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EssayPro Reviews 2021

EssayPro Reviews 2021


When it comes to writing services, it appears that Essay Pro have you covered. Take a look at the services offered on the website, and there’s more on offer than you can shake a stick at. For example, they cover assignments, dissertations, research projects, and many other types of academic writing. However, we do wonder whether their writers can really handle so many different writing styles.


No matter who you order from, you need to know that their writers can write excellent work for you. After all, your grades will rely on their work. We took a look at what past reviews are saying, in order to get an idea of what kind of quality this service puts out. The results are mixed. Some customers say they were happy with their order, but others were less than impressed. They say the writing quality was poor, thanks to non native English speaking writers. Since EssayPro is a freelance platform the choice of writer is made by you and therefore not each of them is guaranteed to deliver top quality.


Pricing will always vary, as every project is different. As an example, take a 2 page 2:1 level essay, to be delivered within 10 days. With this service, you’ll pay minimum £15 GBP. This is quite cheap for an essay writing service, so we’re not surprised to see that there isn’t a first time discount, as you’d see with other services. Don’t pick this service just on its price though. You can get excellent writing for no much more if you shop around.


If you need help with your order, there’s a customer service team on standby to help you. Some customers, though, have been running into an issue with the refund policy. Apparently, it’s not as clear as it should be. That means that some customers have thought they were entitled to their money back, when in fact they weren’t.

Freelance platform with manual writer selection, bids and prices for the papers may be different from writer to writer and same is the quality of delivered papers

Rating - 6.1/10



EssayPro are a legit service, unlike many other sites online that you should be wary of. However, we’re hesitant to recommend them to you if you need help with your essay. The writing quality isn’t as high as we’d like it to be, and the customer support could be better. You may be better off looking elsewhere for a writing service.

Your experience with EssayPro starts with the website, where you can learn a few things about the service and its origin. Essay Pro claims to have completed over 1 million orders and currently has 400 writers. However, the information on the website is slightly confusing: in two different pages, Essay Pro states to be both 15 and 20 years old, which definitely seemed suspicious to us.

There are three physical addresses on the website, which definitely adds to the website’s reliability. There is also a landline phone number, which you can use to ask questions or solve problems with the service.

Essay Pro offers an order betting system instead of automatically assigning the writer to your order. Once you place the order for a paper, the writers of the service will offer their bets. In theory, all you need to do is pick the writer with the best bet.

In reality, if your order is too complicated or the deadline is too close, the order can get little to no bets. It seems like the classic order distribution system, which allocates the orders to authors based on their experience and availability, may be more efficient.


EssayPro mentions several times that they are the most affordable writing service in the market. They widely advertise the $11 per page price of their papers, but in order to get the lowest price, you need to meet certain conditions, including turnaround time and academic level.
The thing we didn’t like about the pricing approach of Essay Pro is the absence of detail information on the prices on the company website. There is a price calculator when you’re placing an order, but there is no way to access the full list of prices. If you simply want to find out how much you’ll need to pay without actually placing an order, it might prove difficult to do.


Some Essay Pro reviews are very positive: customers claim that they only were able to go through school or college thanks to the help from EssayPro writers. However, the majority of reviews are actually less than favorable.
The most common complaint in EssayPro reviews is the low quality of writing delivered by the service. Part of the problem may be the fact that EssayPro doesn’t just hire native speakers with Western academic experience. As a result, these writers struggle with the specifics of academic writing and often get such things as spelling, formatting, and references wrong.
There have also been complaints about the quality of service provided by Essay Pro. Even at the order placing stage, where things are more complicated than they should be, you can already experience difficulties getting the necessary service. Then it may be challenging to get help from customer support or claim a free revision if you are not satisfied with your order.

Payment options

The major difference of EssayPro from most other writing services is that they don’t require you to make an advance payment for your order. Only when you receive the order and are fully satisfied with it, the writer will get your money through the system. However, if you are a new customer, you will need to make a deposit. Existing customers with a good payment history can place orders without deposits. Essay Pro accepts payment with Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx. No PayPal payments are available.

As an affordable writing service, Essay Pro has its share of pros:

With the betting system, you have a chance of scoring the lowest price for your order.

You can chat with the writer working on your order through customer support.

In most cases, the papers are delivered exactly on time.

With phone and email notifications, you won’t miss the important updates about your order.
The writer doesn’t actually receive your payment until you accept the order.

At the same time, there are some cons of EssayPro you need to consider as well:

The service does not guarantee that someone will bet on your order or that the price will be as low as advertised.

The average quality of writing is far from superb.

Since PayPal payments are not available, customers feel less secure when paying for their orders.

The Essay Pro website is not clear about their rates and other details of service.

EssayPro offers refunds, but the conditions for getting your payment back are complicated and a 100% refund is not guaranteed even in cases of plagiarism or late delivery. Plus, once the writer receives your payment, you can no longer ask for a refund.

Hello, fellas! Today, I am going to investigate a very interesting and, at the same time, contradictory paper writing service – Being one of the oldest and best well-known bidding systems, I could not bypass them without my review. I heard a lot of good things about the service, their 142k subscribers, and 4.2 Facebook.  

As usual, I had a quite simple paper, that I did not want to do. I thought it was a good chance to test EssayPro. After landing on their main page, you can see a well-designed site with my favorite feature – the calculator!

The site provided all the necessary information to get a solid understanding of how the service works. Too bad they don’t really have the Pricing page, their pricing policy is quite confusing.

Unlike most paper writing services, EssayPro offers a totally different business model to their customers, aimed at lower prices and direct interaction with writers.

Unlike most competitors, who charge their customers big bucks, EssayPro is quite reasonable about pricing and claims to give their writers the major part of the bid.EssayPro orients to increase the volume of their sales with such low margin profits. And they have an SMS notification!

Quick math, let’s move on.

 Is reliable? A company claims to be on the market for over 20 years. According to my research, the site domain was registered 18 years ago, which makes the company claims quite realistic. But this is where some inconsistencies begin. The site claims to have completed 1.1 million orders, having around 400 writers in their team.

In May 2007 they claimed to have reached 50,000 orders completed ( in 7 years), which means that they completed another 1,05 million orders during the past 11 years. Having only 400 writers in their squad, it would mean that every writer on average completed 240 orders per year. They should be machines to work at such a pace. Maybe, someone is not quite honest with their customers (if you know what I mean).
Is Essaypro legit? My general impression was that the site is quite legit, although some info is clearly made up for marketing purposes. EssayPro gets my 4 out of 5 for the site design and usability.

2. Customer support

This is where my mood started worsening. First of all, their site has a sweet picture of their team, but in reality, this is a bunch of evil devils. I decided to place an order for a 3-page paper, University level, and got writers, applying for an order.

I noticed some very weird pricing patterns and decided to place School and Doctorate level orders on a similar topic. We will return to the pricing and writers later on, but once I started asking writers about their qualification, support canceled ALL ORDERS without my permission and BANNED me in chat, when I was trying to clarify the reason.

Don’t want to be rude, but they behaved like a bunch of assholes, who enjoy their power and censor their customers whenever they want to dig deeper. Of course, I placed other orders, using a VPN and without questions, but this case can divert even the most curious customers like me. 1 out of 5 for customer service.

Next time think twice before banning customers in the chat without any reason. I do hope their management will deal with such instances of customer harassment and make customer support great again!
3. My experience

Is Essaypro scam? I used this service only once and my experience, not mentioning the issue with support, was quite satisfying. It was not good, and it was not perfect, it was just okay. The final paper was of satisfying quality, but honestly, I don’t believe that they hire Ph.D. writers for that.

The paper was good enough for me to get a B after my personal edits. I always edit my papers to make them personalized! If you want to use any custom paper writing service successfully, don’t be lazy to spare an hour to proofread the paper and add some information. In a long-term perspective, it will help you go through college year without being caught on plagiarism.

I will rate my experience with EssayPro 3.5 out of 5 merely because of the paper quality.
And by the way, their dashboard is very slow!
4. Order form

The order form is quite comfy for placing quick orders. It has only 1 Step where you put paper details, choose a deadline, and pick the academic level.

EssayPro offers 3 academic levels: School, University, Doctorate, and this is where I stumbled. According to EssayPro’s FAQ, they hire only writers with a Ph.D. degree, so that Average Joes don’t even have a chance to apply. If they don’t hire Bachelor/Master level writers, this means that Ph.D. writers work on High School papers, College papers, and Doctorate papers.

Say whaaaat? Do you really believe that Ph.D. holders will ever work on a paper for a kid? I believe this is the biggest drawback of an EssayPro – they lie to you where it is not necessary. Even if you are okay with an “Average Joe,” who has a Bachelor’s degree, they would say that a fucking Ph.D. is working on your Literature paper.

And yes, they probably pay a hell of a lot of money to such writers. In the US, Ph.D. graduates make, on average 70-80 grand. Are you still that naive to believe that Ph.D. writers are working there?

After you fill out the order form, your order is automatically published to writers. Now, you are welcome to the second circle of hell – bidding system!

5. Discounts and pricing

EssayPro offers 10-33% discounts. To get them, you need to be a good boy, speak less, and order more. Support will actually be quite willing to offer you a discount instead of banning you. 

Pricing is quite strange at EssayPro. They claim their prices starting from $12 per page, but, unfortunately, they don’t have a pricing table to see how expensive it can be.

As I’ve said before, I placed 3 similar orders with different academic levels (School, University, Ph.D.) AND THE BIDS WERE ALL THE SAME.

These are the lists of bids on the Doctorate and School levels. Can you see the difference? I bet it’s not significant.

Whenever you publish your order, you get bombarded with tons of requests from writers. It is quite obvious to me that they did not even familiarize themselves with my topic but just sent me their application templates.

If you want to chat with the every writer, trying to find out their proficiency – good luck to you! You will simply waste your time. Most likely, you will be banned by their support while trying to dig deeper. Time is money and I, actually, hated clearing all those garbage messages (in addition to tons of emails they send you every minute).

6. Revisions

There’s nothing much to talk about. Despite the bad experience with the EssayPro staff, the storm, once I have assigned the writer, abided. The writer asked what exactly I want, and he went through all points of my rubric almost perfectly.

Since I was short of time, I could not afford to send the order for revision, but if you do have time – go for it. EssayPro offers unlimited revisions, which might be good for orders with a long deadline.

Unfortunately, I have little understanding of what to do if you are not satisfied with the paper. Their Money Back Guarantee is very rigid and not customer friendly. It seemed to me that they tried to cover their butts with as many excuses as possible.

For example, if they deliver plagiarized paper, they won’t refund you anything unless you provide a Turnitin report. If your school uses SafeAssign, or Blackboard, then you are in double trouble – no money + plagiarism accusations.

7. Final quality

The final quality was mediocre. EssayPro provides affordable prices (although not the lowest on the market) that can suit well for mid-income students. In case you do some of your own editing, the result should be ok.  Everything depends on your efforts and ability to deliver revision comments. But should you do it, if you have already paid for the paper?

8. Writer`s proficiency

I have many questions regarding their writer’s proficiency. When you post assignment, you get attacked by many writers, offering their services. Obviously, many of them don’t have Ph.D. degrees, as they claim. If you check the list of applicants, they may look quite fake. I believe that writers sit under avatars.
Judging by the text of their application, I may assume, that most, if not all of them, are not natives, but that’s fine with me. My biggest concern is that you are overloaded with information, which does not allow you to pick the best writer. It’s just my personal opinion, but I would rather entrust the process of selecting the writer to the support, rather than myself, lol.
Some writers are clearly lying about their major. I sent all applicants the same question on what their major was, and all of them said that they major in Biology.

Taking into consideration that EssayPro claims to hire Ph.D. writers only, I assume, that I was so lucky to find over 15 Ph.Ds in Biology. The funny thing was when I asked them to tell the topic of their dissertation. All of them stopped replying immediately. Strange, right?

9. People talking

There is no doubt that EssayPro is a legit service, which is proved by their 142k-subs FB page and good reviews on reputable sites like Sitejabber, TrustPilot, IHateWritingEssays. Except for some negative feedback, most Essaypro reviews clearly show the majority of satisfied customers.
However, a careful analysis of the FB page left some bad taste in my mouth. In this particular case, the customer clearly states that EssayPro threatened him by contacting the school. Using paper writing services is always risky, and most businesses cherish customers’ security, most of all. Unfortunately, EssayPro support remains their weak spot, as such practices are simply unacceptable.
Another observation is that many positive Essay pro reviews are left by people with empty FB profiles. Like really! Why would a person create an FB page without any posts, but at the same time, leaving good reviews about paper writing services?
I also went to the reputable website and started looking for Essaypro reviews Reddit. I haven’t found much info there. A little bit strange for a company that is on the market for so long.  

The last dark spot on the reputation is the complaint from the former writer from Kenya. According to his message, he was fired for no reason, while the EssayPro argues that he was fired for bad quality. This only tells that EssayPro may be closely working with Kenyan writers. 

10. Loyalty program

I have not heard about  loyalty programs, but they offer quite hefty discounts, and this is actually nice. I have not observed any services going up to 33% off.

11. Pros and Cons

EssayPro is definitely one of the most ambiguous paper writing services. Having a great history and the US innovative roots, the company offers quite doubtful value by introducing the bidding system and making its customers waste their time chatting with writers.


 Fully legit.


Poor customer service.
Inconsistency of facts and reviews.
Quite laggy dashboard.
Fake info about writer’s degrees.
The ordered papers need some editing.

Essay Pro is a long established online essay writing site that seemingly offer an impressive and varied range of assignment types that students can order, ranging from admission essays to research papers and debate speeches. The site is clean and attractive, unlike so many poorly-designed writing websites out there. We checked the Essay Pro reviews from the students around the web and what we found out...

Essay Pro Services Review

In terms of the range of highlighted talents on their homepage, it would be fair to assume that Essay Pro might be one of the better-regarded legit essay writing sites online, and though we didn’t test every single type of assignment that they claim their writers can handle, it wouldn’t be surprising if the claims were all authentic and that you could be just as satisfied with an ordered thesis as with an ordered annotated bibliography. Of course, this might depend on the skill and talent of the writers that they have on staff at the time of your order, so the availability of these individual assignment types might be subject to change if there are any significant changes in the company hierarchy, so this raises the question of regularity and reliability if you are looking to become a repeat customer.

EssayPro Price

We checked the prices for this Essay Pro review and were somewhere in the middle range when compared to the rest of the industry. With a minimum price of $12 for a single page, there are certainly cheaper alternatives out there, so if you are looking to stick to a low budget then this might not be the site for you. However, you could also see it in the sense that middle range prices help to confirm that real professional writers are being hired to complete your essays instead of unqualified cheaper workers. As your essay demands become larger and longer, however, the price does shoot up page by page, so be careful and really think about what you need, how badly you need it and how much you are personally willing to pay for it.

Essay Pro Promo Code and Discounts Review isn’t a site that offers any reward scheme or discounts for buying assignments in bulk, which is a disappointment if you are looking to place a number of orders or a large order like a dissertation.

Currently, thousands of websites are offering academic writing services to the US, UK, Canada, and Australian students. However, when it comes to choosing a professional writing team, it becomes very complicated to make the right decision and reviews, in this case, are very handy. states that they are working with the best academic writers in the industry, however, their way of doing business differently, because a client can choose a writer depending on the offer received. We wrote this detailed EssayPro review so you can be aware of this company.

Recent Customers Feedbacks

Danielle: “I’ve read a few positive reviews about EssayPro online. I guess those were fake. They say the writers are great. But the work I got was ridiculous. Your review is closer to my experience, so I had to comment because I think it’s the only fair review.”

Tom: “This service promises that you can talk to the writer. That wasn’t the case. Once I chose my writer he never responded to my queries. I didn’t get any updates. I was relieved when I received the essay by my deadline. But then I was mad when I realized that it was something completely different from what I was looking for. The writer did not follow any of my instructions. He wrote what he liked to write at the moment.”

Types of Services

According to the order form and several service pages, we can say for sure that this particular service offers a broad range of different academic writing assistance, including essay writing, course works, thesis writing, case studies, dissertations, editing and proofreading and even more. They state that they are capable of delivering any service you might be interested in.

But, in case you are choosing your writer you cannot be sure that your bidder is capable of providing a particular type of paper. And you don’t know if he or she is an expert in term paper writing in your subject or can create an excellent case study with your research data. You could not rely on one writer even if the previous task from his or her were completed successfully.

Prices and Payment Methods

If you already tried to compare EssayPro with other assignment writing services, they seem very affordable. The price per page starts from £7, so you can get a very cheap paper from them but you need to wait 2 weeks instead. However, if you create a project, for example, a 10-page paper, you won’t get it for is £70, writer’s offers will be much higher than this sum.

As for payment methods, they accept Visa, Master Card and Pay Pal.

Discounts and Special Offers

Because of the business model EssayPro service doesn’t offer any discounts or special offers to the clients. However, according to their website, they do have very low prices, and you decide how much you are willing to pay for quality academic writing.

Quality of the Paper

To test the quality, we decided to place an order. We have chosen a complex paper on Chemistry. We waited for hours and had not got any offer from the writer. So we decided to change our order and asked for a definition essay on democracy. The level was the university, to make it a little bit complicated.

In a few minutes, we were able to pick up a writer from the dozen offers we have got. The writer was nice and regularly updated us on the paper. Of course, it was delivered on time and was of good quality, but there was 15% of plagiarism, so we asked for the revision. Also, we had a constant feeling that the paper was not written by a native speaker because some phrases had not looked organic.

Is the Site Easy to Use?

Essay Pro has a modern and intuitive website. It contains a lot of information about writers and testimonials, but a few details about papers they are capable of writing. It is essential to note that they have an excellent FAQ section where you can find all information about process, payments and other things.

Customer Support

We have searched for the contacts on the website and have not found any. The only option available is chat, and we are not sure if an agent is available 24/7. The agent was professional and friendly but capable of answering pre-sales questions only.


To sum up this EssayPro review, we can call them a freelance writing website. They are not capable of delivering complicated papers and when ordering you need to pay attention to plagiarism, language, spelling and other things, because of no one guarantee if the writer you pick will be good.

As always, our experience with the writing service started with the homepage. The website looks very promising and is filled with the information everyone wants to know before placing the first order from a writing service. For example, we found out that EssayPro has been active since 1997.

There is also a detailed list of services provided by the company. You can hire an Essay Pro writer to do your essay, presentation, bibliography, dissertation, and a number of other written assignments. The company also boasts having over 140,000 fans on Facebook, although there is very little activity there for such a huge number of followers.

A section of the Essay Pro website that instantly attracted our attention was the section with the writers. Each writer has their own page with a ranking, qualifications, and reviews from the customers. The writer profiles also have photos, but none of them looks very genuine, so we believe that those profiles are created and maintained by the service itself.

One of the most important things to know about EssayPro is that this service functions on a bidding basis instead of a traditional ordering system. It means that only when you upload the details of the order and see the bids from the writers, you will know exactly how much your order is going to cost. We don’t think this system is very convenient. However, there is a price estimate on the website, which reveals the minimal price per page to be $11, which is not particularly cheap.

There are four types of services you can order at Essay Pro:


This is by far the most popular service you can choose. With this service, you will hire a professional writer to do your paper from scratch or help you with a complicated part of your assignment.


If you already have a completed assignment that you now need to put in order words or make more original to easily pass the plagiarism test, you can order a rewriting service.


In case you have written the paper yourself and now want to make sure it is up to the academic writing standards, one of the Essay Pro editors will help you make it nearly perfect.


If you are not particularly confident in your grammar and spelling expertise, have one of the EssayPro proofreaders polish your paper and eliminate any potential mistakes.

Quality of work execution

Before placing a test order at EssayPro, we saw the website mention the minimal price of $11 per page several times. However, when we placed an order for a three-page high school essay with a 10-day deadline, the lowest bid we received was $15 per page. In fact, it was one of the only two bids overall, the other being $18 per page. We went with the $15 offer and waited for 10 days to receive the paper, which was delivered just minutes before the deadline.

Initially, the paper written by the Essay Pro writer looked fine. It was formatted properly and there were three full pages, just as we ordered. However, there were a couple of mistakes on the title page, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t easily correct ourselves. Upon further inspection of the paper, we discovered more problems. The level of the paper was nowhere near the high school level. In fact, it looked like it was written by a non-native English speaker.


There isn’t a special Guarantee section on the EssayPro website, but we did find a few guarantees in the FAQ section of the website:

Each writer working for Essay Pro has at least one PhD degree.
Each order goes through a quality assurance protocol to ensure top-notch execution.
The writers closely follow the deadlines and the customer’s requirements.
The customer support team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Payment options

The payment options available at EssayPro are rather limited. You can pay for your order with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, or use your Americal Express account. There is a dedicated Essay Pro Android app, which you can also use for paying for your paper. However, we would also like to see PayPal being included on the list of payment methods.

As always, we paid close attention to the customer satisfaction policies — after all, you may be dissatisfied with your order, and it’s always interesting to see what a writing service can offer you in that case. We reviewed EssayPro’s policies, which are not instantly noticeable, and here is what we found. Within 30 days from the order delivery date, you can ask for unlimited free revisions performed by a different writer. There is also a money back guarantee within 30 days in case you are completely unhappy with the order.


When you want to know about the customer opinions about Essay Pro, you don’t need to go too far: there are numerous customer testimonials on the website. The testimonials are rather detailed and contain information about the paper type, subject, and even the writer who worked on the order. Unsurprisingly, you will hardly find a negative Essay Pro review here, as the company can easily filter out the negative testimonials and leave only the positive ones.

A detailed look at the Essay Pro reviews on third party reveals a slightly different situation. While there are some testimonials praising the service, its features, and order quality, we discovered many reviews from customers who were less than happy with the work done for them by Essay Pro. Some customers never got a single bid on their orders, while others were astonished to see insanely high prices offered by the writers. There were also many issues with the quality of the papers: mainly with grammar and spelling, but also with the use of the wrong language for an academic paper.

We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


Informative and modern website design


Free revision and money back guarantees

Bidding System

Bidding system is often the more expensive option


No additional features for orders


Occasional issues with the order quality and delivery


In some aspects, EssayPro is certainly not the worst writing service we have ever dealt with. We did like several things about it. However, after a lot of consideration, we are not ready to recommend it for the academic needs of our customers. With Essay Pro, you risk overpaying for a mediocre paper and wasting your valuable time on waiting for an essay that will not land you a decent grade. We believe there are far superior services out there.

Over the recent past, EssayPro, an essay writing service, has gained wide popularity within the masses, and some folks have been asking about the ability of the service to deliver essays that are of high quality and original. Some people have asked us to look into the service and to gauge whether the service can be relied upon to write good essays and other works of academic writing. Towards that end, we have engaged in intensive research about the reputation of the company. We have considered some sources in coming up with this EssayPro review, including the internet, some review websites, and the testimonials of clients on their website.


There is inadequate information about EssayPro on the web. We checked out BBB reviews for the service, but there were no location details or reviews about the service. EssayPro is not on the BBB reviews website, and this prompted us to look at the EssayPro website for information regarding the services that they offer. There were client testimonials on the site, but these testimonials were, to a large extent, negative, with clients complaining about how they received work that did not meet their requirements or expectations.

A feature that did not bode well with us is that they claimed to work on any topic on any deadline. From the look of things and the services that they offer, this may not be true for some other demanding and involving tasks like a research proposal, thesis or dissertation. Some tasks like writing a dissertation or a research proposal require intensive research, referencing, and editing which, at times, is not possible if the time invested is not adequate.


EssayPro offers a wide variety of academic writing services as well as business writing services which include custom essays, case studies, coursework, term papers, research papers, thesis, and dissertations. On the business writing front, EssayPro offers a wide variety of services which include business plan writing. For review purposes, we placed an order on the site for a 3rd Year term paper.

We gave the service ample time – two weeks to be precise, to come up with the term paper. This is adequate time for a research paper since the writers have all the time they need to write an essay and ensure that they submit it to their clients in time. However, this is not what we saw with EssayPro. The work we got from their service was not that good since some crucial mistakes in the paper could be avoided had the writers invested adequate time in the editing and proofreading process.


We paid 10 dollars per page for term paper writing. The pricing is fair since that is the industry average, but again, you must be willing to strike a balance between the price and the quality of the work you will receive.

Customer Support

The customer support team was not entirely effective since there were some cases where we had to wait for long to get feedback on some small issues. Further, communication was a bit distorted at times, and this could be due to the change in shifts between members of the customer support team.


Tin summary, EssayPro does not meet some fundamental qualities and aspects of reliable and professional essay writing services, and this gives you a reason to look for other services on the web to handle your academic or business writing tasks.

EssayPro Overview

Choosing a good writer can be a painstaking process, which is why services with a bidding system often end up disappointing me. Still, a company like EssayPro manages to get it right, with their services mainly tailored for those like me who need a budget-friendly solution to their academic troubles. EssayPro is one of the top college essay writing services on the market. You definitely can save yourself some time and find out is Essay Pro a legit website by reading my Essay Pro review.

EssayPro has got quite an informative front page. Everything is on point, from the quantity and quality of information to the way they actually display it for users. You've got everything you'll need to know on there.

The first thing you're greeted with is a feature that lets you calculate the price in a handy manner. Next there's the categories, features, top writers, and the customer reviews section. I personally think this is one of the easiest and friendliest to use essay writing service website.

My Story

What's my story when it comes to using Essay Pro? I discovered them sometime late last year and it quickly became my favorite. All it took was a google search. Nowadays I mostly use it for essays, and I'm 100% satisfied with the way they handle their clients, the quality of the papers and the timely delivery.

Although they're my option only when I'm tight for cash and need a paper with an average level of complexity. After several orders from them, I found that their writers are good, particularly with simple essays that don't need a lot of pages to them.

Although there were instances when the paper written lacked any strong impact, working with an EssayPro writer usually gets me a decent grade from any instructor. This is one of those companies that isn't too hyped up with false ads and reviews, so what you see is what you get.

I like EssayPro because of the bidding process. In comparison with other tested bid platforms like Bid4Papers, EssayShark and EduBirdie, this one received the most positives ratings in terms of pricing, deadlines, revision and refund policy.


The website uses a bidding system, and the price starts from $11 per page. You start by filling in all the information about your essay, then the writers start bidding. You choose the price you like. After you gathered a few bids after several hours, you can select the one you think will do the best job. Then you should deposit money using either a credit card or PayPal.

EssayPro offers a flexible discounts system depending on the number of pages ordered. Everyone can benefit from bulk price cuts which range from 8% (2 pages) to 33% (6 pages).

It's not the cheapest on the market, but EssayPro's pricing makes up for the quality of their papers. They have a good mix of ESL and ENL writers, but perhaps the reason they're capable of offering such low prices is that part of their writers come from third-world countries like Kenya, according to SimilarWeb. Many other companies outsource their writers there, but it's definitely not the best place to find an ENL writer.

Despite this, I don't worry about putting my trust on any of their writers, whether they're ENL or ESL. This is because EssayPro conducts a strict screening process when hiring writers, so only the cream of the crop gets to join their team.


With a bidding system, I found that it's always best to carefully check all of the bidding writers' portfolios before taking a pick. However, there were times it took me a very long time to choose between several freelancers. Basically, it's great to be given the opportunity to order virtually any type of paper I need, but that's only if professional writers bid on them and I can pick a suitable one within a certain time frame.

Quality Levels

Once you get to the order form, you have to choose from three types of paper: School, University, and Doctorate. I tried out School and University, which often came with lower bidding prices. This is perhaps because the quality of the papers doesn't need to be as complex as a Doctorate-level paper, plus it's faster for me to find a suitable writer for these types of orders.


The way you pay the writers is not as straight forward as you'd think, but it's not complicated either. You start by choosing your writer, then you deposite your money, after your writer has finished the job, you can choose to release the payment if you're fully satisfied and rate the quality of the work.

Real Order Example

So, I'd like you to show the real process of essay ordering. The first thing you need to do is to place an order: write your topic and task, choose type, deadline, etc.

When it's ready, your goal is to choose a writer. There will be a lot of bids and a lot of prices. Remember, lower price = worse quality.

There were times I received automated script messages from the writer assigned to me, but this is common among live chat features in online businesses nowadays – even on Facebook. I have no issues with this, as long as the writer replies promptly to my messages once they're online and ready to discuss the paper with me. After you paid the deal, the writer starts to work. And you can track the status in your admin panel.



If your essay isn't written according to your initial instructions, you're free to cancel the order and return all reserved funds back to your account balance. Keep in mind that you can request unlimited revisions according to your initial task.

Advice: Set 2-3 milestones depending on the size of the work. In this way, you'll be able to check drafts and know if your writer is doing the right thing.

Money Back Guarantee

EssayPro doesn't provide refunds in the event after the order has been completed and accepted by the customer. After you released the payment to your writer, you confirm that you accept the completed paper and don't have any claims.

If your deadline has passed, but the essay isn't 100% ready and perfect, you can release only partial payment according to the % of completion. Find more details at by clicking here.

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Online Reputation

The online reputation of EssayPro is stable. It scored quite high marks on SiteJabber and TrustPilot review platforms - the reviewers state that the quality of services is good. In addition to that, this company sometimes revises and tightens requirements to writer qualifications, thus strengthening the caliber of each paper.

If you search for EssayPro reviews on the Internet, you will find a large number of low-scored feedbacks from review sites. Nearly all of them are fake and untrustworthy. Awriter, Simplegrad,, Analyzed - that's a lie.

There are some people that aren't as pleased as they thought they would be, but that's primarily due to the fact that this company works by a certain principle – you place your bid, and in accordance with it, you'll get a writer of the equivalent quality. If the writer fails to get the job done, the company meet the client's needs and gives full refund.

Overall, EssayPro is well-renowned for housing quality writers, their prices are quite standard, and they deliver on time without fail, or at least that's how they've done their business so far.


Reasonably priced. There's no set pricing for a bidding system like this but they have reliable ESL writers that are able to deliver satisfying output and give good value for money.
Bidding. Secondly, their wide team of writers that you can choose from with ease. They aren't shy to bid so you will definitely find the perfect writer to write the essay for you. The best writers will be pricey, as to be expected.
Deadlines. And thirdly, their customization is amazingly done. You can choose to have the essay delivered in under 6 hours if you want to, you can choose the writer, the category, anything. It all comes down to your needs.

Is EssayPro legit?

With solid pricing system and guarantees, and a roster of talented writers (both native and non-native), I can say with confidence that EssayPro is a reliable custom writing service that’s worth the investment.

The customers themselves have spoken from their Essay Pro reviews. The price is just right for their papers, writers keep an open line of communication, and they get your paper done in a timely manner – often with no need for revision. What more could you ask for?


Low bid - low quality. I can't really think one thing I don't like about I guess the fact that cheap writers will not delivery the same quality as the most expensive ones, but that's to be expected.
No phone support. While the availability of live chat and email support options are convenient, phone support could've allowed me to contact a customer support rep in urgent situations.
Stock photos. They use stock images for writers' profiles. Unlike the EduBirdie's case, they aren't stolen from real people.

My Verdict: YES!

After using this essay website for more than year, I can say without hesitation that it's a good choice compared to other tested paper writing companies. The bottom line here is that if you need to order a paper that's not too complicated, then the price is just right for the quality of writing offered by EssayPro's writers. I don't think you'll find the same well-done bidding system anywhere. The customization is definitely unique, and the fact that EssayPro got something for everyone makes it stand out from others. You just can't go wrong with them. What do you think about EssayPro? Write your Essay Pro reviews and share the experince!

Essaypro Review

Price from: bidding system | Discount: NO | Refunds: Yes | Quality: Average

Would you be interested in ordering from a company that allows you to pick your own writer? works on exactly this principle, which allows students to offer every paper they need throughout their education.

Choosing this service would mean that you no longer need to look for your paper in the list of services. It would also mean that you determine your quote, not the company.

However, it also means that you have the responsibility to pick the writer, and who can tell if you will make the right choice or not? In order to be certain that the company will deliver quality papers regardless of your choice of a writer, the company would have to be one that hires the best experts and offers many other guarantees and advantages.

To determine if essaypro offers all this, we decided to write a full review. Read our essaypro reviews to see if this is the company you should hire for your academic assignments.

Services Offered by

If you need writing, rewriting and editing, this company can deliver it all. As we said, gives you the opportunity to order any paper you need, solely by choosing from the list or picking the option ‘other’.

The principle of offering writing services is different from that of other services we have reviewed. With this company, the customer is the one picking the writer, not the writing service.

There are several disadvantages, as well as advantages we can find in this way of working.

The first advantage is quite obvious – you can order every paper from the service. However, this comes with the concerning question of whether someone will bid on your order or not. And if yes, will the bidders be suitable and experienced in handling your academic assignment? The advantage of a writing service choosing the writer for you lies in the fact that they know their writers and can determine which one is the best for your paper’s subject and academic level.

Of course, once a writer bids on your paper, you can check their profile and portfolio. Still, considering that most of the feedback on these profiles is positive, we started to doubt if these are real comments. We decided to determine this by ordering several papers from the same service.

Even though this is not our working principle, we needed to make several choices in order to provide you with an unbiased review.

You will see the things we found out about the quality level of the writers later on. While focusing on the services offered, it is worth mentioning that this company allows you to place an order for any paper and any academic level. This means that if the company is good in writing papers, you have finally found a regular provider.

Prices on

Discussing the prices is something we cannot include in our essaypro review. Why? Because prices are not fixed.

Once you place the order for your paper, you have to wait for the bids. This could present a problem for students with tight deadlines, which makes the company a not-so-good-choice if you need a paper as soon as possible. After all, you have to wait for good bids and carefully consider all writers in order to choose the best one. This can take plenty of time students do not have.

Still, the company managed to provide a starting price for papers. Their starting price is $12 per page, which is not a bad bid. However, once we placed our orders, we noticed that only less experienced writers bid with this quote, which is why we recommend choosing a higher bid and better writers.

From our experience, prices at can be considered average if you choose highly rated writers from your bids. Surely, you can spend a small amount on the bidder with the lowest quote, but this can easily result in bad content. In order to prove our theory, we also ordered a cheap paper for the purpose of this review.

Discounts and Features on

Unfortunately, discounts are non-existent at

Seeing that prices depend on which bid you will choose, the company is unable to provide you with a discounted price. At the end, it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend, who will bid on your paper and which bid you will find most suitable for your budget and the writer’s expertise.

This is as complex as it sounds. The task of finding a writer was very time-consuming and frustrating, since we spent an hour waiting for more bids and another hour making the choice for our papers. Of course, if you find a good writer, you can continue working with them for all your papers.

Even though discounts are non-existent and a big disadvantage for the service when compared to other companies in our reviews, this may be the best opportunity for people who are good at bargaining. When agreeing on a quote with a writer, you may be able to get a discount on your own.

After all, you are the one determining the price for your paper, which can be considered a big plus if you are on a tight budget. Since there is no loyalty policy to give you better prices, you can choose prices depending on your budget at the specific moment.

Essaypro offers several free features, such as direct contact with the writer and SMS notification on the progress of your order. In addition, you can enjoy their updated blog and read many educational, interesting articles.

Customer Support

The live chat service works well and answers all questions in a prompt manner. You can also contact the company on their email, but do not expect rapid responses if you choose this option.

We would recommend using the live chat option. The agent here was more than happy to answer our questions and guide us through the ordering process. He also informed us that we could ask for revisions from our writer before confirming the paper, which turned out to be a great advantage.

However, the company does not provide customers with a phone number, which made us doubt if they are legit. After ordering from the company, we confirmed that it is indeed a legit service, but not offering a business address and a phone number is a huge disadvantage and big reason for doubt.

When asking the live chat agent about it, he responded ‘ the business address and phone number cannot be disclosed as our service is not welcomed by schools and universities. ‘This is not really an explanation since the majority of companies provide this information even though they are not welcomed by schools.

Quality Level of Writers

Finally, the question we have been asking from the beginning – how can you pick the best writer?

Fortunately, the writers’ profiles made writing our review easier since we could read information on every writer, as well as feedback from other customers. What turned out to be a problem here was that every writer had the best feedback, which we think is fake.

So, the best way to pick a writer is by choosing one who specializes in your topic. If you do, you are very likely to get a good paper.

We ordered three papers from the company. The first one came at an average price and with a writer who specialized in our subject and type of paper. This essay was well written and formatted, except for some minor errors. However, the writer gladly fixed them within minutes, so we were happy with this order.

The second order was made based on pricing only. We picked a writer who wrote on different subjects, but still decided to bid on our paper, which was a mistake. Expect to find bids from many writers who are not experts in writing your paper and be careful not to choose them. This paper was written in good English, but the writer had no knowledge or recourses for our paper.

Finally, our third paper came at the lowest price – $12 per page. This price was very unreasonable and therefore, resulted in bad content. We got what we consider to be paper written from a non-native English writer, since it contained ridiculous mistakes.

Conclusion is the place where you can find every academic paper you need, for any academic level. Furthermore, this is a company where you can enjoy amazingly low prices.

However, we would recommend picking a more experienced writer and avoiding the lowest bids. They are most likely to result in bad content. Seeing that you are the one who has to choose your writer and are not entitled to a discount, bargain a bit. If you learn the tricks, you may find this company to be a good choice for your papers. Still, it definitely does not offer the same advantages as other reliable writing companies.