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Bestessays Reviews 2021


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I’ll be honest with you: after a day of hard work to meet a close deadline, I decided to give up and go to that party I was invited to. That’s where I got the recommendation: my friend said he had been using Best Essays for two years and always got the results he expected. I’m glad I took his advice, since the service delivered the paper urgently and left me with enough time to check it before the final submission.

Ironically, even being a little tipsy I was still able to use the ordering system because of it very easy to use and they did my entire project perfectly. I didn’t even need to talk to a representative. I just filled out the order form, sent it off and the next day they returned my work in full.

Services provided

My essay was on abhorrent behaviors in the classroom and my professor asked that we use journals to prove our point. I really struggled to get any of it done, but my writer was able to do it all for me. He (or she) wrote it perfectly and even formatted it for me the way that I requested.


I had to borrow the money from my mother to pay for it. I was a bit silly because I had a very short deadline and they need to charge more for shorter deadlines. It cost me over $26 per page because it was a next day delivery. The prices for essay start from $19.30 for 10-day deadline.

Discounts and free features

I didn’t use any of the discounts, even though they do have a starter discount I could have used. Their freebies were a big help though.

Ordering process

It was easy. Once I saw that they could get it done within 24 hours I just put the order through without reading the terms and stuff. Luckily, I didn’t need to read them because they just got the work done and sent back.

Communication with writer

When I asked for amendments they put me through to the writer and I told him all that I needed changing on the piece. He was helpful and it only took him a day to get them back to me so that was okay.


They got it done within 24 hours and it is a good thing they do not miss their deadlines because any later and I wouldn’t have had time to check it before submitting.

The work I got

They nailed the topic and my professor gave me an easy pass without any amendments, which is weird because he normally sends me back for some little thing when I submit the first draft. Using the service actually saved me a bit of time in this direction because normally I would go back to my room and stress over doing the amendments, but because of BestEssays I didn’t have to stress. has been in business for over 20 years – something that makes it one of the earlier online writing services. Today, of course, there are thousands of them. The company website is packed with information, especially the landing page, which can become a bit overwhelming. Yet, there are links to all of the details - services, prices, discounts, samples, contact info, etc. – and footer pages that provide more detail about specific products and writers.

Our review focused on criteria we consider important for students, as they look to find a trusted writing service – information the company provides on the website, quality of products and services, the writers, prices, samples, on-site testimonials, and off-site customer feedback. We also initiated contact with customer support on two occasions, to evaluate the quality of that service.

The results are summarized here.

Products and Services You Will Find

While the focus is clearly on academic products and services, Best Essays also offers resume and CV services. Students can order all of the standard writing products – essays, papers, critiques and analyses, case studies, lab reports, STEM homework assignments, test-taking, presentations, admissions and scholarship essays, reviews, and even media projects.

For graduate students, research proposals and theses and dissertations are offered.

Students can also order editing and proofreading services.

Customer service is available 24 hours/day via chat, phone or email. We contacted agents on two occasions and asked detailed questions about products. We did not receive detailed answers, and in most cases were told to refer to links on the website. One very troubling answer, though, was the insistence that we could get a Master’s thesis or a Ph.D. dissertation within 48 hours of our order. Either these agents are not trained correctly, or the company is grossly exaggerating what it can do.

The Real Proof – Writer Experience and Quality of Products

To assess quality, we relied on customer feedback, both submitted to us by users of our site or that we found on the web. And we reviewed several of the 23 samples Best Essays has published on its site. Here are the results:

  • Customer feedback was mixed. Some customers were satisfied with their products, but they chose to pay more for a “platinum quality” piece.
  • Other customers complained about the structure of their pieces, the obvious grammar and word usage errors, and the poor quality of research resources.
  • All customers stated they received their orders on time, although some went back for revisions, causing a delay in the final product.
  • The samples we reviewed reflected some of the complaints that customers raised. One piece, on “What is right and What is Wrong” was listed as a topic in the field of education but would be more suitable for a philosophy course. The resources were as old as 1994, even before the company went into business. A literature review for a Ph.D. dissertation would not have been acceptable. Again, resources were old and there were obvious sentence structure and word usage errors, indicating the use of ESL writers.

In terms of writer expertise, has a link for visitors to read about its writers. It states that all have either Master’s or Ph.D. degrees from English-speaking institutions. In our opinion, this may be an exaggeration.

In all, we can say that Best Essays is reliable in terms or receiving orders, following customer instructions, and delivering products on time. In terms of quality, it seems to be a result of the assigned writer and the choice of the three quality options given during the ordering process – standard, premium, or platinum

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

Prices are high. There is no differentiation among the types of products a student orders. A piece with a 10-day deadline will cost $22 a page at the standard level of quality.

There are discounts provided, and there is a link for students to review them. All new customers get a 15% discount on their first orders, and other discounts are given based upon the total ordered and money spent.

There are many options that are fee-based during the checkout process. As we already said, there are three quality options, and students are advised to select the Platinum if they want good quality. Other options include VIP service, editing, and a plagiarism report. This is not fully ethical, since the company insists that editing occurs as a normal part of the production process. And if it guarantees plagiarism-free writing, why does it not provide such a report for free to its customers?

In terms of payment methods, customers can feel safe. uses a secure third-party processor, one used by many online retailers, and does not collect any financial information itself. Payments can be made via all major credit cards and PayPal.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

On-site testimonials are all positive, as we expected. And the company has certainly been around a long time, providing its services.

The company boasts a superior product, but that probably only happens if customers take the pricier platinum option and pay for editing too.

In all, you will have reliability from But you will pay more for the quality you really need, and you will need to carefully review your product for proper English composition. We are giving this company a rating of 2.5 on a scale of 1-5.

Hello and welcome! Today I am going to review quite an ambiguous writing service Being one of the oldest players on a market, BestEssays certainly requires my piece of attention. But is it really that good that customers are using it for years? Is Bestessays legit? Let’s find out.

The site is quite neat and user-friendly. Purple is not exactly my color, but let’s just deal with it. Some pages are not working, though the pug is really nice. I found it difficult to find a Money Back Guarantee and Revision policy. If the writing service tries to hide this information from their customers, it’s a first sign that something is going wrong.
The site has a comfy calculator and useful instructions on how to use the platform. On the good side, they also have samples of some information about the company. On the bad side, the information seems to be fake. I did a small research on BestEssays and found out that their domain was registered in 2003, whereas they claim to have started their business in 1997.

I would have believed in this story if they hadn’t mentioned that in 2000 they got the first 1000 customers registered in their system. So, BestEssays, maybe you can tell me how you managed to register your customers without having a site? In addition, they claim to have started wor

king with Australian and UK writers in 1999. Are you joking me? People did not do much online freelancing in 1999. “In 2004, online customer account was created at site, and since that time all customers get an opportunity to track their orders online and communicate directly with their writers” – this is called a website, not “an online customer account”.

Are you from the past century or what? It still does not answer my question on how you managed to acquire your customers online without having a site!

And the last piece of BS I discovered is the origin of their site. BestEssays claims to have a support office in Reston, Virginia. They also claim to have 30 customer support agents, not saying about managers. The average support salary in Reston is $38k.,6_IC1130404_KO7,31.htm?countryRedirect=true).

This means that BestEssays pay over $1 million to their support staff only. At the same time, they pay their writers $2 per page! Once again, BestEssays pays their writers 2 fucking bucks pers page! Their affiliated website for writers is
Would you ever believe that they pay over $1 million to their support and only $2 per page to their writers? This is what modern slavery looks like, guys.
To summarize, the site is okay and seems to be credible, but it literally lies about everything to you. 1 out of 5.

2. Customer support

Is customer support at reliable? It’s just a piece of garbage. First of all, their chat did not work at all! I was clicking their chat icon as a madman and nothing happened.

Speaking about their $1 million support, the average reply speed to my message was 39 minutes!!! I sent my first message at 12:32 PM and they replied to me at 1:11

Another 1 out of 5 from me. You guys are on your way to become TOP-1 worst service!

3. My experience

Despite my initial disgust with the service, I placed a 1-page paper under different credentials just to see the quality of their work. I do understand that I picked the cheapest option and paid $21.99 for 1 page within 10 days, but this should not be an excuse for delivering a complete gibberish to me.

Honestly, I could not understand what the writer was trying to do, but English is certainly not his/her first language. Screw that, the writer did not know the difference between Austria and Australia. To make a long story short, I asked for a full refund. How surprised I was when their “manager” was begging me for a second chance.

When I said NO, wanted to offer me a 50% refund. I told him that I will contact the bank and post the Bestessays review online, after which he started threatening me with contacting my school. Is scam? Definitely, yes. I will never ever use their service. Their quality is not better than that pathetic customer service.

4. Order form

The order form is alright and intuitively simple. On Step 2 you will need to pick the academic level and extras.
 They also offer Standard, Premium and Platinum quality. Basically, these features differ by the quality of the writer. According to BestEssays, you may get a Ph.D.writer and better service for $2-5 per page more.
But wait for a second, it’s not over yet! They offer you a full bunch of additional features “to improve your experience”. Let’s review them one by one.

  • TOP 10 writer will cost you another $11 per page. Just imagine, even if they pick you a Ph.D. writer, you can make it even better by choosing TOP 10. Lol, you fucking pay $2 per page, what TOP 10 and Ph.D. writers are you talking about? Shame, shame, shame!
  • VIP support for $9.99. Of course, having US support is a costly enterprise, pay 10 bucks more to get the ultimate customer support experience;
  • Proofreading by an editor is another $5.5++. Master and Ph.D. writers cannot edit their own papers, right? *sarcasm*
  • Plagiarism report starts from $4.4 and may go up to infinity. Like a good condom, the plagiarism report protects you in the most private situations. Stay safe, my dear friend! (please don’t buy this garbage for God’s sake)

VIP Package service will be another $15.89 or more. This bundle includes VIP support and TOP 10 writer. Now I am really confused; UK writer will be another 10% on top of your order price. Be the elite customer, order papers written in cockney! *sarcasm* I assume their British writers work for 2 pounds, not dollars, per page

5. Discounts and pricing

BestEssays have a clear discount policy. You are getting a 15% Bestessays discount code if you place your first order, but if you sign up for their promotions, they will give you 17% off. Pretty good, isn’t it? But let’s look at their pricing. prices are high! Like I really mean it. They start from $21.99 for the paper done within 10 days. The prices go up to $61 per page delivered within 3 hours. And this is what they call “affordable” prices.

I think that this price discussion is useless here because their pricing does not correlate with their writers’ wages. Basically, you don’t know what you will be paying for.

6. Revisions

They do not post Revision Policy on a website, so I had to contact their support for clarification. BestEssays give you 14 days to send the paper for revision if it’s a regular paper and 30 days if it’s a dissertation.

The paper I received could not be revised, it needed to be re-written by someone proficient. Therefore, the Revision Policy will be your enemy in problematic situations.

7. Final quality

The bad, the worse, the worst. I don’t know if they hire all writers for $2 per page or it was one of their bad writers who complained about low salary (but the fact that they value even the worst writer’s work at $2 per page casts a shadow on BestEssays as a trustworthy employee).

8. Writer`s proficiency

As I said before, the quality I received was not nearly close to what I was looking for. A person did not have the required academic background (despite the BestEssays’ claim that they hire Master and Ph.D. level writers). Neither was he/she knowledgeable in proper grammar and punctuation. Staying away from their writers will be your win-win strategy.

9. People talking

If you thought that I am not fair about BestEssays’ support and writers, check the reviews yourself. Don’t trust fake reviewing services:

Just do a small research and go through credible sites like SiteJabber and IHateWritingEssays.
BestEssays has around 50% negative feedbacks on SiteJabber.

10. Pros and Cons

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what pros to write, because is a bullshit platform. 


  • User-Friendly website and cute design, but only if you are a fan of purple.


  •  High prices.
  • The support team consisting of slow turtles.
  • The worst paper quality I have ever seen. 
  • It is a must to purchase additional features if you don’t want to get complete bullshit. 
  •  Fake reviews on the net.
  • etc. 

It is possible to continue this list till the cows come home, but I don’t want simply wasting my time on this lying service. 

BestEssays Overview

Owned by Yuri Mizyuk that holds Universal Research Inc., ( is an essay writing service where students place orders for academic papers. Universal Research Inc. is the company based in Ukraine. It claims that was founded in 1997, but according to the Web Archive, it was founded in 2004. is the name that people find alongside Well, this is because is actually an academic platform where writers get orders from So, technically, owns Universal Research Inc. also owns,, and other websites. has high prices so students pay for papers from $19 to $54. Yet the quality of the papers isn't good. To make things even worse, writers are paid peanuts in the best case. I'm saying "in the best case" because writers didn't even get the money for writing services which is clearly dishonest. All this proves that isn't legit and neither are other sites owned by this person. and other sites have got a pretty bad reputation, due to its owner who cheats people around the world. This man is well-known for cheating and making immoral moves.

So, this review will help you save your money and time, whether you want to order a paper or become a writer for this company. and

At the website, you'll read great things about this company. Namely, the description says the company offers good working conditions to its writers. This includes competitive rewards, continuous flow of orders and live support.

Unfortunately, many writers fall for what they read, not knowing they're falling into a trap. What one reads at this website is far from the truth. After I read reviews about this site, I realized that writers are actually exploited. Not only have they worked hard they also got a ridiculous amount of money for every paper (according to the reviews, writers get between $0.01 to $4.9 per page, while students pay from $19).

In addition, they don't even get their hard-earned money, because the company deactivates their account so they don't have to pay them. Unbelievable. Of course, writers have left reviews at SiteJabber and other sites in order to warn other people.


Prices at starts from $21.99. Compared to average market prices, it's expensive. As a student, you'll find numerous discounts and get BestEssays discount code. However, this doesn't mean much because you will probably still get a poor quality paper.

And let us not forget that your writer won't get a penny from the work he/she did for you. So, taking into account the quality of the paper you receive, the prices are pretty high.


As stated by SimilarWeb, more than 93% of visitors are from Kenya while only ~3% are from the USA. This means that writers who work for this company are from Kenya. So, most writers don't have good English language knowledge, thus the quality of papers is poor.

Of course, there are many writers with good English writing skills, but keep in mind that they receive the lowest payment so they aren't satisfied and motivated. This explains why many writers missed the deadline, so the clients got a poor grade for the paper. Also, about 50% of reviews at SiteJabber are negative.

As for the positive, some clients claimed they received good quality papers on time. Indeed, there are many positive reviews that seem real. However, it doesn't mean that those reviews are honest. It's fact that many of clients was unhappy with the service.


Money Back Guarantee

As for money back guarantee, well, there were cases when clients paid for papers, and requested for a refund, since they didn't even get a paper and no one responded.

According to the site, refunds are rare, and if you happen to be unhappy with the paper, you must name clear and strong reasons. Only then the reviewing team will take a look at your refund request which still doesn't mean that you'll get your money.

Everyone can request a refund within 72 hours after order completion. After 3 days, it's to be assumed that you're satisfied with the product and will not be eligible for any refunded amount.

Revision Policy

To receive free revision requires that the students provide the request within 14 (30) days, depending on the type of work.

Even though they claim you'll get revisions if needed, clients said writers refused to make changes in the paper and they had to do that on their own.

BestEssays Online Reputation

Whether you want to work as a writer or place an order, you should know that every site owned by this company got a bad reputation, because of obvious reasons. If you want to see it for yourself, you can read BestEssays review at SiteJabber and similar sites. In fact, I suggest you do that because you will definitely have things to see. So, to sum up, the quality of papers is sometimes good and sometimes bad, and the prices are high. But, it doesn't end there.

Reselling Papers - Red Flag

The worst part of this site is that some students had problems at the college or school. This happened when the site sold their papers through, so they were accused of plagiarism.

So is a kind of a databank where all of the essays written for students can be downloaded for a fee . I'm as shocked as you are.


  • Discounts. There are many discounts that this site offers and you can find/get codes in order to pay less than you planned to; however, the prices will still be high.


  • Quality. While some people received a bad quality paper written in poor English, there are many of them who were satisfied with the paper.
  • Reputation. This site, as well as those I mentioned above, got a bad reputation because the owner is well known for his illegal practices he employs though these sites.
  • Reselling. Some students' papers were sold without their knowledge, violating the contract.
  • Pricing. Considering the poor quality of the service the prices are high.

My Verdict

And with all the things I just found about site, it's clear that I didn't place an order. It's obvious that this company is a scam, and that the owner has done and is still doing illegal practices through his "essay writing" websites.

Perhaps the only good thing I can say in this review, is that this service offers generous discounts. But even that cannot compensate for all the red flags I’ve found. Reselling papers is one of the most despicable things a writing service could ever do to their loyal customers. That’s enough for me to suggest to my readers to avoid them at all cost!

Bestessays has been providing writing and editing services to students since 1997. It’s one of the first essay writing services that recognized the need for academic writing help and started meeting the standards of students and universities. It’s amazing how the team managed to maintain its reputation intact for over two decades.

We have ordered several papers for this Bestessays Review, and it never disappointed us. We’ll share the experience in our detailed review.

Bestessays Writing Services Review

If you’re looking for a website that enables you to order all types of content writing services, you’ll definitely like Best Essays. First and foremost, the service offers all types of papers, assignments, dissertation & thesis services. However, it also offers online media products, which are not easy to find elsewhere. You can get an online assignment, mind map, multimedia project, and simulation report here.

BestEssays also offers resume writing services for job applicants, and admission services for college and university applicants. Finally, you may also get editing, proofreading, and formatting assistance for all kinds of content.

Bestessays Discount Code and Price

You would expect a service of such high reputation with positive Bestessays reviews to be more expensive than the standard in the writing industry, but it’s not. In fact, Best Essays is one of the more affordable services we’ve seen. Bestessays prices range from $23.30 to $66.59 per page for essays.

Are you on the search for BestEssay reviews? You’ll surely find them across the web. It’s one of the most popular writing websites, so many users are willing to share their testimonials. But maybe you need a detailed BestEssay review that goes beyond a personal testimonial. You want an in-depth evaluation of the website, supplemented by direct experience with the writers, and a detailed report on the type of paper the customer got.

We have such a review for you!

To start off, let’s say that this is one of the best essay writing services currently on the market. Now, let’s get to the details.

Key Features of BestEssay

  • The best essay writing team, with real experts on board
  • Timely deliver every single time
  • 100% unique content crafted from scratch

Testimonials by Users of Best Essay

“When I decided to use Best Essay, I was so disappointed that I didn’t expect something good. I had only a few hours to complete the essay and I thought the writer would deliver something average just to get me through the assignment. Boy was I surprised! This was a top-level paper that was completely original.”

Daniela Savich

“I’m not that good at writing essays. That was an understatement, actually. I am terrible at it! So I regularly hire Best Essay writers to do the work for me. I don’t mind spending the money as long as I get great quality that helps me get passing grades.”

Michel Roberts


Let’s see: can you order the type of paper you need at You probably can. The service covers a wide range of academic writing products, so no matter what you need to complete, these writers can help.

Here’s how the list looks like:

  • Writing Services – You can get a traditional essay, but you can also order more complicated projects such as term paper, research paper, lab report, case study, article critique, academic article, reaction paper, presentation, and more.
  • Dissertation and Thesis Services – Any dissertation chapter is available here. You can also order your complete dissertation, as well a thesis/research proposal, thesis paper, and editing for all these types of content.
  • Admission Services – Admission essay, scholarship essay, and personal statement are available here.
  • Assignments in programming, statistics, math, physics, economics, and all other areas of study are included in the offer. You can also order multiple choice questions and PowerPoint presentations. 
  • Editing Services can improve the quality of your content.


If we lived in an ideal world, we’d be able to get anything we wanted without being worried about the price. But we’re far from a utopia here, so we have to worry about the prices of everything we buy. When looking at reviews, the price makes an important difference.

The founders of Best Essay understood the need of a student to get high quality for an affordable price, so they set the quotes low. If you want to order an essay, it will cost you from $21.99 to $66.99 per page. Editing is a quite affordable service; it costs from $13.99 to $36.99 per page.

Let’s not forget discounts. You get 15% off on the first order, and loyalty discounts if you get more papers there.


Do you know what makes our evaluation different from most Best Essay reviews you’ll find online? We pay attention to the website’s features, but we also share the details about our personal experience with its writers.

We ordered a book review here. We chose The Brothers Lionheart – something that looks like a book for children but has deep, dark layers that are difficult to analyze. The writer had a Ph.D. in literature, so he clearly understood what we needed. He focused on the dark moments of the book, explaining why it’s important for authors to expose children to such realities through literature that’s light to digest, but makes you contemplate.

This book review was absolutely fantastic. It’s safe to say that out of all the agencies we’ve tried so far, this essay writing service delivered the best book review we ever received.  

Customer Care

The customer support is great here. The live chat is becoming a standard feature among writing services, and that’s a great thing. We contacted the agents several times and they were always available to give us the updates. You can also message them on Facebook Messenger, send an email or call them by phone.

Conclusion: Is This the Best Essay Writing Service?

BestEssay is one of the top writing agencies currently on the market. It’s a well-established service with an impressive history of delivering state-of-the-art quality for students at all levels. The price is reasonable for this level of quality. We shouldn’t underestimate the fact that they give discounts, too!

Our First Impression of is an authority in the essay writing industry. It’s one of the first writing services that students started using. It’s been delivering papers since 1997, and it’s safe to say that some of the most experienced writers work for it. When we saw the website, we were slightly disappointed. We expected to see a cooler, more modern site that’s easier to navigate through. Still, this website is pretty informative and simple, although a bit outdated.
Finally, we decided to order an essay at this website and write the review you’ve all been waiting for.


It’s a pretty extensive and unique list of services at this website. Since the company has been on the market for such a long time, it has tons of space to evaluate students’ needs and set the trends in the industry. That’s why it delivers projects that are not available at other websites. Those are online media products (online assignment, mind map, multimedia project, and simulation report).
Don’t worry; the usual types of services are still available. You can order any academic paper, including essays, research papers, dissertation, thesis, article, and more. BestEssays also delivers admission services, assignments, resume services, and editing help.

Prices and Discounts

The quotes per page are a tad more expensive than what we’re used to seeing at other websites. Depending on the quality (Standard, Premium and Platinum) and the deadline (from 10 days to just 3 hours), the price for an essay will range from $21.99 to $60.99 per page.
For those who’ve placed orders at before, there’s a loyalty discount program. It gives them 5%, 10%, or 15% off. As a new customer, you get a discount that gives 15% off the full the price.
Best Essays provides cool free features with each order. However, there are also helpful extras that are affordable, but boost the value of your order to a great extent. You can get your order written by one of the top 10 writers in the category, or a UK writer. You can also get plagiarism report, professional proofreading, VIP support, and VIP service package.

Did We Get a Good Paper?

Oh, this was definitely a good paper. It was more than good; it was absolutely perfect. You could tell that an experienced writer worked on it. In fact, our writer held a PhD in social sciences (the niche of our topic). All our instructions were obviously taken into consideration. The writer delivered the paper right on time. Even if we tried to find flaws as a foundation for a free revisions request, we couldn’t. It was a superb paper.

Support System

This is a serious writing service, and that standard stands for its customer support, too. The live chat was available at any time. We were connected with real customer service agents, who guided us through all steps of the order.
The service also provides phone numbers for its US, UK, and Aussie customers.

Conclusion of BestEssays Review delivered one of the best papers we’ve seen. It’s a bit more expensive than other writing services we’ve used, but its reputation allows for the higher price. We got impeccable support and a great user experience from this paper writing service.

BestEssays Review

Best Essays is a professional academic writing service with a strong online presence. As I can see on their site, the company has 20 years of experience on the market, and they provide a wide range of writing services to high school and university students. The main website has a high quality outlook and it is extremely easy to use. The site has a user friendly design with nicely categorized items, so that you can quickly find whatever you are looking for. The company provides only original papers, several free features, the privacy guarantee and 24/7 highly responsive customer support.

Keep reading this detailed bestessays review and I will disclose to you everything you need to know about their writing services. Services

BestEssays provides a huge list of writing services to cover the needs and requirements of most students. I found online a separate detailed list of services available on the Bestessays website. Besides writing services, they also offer Editing services, Online Media Products, Resume, Editing and even Admission services.

Their top writing services include:

  • Custom essay writing
  • Research Papers
  • Article & Article Critique writing
  • Reaction Paper writing
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Lab Reports
  • Speech & Presentation writing
  • Movie Reviews
  • Book Reports
  • CourseWork writing

Prices at BestEssays

Bestessays com provides a clear and see- through list of the prices they charge. They charge prices tailored to suit the limited budget of students. Most importantly, students can have access to an online calculator so that they can check prices before actually placing an order. This is how I could also check exactly how much I had to pay for the paper. I could also choose between three different quality levels, including Standard, Premium and Platinum quality.

Let’s check out some prices for Essay writing:

  • Platinum quality with an urgent deadline of 3 hours costs $59.99/ page. For the sane deadline, but at Premium quality, you will have to pay $55.99/page, while for Standard quality the cost is $52.99/page
  • For one page of essay writing with a 24 hour deadline at Platinum quality the price is $41.99. For Premium quality the cost is $37.99 per page, while fort Standard quality the price is $34.99
  • For more extended, 10-day deadline the costs are much lower. For one page of Platinum level writing you will pay $29.99. For Premium quality the cost is $25.99 while for Standard quality the price is only $22.99

Best Essays Discounts

This professional paper writing service offers plenty of surprises in terms of Discounts. Once I checked their Discounts page, I discovered they have a scale based offer. For example, they offer a 5% off discount for orders between 5 and 15 pages, 10% discount for orders between 51 and 100 pages and 15% discount for orders that exceed 101+ pages. Since I had to order several essays and some parts of a dissertation, my order was between 51 and 100 pages, so I received a 10% instant discount at checkout.

Also they have special BestEssays Discount Code for first-time clients – “begin15” .

I noticed they offer very impressive discounts for loyal customers. After placing a few orders with them, you are considered a loyal buyer, so the discounts just keep coming to your inbox. Besides these discounts, I also got several free features such as free outline, free amendments, free title page, free formatting, and free bibliography. With these free features, I could save $65 on my total order.

Quality , Speed and Guarantees

When I placed my first order, I was a little reticent. However, to my surprise Best Essays writing company delivered all my papers just in time. The writers are extremely responsive, and I could ask them everything I needed during the process of writing. I could even make changes or bring additions to the papers. I received high-quality papers, very well written and edited to perfection. They also included all the free extras just as mentioned on their Discounts page.

Regarding the guarantee of services, they outline these on their website. They promise to deliver only unique, highly original papers. They guarantee to respect the required deadlines and to respect their discount policies outlined on the website. Some other guarantees include safe payments at all times through networks with SSL certificates and security of your personal details.

BestEssays Review Summary

Taking all thing around BestEssays Review Rating 9.5/10 is fair because BestEssays is legit and reliable essay writing service with a wide range of services and affordavle prices.

Below you will find some of the bestessays reviews from people who already tried services. has a team of skilled writers who complete different types of academic papers of any academic level. Plus, a big number of satisfied customers proves that it’s a reliable service, and you can give it a try.

A Variety of Services at BestEssays

As a good writing company, BestEssays provide customers with a wide variety of educational and business services. The list of services offered:

  • assignments,
  • online media products,
  • writing,
  • admission,
  • editing,
  • resume services.

While they deal with main services most essay writing companies offer, there are some new types of assignments they are ready to complete:

  • mind mapping
  • multimedia projects
  • simulation reports
  • online assignments (courses and webinars, discussions boards, online labs, etc.)

The Price Policy

Quality costs money. As the company has good experience in writing academic papers, they charge higher prices for their services. In comparison with other essay writing services, their prices are slightly higher. The prices increase progressively depending on a deadline you choose which means you need to pay the highest sum for the shortest deadline (3 hours). The final price for your order also depends on the level of quality you need:

  • Standard level: $21.99 to $53.99 per page
  • Premium level: $23.99 to $55.99 per page.
  • Platinum level: $26.98 to $60.99 per page.

To sum up, get ready to pay more for a better quality of your order, However, it looks unprofessional as all the papers should be done a good level.

Discounts and Free Features

Here at, customers’ satisfaction is a core value. Thus, you can get a promo discount code whenever you want. It gives a 5%, 10% or 15% discount, depending on how many pages you order. Plus, if you’re a newsletter subscriber, get ready to receive extra bonuses and stay updated with all new offers. The BestEssays website offers free features that include free title, outline, formatting, and bibliography.

Customer Support

Whenever you have any problems, feel free to contact customer support that works 24/7 to assist you. Plus, you can contact your writer directly to track the progress of your assignment and discuss comments. Aren’t you satisfied with the quality of a paper? Request free revisions anytime you need them. Contact the support team of via phone, e-mail, or live chat on the website. Phones:

  • US: 1-302-289-3168
  • AU: 61-39-811-4744
  • UK: 44-20-0222-7760


The review of proves that it’s a reliable experienced company that is worth paying attention to. While it has a team of proficient writers who can complete any order on a good level, get ready to pay more for the quality. Although most students are pressed for money to place an order here, it can be a good solution when it comes to getting a well-written paper fast. Moreover, you have the right to bid your own price for a paper which can be less expensive. If you’re still hesitating whether this company is a good fit for you, check out other reviews on our blog.