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EssayWritersWorld Reviews 2021

EssayWritersWorld Reviews 2021

Essay Writers World is not a widely recognized service, which may be a result of their limited time on the writing market. The website does not provide any information about the establishment of the service, but essaywritersworld com reviews online date only a few years back. Even so, the company makes some inviting promises regarding academic assistance.

Services Provided

The first thing we checked for the purpose of this review was the list of services offered. You can check this list on the Services page, but unfortunately, the variety of papers provided is not great. The company lists only the most popular assignments such as essays and dissertations, but their list is not as extensive as we expected.

Even though this list may be considered sufficient as long as the quality of content at essaywritersworld is high, the company also has a limited choice of deadlines. Customers can order papers within the shortest deadline of 12 hours.

Still, this provider seems to be offering assistance to students of all ages and academic levels, as well as content in various academic citation styles. Regardless, most of the reviews are negative, especially those from students of higher academic levels.

Prices and Discounts

The most disappointing part of our essaywritersworld com review was the expense of the services offered. When you first open the website, you will find many statements about affordability and discounts offered and yet, quotes at the company are rather steep.

With a starting rate of $19.94 per page for a high school essay within the longest deadline and without any citations requested, we would rate as expensive. The added discount we got was only $1, which is one of the smallest discount offers we have seen on the market.

If you decide to order the same paper for a higher academic level and a closer deadline, to say postgraduate level and 3-day deadline, you would have to pay $26.36 per page with the added discount! There is no information on loyalty programs, bulk discounts, or any special first-time discount on the website.

Quality of Ordered Essays

Our review would be incomplete without a real evaluation of their actual services. To determine if the service is worth the high rates or not, we decided to order a dissertation chapter and see what happens.

The rate for our paper was extremely high, even with the added discount. We did ask the customer service for a higher discount, but the agent said she could not provide us with one.

Since we paid $30.35 per page for a deadline of 10 days, we expected a high quality of content that fits this rate. Unfortunately, what we got was much less than what we expected, considering that the writer failed to proofread the paper and use the citation style we chose in the ordering process.

Customer Service

As we mentioned before, we got in touch with the customer service to get more information about the company’s discount policy. The agent was prompt in answering our questions, but her answers were vague. After a conversation of over 20 minutes, we found out that there is no loyalty program at, and the only discounts you can get are those calculated in the ordering form.


Checking all features discussed above allowed us to confirm that this is indeed a legit writing service, but one that charges a fortune for below-average quality content. The on-time delivery policy here is valid, but the lack of good discounts and incompetent writers do not allow us to vouch for their services. say that they’re the best website in the USA for essay writing. You want to know that they’re legit before you order with them, especially as there are so many illegal/legal scam sites out there, taking advantage of students. This review will let you know if you can trust them.

Best Academic Writing Services

EssayWritersWorld – Rating 6.2


If you need an academic paper written, then can provide it. This includes essays, assignments, research reports, and presentations. However, we didn’t see any other services on offer, such as resume writing or application services. These would be useful for a lot of students.


It’s important that any writing service you use can provide good quality writers to work with you. For the most part. Essay Writers World can do that, with most customers saying they’re happy with the work they received. A small number, though, say that this wasn’t the case for them. Their essays came back either poorly written, or were even plagiarised in some cases. It appears to be that some of their writers are struggling to get essays out by the deadline.


The average essay ordered with an essay writing service is a 2:1 undergraduate level piece, 2 pages long, and delivered within 10 days. With EssayWritersWorld, this will cost $41.90. There’s no promotion code, but you can get a discount as a first time customer just by adding it to your order. This price is more or less in line with other US writing services.


American students want to know that they’re safe ordering with a writing service, as they need to get their assignments in on time. By and large, it seems that this service gets their essays to customers in time. Some, though, have said that theirs came late. This could be the same writers who appear to be struggling with the workload.

Customer service

If you need help with your order, there’s a customer service team ready to help you. You can get in touch via their contact support number, or for free if you login/sign in to the site. They can help you with anything, but watch out for the refund policy. they say it’s 100% money back if you’re not happy, but it’s stricter than it looks.


If you want a good deal, you can sign up for an account with The customers who’s liked their work said they were very happy with them. However, we do have concerns about the customers who said they got less than stellar work. It appears that if American student order with this service, they may not get what they need.

Claiming to be one of the best essay writing services available, it’s easy to see why Essay Writers World is attractive for students who want to free up some hours in their day to day schedule. However, when choosing the right essay writing service for you, there a couple of things you should consider. Today, we’ll be exploring the ins and outs of Essay Writers World and what comes together to make it the service it is.


In total, EssayWritersWorld employs under 50 writers, meaning you have a very limited selection when it comes to the writers who are going to complete your work. Of these writers, only 11 are based in the United Kingdom, meaning you can never be sure that your work will be completed in fluent English. Of the total writers, only 14 hold a Master’s Degree, and a further 4 hold a PhD degree, meaning you may not get an experienced writer when it comes fulfilling your essay requests.
Rating: 2/5

Company trust

There are several ways you can check the trustworthiness of an essay writing service. Unfortunately, Essay Writers World falls short on all of them. There’s no physical address for the office of the company to hold them accountable and no trust marks or verification badges that show that the website isn’t subject to phishing or malicious intents. There is also no proof that the payment systems that the website uses are secure or protect your personal details, overall, leading me to believe that the website is operating illegitimately.
Rating: 1/5


Despite the website showing scattered five-star reviews among several of its website pages, a brief search online shows that many of the past customers of the service have endured a poor experience. While some claimed that the content they received was a poor-quality and lacked fluent English, others stated that their work was riddled with mistakes and, additionally, there were also too many reports that content had high levels of plagiarism, certainly not suitable for an academic submission.
Rating: 2/5


Although not the most expensive essay writing service, a standard undergraduate essay that’s four-pages long (1,000 words) with a ten-day deadline will set you back around £41.90. Although there is a 5% discount available to some customers, there are no additional services to choose from, sometimes an essential when it comes to checking things such as the sources used and plagiarism reports. The shorter your deadline, the more expensive the price, sometimes reaching hundreds of pounds, rendering completely unsuitable for the average student.
Rating: 2/5

Customer service

Despite the website claiming a comprehensive level of support for its customer both pre and post sales, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. When contacting customer support, you’ll be subject to agents who have a very poor level of English and some students may find it difficult to communicate or to get their message across. Likewise, the live chat service only operates during certain hours of the day, and an email reply can take hours, meaning students in need of urgent assistance may be left feeling abandoned.
Rating: 3/5


All in all, Essay Writers World is not all it claims to be. With extortionate prices, poor-quality content and a lack of protection while using the website, it’s highly recommended that you avoid the website at all costs. Students in need of essay writing services should take their business to a more reputable service.

A trendy-looking website and regularly updated blog – this is the first thing that attracts your attention when you open the website of a service called If you look a bit closer, you will find that this company offers a lot more – ‘certified custom writers’ and ‘A+ or A assured grade’. The second promise is a difficult one to fulfill, so we decided to investigate the company and see if this is the best choice for your academic papers.

Writing Services Offered

The range of services offered at Essay Writers World is exhaustive, including all commonly requested papers and papers that are more difficult to find, including capstone projects and financial analysis papers. Offering such a variety of papers means that the company has to work with hundreds of writers, especially if they truly deliver papers that are worth an A+ or an A.

Pricing and Discounts

We cannot tell you the lowest price this company offers since they do not have a pricelist on the website. However, you can use the calculator to check the quote for your paper without having to sign in or add any personal information.

Once we checked the calculator, we concluded that prices at Essay Writers World are very steep for a student’s budget. A single page for a high school level essay with a deadline of 10 days costs $19.94, and this is if you choose the ‘no citation’ option. This is a very high price when compared to prices on the writing market, especially since it applies to the lowest academic level and the furthest deadline provided.

As for the discounts the company offers, the information on the website is very confusing. Even though they do have a Discounts page, this page contains a lot of irrelevant content and no specific information about their discounts! Apparently, you can only calculate your discount if you add personal information and information about your paper. Once we did this, we were highly disappointed to know that we get only $1 discount on the price that applies for an essay page!

Paper Quality

We thought ‘perhaps this is a service worth your money if they truly deliver A+ or A grade papers’, even though the prices were extremely high for a student’s budget. What we got was a high-quality essay, but we would not say it was a sure A, nonetheless an A+. We would grade the essay with a B or perhaps even a C, if the professor who assigned it were strict about referencing or formatting.

Customer Support

As for the customer support, this part disappointed us the most. The company has a live chat, but no one replied to our question about discounts, even though we waited for half an hour before placing the order. is a legit service, but has many flaws and disadvantages. Even though they offer a wide range of services and deliver quality papers, the lack of a loyalty or discount policy, their steep prices and a horrible customer service make us believe that this is not a service worth your time or your money.

General Impression
The official website of this service looks professional, but it loads slowly and takes up much of your time. Still, seeing that many students chose this company for their papers, I decided to give it a try and order a paper from them. In addition to this, I checked everything there is to know about the company called

Services Provided
The company delivers only a limited list of academic papers, so do not expect to order all your assignments here. This is a disadvantage for those who look for a regular content provider, but seeing that many companies offer all papers and are unable to write half of them, this may be a sign that the company knows its writers.

Pricing at is a bit steep when compared to other services. An essay with a deadline of 8 days and Graduate level costs 22.95 per page, which is a relatively high price for a student’s budget. My paper, for example, cost $23.95 per page for Master’s level and the same deadline and seeing that I ordered 1000 words of content, it cost me a small fortune.

Discounts and Free Features
Discounts are automatically calculated when you check the price for your order. Unfortunately, these are the smallest discounts I have seen, so do not expect a significant price reduction even if you are a regular customer.
Apparently, discounts are less than 10% and are same to everyone – new and returning customers. This is quite a disappointment since other companies offer many benefits for loyalty to the service.

Ordering Process
Ordering is simple, but it takes a lot of time to load the site and submit the order. The company needs to do some serious improvement in terms of website speed.

Communication with Writer
As for communication with the writer, is one of the services that do not have this option. However, the customer service is always available and ready to answer your questions. I was happy with their service.

The writer did deliver my paper within the deadline, but I remain seriously concerned about their on-time delivery since I found feedback from many dissatisfied customers that complained on late delivery.
Still, this wasn’t the case with my paper. However, I cannot say the same about the paper’s quality.

The Work I Got
The paper I got from the service was awful. The writer missed my requirements and delivered a paper full of plagiarism and mistakes. For the high rate I paid, this was unacceptable. Therefore, I asked for a revision.
The agent immediately approved my request, but the paper I got after the revision was not better than the first one. In addition, it took the editors two days to revise my paper, which is unacceptable for students struggling with tight deadlines.

Generally, this company has some clear advantages such as good customer service and solid deadline range, but their high prices, low discounts and bad content quality make me believe that it is not the best choice of a content provider.