, beetwen Freshman and Sophomore? Or is it just a way to raise the price?

Payment Options

Payment can be done through Visa, MasterCard, American Express. You just fill in all information about the paper and the credit card, so the process is very simple.

Grab My Essay Guarantees

Just like any other writing service company, GrabMyEssay offers money-back and revision options for people who aren't entirely satisfied with quality of the paper (or with the deadline being breached).

Refund Policy

The first in line is the "order cancellation" in case you've changed your mind – there are plenty of reasons why such a case could occur, truth be told. If the paper hasn't been assigned at all, you'll get a full refund, whereas if it was, you'll get 70% tops. If the deadline's halfway through, you can get only half of what you paid for. What's worse, if you cancel the order, all content on the paper is off-limits.

The "late delivery" is something you'll be searching for once you realize that the majority of GrabMyEssay writers have a tendency to be somewhat too liberal when it comes to accuracy. Even though each case is reviewed separately, the amount of money you can hope to get back is downright shameful.

On top of that, the policy appears to be in favor of the company – rather than ensuring your security, GrabMyEssay's policies are nothing more than made up leverage which they use to cover the lack of quality.

Revision Policy

Speaking of quality, the "bad quality claims" section is for people who realize that "what they have paid for isn't what they got". They even refer to the people who decide on these claims as "Quality Assurance Team" - it's as if they're employed full-time doing nothing but reading complaints. The user is entitled to free revisions within 2 weeks after delivery, if the original instructions are not met. Again, you'll encounter deviously crafted traps as you read through the policy – each segment favors the company and provides little to no security for the user.