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EssayUSA Reviews 2021

EssayUSA Reviews 2021

EssayUSA is a writing service based in the United States which offers writing services to customers in both arts, sciences and other non-academic aspects of life where writing is required.


The services offered cover a very wide range of subject from arts to humanities. However, they type of service can be grouped into two major categories; academic and non-academic.

  1. Academic services – These services include writing of all forms of essays, term papers, dissertations, and book review which are mostly assignments given to students. This covers the main bulk of the body of work which they do.
  2. Non-academic services – These services are not related to the education system. They include business reports, presentations, speeches, resume and cover letters.


What are the main features?

  1. Qualified writers – This writing service employs the services of freelance and full-time writers who have an advanced knowledge of the usage of the English language in academic writing. This is evident by the quality of the content they deliver. Moreover, the minimum requirement for becoming a writer is a college degree in a specific field of study. All the papers the writer will work on will be related to this field of study
  2. Active Communication – EssayUSA makes use of a message board to establish a three-way communication link between the customer, the writer, and the support team. This make it possible for ideas and clarifications to be transmitted effectively


There are other extra features which can be enjoyed by customers who wish to enjoy the services to the maximum. These features are recommended but they are completely optional for use. These features which can be found while filling the order form include:

  • Advanced writer – The choice of an advanced writer will cost the client an extra fee of 25%. This means that the quality of the paper delivered will be impeccable by all parameters of measurement.
  • Editing – For those who need special editing in terms of grammar and content in general, the fee is 15% of the total cost.
  • List of sources – Digital copies and a comprehensive list can be provided to the customer irrespective of the number of pages. The cost of this service is $9.99.


The pricing of the services provided by best essay writing service in the US is quite decent and easily affordable when one considers the quality. The amount to be paid depends on a number of factors which include:

  • The academic level of study of the clients
  • The volume of the work which is calculated in terms of the number of pages, spacing, and the number of words.
  • The urgency of delivery. Orders which have a 24hour deadline cost more than those which are placed 10 days before the deadline.
  • The type of paper also determines the price of the order. Papers which require extensive research usually cost more. Also, orders which require the use of special methods like presentations have a different pricing method.
  • Additional services like extra editing, choosing the services of an advanced writer and requesting a list of sources tend to add to the total price of the order.


There are many guarantees provided in the terms and conditions of services offered by EssayUSA. These include:

  • Security Policy (for all personal information)
  • Revision Policy
  • Plagiarism Free Warranty
  • Money Back Warranty


Advantages of using EssayUSA

  1. 100% Plagiarism free – The company has no tolerance for any form of plagiarism. They have advanced software which can effectively detect all forms of plagiarism even if it is paraphrasing. All papers submitted by writers have to go through this compulsory plagiarism test before they are cleared for delivery to the client.
  2. Top quality content– EssayUSA has an army of writers who work full-time or as freelance writers. These writers are chosen through rigorous screening to determine their proficiency in the use of the English language required for academic language. These writers are also professionals in a particular field of study, they work only on orders that fall within their purview. There is no need for worrying about irregularities in the paper because of the high standard of quality.
  3. 24/7 Support – The support team can be contacted through a message board at any time because they work round the clock and attend to all complaints and answer questions from the customers.
  4. Cost effective – The price of buying an academic paper is very affordable when compared to the cost at other writing services. Moreover, you get full value for your money because the whole team works as a unit to provide the best service possible to the customer


All orders have to be placed on the official website of EssayUSA. Here is the procedure which you should follow:

  • Go to the official website
  • Log in or register as a new client
  • Click on ‘ORDER’
  • Fill out the instructions and specifications of the paper. Add the number of sources or add different files if you have them in your possession.
  • Choose the volume of the paper and the preferred formatting style
  • Make sure you choose the academic level and choose the deadline
  • Choose other additional services if you need them
  • Add your personal information. This will help to make contacting you easier
  • Click on ‘PAY’ to submit the order
  • When the support team indicates that the specifications of the of the order can be reached, then go ahead and pay
  • Payments can be made via PayPal to the official account provided by the support team
  • Then wait for the deadline and receive your order.


After going through the services provided by EssayUSA, we are confident to ascertain that the quality of their service is impeccable. The strictness with which they adhere to instructions and the patience of their support team is quite remarkable. Furthermore, the timely delivery ensures that the client would not have to worry about receiving the paper before the deadline.

About EssayUSA
EssayUSA is an academic writing service provider which started in the US. They offer writing service to English-speaking students all over the world irrespective of the academic level of knowledge. This company has a wide pool of writers which covers a wide area of academic writing across all fields of study.
This company just like many of its contemporaries can be found online at All activities and official transactions related to writing services are conducted on this page. No third-party sites or entities are used in conducting transactions. Moreover, all the information concerning the company and the terms and conditions of the services they offer are open to the potential customers without having to register. This helps to give the customer a clear picture of what the services are about.

What are the main services they offer?
The writing services offered by EssayUSA include academic and non-academic services of all sorts. These include:

  • Research papers
  • Term papers
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Resume (cover letter)
  • Thesis and Dissertation
  • Speeches

The services they offer do not just include writing services. They also provide all other forms of services including editing, customization, and rewriting of poorly written papers.

Main features
There are a lot of features which make EssayUSA stand out amongst all other writing services in the US and all over the world:

  1. Price Calculator – On the EssayUSA homepage, you can find a calculator which automatically calculates the price of the order as you fill in the required fields. This helps in transparency and also in making sure that the customer does not unknowingly exceed their budget for the paper.
  2. 24/7 consultation – The members of the support team at EssayUSA can always be found online at all hours of the day for consultation. It makes it possible for the customer to share their suggestions and ideas as soon as they can and get feedback periodically.
  3. Free Samples – You can find samples for free on the homepage of EssayUSA. If one of these samples fit the description of what you are looking for in a paper, you can go ahead and order the paper without going through the stress of filling in the order form.

Benefits for customers

  • Plagiarism free papers – EssayUSA has an honesty policy which does not tolerate any form of cheating form their writers. They make sure that all the research they conduct are original. They also lay emphasis on the fact that all ideas that are not original should be cited even when they are paraphrased.
  • Direct communication – There is a direct line of communication between the customers and the writers. If you encounter any problems while filling out the order form, you can get in touch with the support for help.
  • Free Title and Bibliography pages – Title pages and bibliography pages are not included in the word count irrespective of the length.
  • Free draft/outline – The writer is expected to provide a draft of the paper for free before writing the main paper. This draft is then sent to the customer for approval before the writer can start working on the main paper.
  • On-time delivery – All paper writing by writers from EssayUSA are delivered on time. This is because they make use of a large team of individuals who work together to make this a reality.

Guarantees and policies

  • Privacy policy – According to EssayUSA company policy, all the information shared or provided by the customer including login details are kept secret from any third party. This information can only be used upon request from the customer
  • Revision policy – At EssayUSA, the customer has the right to request a revision when they are convinced that the paper was not up to the expected standard. The customer has to apply for the request within a specified period of time or they will have to pay for the revision as a separate service.
  • Plagiarism free warranty – The company has a no-plagiarism policy. They make use of plagiarism checks on all their papers before they are received by the student. More so, they can rewrite a paper or refund the customer if there is a genuine complaint of plagiarism.
  • Money-back guarantee – In case the customer is not satisfied with the content or structure of the paper, they can file a complaint for a refund. A refund can be in place when the company fails to deliver the paper within the deadline.

How to place an order

  • Go to the official website of the company
  • If you do not have an account already, register and create a new account. If you have an account already, log in and continue with filling out your order form.
  • After creating an account, click on ‘order’. An online order form will apply just below the menu. 
  • Fill in the various fields and choose from the available options. You have to enter your personal information and upload relevant files if necessary. Furthermore, you have to choose your level of education and the deadline. If you are a first-time customer, choose the option in order to get your discount.
  • After filling out the order form, scroll to the end of the order form and click ‘pay’. The order will now go into processing as the support team tries to assess the feasibility of the order.
  • If the support team finds a writer, you can go ahead to pay to the account which is provided to you.
  • Payments call be made through PayPal and only to the official account provided by the support team. This helps in ensuring that your account details remain confidential and secure.
  • After paying for the order, wait for the deadline to receive your order. You can always get in contact for any updates on the status of your paper.

After a thorough evaluation of the writing services offered by EssayUSA, it is safe to say that buying a paper from them is the best thing that can happen to your grades in school. The sheer quality of the content is second to none and the quality of the services itself is highly impressive. Also, the privacy policy and other various guarantees are a breath of fresh air to people who are not very confident with sharing their personal information online.

EssayUSA com is a young dynamic essay writing company from the United States. They have been on the market for two years now and are fairly popular among American students. What is this service all about and what are the reasons for such popularity? We will find out in this EssayUSA review! But first, let’s throw some general info in here, so that you know whether this service can help you in the first place.

First of all, EssayUSA online writing service offers help with all imaginable types of academic assignments. You can order anything: essays, research papers, term papers and capstone projects, as well as coursework, thesis or dissertation. Business writing is also available, so if you need a resume, cover letter or a business report, EssayUSA can help. According to the EssayUSA reviews, the main feature of this service is that all their writers are Americans. When you need to buy essay, USA writer is the first choice, so obviously many companies promise native English speakers. But is that really true? Are EssayUSA writers and staff truly all Americans? In the following EssayUSA review, we will find answers to this and other questions you might have about this service.

EssayUSA: Prices & Discounts

All in all, students can buy Essay USA papers at an affordable price. A High-School essay with a 14-day deadline costs $10/page, for instance, or $25/page with a delivery within 8 hours. And the price for a Ph.D. level task starts at $25/page with a 14-day deadline and goes up to $48 per page.

Like the majority of academic writing services, EssayUSA com offers some extra features as well. First of all, you can hire one of the Advanced EssayUSA Writers to ensure the immaculate quality of your work. According to the website, these writers are real professionals with more than 5 years of experience in academic writing. However, the Advanced Writer option costs 25% of the initial price, so it might get a little too expensive. The price will get even higher if you decide to hire an Editor to structure and proofread your paper properly. This Editing option will add another 15% to the end price. Don’t worry though, we’ve seen more than one EssayUSA review confirming that their regular writers are okay too. Plus, you can manage without an Editor, if that’s too pricey for you – American writers shouldn’t make too many mistakes.

As for the discount system, it seems the company does its best so that you can buy Essay USA papers for cheap. They offer a guaranteed 10% coupon for first-time customers, plus you get 50% off every third order with Essay USA. Moreover, there is more than one EssayUSA review about seasonal discounts on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, etc.

Quality of Papers & Deadlines

EssayUSA online writing service states that they provide high-quality academic help “from Americans for Americans”. As we already mentioned, they also claim that all EssayUSA writers are Americans with years of experience in their chosen field of academic writing. Believe this or not, but we couldn’t find a single EssayUSA review that would prove otherwise! On the contrary, customers agree that writers are native speakers indeed, and usually show deep understanding of their chosen subject. It seems that papers usually are well-written, have a sophisticated vocabulary and proper formatting. Most EssayUSA reviews also confirm that there are little to no misspellings or grammatical mistakes, and overall writing is creative. We haven’t seen any mentions of plagiarized papers either, so Essay USA seems like a truly high-quality service.

As for the deadlines, they range between 14 days and 8 hours, so you can order an urgent delivery. However, Ph.D. level papers do not have this option, and the shortest deadline for those is within one day. Most EssayUSA reviews confirm the timely delivery even for urgent orders, so you can trust Essay USA with this.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Taking into account everything we’ve seen so far, it’s no surprise that feedback on EssayUSA online writing service is positive. Most EssayUSA reviews and testimonials state the same thing: service is reliable, prices are affordable, papers are high quality. We’ve seen only one EssayUSA review about a refund so far, and the customer got their money back without a problem. You also get free unlimited revisions for 10 days after the final deadline. And, it seems you don’t necessarily have to pay for an Advanced Writer or Editor – finished product is already good. Still, there is more than one EssayUSA review from customers who did choose to pay extra and received some in-depth research. So, it’s for you to decide whether you need any extra features or not.

Well, it’s time to sum up this EssayUSA review. It seems that this service is as good as it gets when it comes to academic writing. They offer great quality at affordable prices, what more could you ask for?

What is the Best Essay Writing Service in USA?

There’s one specific thing that attracts students towards EssayUSA: they are able to communicate with the writer through a direct messaging system.

This is something that’s not always available in the essay writing industry. Most services have a 24/7 support system, but they don’t connect you with the writer. At this website, you’re supposed to get such a luxury. At least that’s what they say.

But then we tried to find a few reviews online. No luck there. TrustPilot has only one review by a customer, and it doesn’t say anything about talking to the writer.

There’s another interesting thing about it’s VERY affordable. But does that mean it’s the best essay writing service in USA? Well… there’s a long way for this agency to go before it can reach that status.

But let’s start with the details of our review. We ordered a paper there, so we’ll share an unbiased review answering your question: is this a reliable essay writing service USA?

Writing Services Offered

It’s always nice to see all the services listed. Essay USA gives us a clean look into its offer through the price chart. The company delivers all kinds of content: essays and other papers, assignments, admission essays, dissertations, speeches, web design assignments, and other academic projects.

We found a few interesting types of services that make this a pretty unique essay writing service in USA. Those include: wedding/graduation speech, Java programming, and web design. There’s also a category Other, which lets you order basically any kind of content. If you want a blog post, you can probably get it here.

Pricing and Discounts

This is the best part of our EssayUSA review. When we saw the price chart, we immediately understood what the highlight of this service was. It’s the pricing system. The quotes are affordable enough for us to say that it’s probably the cheapest essay writing service USA.

  • A high-school paper with a deadline of 14 days costs only $9.
  • Even if you want PhD quality with the shortest deadline of 24 hours, you still pay an affordable quote: $40 per page.

The only thing that we didn’t like was that 24 hours was the shortest deadline offered here. If you need a paper in three or six hours, this is not the best essay writing service in USA to hire.

The homepage of has a modern and polished look, which instantly makes you feel more confident in your decision to order. The history of Essay USA dates back to four years ago, and when you look at thousands of happy customers and their positive testimonials, as well as the 94% satisfaction rate, you can’t help but be impressed with how far they’ve come in just under five years.

What we particularly liked about Essay USA is that they can do any type of assignment for you. The primary focus of the service is the essay and its many variations, but, on top of that, EssayUSA can also do your book report, coursework, dissertation, research proposal, thesis, term paper, lab report, and dozens of other assignment types.

Overall, we found the Essay USA com website to be not only very informative, but also indicative of the high level of service and quality of work offered by the company. With over 6,000 of satisfied customers to date and over 18,000 completed papers, it is clear that EssayUSA is a solid choice of an academic writing service.

In general, we found the prices at EssayUSA to be slightly lower than the average market rates. The final price of the paper depends on the type of paper, course level, page count, and deadline. The cheapest option is a high school essay with a 14-day turnaround time, which will cost you just $9 per page, while a Master’s essay with a 24-hour deadline costs $29 per page. We found those prices to be fair and competitive.

There are also additional options you can choose when placing the order:

Advanced writer

If you want to ensure an outstanding quality of writing for a particularly important paper, you can hire an advanced writer for your paper. This decision will raise the price of the order by 25%.

Native speaker

Another way to upgrade the quality of writing is to have your paper written by a native English speaking writer. You will need to pay 25% more for your order to use this feature, but it’s certainly worth it.

Digital sources

Want to not only know which sources your writer used, but also take a look at the sources yourself and get a better idea about the paper? Request a digital copy of the sources used in the paper for $9.99.

Editing services

For 15% more, a professional editor will polish your paper to perfection. The editor will take care of any grammar mistakes, wrong word usage, punctuation, and other possible problems with the writing.

Quality of work execution

At the end of the day, the quality of writing provided by an essay service is what matters the most for your grade and your professor’s opinion about the paper. That is why we paid special attention to the quality of work execution for our EssayUSA review. According to our own experience, as well as the experiences of hundreds of people who already tried the Essay USA writing services and shared their opinion, the average quality of papers delivered by EssayUSA is nearly flawless.

The writers make sure to take into account every detail you provide with the order, the papers are free of any grammar mistakes and inconsistencies, and the formatting of the paper fits every academic writing standard used in US schools. Plus, the paper we ordered was 100% free of plagiarism, which is very important for your grade.


To give you the confidence needed to order a paper from a writing service, Essay USA offers each customer several guarantees.

When you order a paper, you can look forward to the following:

  • The paper will be written completely from scratch and will contain zero traces of plagiarism.
  • The paper will be done by a native English speaker with extensive academic writing experience and knowledge.
  • The essays are created by US-based writers who are familiar with local writing standards.
  • The writer will follow every instruction and formatting style included with the initial order placement.
  • If the paper does not meet the customer’s requirements, the customer is entitled to unlimited free revisions or a full refund.

Payment options

The choice of payment options offered by Essay USA is not huge, but it is perfectly complete for most customers. You can pay for your order using a Visa or Mastercard, but the most popular option is PayPal. All payments are securely processed by the website, which is thoroughly protected by SSL encryption. It means that your sensitive personal and financial data is guaranteed to stay intact.


Essay USA has not been in the academic writing business for too long. In fact, there has been only four years since the service was launched. That is why we were even more impressed by the fact that over 90% of EssayUSA reviews we’ve come across have been positive.

The customers were particularly impressed with the quality of writing and the quick turnaround time. Some customers enjoyed the low prices for the writing services, while others pointed out their pleasant interactions with the customer support. Almost every review we have come across stated that the customer would be more than happy to order from Essay USA again, which is clearly impressive, given how much competition there is in the market.


We have gathered for you the
advantages and disadvantages



Fast delivery

Your order can be finished in as little as 8 hours. Plus, EssayUSA never delivers papers even a minute after the deadline.

Native speaking writers

You can have your order completed by a native English speaking author.

Affordable rates

The prices at Essay USA are lower than the average in the industry.

Quality of papers

We thoroughly enjoyed the quality of writing in ever paper we’ve seen from EssayUSA.

Customer support

The customer support team is available 24/7 and always responds very quickly.

Author choice

There is no opportunity to request a specific writer to do your order.

Payment options

We would love to see Essay USA offer more payment options besides credit cards and PayPal.


The range of services offered by EssayUSA will be hard to match for any other writing service. The company is very open to their customers and instantly responds to customer support queries. Most importantly, their quality of writing is outstanding and the fast turnaround make Essay USA one of the top academic writing services operating today.

First Impression

Today we’re gonna tell you about one more writing service that provides academic assistance. 

Is EssayUSA legit? The service tries to make their potential clients think so. They say that they have been offering help with various kinds of papers for four years. 

Their service promises to help with all kinds of academic papers, and they are proud of the wide range of writers, but is it really so? Are they worth giving a try? We will tell you everything about this writing company. 

As usual, we decided to check the online reputation of the service. Unfortunately, no EssayUSA Reddit reviews were found. 

As for EssayUSA Google reviews, there are 22 reviews about the service on Sitejabber. The majority of them are positive, although there are some negative ones, speaking of the low quality of the provided papers. 

Generally, not so many EssayUSA reviews were found online, and that is a bit strange if the service is “ like they say” popular. 

The website of the company is quite student-friendly. We had no problem finding an order button to start filling in an order form. There is a price calculator on the service that lets you know the total price. 

It is a plus because it can be really tiring to fill out a long order form and only then to know what a service is expensive and you can’t afford to purchase a paper from them.

Quality of Service

Is EssayUSA scam? We decided to check it and started placing an order on the website. 

The first step was authorization, then we provided paper details, and the last step was options. We’ve ordered a history essay with a deadline of five days. The paper cost $30. 

It is an average price because there are services that charge much more for the same assignments. Of course, if you have enough time, you can find a service with even lower prices, but it requires enough research skills and time, for sure. 

The paper was delivered several hours by the deadline. Frankly speaking, we thought that the deadline would be missed. The quality of the provided paper was mediocre. We have found some typos there, and it lacked some dates, as it was a history paper. 

Is EssayUSA reliable? Our answer will be –  it depends on what quality of paper you are going to get. If you want to receive an A grade, then – No, better look for another writing service. 

If you are ok with the passing grade, then, this service may work for you. We have doubts that papers done by their experts will help you improve your grades.

Pricing and Deadlines

Now, let’s talk about the price policy of the writing company in our EssayUSA review. The minimum you’ll pay for a page of high-school writing is 9$. The deadline will be two weeks. 

If you need an assignment ASAP, this service won’t work for you, because the shortest deadline is 24 hours. We have checked a pile of writing services and know that there are platforms that offer really fast assistance and can do great papers in three or six hours.

Types of Papers

Nowadays, there are numerous writing services, and they all promise to create superb assignments. They promise to help with the most popular college and high-school assignments, and EassayUSA is not an exception. 

From some EssayUSA reviews and information that is on their website, we found out that students can order such types of papers as admission essays, article reviews, biographies, coursework, creative writing, business plans, thesis, presentations and term papers. 

The choice of papers is really impressive. They also offer Web-design and Java programming.

Special Features

You may add some offered options to make sure that the ordered paper is perfect. These features include choosing an advanced writer, it will cost you +25%, additional editing +15%, digital copies of used sources +$9,99 and a plagiarism report for $7,99. 

We’ve asked their support manager whether the provided assignments are edited by the writer, an answer was yes. 

So, there is no sense in wasting more money on one more edit, if you order a paper from 

Customer Care

 We found no info about their support service in other EssayUSA reviews, so I decided to check it. We’ve asked for the first-order discount, and their support manager Macx provided a 10% discount. 

So, if you want to save some bucks, talk to their support first. Although Max was friendly and helpful, he was a bit slow in his replies. 

So, if you start talking to this support manager, know that you will be able to prepare a cup of coffee until you hear a reply from him.

So, what do we know about EssayUSA com? The company is relatively new and started only two years ago. Although they started with only one writer, today’s wide pool of Essay USA online writers covers many various academic areas. We use them on a permanent base to get all our academic papers done: essays, research papers, term papers, coursework or dissertations! What’s more, if you’re looking for professional custom writing services, Essay USA got them too. We even have a friend who ordered a speech for a wedding from them! Not to mention that one EssayUSA review is from a customer who’d ordered a programming task in JAVA. How cool is that?


Despite the highest academic writing quality, Essay USA is quite an affordable company for students. Their prices start at 10 $ per page with the longest deadline, 14 days. If you are in a hurry, you will have to much more. Their shortest deadline is 8 hours and it will cost you around 25 $ per page. Of course, we are talking about college essays of average complexity. As mentioned before in our EssayUSA review they can provide you with various types of papers. Definitely, a PhD level order will be more pricey than a high school paper. Other than that, the company offers many extra options which you can opt in or out, depending on your needs. As an example, you may want to have one of their TOP writers for an extra fee. It will increase your total cost by around 25% but it will be worth of the money spent.


According to Essay USA, online writers are all consummate professionals in their respective fields. The company also claims that they value EssayUSA writers highly and compensate them generously. This leads to higher performance rates. We actually did find more than one EssayUSA review from their writers, confirming they are paid fairly. As for the quality of actual papers, there are a few samples on EssayUSA com. For the sake of our EssayUSA review, we scrutinized the samples and were pleasantly surprised. Judging by the advanced vocabulary and in-depth analysis of the topic, EssayUSA writers truly know what they’re doing. The overwhelming majority of positive EssayUSA reviews out there only prove our point: their writers are the real deal. It’s hard to argue that the gap between a native writer and your average ESL-speaker is huge. Obviously, if you need to buy essay, USA writers are a better choice, and EssayUSA writers are simply the best.


EssayUSA com has a money-back guarantee and plagiarism free policy. You have a right for free unlimited revisions for 10 days after the deadline. You can also request a refund both before the deadline and anytime within these 10 days. However, the full refund is available only before you approve the paper or in case it has traces of plagiarism. The refund policy is one of the simplest in the industry. If you cancel your order within the first hour after a writer was assigned, you will have all your money back. If later – the amount due to be refunded will be calculated based on the time passed and remaining to the deadline. If it’s been half-time to your deadline you are eligible to get 70% of your money.
In case of late delivery, you will get a partial refund. The amount will be calculated based on the difference of prices of original and real deadline. And once again, you are eligible for a full refund even if the paper was approved but it has quality issues.
All refund requests are processed within 2 to 3 days. Luckily, we couldn’t find any EssayUSA review requesting the money back. The company guarantees that all their writers are native speakers from America. This is hard to believe only before you have your essay done. Indeed, reading your essay will ensure you that it is true.

Payment options

You can use your international credit cards to pay for your paper. PayPal is accepted by Essay USA as well.
Important to mention the discounts policy of the company. When ordering for the first time you will receive a 10% discount on your paper. Further on, they apply discounts to every third order you place. Besides that, EssayUSA has seasonal sales, like Black Friday, Thanksgiving discounts and so on.

High qualityHigh quality of college writing from native speakers from US. There is no EssayUSA review with quality related complaints. And luckily, the biggest issue people had were a few misspelling errors.
Many extra optionsWith this company you can really go for the most professional result. You may opt for a TOP writer, get an editing option, buy a digital copy of all the materials used for preparing your paper.
Convenient useActive to respond customer service. EssayUSA also has a mobile app which makes the ordering process even faster and simpler. It also allows you to track the status of your paper live.
Good pricesPrices are average on the market with a highest quality match.
Discount systemOngoing discount system. First time customers get 10% off by default. Loyal and returning clients have discounts on every third order and during holidays and Black Friday.

Long time deliveringPerhaps, the only tiny disadvantage is that their minimum deadline is 8 hours. Not suitable for urgent requests.

EssayUSA is a writing service based in the United States. It offers academic writing services to clients in the United States as well as from other parts of the world. They also offer other services which are not related to academics. EssayUSA is an excellence-oriented company which focuses mainly on delivering the best quality of services to their customers.

EssayUSA has a very high approval rating amongst all the other companies that offer writing services. This is mostly as a result of the fact that the customers who have made use of their services have been satisfied. This is also evident by the high return rate from first-time customers. Furthermore, the company has a very large of clients annually and an average rate of over 10 orders per day.

What kind of writers does this service have?

The main driving force behind a writing service is the writers who actually make the request of the customer come to fruition. The role of the best essay writing service in US writers can never be overemphasized. Without them, a writing service cannot survive and thrive. Due to the nature of the academic writing work, writing services often find themselves in a competition over the very limited amount of professional academic writers. They also recognize the fact that there are others who pose as academic writers but actually lack the experience and training which one requires in order to become a bona fide writer. Here are some of the characteristics of the EssayUSA writers:


  • High level of competence – EssayUSA writers are held accountable for the quality of the services they offer to their customers. There are expected the zero-tolerance policy for all kind of cheating. This includes providing accurate citations and genuine sources instead of just writing any random information just to run up the word count. Also, EssayUSA writers are made to run a mandatory plagiarism check on their papers even before the customer gets them. This plagiarism check is aimed at detecting copied or paraphrased ideas which might tarnish the integrity of the paper.

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Why should you trust them?

Before giving out your money to a company which offers writing services for them to help you in writing your essay, you have to pay attention to the fact that there might be things in the terms and conditions of the services they offer which you might not necessarily agree with. Therefore, it is necessary that the customer goes through the terms and conditions as well as the reviews provided by others on the services offered by EssayUSA writers


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  • Advanced writing services – EssayUSA writers also offer other advanced writing services which are not available to customers who use other writing services. These include checking the sources for validity, providing better sources, finding better alternatives to a part of the writing which is below the academic standard of a college student.

  • Expert consultation – EssayUSA writers are also available for those who need consultation when they are writing their own papers. These opinions will go a long way in guiding you through this process.