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eNotes Reviews 2021

eNotes Reviews 2021

eNotes is an educational website that provides a wide range of features for students and teachers. The company was founded in 1998. Using a subscription model, it was able to make itself profitable quickly while still keeping rates affordable. From what I’ve read, it looks like eNotes gets most of its new subscribers during the school year. It’s estimate that 750 people sign up for the service when school is in session.

Most of the content that I have seen on the site is written for middle school and high school students. There may be materials for other students, too, but I haven’t seen them. That could just be because I teach a high school class, though. I don’t have any need to look for materials too far outside of my grade.

There are several positive features that I would like to write about. Some of them are features that I have encountered. Others are features that I head about from my students. I hope that detailing some of these top features will help you decide whether eNotes is a good match for you whether you are a student or a teacher.

In-House Essays

If you have ever tried to look for homework help online, you have probably discovered that there is a lot of untrustworthy material out there. The people who write content for a lot of the free sites don’t seem to have very solid backgrounds in their subjects. My guess is that they don’t get paid much, so they take short cuts instead of doing the research required for thoughtful analysis. Considering that those sites are free, that’s hardly surprising. You get what you pay for, I guess.

eNotes takes a different approach. It does hire freelance writers to develop content, but they are all teachers or graduate students who have already done plenty of research into these subjects. Plus, eNotes has a team of in-house editors that goes through each piece of content to check for accuracy and depth.

I’m not saying that they’re the most sophisticated analyses in the world, but they’re appropriate for high school students. If they were much more detailed, then I think some of the literature guides would be difficult for younger readers to understand. There’s a lot to be said about writing for your audience. The editors at eNotes really know what they’re doing. They don’t let articles get too complex, but they make sure they aren’t too simplistic, too.

Literature Guides

In my experience, it’s hard to get some kids to really pay attention to literature. The vast majority of my students will read what I assign. Many of them, however, don’t try very hard to make sure they understand what they’re reading. Simply reading the words isn’t what it takes to understand a piece of literature. They just don’t seem to understand what kind of skills it takes to comprehend what they’re reading.

I try talking to my students about how they can use context clues to improve their comprehension. Realistically, though, they’re already old enough by the time that they reach me that they should know these things. Unfortunately, a lot of them have just been left behind by the school system.

I find that introducing my students to literature guides is one of the best ways to improve comprehension. I encourage them to try to figure things out on their own, but the guides are a good way to make sure they at least understand what they’ve read by the time they come to class. Some of my favorite students have shown remarkable improvements by reading the guides. Eventually, they understand that reading isn’t a chore. There are reasons that people read for recreation. It’s just difficult for these young men and women to reach the point where they can start having a good time with reading.

The literature guides offer a kind of safety net for students reading at home. It also gives them a better idea of what’s happening in the story. It’s not hard to see why these kids hate reading. It doesn’t make any sense to them. If literature guides can help them make sense of what they’re reading, and maybe even show them that reading is fun, then I’m all for it.

Teacher Tools

Being a teacher is a lot of hard work. Sure, I get summers off, but I still put in a lot of 13-hour days during the school year. In some respects, I’m fine with the work. After all, I knew this was a hard job long before I got my teaching certificate. When I run out of time, though, it affects how well I can grade essays and plan upcoming exercises.

eNotes provides tools that make it easier for me to get my work done within a reasonable time frame. That way, I have more time for really educating my students. The tools I like most are the ones that help me prepare lesson plans. Planning lessons is one of the most difficult parts of my job, so any help I can get is appreciated.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t just copy the lesson plans verbatim. Even if I wanted to do this, I can’t because I have to comply with the school board’s curriculum guidelines. Still, I would say that the lesson plans from eNotes cuts my preparation time in half. That makes me a better teacher and happier person.

The eNotes plan that you choose will depend on whether you are a student or a teacher. If you are student, then you can expect to spend about $14.99 when you pay by the month. If you choose to make an annual payment, you will spend about $49.99. That comes to $4.17 per month, so you can get significant savings by choosing the annual payment option.

Prices are a little higher for teachers. If you pay annually, then your membership will cost $199.99 per year. That comes to $16.67 per month. If you choose to pay by the month, then you will spend $24.99 per month. Again, you can save a lot of money by choosing the annual option.

The only good criticism I know of is that eNotes doesn’t offer much help for subjects outside of literature and history. That works fine for me, but some teachers and students might not find it as helpful as I do. I didn’t even think about this limitation until after I suggested eNotes to someone at my school who teaches a science class. When I asked her about it a couple days later, she said that there wasn’t much material for her to use, so she didn’t think it was a good fit for her class.

That’s too bad for science and math students. The literature resources are quite good. If eNotes tried to develop content for STEM classes, I bet it would be excellent. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t decided to move in that direction yet.

Does eNotes Prevent Education?

This is a question I get from a lot of parents who are concerned that signing up for eNotes will encourage their kids to just copy someone else’s work. I think it’s important to address that concern here.

I’ll start by saying that I understand the reservation. I had them, too, when someone introduced me to eNotes. I was worried that it was one of those sites where students pay someone else to write papers for them. It isn’t that at all.

I suppose there is some potential for abuse from students. Someone could try to copy ideas from the literature guides, for instance. Realistically, though, that wouldn’t work very well. Today’s teachers know that these resources are available to students. In fact, we use them. That makes it very difficult for kids to pass off someone else’s work as their own.

Instead of telling students that they can’t use supplemental materials, I think it’s better to make sure that they cite their sources correctly.

You can contact eNotes by submitting an email through the company’s website.

Pros of Using eNotes

  • In-house editing makes sure articles are accurate
  • Affordable prices
  • Helps students enjoy reading
  • Good resources

Cons of Using eNotes

  • Not a lot of materials for STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) students

Using eNotes has made my job a lot easier. More importantly, though, it has helped a lot of my students discover that reading can be fun when you have the right attitude about it. A lot of students are very anxious about reading literature. They’ve gotten the impression that reading literature is difficult and boring. It’s neither of those things (most of the time, at least). If eNotes can help minimize that anxiety and show students that reading is pleasurable, then I think it’s worth trying.

Whether you’re a teacher who can’t find enough hours in the day or a student struggling to understand what in the world Edgar Allen Poe was trying to say, you should check out eNotes.

Often, you will find students having a challenge here and there about their studies. Teachers, therefore, have to come up with new material to motivate students. The solution that comes to mind for the students and teachers is enotes. For those who have not come across the site, they would probably ask themselves “what are enotes?” They are electrically generated notes that the website uses to offer educational features to both students and teachers. In 1998, the company was founded by two classmates who shared a love for Shakespeare. enotes review has mostly been positive and this is the reason for their increasing subscriber numbers during the school year. www enotes com has mainly focused on middle and high school.

Services Offered by www enotes com

Most of the parents have had a reservation when it comes to students getting an enotes account. They see it as an easy way for students to get their assignments done. However, enotes, if not abused by students can aid in motivating them.

The website has many great features including:

In-House Essays

The site hires professional writers with a passion for teaching. They have taken a different approach to how they work. The writers are freelancers hired to develop content. They take pride in hiring teachers or graduates who have experience in the subjects. The site has also gone a step further and hired a team of in-house editors. Their work is to make sure the content is original, accurate and has a depth to it. However, there is no record to show their credentials.

Literature Guides

Majority of students do admit that they find literature quite a task if not dull. For those who read, they agree that they don’t understand what it is that they are learning. enotes have context clues to help students quickly comprehend literature. The guides help students understand the story better when they are alone.

Teacher Tools

Not many websites remember teachers. Students are usually the ones who get the consideration. www notes com have provided tools to help teachers work much more comfortably. This way, they are left with ample time to teach in class. The most popular tool for teachers is the one that aids them in preparation for a lesson.

Quality Services at enotes

The website seems to know what it is that they are doing. www enotes com has worked at understanding their targeted customers. The literature guides are not too sophisticated for a high school student to understand.

Pricing at enotes

enotes categorizes its plan in two. This is because there are prices for students and teachers. For a student, the charges are around $14.99 per month, and if you chose annual payment, the price is $49.99. The prices for teachers are quite high, where having an enotes account costs $24.99 monthly and $199.99 annually.

For the teachers and students who want to first try out the service before making a commitment, enotes allows you to do just that. enotes free trial allows their clients to explore the website for 48 hours. They permit you to access all contents and features available. However, downloading PDFs is prohibited, and it’s only when you subscribe to their site that you can enjoy the feature.

They accept various payment methods such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.

Level of Customer Service at enotes

Most teachers and student feel safe knowing that they can get in touch with the company that they have subscribed to. The only way to reach the writers at enotes is by sending an email. They take up to 12 hours before you get a response. This can be discouraging at times when you need a prompt answer to a query.

Some Complaints Against enotes

The website has mostly focused on literature and history. This limits the number of clients who just want to make a one stop over. This enotes review points out the concern for parents who think their children are too dependent on the site. They worry that if they use enotes services, they are copying other peoples work.


From the above overview of the website, it is clear to see that enotes can make a student have a better mindset when reading. Literature, especially, has always been considered a hard subject by most students. This can change with enotes study guides. They can even find themselves enjoying reading while at it as they grasp what they are learning. The teachers also get to plan their schedules and have time to find out the strengths and weakness of their students in a class. It is evident that www enotes com has created a name for itself in the educational industry. However, they should think about broadening their subjects to give teachers and students more variety.

A quick research revealed that enotes com was launched over two decades ago by two former students who connected based on their love for Shakespeare’s works. Soon, the website grew, and in a few years, it became eNotes. eNotes considers itself to be a comprehensive study solution, but we have a hard time agreeing with that.

The biggest problem with e Notes is the extremely limited variety of services offered by the company. Essentially, eNotes can only be used in preparation for your Literature classes. Other than that, eNotes is pretty much useless. What’s even worse is that the service won’t actually do your Literature assignments.

The only way to use eNotes in your studies is to consult the literature reviews and guides. There is also a feature that allows students to ask questions that are then answered by the eNotes staff members, but it is only available to paying members. Plus, you won’t get much help out of a single question answered by the service.

There is not much you can do with a free eNotes account as a non-paying user. You can access some of the guides and question answers, but that’s about it. If you want to put the website to a heavier use, you will need to purchase an eNotes membership. eNotes offers two pricing models: one for students, and one for teachers. As a student, you can pay $14.99 per month or $49.99 per year. There is also a 48-hour trial period you can use before subscribing if you want to know more about the service.

With an eNotes membership, you get the following features:

Study guides

There are over 300,000 study guides available at eNotes for thousands of well-known and obscure literary works, so you will likely find the necessary one.

Homework answers

There have been over 365,000 student homework questions answered by professionals, so there is a chance your question is already published there.

Annotated texts

Having trouble comprehending a particularly complex literary work? With annotated texts, you can get a better understanding of a challenging piece of writing.

Downloadable PDFs

The feature that allows you to download study materials as PDF files is nice, but we were disappointed to learn that with a 1-month membership, you are only allowed 1 download per month.

Quality of work execution

If you don’t take into account the limited services of eNote, judging the quality of work execution by the service does not yield a universal result. It’s clear that there are many people responsible for writing materials for eNotes — in fact, the service regularly recruits new writers and, apparently, does not have a very strict selection process — so the quality of writing we’ve seen on the website is often uneven.

Some of the literary study guides we have encountered on eNotes are very well-written and formatted. We couldn’t really find any flaws with them, and it’s obvious they have been written by someone with plenty of experience in academic writing. However, we have also seen more than one eNotes study guide of questionable quality. They didn’t look professionally-made at all and made us think that it’s the work of some students.


For a study help service that functions on a paid basis, eNotes does not offer a lot of guarantees. At the moment, you have the following guarantees:The study guides are written by in-house editors with plenty of experience. The questions are answered by knowledgeable educators.Your personal information will be protected at all costs.In some situations, you may be entitled to a partial refund.

Payment options

If you decide you can benefit from being an eNotes member, you probably already realize that you won’t get too far with a free eNotes account. Since you can only access most of the materials published on with a paid membership, you naturally want to know which payment options you have. Luckily, eNotes offers a variety of payment options.

The most common way to pay for eNotes services is through a credit or debit card, which should be either Mastercard or Visa. Alternatively, you can pay using your PayPal account, which is the preferred payment option for millions of internet users thanks to its security. We also found it interesting that eNotes offers some old-school payment methods, including Money Order and check – you just don’t see those payment options very often these days. However, a typical user will be more than satisfied with Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.


To get an informed opinion about the positioning of eNotes in the market and the public opinion about the service, we studied numerous online reviews. There are no testimonials on the eNotes website, but there are plenty of reviews on third party sites to give us an idea about how it is perceived by the customers. The analysis of the reviews delivered a 50/50 result with only about half of the customers being absolutely happy with the service.

The most common complaint from eNotes users were the limited possibilities even with a paid membership. After paying $14.99 per month, you can only ask one question to the experts, which is not nearly enough to help you advance in your studies. The chance to download just 4 PDF files per month is also very concerning to us and the customers, because the average study needs of a student require more than that. The quality of writing in the existing study guides and question answers has also sparked many negative reviews from the customers, with some claiming they were inaccurate.

We have gathered for you the
Pros and Cons


Study guides

With over 300,000 study guides on thousands of literary works, you can become a Literature pro.

Question answers

Having a professional educator answer your study question can be very helpful when you’re struggling.

One subject

eNotes can only help you with a single subject, which is not worthy of $14.99 per month in our opinion.

Limited functionality

Even with a paid membership, you still have limited access to the features.

Uneven quality

The quality of work execution by eNotes could benefit from an improvement.


There is only a handful of situations where you can be granted a refund.


On its own, eNotes is not a bad service if this is what you are looking for. The thousands of study guides and question answers can prove to be very helpful in preparing for Literature classes. However, given that the functionality of eNotes is limited to just one subject, considering the high membership price,  and taking into account the fact that no one here will actually do your assignments, we do not recommend eNotes for your study needs.

eNotes began as a way for students to read and better understand works of literature. Since then, it has continued to create innovative educational tools and content while connecting educators and learners around the globe. The company's primary website, eNotes, serves more than 15m unique visitors a month, placing it in Quantcast's top 300 websites in the United States.

The company has been bootstrapped since its founding. The founder's initial investment was hiring the services of two PhD candidates at the Shakespeare Institute to write commentary to ten of Shakespeare's most famous plays. The company posted these online along with the text of Shakespeare's plays in 2003, giving away some content for free and requiring a subscription for all content. This company launched the domain in 2005.

We recently launched our newest product, Owl Eyes, in order to create a better reading experience for students, teachers, and everyday readers.

The founders of eNotes believe in a healthy work-life balance, and take pride in the fact that many employees of eNotes have been with the company for five years or more. One of the founders is a developer, and understands the importance of creating a culture where engineers can create great software.

The company is in the educational space, with a rapidly growing core website and a new product in Owl Eyes, and continues to receive significant interest from third parties, particularly large educational publishers. All employees at eNotes have incentive stock options.

The company's offices are located in the vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. 

Come help us build an exciting educational platform for learners and educators around the globe.

Founded in 1998, www enotes com has been in the forefront in providing teachers and students with learning materials and resources to ease the pressures of education. Their central area of expertise includes:

  • Study guides
  • Lesson plans
  • Literary criticisms

As is a subscription service, a client first has to register with the site for them to enjoy the full service. However, regular questions such as literature and math queries can be asked without having to subscribe. If you have a subscription, you first enjoy a 48-hour enotes free trial period accessing the site. All the websites features are available to you, but you cannot download pdf materials. They require your credit information first before allowing you access.

If during or after the trial you find that you’re not satisfied with the site, you can cancel your subscription. You only need to log into your enotes account and go to the manage subscription bar. You then click on the cancel my subscription and a ‘’no please, cancel.’’ pop up will appear, click on it. You will then be asked to submit feedback and cancel. A confirmation message will be sent to you alerting you to the success of your cancellation.

About www enotes com

It is one of the most visited education websites in America averaging 11 million visitors each month. Enotes also records 750 new subscriptions daily during a school year. It mainly focuses on literature and history although there is also information on humanities. It boasts of a staff of over 1000 professors and teachers who contribute the majority of the content uploaded on the site. Most of the material is for middle and high school students although they also cater to college ones as well.

There are some features that enotes offers the main ones being:

  • Teaching tools. Enotes provides thousands of teachers with lesson plans, teaching information and classroom resources.
  • Literature guides. The websites have loads of literature guides from the famous Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. They improve a student’s comprehension while studying the book.
  • In-house essays. They hire freelance writers to come up with content for the website. Before uploading this information though, an in-house team goes through each one of them to check for depth and accuracy. It ensures that researching all the content on the site is carefully done with accurate analysis.

Pricing at enotes

Almost every enotes review that we’ve come across praises the site for its moderate pricing. It allows the majority of students the ability to access their services. There are different charges for students and teachers. For students:

Enotes basic which is $ 14.99 a month or $49.99 annually. Choosing the yearly subscription is cheaper as it translates to only $4.17 monthly. It comes with 300,000 homework help answers, over 30,000 study guides, 4 pdf downloads each month and ad-free content.

Enotes plus. It goes for as low as $8.33 a month and $99.99 per year. It contains 30,000 study guides, 10 pdf downloads per month over 300,000 homework help answers, 20% discount on homework help and ad-free content.

For teachers the price is higher;

Enotes subscription goes for $24.99 a month and $199.99 yearly. It comes with response journal downloads, hundreds of lesson plans, over 30,000 expert study guides, 1,000 literature quizzes, published criticisms, 10 pdf downloads each month and ad-free content. It is also cheaper for an annual subscription as it comes down to $16.67 monthly.

Quality of Service at enotes

The question that most people ask is “what are enotes?” Well, they are electronic notes, creating them requires someone to have a computer. They are crucial for reminding people of essential things. www enotes com employs this method. Their literature guides and notes are easy to access and download. They ensure that everything that goes up on the website has been thoroughly vetted to avoid uploading content that’s not factual.

With a network of over 1,000 teachers and professors, the site ensures that they share with their clients quality work. They have a team that analyzes each material to avoid grammatical, plagiarized and misleading information getting posted on their platform.

Their model of operation seems to work for them as they are one of the few companies that hit profitability soon after launching with positive reviews from their subscribers.


From the setup of the website itself, the font and color combination give the site a professional feel. The information that they post is straight to the point; this avoids cluttering the homepage with irrelevant details. Navigating through the site is also simple, and their customer care staff are on standby ready to help you when you encounter any problem. Overall, www enotes com is an educational website that we can recommend to students as their works are tailored to suit every student’s need.

What students do when they face difficulties with the completion of any assignment? Right, they try to find the answers on the Internet, and if they fail, they turn to the professional writers for help. Not all blogs and special platforms contain the necessary information for school, college, and university students. That’s why two classmates established Enotes in 1998. They were inspired by literature and the love of Shakespeare’s masterpieces. The service aims to make education accessible for all.

The first thing you see when you visit the site is the significant difference in comparison with the traditional academic writing services for students. If you’ve used their help at least once, you’ll quickly understand that Enotes is something new. All details of the service’s design show that it’s a serious educational platform.

The main specialization of the service is literature. The visitor can quickly proceed to search for the necessary information using the search bar. There’s a list of top study guides on literature, which includes summaries and analyses of the most famous pieces of writing. Browse the recently added guides to use the most relevant and up-to-date information in your studies.


The free trial period at Enotes lasts for 48 hours. After that time,all users should pay money to continue using the service. If you look at the prices, you may think that the paid subscription gives you an unlimited number of facilities in any subject, the possibility to ask as many questions as you want, and download as many papers as necessary. Although, in reality, it’s not so.

All subscription plans are divided into two categories: for students and teachers. If the trial period lets you understand that Enotes is the right option for you, it’s better to choose an Annual subscription: it gives more options and saves money. The special discount lowers the price from $49.99 to $24.99. It’s an advantageous offer. The Enotes monthly plan costs $7.49 and is a good option if you want to test the service.

The pricing policy for teacher’s plans differs slightly. The monthly plan costs $12.49, an Annual – $39.99. If several teachers from one educational institution want to use Enotes, they are offered to choose Plus Faculty plan that costs $399 and gives them up to 10 teacher logins. However, other options are the same as in the Annual subscription.


The responsibility to write summaries and answer students’ questions lies in the educators. They are school, college and university teachers, or just well-educated people interested in literature, history, or another subject. The names and photos of some of them are available in the About Us section. The website shares nothing about the hiring process, the particular hiring procedure, or evaluation of the writer’s work. They just assure that the editorial staff carefully checks each article.
If we compare Enotes with popular academic writing services, the latter always share how they select the most proficient writers. For example, they need to pass the English test, write a test assignment, and prove their awareness of academic writing styles. Here, you won’t find such information.
The opinions of clients in some previously published Enotes reviews differ. One category of people states that guides are well-written and easy to understand, whereas the other is deeply disappointed after using Enotes. Perhaps, it depends on the particular writer and the complexity of the topic.


Since our Enotes review addresses all aspects of the company’s work, we can’t disregard the support service. This platform may be new to students, and they should be able to get instructions and answers any time. They may ask questions through the contact form or write directly to email. It’s stated that you get the answer ASAP, but there’s no guarantee. People who’ve used the Enotes report that the response may take up to 12 hours. It’s a serious drawback, especially in cases when clients need urgent assistance.
In comparison with other services, where Live Chat lets users and managers communicate online, the customer service of Enotes needs further development. Although the FAQ section offsets this disadvantage of Enotes, it contains the answers to the most general questions classified by categories.

Payment options

The service uses popular payment systems, such as PayPal, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. You surely have at least one card from this list. The payment process here is the same as at any other service: you enter the bank card data and the system withdraws the definite sum of money. If you think that the service is worth spending money, you won’t have problems with paying for it due to the several convenient payment options.

  • User-friendly design of the website.
  • A large number of guides.
  • Convenient payment option.
  • Useful FAQ section.
  • The quality of the study guides isn’t always high.
  • The cost of the subscription is considerable, especially taking into account the offered services.
  • It’s impossible to order the assignment.
  • It’s hard to get a refund.
  • The customer support service isn’t always available.

The website enotes is a leading player in the online academic resource guides service. It was founded in 1998 purely out of love for Shakespeare and classical literature. It has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, where it serves millions of clients worldwide. The site www enotes com is the brainchild of two people, Brad Satoris and Alex Bloomingdale.
They started off as then changed to, then before settling on eNotes .com. According to Satoris, enotes is a one-stop shop for students and teachers who teach or study complex and classical works, their analysis and summaries.

The website has rapidly grown over the years and is currently ranked amongst the top 500 online. Due to the demand for quality literature works from clients, www enotes com employs hundreds of staff some have studied English major, and others are professors in colleges. They focus mainly on literature, coming up with new study guides lesson plans and answering questions from students on a regular basis. The website is always seeking qualified teachers and graduates to join their team. They also need academic writers who will come up with content for the site as well as answer academic questions from its subscribers. The site aims to share the vast knowledge of its staff with its subscribers.

Services Offered at enotes

The website provides a wide range of services depending on what you need. Some of its popular ones however include:

Literature guides. Students, most of the time, will read what a teacher asks and will not make an effort to understand the content. Learning literature requires that the students comprehend what they learn. Literature guides are an excellent source of information and guidance especially if you’re at home with no teacher around to ask a question.

Teaching guides. Enotes provides teachers with lesson plans and classroom resources easing the stress and time of coming up with one all on your own.

Homework help. enotes Homework Help is a service where vetted tutors assist students in understanding their school work. All a student has to do is upload a question, and their certified experts will answer as soon as possible.

They also allow a visitor to try out an enotes free trial before determining if they wish to join the site. With a free trial, you access the entire educational database, but you cannot download any material until you subscribe.

Pricing and Remuneration at enotes

For clients, there are some enotes accounts suited for either students or teachers. For teachers, an annual subscription will cost them $199.99 and 24.99 for a month. It comes with hundreds of lesson plans thousands of documents and teaching resources.

Students’ charges are for either a basic or plus account. The main difference is:

  • Enotes basic. It comes with over 300,000 homework help answers, 4 pdf downloads a month and more than 30,000 study guides. The content is free of advertisements. This service goes from as low as $4.17 a month and $49.99 annually.
  • Enotes plus. This package contains more than 30,000 study guides, 300,000 homework help answers, a 20% discount, 10 downloads each month and ad-free content. It one goes from $8.33 monthly and $99.99 yearly.

If you only want to ask questions, a single one can cost you from $10 depending on the urgency. You can wait for 48 hours or just 3 hours. For those that want to be enotes educators, you get paid between $4 and $37 depending on your qualification and bids by students.

The site accepts payments through PayPal, Amazon pay and Apple pay. They also take any credit or debit card with an American Express, Discover Network, Visa or MasterCard logo.

Criticisms of enotes

There are a couple of enotes review that share complaints from previous users. The main one is the site does not offer much help for subjects outside history and literature. But what are enotes? From the founder’s section on the website, they say that they started the company out of their passion for classical works and Shakespeare. So this criticism is expected. The other complaints that users posted is getting charges although they canceled their subscription during their free trial. If this is the case, the website should look into it as such factors paint a negative picture of them, especially when the aggrieved parties post their grievances online for everybody to see.


The site is user-friendly with easy navigation tools. The theme color blends well with their writing fonts giving it a professional look. Many teachers, however, complain that students are using the site to cheat on their assignments. The site agrees that indeed there is a possibility of abuse from students. But this problem is not unique to the website as students will always try and find a way to make their lives easier. The best advice is that students should cite their sources correctly instead of trying to pass someone else’s work as their own.

With many educational websites founded by the hour in America, www enotes com has managed to build a name for its self. For those who have never heard of the site, they may ask “what are enotes?”
They are electronic notes generated by computers. No matter the enotes review that you come across, whether positive or negative, it’s still popular in the world of academics. Once you visit the page, you will be greeted by the beautiful Space Needle, an icon of Seattle, which is where the headquarters of is. They use a subscription model, and one has to open an enotes account to have full access to the website. It gets new subscribers during the school year with 750 signups during this season.

Services at www enotes com

For the site to receive more than 11 million visitors monthly, it means they do have a variety of services that meet most of the visitor’s needs. The service features are 4 sections namely Homework Help, Study Guides, Teachers Zone and Study Tools.

Study Tools is one of the most used features of the site because the tools found here are the ones which are the backbone of the website.

Study Tools

The tools are in 3 categories:


Did you know that some students learn best by answering questions? Teachers too love using them to gauge the level of knowledge that their students have acquired. The enotes quizzes are intended to test your knowledge across thousands of math, science, literature, history and biology topics, among many others that you may desire. They make it more fun by acknowledging the top quiz subscribers, their usernames and the points that they scored. This is a creative way to bring out the competitive edge of students.

e text

This acts as an online library for students. They offer more than 500 e texts. The works of literature available to read here are free. They have a search button, and all you have to do is enter the title of your book to find results.

Research Paper Topics

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no clue as to how to start your research paper? Also known as enotes research paper starter, this is what you will need. Here, they have studied more than 1500 challenging subjects for you. In a nutshell, they do all the groundwork for you to find it easy to write your research paper. The research starters include Summaries, overviews, bibliography, and even a conclusion. With such help, one can surely attain a better grade. After registration, you will be free to ask any question about your research.

Complaints Against enotes

From the above features, one may be forgiven to believe that the site is flawless. Unfortunately, enotes reviews balance each other out. As much as they are religious users, they are also bitter ex-users. The top complaint alleged against ww enotes com is the 48-hour free trial. Many have gone to the extent of calling the site a scam. The enotes policy states that once you subscribe for the enotes free trial, the first 48 hours are free and once you cancel the services within this time frame, you will be able to get your refund back. Majority of the clients who visited the site and withdrew their membership claim that they have never been refunded their money. But the worst of the allegations is those who canceled the subscription and still got charged for a whole year which is about $50. Apparently, the policy is not as straightforward as portrayed.

Quality of Service at enotes

www enotes com has many qualified teachers to contribute to the site. The site is easy to navigate to acquire their services. Their services receive praised as being broad and well detailed. The only issue they have is they have given much of their attention in the subjects of history and literature. Other topics aside from these are not as broad or as detailed. Some of the criticisms that they receive pertain to these areas include one user claiming that the study guides he received were shallow and incomplete.


With all the services provided at enotes, many potential clients tend to ask if the site is affordable. www enotes com is a pocket-friendly site making it possible for students to enjoy their services. Their articles are always accurate because they have in-house editing team. Enotes has gone out of their way to simplify the method of learning, making it less hectic and more enjoyable for the students. The fact that they were considerate to include teachers’ features too make us highly recommend it as an academic guide.