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99papers Reviews 2021

99papers Reviews 2021

As a reviewing team, we’ve tried several bidding services and plenty of traditional writing agencies so far. What’s the difference? There are pros and cons to each side. When you choose a bidding agency, you choose your own writer and you get a chance to hit a lower price.

But you’re basically hiring a freelance writer, and you’ll have to spend a lot of time communicating with them. This is someone who doesn’t have precise experience with your topic or type of paper. You have to train most of these writers if you want them to deliver good work. With traditional writing services, you skip that part. It’s the agency’s responsibility to assign the best writer to your order. If the results are no good, they improve them.

99Papers is a traditional writing service. You fill in a simple form. Then, the team chooses the right match from a pool of writers. That’s the approach we like!

We decided to place an order at the website. As a result, we offer a detailed 99Papers review in the continuation.

99Papers Review - Writing Services

You can order anything at the website. The team is very flexible regarding the orders you can place. That’s a good thing. You can get detailed in the instructions and order even the most unusual projects. The category Other in the order form allows you to do that. So if you can’t find your kind of paper offered at other websites, you might want to try 99Papers.

That being said, the range of services featured in the order form is pretty great. From simple essays to admission papers to dissertations, you can find most types of papers needed for education.

Business writing services are also available. You can order an interview, grant proposal, business plan, and much more. The team at this website went beyond the usual list of services we see. They included all sorts of projects. But are the writers capable to complete all this stuff? We had to place an order and see.

Pricing and Discounts

This is the most interesting part of 99Papers reviews. We usually expect to see low prices from new services. They still haven’t established their reputation in the industry, so they like to attract students with great offers. That’s not the case here.

The prices are average, towards the expensive side. The starting price is cheap, actually. It’s $9.45 per page for a high-school essay. But the longest deadline is a problem. It’s 15+ days. That + is a big issue. If you need the paper in 15 days, you can be almost sure that it will be late. The writer may take 20 days. They may even take a month. They are protected with that little +, which seems so insignificant.

We’d advise you to stay safe and set 10 days as the longest deadline.

The shortest deadline is 3 hours. For PhD quality, it costs $54.60. That’s not affordable at all.

Hello! The current review will be devoted to one more paper writing service. However, if you’re interested in receiving great customer support and above-average writing, you’d better consider using some other service. Here’s why.

Is 99papers legit? It seems yes, a company promises to provide different essays, term papers and other kinds of academic assignments. The website’s design is minimalistic and not really appealing. Anyway, it contains all the required information about the service and the company’s prices, which is already enough for me.

Its pages tell us about the company’s algorithm of work, offer samples and detailed price calculation. In particular, I like the price calculator here. Especially because of the fact that the first-order discount is already applied here.  Anyway, the website has been made quite well. But don’t get too excited yet. Let’s talk about the Support Team of this company.

2. Customer support

For those of you who’ve already read some of my reviews, it became clear that the first thing I ask the Support Team of any paper writing company is their discount policy.

Because everybody loves discounts! At least, I love them. So, as usual, I was chatting with the Support Team to ask about their discount program. Here’s what my conversation looked like.

In total, I was left with the impression that Emily tried to get rid of me as soon as possible, along with my questions about the service. Instead of being friendly and helpful (because the Support Team is being paid for that, I guess), she was too robotic in her responses.

I also didn’t like the reply regarding the writers of the company. Emily said that they employ writers only from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. That’s why I’ve asked her why do they have a separate “ENL writer” extra. I’ve not received a relevant answer.

We’ll return to Emily in the next section. For now, I cannot rate the Support Team of the company as the most friendly and helpful. 2 out of 5.

3. My experience 

Is scam? I’ve had a finance assignment. It was 2-3 pages but required to analyze a certain graph with some financial information. That’s why I’ve made an order for 3 pages of the Master’s level with 3 days deadline. I had to pay almost $80 for the paper ($77.80 to be exact). And got the paper slightly before the deadline.

However, despite the fact that the overall analysis has been made rather adequately and correctly from a financial perspective, the paper lacked advanced word phrases and structures that you might expect from the paper of the Master’s level.

Anyway, I’ve got the passing grade and I called it a day. However, for those of you who want to get a better paper, be prepared to either pay for a more expensive writer or take your business elsewhere.

4. Order form

Not the most comfortable and comprehensive order form that you can find on the market. It really has a non-user-friendly design that is too plain. Like, see for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but this order form somewhat confused me. I agree that I might be not the brightest person in the world, but I guess that employing more contrast fonts and colors here would significantly benefit the order form.

I also don’t like the fact that the deadline needs to be chosen specifically by day using the calendar instead of choosing an exact deadline with an exact number of hours/days.

Anyway, just like any other order form, it collects the information about your order and forwards you to the payment page, where you can either pay with the credit card or PayPal. It functions properly, gotta admit that.

5. Discounts and pricing

As you can remember, the company offers no discounts. No loyalty programs. Like, nothing to motivate the clients to order papers on a regular and continuous basis.

Maybe these guys think that prices are already low enough for them not to offer any discounts or something for returning clients. Dunno.

Anyway, I gotta admit that the prices here are quite affordable and clients with a limited budget may buy a paper from this company. The screenshot below shows the exact table of prices if you’re interested.

As you can see, the range of prices varies and they are quite affordable compared to the ones offered by the company’s competitors. also offers an array of extras that are also priced quite adequately.

However, things get really funny when we consider the different options for writers working on your orders. From the order form, we can see that a client may choose a Regular writer, a Top-writer and an ENL writer.

What’s funny about it is the fact that Emily from the Support team has already told me that their writers are Americans, Canadians or the British people. Then why does the company charge extra for ENL writer? Emily has a really interesting response.

Is safe? Can you trust their writers? I think you get the overall absurdity here. And I suppose that Emily somewhat lies in her responses. But who am I to judge, right?

6. Revisions

The company offers free revisions for the papers within 10 days after the order’s delivery/approval. The number of revisions is unlimited.

Personally, I did not have any need to revise the paper because I thought it was okay enough to be submitted by my professor. Yes, the language in the paper was really too simplistic, but the task was adequately performed.

7. Final quality and Writer’s proficiency

Just like I’ve said, the quality of writing was mediocre. Their writer made an adequate paper but it lacked specific terminology. I have to admit that I was left with the impression that I’ve been working with an ESL writer from a third-world country. 

I’ve got a passing grade and the only concerns of my professor were that the writing, in general, was too simplistic and primitive, which resulted in points’ reduction. I cared less about this and I was glad that I didn’t have to waste much time to get the passing grade on a discipline that wasn’t interesting for me.

So, if you’re just looking for a passing grade paper, consider using the service of But, if you aim for a higher grade, I’d suggest you try to order paper elsewhere.

8. People talking reviews about the company are highly mixed despite the fact that the clients are mostly satisfied with the company’s services on average. However, there’s still a significant portion of negative reviews about the website. Here are the screenshots of Sitejabber and Trustpilot accounts of these guys.

I decided to find 99papers review Reddit but I failed. No reviews were found there. So, as you can see, 99papers reviews may vary significantly, but most customers tell that this service is a scam. Therefore, you may either order a paper from these guys at your own risk or try buying it elsewhere.

9. Pros and Cons


  • Affordable prices;
  • Average writing quality that’ll probably get you a passing grade;
  • Wide range of extras;
  • Great number of positive feedbacks online;


  • No loyalty program;

We have used these along with all of our other criteria to evaluate this writing service – website content and samples, testimonials posted on the site, prices, benefits and special features, and an evaluation of a research paper we ordered and received. Here is our summary.

Writer Quality

This is the most important feature of any writing service. We want to know what customers have to say about the writing products they receive, and we also reviewed the research paper we received. Products are a direct result of writer quality, so here goes:

  • We were able to find five 99Papers reviews on the web, and they were not very positive. While everyone said they received their orders on time, they were not happy with the writing. Some stated it was really tough to get revisions done in time for their deadlines, and others said that customer support was not very helpful
  • The paper we received had numerous grammar and composition errors, and looked like it was produced by an ESL writer.
  • The sample writings we reviewed were old with outdated references and strange titles, given what the topics were. For example, one was titled, “Cultural Considerations,” but the entire essay dealt impact of violence on the lives of Nigerian children. We have seen these samples before, on other writing service websites, so they are not original, and that is a big concern. We were looking for pieces that the company writers had actually produced recently.

Customer Support and Quality Control

While 99Papers states that all pieces of writing are reviewed for grammar, structure and plagiarism, this is clearly not the case. If editors had looked at our paper, they certainly would have found the numerous errors and corrected them.

We did speak with customer support agents on two occasions – once by phone and once through live chat. We always ask for details about writer qualifications and products. Agents did not seem to be very knowledgeable, because they kept us waiting while they “found” the answers to our questions.  At one point, we were told that they could produce a Ph.D. dissertation in 7 days, from start to finish and even come up with an original research project. This is absurd.

Ordering and Receiving Products and Services

Customers can place an order using the on-site form. The company also states, that customers can “interview” a number of writers before choosing one, and that all of these writers come from top-name universities – Oxford, MIT, Harvard, Brown, etc. The writers we interviewed would not supply a lot of detail about their backgrounds, and there was no way to independently check on their credentials. We suspect a great deal of exaggeration here.

Is 99 Papers a scam? Well, if we only look at the fact that we can order and actually receive a product for that order, no the company is not a scam. What worries us, though, is that the quality of writing does not jibe with what they say about their writers’ backgrounds. And we could not find a BBB membership either.

Benefits and Perks

First, let’s address 99Papers prices. They range from $8.55 - $49.40/page, depending on the product, the academic level, and the deadline. These prices reflect 99Papers discounts of 5% for any new customer. While the company spoke about discounts for loyal customers, we could not find any coupons, promo codes or any other information about these discounts. Customer support told us we had to ask for them.

In terms of other benefits and perks, we found the usual ones – free title and reference pages, unlimited revisions, and guarantees of confidentiality. Payment is also secure, which is a good thing.

Off-Site Feedback

As we said, we found five comments/reviews of this service, and they were not positive. And, the comments that were sent to us by customer had complaints too.


Our review on 99 Papers has uncovered lots of issues, especially with exaggerated writer qualifications and quality of products. We just cannot recommend this company to students who expect quality for their money. Our overall 99Papers rating is “poor.” is one of the biggest players in the custom essay writing market, and that is so for a reason. Quite a few of my friends have been using it for a while and seem satisfied with the results, but I resisted the temptation to try it out myself until now, when I have no free time to finish one of my papers, and moreover, I do not even know how to complete it. So in this review, I will describe the process of ordering a 6-page research paper with a 3-day deadline. So here it goes.

I keep as a rule to check reliable review services such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber before using any platform. There can be a lot of flattering information on the website of the service or its social media accounts, but unless the customers’ reviews prove it, the promise of “the best writing service” is nothing more than a cheap marketing trick. So, what did I find on the 99papers pages on Trustpilot and Sitejabber?

The average score of the resource stands at 4/5 points. According to reviews, the writers of the service keep a high standard of work — not without exceptions and seldom fails. For example, a number of 1-star reviews complain about the misunderstanding between the writer and the customer. That is some point where you should be careful. As for me — I put a mental note to describe my order in more detail to not face the same problem. I consider failures as a normal part of a writing platform’s work, so if 99papers recognize their mistake, it is fine to me.


  • Great support team
  • Visually appealing design and easy to use
  • Quality is great
  • Cool calculator for the price
  • Quick completion


  • May need to babysit some writers, make sure they follow instructions

The website is eye-appealing and has a smooth look and feel to it, with one section transitioning into another one. It is quite easy to navigate through with the design being intuitive and user-friendly. Any section you may possibly need is easily found.

99 papers has a pretty advanced system for calculating the price of the paper. You get a first-time discount right off the bat which is always pleasant. The extension to which you can customize the order process is welcoming. Taking a look at the built-in calculator shows you how the price varies depending on the type of paper need, the academic level at which it will be written, the deadline, and even the type of writer. You can choose either a standard writer, a more experienced one, and a top of the line writer, which is obviously the most expensive one. Overall, the price came out to be satisfactory and understandable, so I am satisfied with this department.

Arguably the most important factor in the whole review, I am glad to say that 99papers delivered on its promise and I received one of the best grades in class, which I would have never gotten on my own. Everything that needed to be there, everything that I asked for, and even more, was there. 100% unique and plagiarism free, I was proud of the paper as if I wrote it on my own. All in all, 99papers proved their worth to me and gave me the courage to come back to their services again, should the time and need arise.

As with most other similar custom essay writing services, the guarantees you want to be there are there. 99papers guarantees to keep all of your personal information private and secure. Your confidentiality is never at stake, seeing how everything is anonymous and you should not worry about someone tracing your paper back to the site. In addition, revisions are free if you think that the writer did not follow all of the instructions the way you wanted him to. And in case you are completely unsatisfied with the paper, and you have a legitimate reason, you can ask for a refund.

As I was expecting, the customer support team for 99papers is always quick on the response and clarifies pretty much anything that I ask them about. With 24/7 service you can ask them anything anytime.

Even though the deadline for my paper was in a week, I decided to play it safe and set it to only 3 days. Just in case I would need a revision done and to see how the writer would handle the load. The research paper was sent to me via email 12 hours before the end of the deadline, so timing should be no issue here. Surprisingly, it didn’t seem like revisions would be necessary at all, with the paper turning out to be better than I could have ever written in. Therefore, big props to the writers finishing the task so quickly and without sacrificing any quality in the process. In conclusion, this 99papers review should serve as a beacon of hope for those students that are still anxious to trust someone else with their work. You can rest assured that your task will be completed with excellence and you will find yourself wanting to come back for more.

Sometimes you just need a writer who can work on your tests or projects. Despite all your efforts to create the essays yourself, you cannot complete them yourself. Sometimes you know it’s just not possible, no matter how hard you try to find the time to write your paper yourself. That’s when paper writing agencies like 99papers come into play for you. It’s great when people do the work for you. The good thing is that you do not have to spend time writing your essays. With 99papers, you can now find the best writers for your essays. You do not have to wait any longer to find a good author for your essay, as this is effortlessly done at 99papers. Just look at the author’s database and select a good author for your essay needs at 99papers.

The 99papers continues to rapidly develop their writing services in terms of document quality, pricing, and expertise of writers. 99papers is a reliable company and all the professional writers are based in the United States and the United Kingdom. And they have extensive knowledge in all areas. In addition, all authors of articles at 99papers are enthusiastic about their work and strive to provide a well-written essay that will meet all your needs at the end of the day.

Students use the 99papers for a variety of reasons, and they include:
A wide range of written work which including unusual works such as speeches, contests, posters, and graduation projects) can be done at 99papers. There are many things to write when you’re in college or university. With 99papers, you can select from a wide range of authors. 99papers has a team of professional writers that know how to provide the best quality essays that will satisfy every requirement. Whatever type of project you need to submit to school or university, you can do it with the help of a dedicated copywriter. The professional writers on the website will help you get the best score for your projects or assignments.

Price policy
If you think you need to hire someone to write your essays and projects, 99papers is the best online essay writing service you can trust to provide the best quality essay for you. Apart from the professional writers on the platform, 99papers offers the most affordable prices for top-quality. However, the price depends on the complexity of each order, the time required, and the difficulty of the topic provided. The 99papers essay writing service also offers a range of discounts: exclusive discounts of up to 15% and also a lifetime loyalty offer of up to 15%. Currently, the company offers the lowest price per page: you can now buy the essay at $7.65/page.

Sometimes, the time within which you have to complete your essay write up is such that you just cannot stand the pressure. But if you allow 99papers to handle this pressure for you, the team takes up the challenge and provides a database of professional authors who can handle your project to beat the deadline without you breaking a sweat. These professional business writers know how to meet deadlines, regardless of how close they may seem. This means that you can write essays anytime you want to submit them.

99papers is a professional website that allows you to display everything on your laptop or computer screen. At 99papers, professionals can complete the essays even when the deadline is so close. You can request an essay even when you have only 3 before the times expires. That sounds like a story from the moon, right? As unbelievable as it may sound, the professionalism of the authors at 99 papers and the superb writing templates, amazes.

The fact that 99papers allows quick delivery of tests does not mean that quality is not up to par. This platform ensures that some of the best writers come to you to give you exactly the kind of essay you want and when you need it. No matter how professional an essay writer is, he is not useful unless he gives you what you want and at the time you want it. Therefore, it makes sense to find someone in the paper writing industry who offers quality tests if you need to submit them quickly.

Regardless of how secure a company is, how it works, and how discreet they tend to be, there are only a few companies that can guarantee the security of the work they do for their customers. At 99papers, students are usually the clients and therefore the platform finds a way to provide the quality services they want while ensuring that they have full right to the document. The anonymity of the students is highly protected at

In the past, there were problems when some students were confronted and accused of hiring someone else to write their essays. At 99papers, the team never wants this to happen to any student. Such a thing is too embarrassing for students to face, it’s something they try to avoid at all cost, therefore, writing service remains discreetly.

Order Process
We have seen on 99papers that many students are confused because they simply do not know how to order essays. It can be very frustrating when you do not understand the process of placing an order. That is why 99paperes have made it very easy for people to order an essay. Some websites make this process very difficult. Also, most students do not have enough time to go through the detailed process.

Therefore, 99papers has provided a solution for you even you have a deadline to meet. If you want to place an for the essay, you do not have to learn how to place the order for the paper you want. You only need to access the website and create an account. There are several order buttons that you can access. If you get confused at any point, you can contact the 99paper customer support help desk.

Ordering essays at 99papers is easier than you think. Simply provide the important information about the task and, if necessary, additional materials the author may need to complete the task. Also, you may need to discuss the project with the author at 99papers. once you have an understanding with the author, the next step is to go to the payment page where you will pay for the job through one of the secure payment gateways. Once you have done all these, be ready to get your paper within the allotted time.

What is 99papers? is a writing service which claims to have good customer satisfaction rating and offer timely and plagiarism-free writing services. In order to gain the trust of customers, the writing company implements a money-back policy and also gives clients the rare opportunity to choose who writes for them from its pool of writers.

Already, some websites have reviewed 99 papers services a few times. Nonetheless, in order to have an objective assessment of the quality of the writing service, we decided to buy a paper from this site so as to assess their effectiveness. Based on this, as well as information from the best writing services reviews, we give you a detailed report as to whether you should trust this service or keep looking for an alternative.

Services Offered

 Here’s a list of services which provides for its customers;

  • Essay paper
  • Term paper
  • Research paper
  • Dissertation
  • Case studies
  • Presentation
  • Online quiz and many more

Unlike many sites out there, 99 papers spreads its tentacles further outside the academic world. The company also offers websites, blogs, magazines and other media writing services such as article writing. For business owners (or proposed owners), the company also offers business proposal and business plan writing services, to mention a few.

Prices and Discounts

The pricing system of the website is excellent. Without consulting a customer support team, you can fill out a form on their site and the system will give you an estimate of your order in a matter of seconds. However, we must admit that while the company’s price rate is cheaper than what many of its competitors charge, their prices are quite expensive for self-sponsoring students.

On the website, we placed an order for a top writer to provide a 3-page, double-spaced high school essay paper. The website charged us an extra $9.42 for requesting for a plagiarism report of the paper and another $14.22 for an editor to work on it. That’s pretty ridiculous for a budding writing site if you ask anyone!

Despite the high prices, the website doesn’t have many discounts offers to cushion for the price. For first papers, the site offers users just a 5% discount. There are many websites out there that give customers as much as 15% off for their first orders.

Papers Quality

Unfortunately, the quality of the essay paper we got was poor. Besides, the paper was turned in an hour after the deadline and it still required revision. However, it passed plagiarism test and there were no errors after the revision.

In addition, we went through a 99 papers review online and we found out that quite a number of past users had major issues relating to late deliveries and terrible contents which made them unfit to submit. However, one thing we like is the company’s 100% money-back guarantee.

Customer Support

We rate 99papers really high in terms of customer service. The website has a live chat feature, a dedicated email address as well as a 24/7 call line which is toll-free for US callers. We tested the site’s live chat service by sending a chat; within a minute, a representative named Lorah was there to know what we needed.

Online Reputation

Excellent customer services do not exonerate poor-quality papers. This is exactly what we found out on many 99 papers review webpages online. Although we can’t verify whether the site fulfills its money-back guarantee, we came across several customer reviews and Best writing service reviews and not a single one was positive.


99papers holds a lot of promises. However, due to its unrealistic high prices and negative customer reviews, we must admit that 99papers is not there yet and does not belong to the league of the best custom writing services yet. Therefore, we would advise you to keep looking for a more trustworthy writing service. 

99papers: first impressions

A large selection of services is on offer at 99Papers. The good news is that the service is transparent. Customers can even see prices before they sign up, which is a rare occurrence.


Most customers rate 99Prices as affordable. Starting at $8.97 per page, they cater to a wide audience. High school goers can afford these rates and students also know the importance of proper budgeting. However, prices increase when the delivery time is shorter. The most expensive rates are those for Ph.D. quality delivered within 3 hours. It’s no surprise a page at such a level costs $54.60. At the same time, this might not offer the most qualitative work in this short amount of time. Ph.D. students are advised to allow their writing to be worked on for at least a few days.


Customer support is available on their website. A direct chat system is implemented and a person on the other end of the line responds 24/7. Calls can also be made to a staff member for quicker responses. Students who have custom writing to be done can also fill out a form at the free inquiry section for a more official response, which is received by email. But customer support is not only used for inquiries. The 24/7 team at 99Papers also handles refunds. In some cases, clients change their mind and they like to go with another writer or to cancel a writing job. This is why having an instant response is crucial, especially for same-day deliver writing.

Writing and services

Essays, research papers, and term papers are the offered services at 99Papers. But, the website also offers other types of writing:

  • Math problems
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Proofreading
  • Quiz writing
  • Poster writing
  • Article critique
  • Corporate documents
  • Lab reports
  • Poems

This is where 99Papers try to stand out from the competition. It offers writing services for students, but it also caters to the corporate world. Furthermore, the company markets unique services such as poem writing, as they are increasingly difficult to find. But, even these services are not unique to 99Papers. 

99Papers Discounts

There are not too many discounts to count on at 99Papers. They mainly include a 5% discount for new customers. However, differentiated pricing for high school, undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. levels means the pricing is also scaled as needed. A money-back guarantee is also offered by 99Papers. However, this policy is not linear and full refunds are rare. The final refunded amount depends on the level of work the writer has put into the writing and it is discussed on an individual level.

What did we order at

A short article review was ordered. As other 99Papers reviews state, one-page tasks are delivered in a reasonable amount of time. Within 3 days and after spending $16.95, the paper was delivered. A quick scan with a plagiarism tool revealed the work was original but only in certain paragraphs. Furthermore, the formatting was unclear and the text was not easy to read. A couple of paragraphs slipped into the non-academic colloquial style of writing. For most customers, the quality of the paper is fine. Given the price is somewhat competitive, there aren’t many other services that could have offered the same. A good tip would have been to go for one of the top-rated writers to push for top quality in every paragraph.

The results: poor quality writing

From 6 paragraphs, 4 were written at an acceptable level. For them, students are expected to receive high marks. They wouldn’t qualify for the distinction, but the paragraphs would be among the best. On the other hand, the poor writing style in 2 other paragraphs reduced the overall quality of the paper. Its grade would not be enough for a pass or insufficient for a good final mark.

Is it legit/reliable/scam?

As with any reviews, it’s important to make a distinction between styles of writing—an area where many such services fall short. It should not be allowed for non-academic writers to bid on academic writing tasks, as the style and tone of writing are different. Even formatting differs. If for general writing, short paragraphs are key to quickly summarize ideas, blocks of text are often found in academia where grammar and the actual content prevail many times. 


99Papers is not a legit writing service. It offers multiple writing types that others don’t offer at the moment, such as poems and corporate writing, but of very low quality. Students leaving university or college and going into the corporate world would not find their services useful. Also, those continuing their studies in the postgraduate world will also have a hard time finding any useful writing on 99Papers. Review


“100% guarantee,” says website. They promise you confidentiality, zero plagiarism in your paper and assure that you will get a refund. However, we found a lot of student’s reviews that claim the opposite. That’s why we have crafted our own 99Papers review. Here is a full and honest review of this team, which will help you to learn more about their prices and discounts, services, papers quality, and support.

Range of Writing Services

If you decided to order an academic paper online, you are probably interested in ordering from the team, which can help you anytime. So, you should choose the one who can deliver any paper you might need. We have checked 99 papers and can say for sure that the range of services offered here is vast. Here is what 99papers team can provide to its clients:

  • Various types of short papers including articles, essays, article critique, entry and application papers, book and movie reviews, and others.
  • Massive or complicated academic papers like thesis, dissertations, term papers, MBA papers, and course works.
  • Editing, proofreading, and formatting of papers you wrote yourself but still not confident about their quality.
  • Different assignments for disciplines, including programming, biology, physics, math, and others.
  • Some other rare papers you might need.

As you see, this team has a lot to offer, but still are 99 papers affordable? Do they have discounts? Explore our review to find out more.

99Papers Prices and Discounts

Students who left 99 Papers reviews online, claim that this company has a too high price for the service they provide. So, we decided to check it ourselves and visited their pricing page on the website.

Price at company website depends on four major factors: the number of pages you need, your academic level, the deadline, and type of paper. The price per page starts from $8.97, which is extremely cheap. In comparison, reliable writing teams charge from $15 per page. So, it looks suspicious for a professional writing service to charge such a low price. You can check our other essay writing service reviews, and you will see those top companies are more expensive.

Moreover, this team provides discounts, so they are paying even less to the writers. As a result, the quality of papers they deliver can be below average. Of course, if you don’t need a good paper, you may try to order from 99papers at your own risk. Still, we decided to check it ourselves and verify that feedback on the web about them is true.

Quality of Papers

We placed an order on the website to make our 99 Papers review full. We wanted to get an argumentative paper on police brutality. It was a college paper. We got a 5% discount on the order and paid only $40 for the paper.

The paper was delivered in time, but the result was not good. The writer didn’t follow our instructions, and the paper contained signs of plagiarism. Also, it looked like a re-write of other paper which is free to access online. We were disappointed and asked for the revision but still have not got any response.

Customer Support Service

Luckily, this team has good support. They are friendly and polite, and this slightly battered our rating of this team. The customer care agents are available via chat, email, and phone. They are working 24/7, and you can contact them when you need sales or pre-sales questions. Other questions are resolved with their billing, which can be contacted via email only.

Online Reputation

There are a lot of 99Papers reviews online and a few testimonials. The company has an interfering reputation among students. Some claim that they are the best, but others sharing more realistic experiences. The team was caught on plagiarism, re-rite and ignorance. We don’t recommend this team for your academic writing needs.

Sometimes, all you need is a writer who can work on your essays for you; despite all the effort you put into researching the essays you are expected to write, you are not able to do them full justice. Sometimes, you know that no matter how hard you try to find time to work on your essays, it’s just not possible.

This is exactly when essay writing agencies like Review and writers come into the picture for you. It feels great when you have people doing your job for you; the good thing is that you don’t have to force yourself to take time out to work on your essays. With the help of Review, you can now get the best agencies as well as writers for yourself. You don’t have to wait anymore to get a good writer for yourself as it happens so effortlessly when you have Review. You just go through the database of writers and choose a good writer for your essay requirements at Review. Review is fast-evolving in writing services in terms of the quality of provided papers, pricing, and level of writers’ professionalism. Review is a trustworthy company and all our experts are residents of the US and UK with profound hands-on and practical knowledge of any subject. More than that, all professional essay writers at Review are passionate about their work and strain every nerve to provide well-written results.

Students use Review for lots of reasons, including:

    • Wide range of writing tasks (including unusual ones like speeches, quizzes, posters, and capstone projects) at Review. There are a lot of writing things that you have to take care of when you are at school or college. With this writing service, you can search for all kinds of writers. At this writing service, the team has specifically searched and shortlisted agencies as well as writers who know how to be all-rounders when it comes to writing essays for you. No matter what kind of a project you have to submit at school or college, it can be done with the help of a hired writer. A professional writer hired on the website helps you get the best grade.
    • Additional services at Review (editing, proofreading, formatting, the arrangement of admission papers) – There are a lot of things that need to be done when it comes to essay writing. You may have half-researched about the subject you have been assigned with; you may have already written half the project, but are now skeptical about how to move ahead. This is when you want the writer to help you with; editing, proofreading, formatting, and arranging of the papers that you have created. At this writing service, there are a lot of editors as well and not just writers. Editors are professional enough to help you with the best editing services for your essays.

Pricing policies

If you’re thinking “I should just pay someone to write my essay”, Review is the place where you can buy online essay as the pricing here is customer-oriented. Review is the name that has got to be the first one at the tip of your tongue. The price is defined by the complexity of the order, taking into consideration; available time, volume and level of difficulty of the writing service. The service at Review also proposes a nice selection of discounts: one-time discounts up to -15% and lifetime loyalty discounts up to -15%. At the moment, the company offers the lowest price per page ever: students can buy essay now for $7.65 per page!

The online calculator enables customers to figure out the charge for the work and it remains unchanged to the delivery of the work at Review. Most of the agencies and writers charge a bomb when it comes to writing essays. However, when you read the best 99 papers, you notice that people like this company because all the writers and editors shortlisted and made part of the database are there because of their affordability criteria as well. There are a few agencies that provide you with excellent essays at rates you can’t even imagine. At times, the students feel like they have received way better than what they expected.


Sometimes, the deadlines given to you by your school or college are so bad that you just can’t handle the pressure. However, when you bring that pressure to Review, the team accepts it as a challenge and lets you know about some of the agencies that have instantly available writers or authors for you. These professional writers at the company know how to meet the deadlines, no matter how deadly they seem to you. This means that you can have the essays written just when you want them to be there for the submission. Just think about ‘pay to write my essay‘ and you shall have what you want. Review is a professional website that promises to bring everything to the screen of your laptop or computer. At Review, professionals can cope with essays when the deadline is deadly – you can order an essay with only 3 hours until the deadline. Sounds like a fairy tale, though the professionalism of writers combined with well-thought-out writing templates works miracles.

Just because Review promises to deliver essays quickly doesn’t mean that the quality is not up to the mark. This name ensures to bring some of the best writers to you so that you get what you are looking for and just when you need it. No matter how good a writer is, they are of no use to you if they can’t give you what you are looking for. Therefore, it is good to find someone from the writing service who can provide you with good quality essays when you want to submit those.

At Review, the team believes in checking the qualifications of the writers so that the students are provided with high-quality work. Nobody deserves to compromise on the quality of the papers they are looking for. All writers are degree holders and are experienced in both paper writing and working in the sphere. You just have to let them know what you want them to do for you and how. In case you have absolutely no idea at all about what your essay should look like, sit back and relax after you make the payment – the writer will do their job for you and in the best manner.

The writers selected by Review are not just qualified but also experienced. They are professional, of course. Plus, they became a skilled hand at paper writing and know exactly what teachers are expecting. The team of writers at Review includes graduates from the best US and UK colleges and universities so they can manage any task, no matter how specific it is. Writers do their best to complete tasks in time and with the continuation of quality, so 98% of all orders are delivered timely at Review. What about the remaining 2%? There are times when the circumstances can’t be fought against and thus, some of the writers are unable to deliver work in time.

Also, it becomes impossible for them to deliver essays when the students themselves are not aware of what they are looking for. At Review, the team has been through situations when the order details were not clear enough to guide the writers.


Would you believe Review believes in taking the guarantee of all the work provided to the students? Who does that anyway?

No matter how sure a specific company is about the way it works and the things it does, there are only a handful of companies that take the guarantee of the tasks it does for the clients or customers. For Review, students are their clients and thus, they find ways in which they can provide them with high-quality services that they are looking for. But that’s not all – Review ensures to take a guarantee of its services. Review compares favorably with other services that offer a possibility to order custom essays online by the prospect of getting a free inquiry of the paper. The customer assures that the writer picks up the message and is able to fulfill the task.

The anonymity of the customers is strongly protected and Review company uses secure payment systems only.

What if the agency discloses your name on the internet or does something so silly that you are just not able to hide the fact that you didn’t write the essay yourself and someone else did?

There have been issues in the past when a few students were confronted and accused of not writing the essays themselves. At Review, the team would never want such a thing to happen to the students. The embarrassment is something that the students don’t deserve to go through at all at Review.

In fact, it is the job of the agency or the writer to keep the students anonymous and protected.

At Review, in case of order cancellation or discontent with the quality of delivered essays customers are guaranteed to get their money back. Yes – you read it right! You just have to wait for the money to be transferred back into your account because it may not happen instantly at Review.

At Review, all the writers as well as authors who are selected for the database promise to be there for the students whenever they need them and then not hesitate to return the money if the work is not required. If you think you don’t want the essay anymore or you can do the thing on your own, you can ask for your money back and you will be provided with the same by the team of Review.

Ordering procedure

Do you know how complicated the essay ordering process can get if you don’t have websites like Review?

We at Review have seen so many students getting frustrated because they are just not able to understand how to order the essay for themselves. It is like they are sure about how to go ahead and get the essays written from hired writers, yet, they don’t know how to place the order. It is really difficult when you are unable to understand how the process works because some of the websites have made it overly complicated for the students. Also, the students have no time to get into the detailed process.

Thus, Review promised to act as a solution for all those who don’t want to waste even a single minute of their life. If you are a student and you want to order for essays, you don’t have to spend hours learning the process of how to place an order for the essay you want. You just have to find agencies or writers with the help of Review and place the order for the essays that you want. The process is simple and more simplified when you have the support of Review.

To order essays on Review is easier than saying write my essays instead of me. Just give essential information about the task, provide additional materials, if necessary, and discuss the assignment with the writer at Review. Then you provide payment for the work on Review via one of the secured payment systems and get your completed paper in no time.

95% of newcomers return to Review service and recommend Review to their friends. This is not something that we say – this is something that the satisfied customers (or students) say. It is necessary for the students to get good grades for the papers they have paid to have written. When they submit their essays, they are so confident about their work that they don’t have to think twice. In the end, they thank Review and ensure to refer the name to their friends and loved ones as well. From speech needs to the project needs, Review is the best name that can help all the students get what they want.