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Essaybot Reviews 2021

Essaybot Reviews 2021

Essaybot is not an actual essay writing service. In fact, it doesn’t even resemble one. Writing companies are led and employ actual experts who take your paper title and any instructions you have and create a written piece based on that. As the name of this service tells you, Essaybot is an artificial intelligence tool that automates your writing process.


Time is a relative thing here. There isn’t such a thing as a discount on a page that’s based on an AI tool. Seeing how there’s literally no actual service they perform except for giving you access to the tool, you can’t choose a deadline or quality option. After all, you’re the one who has to write the essay. The tool only helps you.

So, it all comes down to how fast you’ll write and how much the tool will help. According to the website, offers more than just writing help. When you write down your essay’s title, it will automatically research the topic and have some introductions ready for you to use. You can’t use them unless you rewrite them – otherwise it is plagiarism. The ready pieces are actually work found on the net, which would make them stolen content if you submit them as such.

You can choose not to use their pieces and write your own work. Once you do that, you’ll be directed to an empty page that looks like a Word document. Here, the tool will highlight your errors and give you some suggestions. Then you can use their plagiarism checker and the citation generator.

Price: prices range, discounts, payment options and free features (3.0/10)

At first, it looks like this is a free site to use. It’s only natural to think this way. Nowhere on their website is it said that you’d be asked to pay for a subscription to download the essay you write here or use their services.

It isn’t expensive, but the payment they request after you’ve put your effort into writing an essay there is really frustrating and unfair. Why would they scam students into thinking that they’ve found a free tool that will help them when writing?

You should know that if you use this tool and the ‘services’ that come with it, you’ll have to buy one of the following subscriptions:

  • A week long subscription of $2.95
  • Monthly subscription of $9.95
  •  Yearly subscription of $59.40

For an AI tool that’s as basic as this one, the prices are even a bit exaggerated, especially their monthly subscription. There are many similar bot tools online that perform these same things, including free citation generators and good plagiarism checkers. We basically don’t see a reason why students would pay to get these things. Perhaps that’s why they’ve decided to reveal their pricing system only after you write your essay. When you spend time writing, you can hardly afford to give up on it and start fresh just because they tried to charge you for a download.

Quality: EssayBot papers quality and writers academic level (5.0/10)

We can’t really rate the paper quality here since it will depend on the actual writer – the user of the website. There isn’t an actual done service they offer here. Their written introductions, the ones they share with you when you start writing the paper are found online and can vary in quality. Regardless, you can’t use these. Those are the work of others and the tool simply finds them with an automated search. You can literally do the same with the help of a search engine.

Their automated editing and suggestion features aren’t really popular with the audience. We could see why – they aren’t really effective in finding mistakes and most of the suggestions make no sense at all. The plagiarism checker is good, but the generator is really messy.

Verdict for EssayBot writing service

Once we found out that this isn’t a writing service, we were a bit disappointed. Still, those who can’t afford to buy papers might want to use such a tool to reduce the time needed to write one on their own. However, isn’t free as it seems before you write your essay. They don’t tell this to their website visitors until they need to download a paper, which is the biggest scam we’ve seen with such tools. At that point, you can’t afford to lose your paper and you’d have to pay for their membership.

Being overwhelmed with your academic assignments, you might have an idea to find someone, who can assist you. Whether you have a short deadline, puzzling instructions, or simply a lack of inspiration, it is hard to find a better solution than hiring a professional free essay writer. So you open your browser and start searching for a reliable company. At this point, the real difficulties come into play. There are so many companies out there and each one boasts to be the best, but how can you be sure to detect a scam? Gladly, we are here to test the most popular resources and share our experience with you.

This time, we have prepared an Essaybot review to let you know whether you should consider this resource as an option. Our request was a Political Science essay on the topic that sounds like “Effectiveness of the Labor Social Welfare Reforms, 1945–51”. This site has caught our interest because it is not so ordinary. Actually, there are no writers or editors here: it is a writing AI tool that retrieves and compiles materials from the web and arranges a paper on a certain topic automatically. Indeed, one may think that this is a fresh and modern approach. Maybe, it is a direction for all writing companies to choose. However, there are certain issues that occur inevitably. Let’s discuss them in detail.

General impression about company’s site

EssayBot’s website has one serious problem – there is a lack of information about the services provided. You won’t learn anything really important before you register, but when you do, you still won’t get full information about the writing process. We have learned how everything works only in the process of ordering. Just because the company doesn’t have any comprehensible instructions and explanations about the way their tool works. You should agree that such an unusual writing tool needs to explain itself to the customers in the clearest possible way. Clarity and openness is something that makes a company legit.

Before getting a paid account, we have tried a free prewriting option available on the main page of the site. After inserting our topic in the required field, we have received a couple of paragraphs that supposed to be relevant. However, EssayBot failed at the very first attempt. The tool couldn’t recognize the topic clearly, so instead of information about the Effectiveness of the Labor Social Welfare Reforms we have received a couple of paragraphs about Child Labor.


At this automatic essay writing service, you have no opportunity to pay per paper. Instead, you have to buy a monthly subscription for a certain charge. Again, you won’t know about this before you try to download content you have already composed, because the company doesn’t explain anything about their work on the site.

EssayBot provides a 7-day trial, which comes for free. However, if you want to continue using this service, you will have to pay $49 for the first month and $99 per following month. Almost a hundred dollars for rewritten papers composed by a bot seems to be too much.

Customer Support

If you pay money to someone, you want your cooperation to be safe. The company is obliged to stay in touch with you and answer your questions when you have them. When ordering from EssayBot, we had a deal of those questions, but there was nobody to respond. The company doesn’t have any channels of fast communication like chat or phone. When you open the Contacts page, you can see a map and email address.

We tried writing a message to them but didn’t get any fast reaction. It seems like EssayBot’s Support representatives don’t check their inbox too often. Be aware of that when ordering their services, because none of your urgent problems are going to be solved.

Customer feedback

If you take a look at Essaybot reviews located on their site, you will surely find many positive comments. Customers say that the service is extremely helpful and have no complaints about anything. However, we never stop on that point and search for some opinions on the web. We have looked through a couple of forums and platforms, including Reddit, to learn about students’ experience. Let’s discuss some pros and cons they usually mention.

Almost every writing service review found online claims that it is quite interesting to use AI technologies for homework writing. Students say that EssayBot is able to deal with simple and broad topics, but fails when it comes to something more advanced. Paraphrased content is more or less unique, so chances are that it will pass a plagiarism check. At the same time, the structure stays completely the same, so modern plagiarism-detectors may reveal that it is not so original.

The minuses most customers mention are numerous. Most students believe that $99 per month is too much for re-arranged materials and they would rather do it themselves. The others say that the company is not very legal and trustworthy. There are complaints that nobody is going to solve your problem at EssayBot, especially when you have made a mistake with payment. You won’t get any refund in case you have chosen a wrong payment method accidentally. Considering that the company doesn’t provide any comprehensible instructions on the site, this is something that happens too often.

Information about the writers

As we have already mentioned, there are no writers at EssayBot. It is an online program that paraphrases texts for you. Instead of hiring an author, you simply insert your topic and the bot performs a search. You can mention certain academic sources that need to be paraphrased and the tool will do this for you. So it is not a custom writing service, where you have a writing companion to cooperate with, but a machine.


Is EssayBot legit? Maybe, it is, but our experiment with this resource was not very successful. From first sight, the topic we have chosen is pretty simple, but the tool didn’t understand the request until we provided a couple of relevant sources. So the research capabilities of the program are pretty weak. At the same time, the rewritten content was not so bad and didn’t contain any mistakes or confusing parts. Indeed, it works better than any other text spinners we have tried before, but we are not sure that high-quality academic content is something you can receive this way. Unfortunately, we were not able to reach Customer Support team to get more information about the way this software works.

The strongest side of the EssayBot is a really interesting concept. Using AI technologies for essay writing is extremely appealing, but let’s remember that this approach is still too raw. The tool is not capable of composing a paper as good as a real human can. The reason is that academic content is more complicated than just a rewrite of existing sources. Maybe, it is a nice idea for some other types of writing, but when your professor gives you a list of tricky questions that require thinking and expertise, EssayBot is not an option at all.

If you have always dreamed of the day when you could just give your essay prompt to someone and receive a paper after some time, you are probably not a stranger to various essay writing services. And while some of them have a fairly standard mode of operation, where you work with a writer, there are services like Essay Bot, which are completely different.

Essay Bot claims to be an AI-based technology for writing original papers in a matter of minutes. At first glance, this sounds too good to be true. And after spending time on the EssayBot website, we are still not convinced it’s really a good study solution. It is, however, a fun technology to try, given that you are not pressed for time with an urgent task.

Essentially, EssayBot allows you to type in your essay topic and get a full paper shortly. However, the content of this paper is the most questionable aspect of the service. It will be a rephrased medley of Wikipedia articles and other people’s papers, rewritten in a way that will allow you to pass a plagiarism check.

You would think that since the service has only recently emerged and the technology is still developing, Essay Bot should be available for free. But, as you’d learn from any EssayBot review, the service is available on a paid basis. You can choose between a monthly subscription, which comes with a trial week, and a yearly subscription. In the case of a monthly subscription, you will need to pay $2.49 for the first week and $9.95 for each month. The yearly subscription costs $4.95 per month.

Once you pay the membership costs, you can use the following features:

Information databases

The text of your essay will be picked from millions of credible websites where other students and scholars search for information on their papers.

Plagiarism checker

Each word in your essay will be checked for originality rewritten to help your paper pass even the most advanced plagiarism software checker like Turnitin.

Grammar checker

Even if you are not the world’s most skilled writer, the software behind the EssayBot service will meticulously check your writing and suggest ways to improve it.


Want your essay to look polished and professional? Create as many standardized MLA & APA citations as needed with a few clicks using Essay Bot’s citation feature.

Quality of work execution

The quality of work is, perhaps, the most interesting aspect of many Essay Bot reviews: you can’t help but wonder whether it can actually deliver quality essays? Well, we tried several popular essay prompts and we can’t say we were satisfied with the results. Without any editing, the paragraphs of the essays are hardly readable and definitely won’t land you a positive grade. And if you spend hours editing, it defies the purpose of the service, which is to save your time on writing.

Like many authors of other EssayBot reviews, we were especially frustrated by the software’s use of synonyms. We understand that this is done in order to pass the plagiarism checks, but the choice of the synonyms harms the readability and coherence of the text. Instead of the proper scholarly language, you will likely see questionable wording that is not a good fit for high school or college. If you care about the quality of your paper, you are unlikely to enjoy working with Essay Bot.


Given that EssayBot is a paid service and not the cheapest one we’ve seen so far, it would be nice to see at least some guarantees from the company. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and we didn’t see any promises or guarantees on the Essay Bot website.

The service does not offer any refunds, unless you cancelled your subscription and were charged again after that. In any other case, you will not receive the money you paid for the service even if you haven’t actually used Essay Bot after buying the membership.

Payment options

If you explored the EssayBot website and decided that it’s exactly what you need to get better grades, even despite the numerous negative reviews and warnings, you will need to pay for a membership. There is an available choice between a monthly and yearly membership, and we covered both membership types in the earlier parts of our Essay Bot review.

The only two payment options available to the customers are PayPal and Stripe. Even if you are not a PayPal user, you will still need to create an account if you want to pay with your credit or debit card. This may be an inconvenience if you haven’t signed up for PayPal during all these years, but, at the end of the day, PayPal is one of the safest payment methods available today. Still, we would love to see Essay Bot introducing more payment methods in the future, since not every potential customer is either a PayPal or Stripe user.


To research the average opinion about the service in the essay writing market, we checked hundreds of Essay Bot reviews and testimonials. We found that the customer’s opinion largely depends on their expectations from the service. If a customer was looking for a comprehensive essay writing solution, they eventually became disappointed in Essay Bot because here you have to do much of the work yourself and a positive result is not guaranteed.

On the other hand, there was a handful of customers who were rather satisfied by the EssayBot service. These are the people who don’t mind spending hours editing the paper created for them by the AI technology. Nevertheless, the consensus on the internet is that Essay Bot cannot be seriously used for crafting custom academic paper. The only two possible ways to use it in your studies is either for fun or to give you a general idea about the topic. A common question in the reviews is “Is Essay Bot cheating?”, but it can hardly be considered cheating if you heavily modify the result.

We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


Unique service

Essay Bot has little to no competitors in the market.


Compared to many essay writing services, EssayBot is reasonably priced.


The quality of writing is hit or miss and needs heavy editing.


It’s hard to take the results of Essay Bot’s work seriously.

Plagiarism issues

Since all checks are done automatically, the software can miss some plagiarized fragments.

Customer support

The customer support options at EssayBot are limited to phone and email.


Essay Bot is a fresh idea, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Even though we are convinced this technology will evolve and become more usable in the future, right now you cannot expect EssayBot to write your essay from start to finish. It could be used as a way to get you out of writer’s block if it wasn’t only available on a paid subscription basis. Currently, we do not recommend Essay Bot for your academic writing needs.

If you’re a student looking a custom essay writing service to help you meet your grade requirements, meet a certain deadline or simply to lessen your workload, you may have come across Essay Bot during your search for a solution.

What initially makes EssayBot stand out from other writing services is the fact that it’s uniquely powered by AI; or Artificial Intelligence. This is an interesting take on custom essay writing services, and sure to pull in the attention of lots of students. However, today we’re going to explore whether this website is worth your money or best off avoided.

Services – 5/10

The thing with is the fact that it doesn’t really have a human writer to write your essay for you but is more of a service that guides you through the writing process. You simply need to put in the required headline of your article and the AI will basically Google search relevant content to help.

You can then choose which source you want to use, and the AI will paraphrase and edit the content, so there are no plagiarism issues. This seems sketchy at best, and there’s no telling how effective these anti-plagiarism messages are. Also, the service only seems to support essays.

Pricing – 3/10

Unlike most custom essay writing services where you simply pay per essay that you’re planning to use or download, Essay Bot is a pay-monthly service where you get unlimited access for a set price. However, this isn’t easily explained on the website, and you’ll need to do some searching, or simply find out when you try to download the essay when you’re finished.

After some online searching, we found that you can get a 7-day free trial, which is fine, but then the service is a huge $49 per month for the first month, followed by $99 per month thereafter. This is probably not suitable for many students living on a tight budget.

Content Quality – 6/10

In terms of quality, things are pretty hit and miss. This is because AI simply pulls data from Google and then paraphrases it. It’s then up to the writer to check through it and make sure it’s okay. We plugged a few titles into the AI to see what happened and the content seems pretty good since it’s only replacing certain words.

However, there’s no way to tell if the service will help you avoid plagiarism at all costs without scanning it yourself, and it’s simply the words that are changing. If you were to read through the content and the original content, the structure would be identical.

Customer Service – 5/10

Of course, it’s vital you choose a service that’s able to look after you in case you need them, for example, if you urgently require help to download or edit your assignment for an upcoming deadline.

However, with EssayBot, this might be easier said than done. On the contact page (which is only accessible by the homepage), you’ll find a map with a physical address for their office, a US toll-free phone number, and a single email address.

There’s no live chat, no email address for separate departments, no social media links, and no way of knowing how long the company is going to take to respond; which isn’t great if you require immediate help.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

All in all, Essay Bot leaves a lot to be desired. The website has a good idea, and it’s easy to see that this form of writing is going to be the future because it doesn’t require human writers. However, this is still early days, and it’s probably worth waiting until the technology improves and can provide a more accurate and diverse service.

“EssayBot is the highly acclaimed online platform giving essay writing assistance to students and subject authors. As the program has been produced with the most sophisticated tools and technologies, it is extremely automated and individualized. This US-based corporation works with the only purpose to give honest and convincing aid to authors for creating superior volumes that will get rewards and praises.”

That’s what EssayBot says when I asked it to describe itself. The service aims to be the holy grail for the world’s burnout 11th-graders. Type in your prompt — any prompt, from your history assignment to the question “what is EssayBot?” — and the machines get to work.

Your opening paragraph is pulled whole cloth from a database of scholastic material. Then the diction is gently rephrased, with synonyms swapped in for non-essential words, until it can fly under the radar of the average plagiarism detector. From there, you can import a laundry list of additional paragraphs related to the subject of your essay, or you can use a drop-down menu called a “sentence creator,” perched patiently next to your blinking cursor. Write a word and EssayBot does its best to think up a sensible follow-up clause, based on the contours and language of what you’ve already got written down. All this for only $9.95 a month, or $49.95 a year. If you’ve ever spent a sleepless school night staring at an empty Word doc, you know what it’s like to be desperate enough to pay up.

I discovered EssayBot via YouTube ad, and when I put the site’s name into Google, I found hundreds of cautiously hopeful students taking to forums and review sites over the past year, asking if EssayBot is too good to be true. Procrastinating teens are an underserved market.

Aaron Yin, the proprietor of EssayBot, has been trying to sell AI text generation for years with limited success. His first attempt came in 2017 with a service that automatically constructed résumés, and the tech infrastructure of EssayBot was initially intended to help small businesses generate branding copy. But that angle never took off. Instead, Yin needed to find a hungrier demographic, and the millions of young men and women on a humanities deadline were a match made in heaven. “We use the same technology [from the business writing] for EssayBot,” he says. “To help students write essays.”

Yin considers EssayBot to be a streamlined version of what kids are already doing with their papers. He tells me he held focus groups full of college kids during EssayBot’s initial development and found that they all used similar tactics to write their essays. They would research and copy down the finer points of the arguments they wanted to use, they would reword those passages, and they turned to Google Scholar to find citations. If you’re extremely generous in your interpretation, you can argue that EssayBot is essentially a harmless mechanization of the academic process — rather than, you know, cheating. “The technology is actually a little similar to translation,” says Yin. “You’re putting something in a different way.”

There’s reason to believe what Yin is selling. In 2019, AI text generation is closer to the mainstream than ever. In February, there was a brief mania over the Elon Musk-backed company OpenAI and its silver-tongued text generator. Journalists from Wired, the Guardian, The Verge, and Vox were all invited to play with the fancy new algorithm that could generate cohesive short stories with reasonably consistent clarity. The generator has yet to be released to the public, with OpenAI claiming that it was “too dangerous” in our current Facebook-poisoned news culture. No matter how hyperbolic that warning might be, it seemed we were fast approaching a world where machines could demand column space.

It’s a reality echoed by Neil Yager, the chief scientist and co-founder of Phrasee, an AI platform that formulates ideal, scientifically precise email headlines for press releases and marketing campaigns. He says that whether we realize it or not, we’re already reading a fair amount of computer-generated text as part of our media diet. “In things like weather reports, it’s called data to text. You take some numbers, like the humidity and temperature, and use an algorithm to automatically to spin that into a story,” he explains. “You have some simple logic in there. ‘If the temperature is above this, then say that it’s going to be a warm day.’ Robo-journalism is quite a big field.”

Still, it was difficult to believe that technology could adequately replicate a standard five-paragraph high school essay. Sure, EssayBot was able to introduce itself in its own uncanny syntax, but that was easy. How would it hold up in the eyes of a wary teacher? So I got my hands dirty in the EssayBot module and resolved to craft an essay about Brown v. Board of Education, a Supreme Court case any American student will inevitably write about at least once during their academic career.

EssayBot gave me a rock-solid opening paragraph, after which I was presented with a suite of additional paragraphs I could plug into the copy. As before, each of those paragraphs was plucked from the web and rephrased into something less plagiaristic by the site’s algorithm. I continued that process until I had about 700 words that tracked the basics of the trial and some light analysis about segregation in the public school system today. The results were uneven. The language and the facts were mostly reasonable, but the overall narrative was jumbled. The essay wasn’t tethered to a concrete thesis and read like a loose distillation dreamed up by an entity that knew all the information but wasn’t able to synthesize it into an authentic argument.

I decided to use the automatic sentence creator to fill out the conclusion, where things got funnier, and more dire. The sentences themselves were grammatically correct, but they’d often contradict each other within the text. At one point, EssayBot wanted to add “the solution is to change the way schools are run,” exactly one sentence after it added “the solution isn’t to simply change the way schools are run.” It figures that when you ask something non-sentient to write for you, you can expect something non-sentient in return.

So, naturally, when I emailed the essay to my 10th-grade history teacher Mr. Lourey, he gave it an easy F.

”The paper would probably earn a very low score in most classes, because it doesn’t seem to be clearly answering a prompt,” he wrote. “I guess if a teacher assigned a short essay that asked students to simply summarize an event, then maybe this type of paper could fly under the ‘teacher radar.’ But most properly designed writing prompts on civil rights would ask students to make some sort of original claim … even if I did not identify the paper as a creation of AI, it would earn a failing grade.”

His reaction didn’t surprise me, nor did it surprise Yager. An AI text generator like EssayBot is simply incapable of responding to a multifaceted essay proposal with a human point of view. Your best bet is simulacrum, and simulacrum can break down very, very quickly. In fact, Yager says Phrasee’s AI model starts to degenerate after about 150 words or so.

Algorithms “don’t write like how you or I would write an essay. It doesn’t think, ‘Okay, here’s my idea, and here’s how I’m going to argue this point.’ Instead, it’s writing one word at a time with no idea where it’s going,” he explains. “There’s no understanding there. It’s not trying to get any point across; any point it makes is purely random and accidental. That’s the limitation of the technology today. … It studies the statistical properties of the language and can generate new text that shares those properties.”

That said, Yager is a little concerned about the future. As tools like EssayBot get better and more AI software hits the market, there will eventually come a moment, he says, where text generation will be a major concern for academia. “Technology is going to help people cheat. It’ll be a bit of an arms race. Things will improve over time, and so will the detection methods,” he says. “Even now, though it’s not great quality, I bet people are getting away with it.”

Yin, of course, would never call EssayBot software for cheaters, and he says that over the past year, he’s only ever gotten one angry email from a teacher. He points to a service called Chegg, which provides specific answers to classroom textbook questions for $15 a month. EssayBot, in his comparison, is a research tool rather than a flat, rote cheat sheet. A shortcut rather than misconduct.

”A student could use Chegg [to answer a problem,] and after graduation, if they saw a similar question, they still couldn’t do it,” says Yin. “With EssayBot, after graduation, if a student became a marketing specialist and write marketing material, they could still use EssayBot.”

Perhaps one day we might need to formally establish the parameters for how much a robot is allowed to assist you in the writing process. Until then, be careful with the machines. They might just flunk you.

EssayBot is what its name says, it’s basically a bot that helps in writing essays. No human writers are involved in the process, but at this stage of EssayBot’s development, that is definitely a drawback.

I found it by looking for useful essay writing tools and decided to test it, although I had my doubts from the very beginning.

If there were a bot that could write me a perfect paper, all the other writing services would shut down, and teachers and professors would stop assigning their students essays.

Or such a tool would cost too much, being unique. Is EssayBot free though? No, and that makes using it even more pointless. More on that in my Essay Bot review.

2. Customer Support

The only means of contacting customer support is via email. Needless to say, that’s rather disappointing. And, as one would expect, answers don’t often arrive the same day.

3. My Experience 

The site is very simplistic, and although there are not many things you can click on, it’s quite easy to get a bit lost here and figure out your way out.

The main feature, which is a bot, is right there in the middle of the page. Now, is using Essay Bot cheating? Not if you do it properly.

Your teacher or professor might have a different opinion about it, but I see nothing wrong in using such a tool for sources of inspiration and writing your own essay. That is, however, not what EssayBot is intended to be, but it won’t write an essay for you and is quite a disappointment, sorry.

4. Order Form 

Here’s how Essay Bot works. You write your title, a topic, or a single word related to your essay subject. The AI quickly searches for completed essays and articles that could be relevant and offers you several options you could use to start your own paper with.

It then rewrites that paragraph to make it undetectable for plagiarism checking tools. You keep repeating this for the remaining paragraphs, or can just start writing, and the bot will suggest the ending of the sentence (pulled from one of the sources, of course).

Once completed, you can download your essay. Oh, wait, you can’t. You have to pay for a subscription first.

5. Discounts and Pricing 

There are two options in terms of subscription:

  1. A week-long trial for $2.49. Once it ends, you’ll be charged $9.95 per month. Billing is done monthly. 
  2. You start at only $4.95 per month, but you will be charged for the whole year.

As you see, the second option is cheaper in the long run, and you can cancel both of them anytime. Is Essay Bot legal though because that’s a hefty sum to pay at once? Well, it seems to be, at least judging by its Terms and Conditions.

There are no refunds, and because of that, by paying you automatically agree with any quality of text you’ll receive. Seems fair, but also sucks.

6. Revisions

You can make the bot rewrite and rephrase the paragraph again and again if you do not like it, but you’ll be the one revising the whole thing. And while doing it, you’ll wish you had just written that essay yourself or at least used a writing company for it. It costs more, but saves time and is absolutely fuss-free.

7. Final Quality

Now, EssayBot’s rephrasing is essentially substituting every other word with a synonym. At times, the final product is a mess and makes little sense. And it doesn’t even pass the Essay

Bot plagiarism check! So, unless you do some heavy rewriting yourself, you can’t hand that essay in.

And why even bother using this tool then, if you can google some essays or articles and start rewriting them instead? It’s actually gonna save you time. And, unlike EssayBot, it’s free.

8. Writer’s Proficiency

Another problem with EssayBot is that it obviously does not understand the texts it’s offering you, it just searches for keywords. Therefore, there’s no connection between the paragraphs. Once again, it’s up to you to make it work.

EssayBot also does not show the sources the suggested paragraphs are from, but it has a separate tab you can use to find citations and sources for your bibliography list.

Only those sources will have nothing to do with your essay, and that’s quite a risk. Getting an academic expert if you don’t want to write the paper yourself is, once again, safer and more efficient.

9. People Talking 

What do other people have to say about this “great” tool? It turned out, there aren’t many EssayBot reviews on the Internet. SiteJabber had none, TrustPilot had one, and it was suspiciously positive. The other reviews, including a few EssayBot Reddit comments, also found it useless and not worth neither money nor attention.

10. Loyalty Program

There’s a referral program. If someone uses your link, he or she will get a 50% discount for the first month, and you get the next month of your subscription for free.

11. Pros and Cons


  • A referral program;
  • A one-week trial is only $2.49;
  • Can be used for inspiration.


  • Text contains plagiarism;
  • Requires heavy editing and proofreading;
  • A fake References list;
  • No refunds;
  • Inefficient customer support.

As a student, you might have come across essay bot in your search of custom writing services to help you meet your academic assignment. Sometimes you are pressed with time or you want to achieve a certain grade in your course then custom writing companies should be your perfect friend. Essaybot is specifically unique from other writing companies since it is powered by artificial intelligence. This is very interesting in the writing industry and is likely to draw attention of many students who would like to give it a try.

If you are a student intending to get a human writer at essaybot then you are likely to get disappointed. This is because the company has no human writer to handle your essay. Instead, it guides you through the necessary process for your writing assignment. At this company all you need is to key in the right title of your assignment or article and artificial intelligence (AI) will do the rest of gathering and paraphrasing your work. The work produced through this means is sketchy and is not a guarantee that you will get the right work you need. This service does not work for all kinds of assignment but only essay.

Essaybot Plagiarism

Essay bot does not produce contents from scratch but they rely on other sources to produce new content. Mostly, they make use of Google content and paraphrase using artificial intelligence. It will be difficult for a student to rely fully of the content they get from this site. It is meant to act a s a source of motivation and a guide for students towards completing their assignment.

The content from this site is 100% unique. However, students should not submit it to their professors directly for grading. This is because the content sometimes doesn’t conform to your instructions and will only guide you on what you are supposed to do. If you use it directly they way it is from the site, then you risk losing marks in your final grading.

How to Copy from EssayBot

Have you ever imagined how it would be nice copying from essaybot. That is what many students hope it would be possible. Unfortunately, copying from this site is not possible but you can only use inspect elements like Cntr+Shift+I when using chrome browser. If that does not work for you, you can try using paid subscriptions.

Essay bot information on Reddit

I tried hard to find if I can get information about this site on reddit unfortunately there was none. If you would go ahead and create one, you will be the first one to create such information about them on reddit.

Is EssayBot Content Free?

You don’t expect to get content from writing website like essaybot for free. The only difference between this site and other custom writing services is that at essaybot you only subscribe monthly. Once you subscribe at this site, you will be granted unlimited access for their content at agreed price. Even after subscription, you will still have some challenges trying to use their content. This is because they do not have a detailed guide for their users. You will have to do some research before you understand their site better.

My extensive search showed that essaybot gives first time users seven days of free use. This is cool for students. After that, you will pay $49 for the first month and then pay $99 for subsequent months. Thus is not favorable for students who have little income. But if your income is okay you can try using their services.

Revision and Refund Policy

Since content from essaybot is AI generated, you will never get a refund on your money. Also, revision is not possible as even if you request for revision you will get the same content. There is no need to necessarily seek for revision from them instead you should try fixing the content to suite your interest. On the issue of refund, I don’t think whether you will ever get a refund as you only subscribe for a whole month and not on that particular essay. If you are not satisfied with their services you simply cancel your subscription with them.

EssayBot Content

With regard to quality, things at essay bot are not such impressive because the system pulls information from Google and paraphrase it for you. It is up to you to go through the content and make the right adjustment. If you plug in some files to the system, you will realize that the system only makes some changes to some few words but the whole content looks similar.

Customer Service

Students are advised to look for custom writing providers with efficient communication channels. This will enable you to access them in case you need to communicate with them. In case you have difficulty in downloading or editing your assignment, you need to contact them. With essay bot, it will be easier for them to talk about it than doing it. On the website homepage, you will only get a physical address to their offices and a toll free phone together with an email address. The company does not give provision of a live chat nor email for every department. Unlike other companies with presence in the popular social media platforms, essaybot has no link in any social media platform. It will be difficult for clients to know the time clients will take to respond to your query. This will not help customers whose concern need urgent attention.


Essay bot is a new entrant in the writing industry that provides artificial intelligence tool to help individuals write faster produced personalized contents. In accommodates everyone including digital marketing team, enterprises, content writers and social influencers. The good news is that even for individuals looking forward to building their own blog will benefit from this system as the system has a wide variety of content for your selection.

The AI product in essaybot is meant to help individuals write on anything they will think about without struggling. As a result, you will not have to select on a particular topic to begin writing from that end. Recently, the product added sales and marketing topics that will be useful to companies and other startups in the business world.

However, when it comes to college students, the story might be different. This is because the system will not provide them with readymade assignments to submit to their respective instructors. The content obtained from this site requires that a student goes through it to make the necessary adjustments to meet their requirements. Sometimes, the content generated from this site is not that purely original. Despite the few challenges associated with this site, there are some features desired by many. Ideally, the website has a good design and this kind of service delivery will be the best in the near future.

Verdict is an AI tool that serves to help customers with writing their essays. It isn’t a service where actual people help students, but a website where you can start typing your text and get some automated feedback. Unfortunately, the results of this review aren’t on the positive side for Essaybot. The features are very limited and so is the website.

Why is that?

OUR FIRST IMPRESSION of isn’t a custom writing service. In fact, we can’t even define it as a writing service. This is a website that contains an AI tool you can use to write the paper on your own. According to their information, their customers need to pay a specific quote to be able to use this tool. However, the website is extremely limited and very vague, something that took us time to research and find answers for.

Finally, we’ve found our answers for this Essaybot review. We had do sign up to see their quotes, but it served us perfectly because we were then able to test their paid service. Eventually, the results from our own little research confirmed everything that is told in the limited Essaybot reviews online.


We wouldn’t call the services at writing services. They are more of an aiding service, one you can use while you are writing the papers. The site helps you search for a topic and choose one. If you have a ready essay, they help you edit or modify it until you are happy with it. To be more, they help you run a plagiarism checker in addition to that grammar checker. And finally, you get help with writing suggestions and automated citation assistance.

All these are unique services that can’t really be found in a writing service. But, this also means that this particular site will help you reduce the time you spend on a paper, not take over that paper and give you time off.

Prices and Discounts

The pricing is much hidden from the website. You can’t possibly access this information unless you sign up. In fact, you can’t even see their full list of features that fall under the Essaybot Premium membership unless you do this.

At first, we thought that this is a free tool. But, according to the sign up details, not even their trial version is free. This version can only be used for a week, and since you still have to add payment details, we are quite sure that the company will start charging you at least the monthly fee once that week ends.

The good part is, you can always cancel the membership, so you shouldn’t be charged any extra fees.  Based on the information, paying $2.49 for one week seems rather silly since the company charges much more if you use the monthly option. If you pay for the week’s trial, you’d have to pay a quote of $9.95 for a month. A yearly subscription cuts this pay into half.

Still, we decided to pay that low fee for a week’s trial. Based on how bad this tool’s reputation is, it is perhaps wiser to invest less before you are convinced that you should invest more.

The EssayBot Premium membership gives you access to their topic suggestion and research tool, paraphrasing feature, matching citations search, spelling and grammar check, as well as a download option. The rate for a month of access is $9.95, while a yearly rate costs $59.40.


There isn’t a custom paper per se, so we can’t really evaluate a paper’s quality. The paper you get here will depend mostly on  you and the tool will only provide you with some help in writing it.

But, what we can do is tell you how well the tool functions. The answer is – it functions rather poorly when you compare it to other popular tools such as this one. Yes, the site might offer a slightly lower rate than popular tools, but judged by how poorly their tools work, it might be better for you to invest more in a different service.

We say this because the grammar checker here missed too many things. Also, the suggestions are too generalized and often, they make no sense.


The only way to get in touch with the site’s creators is through their e-mail address. There’s a phone number listed there, too, but no one answered in the several occasions when we tried to reach them. On the email, we got a response after two whole days.

You can’t really get a refund or anything because there aren’t guarantees. Fortunately, you can quit that subscription at any time and avoid spending more money. But, seeing how tricky they made those rates, most customers probably decide to pay a yearly fee because of the pricing discrepancy.

1. What is Essaybot? Essaybot is not a usual writing service where you place an order and wait for a unique paper to be ready. Is an AI writing software for college students 2. Is Essay bot cheating? It depends on for what purposes you use it. 3. Is Essaybot free? No. You pay a monthly/yearly subscription for a paraphrasing engine. 4. How much does Essaybot cost? There are two types of subscriptions here. You’ll pay $9.95/month or $59.4/year 5. How does Essaybot work? You search for a topic, and the AI gets different sources of information. You choose what information to include, and the program will paraphrase it. Then you download your content from EssayBot and that’s it.

Let’s get into the details. I’ll share my review and you’ll decide if it’s the right service for you.

Prices and Discounts is way too expensive for something that doesn’t work. This is not a place where you pay for a paper and get unique content. It’s not easy to find the clear pricing at the website, which is why most students benefit from Essay Bot reviews before signing up.

There are two types of subscriptions here. When you sign up, you get a weekly trial for $2.49. After that, you’ll be charged $9.95 per month. If you want an annual subscription, you’ll pay $59.4 (that’s $4.95 per month, billed as a single annual payment).

Some Essay Bot reviews mention prices of $99 per month. I guess the service changed its prices by the time I found it. $99 is a crazy amount to pay for this.

There are no discounts if that’s what you’re after.

Communication with Writer

What writer? If you want a real writer to complete an essay from scratch, then traditional writing services are better for you. There are no writers at


The only good thing about EssayBot is that you immediately get your paper. The program is easy to use and it delivers quick results.

The Work I Got

Let me wrap up my EssayBot review with a final hint. There’s a section called Article Sample at the Essay Bot website. Scroll down the homepage and you’ll find it. Choose any of those samples. You will see how ridiculous the software is. The sentences make no sense whatsoever. They are too long and the grammar is all wrong.

I still paid for the weekly trial, though. Paying for a trial is ridiculous enough, but I do it for the sake of providing reliable reviews. I chose a simple topic and the software suggested a few online resources I could use. When I searched Google with the same topic, those were the first resources it showed. So a professor can easily find them if they care to catch you in plagiarism.

That’s not the biggest problem. The problem is that the paraphrased work does not make sense. I’ve written many writing services reviews before and I’ve never been this disappointed with the way I spent my money. If you search for testimonials by real users over the web, you’ll see that everyone has a similar experience.