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123HelpMe Reviews 2021

123HelpMe Reviews 2021
Summary Overview

We consulted 123helpme for a term paper. First, the website is not so different from similar sites. So, our biggest question was, “is 123helpme legit or just another scam?” Shockingly, there is no phone number or a live chat. But one of the things we love about the site is a grading tool which is almost like a Grammarly checker.

Moreover, there is a huge array of essay samples. According to the website, there are over 400,000 samples including term papers, simple essays, course works, and so on. We highly recommend that you take advantage of the free samples. But there are some samples which you have to pay for. These papers are only for paraphrasing and you cannot cancel your prescription after signing up for them.

The other thing we wanted to know was, “is 123helpme plagiarism?” After downloading our paper, we passed it through Turnitin and there were zero results. Services

Basically, there are two main types of services found at sample base and online proofreader. By clicking ‘Get Started’ button’ you can check your paper for grammatical errors. Then you can preview samples by searching for any topic on ‘search our database’ tool.

Some of the most popular essays include descriptive, argumentative, informative, classification, description, and personal essays. You will also find papers on various fields of study, such as sociology, healthcare, humanities, education, history, philosophy, finance, economics, etc.

How to get free essays from 123 help me?

One thing that makes 123helpme legit is the wide variety of essays for students. The range of the topics covered is impressive. You are sure to find any type of essay thanks to the clear menu. All you have to do is to type what you are looking for in the search bar. What a perfect tool to complete your assignment and save time!

The other great thing about 123helpme samples is that they are suitable for all academic levels and language level. Apart from free essays, you also get free guides and tips on how to be a better writer. If you take a close look at the site structure, you will see 5 major sections highlighted in different colors i.e. free essays, good and better essays, stronger and powerful essays, term and research papers. To get a free paper, simply choose among the samples highlighted in black and open the document. Remember that you must sign in as a member to get the free paper.

Where do the samples come from?

The site claims that their papers are donated by students. Taking a glimpse at their papers, you will find out that they are written in particular formats such as MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago styles. This means that the papers are written by people who know what they are doing.

Reputation 123helpme reviews

Most of the 123helpme com reviews from other sites show a lot of complaints, especially about customer service. There is also the issue of quality as most of the papers are not 100% original. Our biggest concern was lack of contact. Even if the papers are ready for purchase, there is a need for a reliable client support system. We still don’t understand why the company doesn’t care about this.

Ordering 123helpme review

Before you spend your money, you want to know, “is 123helpme safe?” Because we have already used the site, we can assure you that your personal details are totally safe when you make a transaction on this site. To place an order, you simply write something in the search tool. You will see a list of samples differentiated in colors:

  • Research papers – green
  • Term papers – turquoise
  • Powerful/masters essays – blue
  • Stronger/undergraduate essays – purple
  • Better essays – yellow
  • Good essays – orange
  • Free essays- gray

Pricing 123HELPME.COM

The company operates on a subscription basis. So, you have to subscribe to the service for a certain period of time rather than buying an individual essay. This might leave you wondering, ‘Is 123helpme scam?” But we are here to confirm that they cannot steal your money. A monthly prescription costs $14.95. There is also a $2 plan which you can access the papers for two days.

Alternatively, you can choose a 3-month plan that goes for $29.95. You have to be careful when subscribing to the payment plans. Your subscription is renewed automatically as soon as the term comes to an end unless you cancel the plan within a week. Unfortunately, you cannot have cash rewards at 123helpme. There are no special offers or discounts. The only way you can enjoy price reduction is by subscribing to a longer payment plan.

Quality 123helpme reviews

We can rate the quality of papers at 123helpme as average. Most of them are fine but you might want to look elsewhere if you need top-notch papers of 100% originality. The other thing we noted is that some topics have only a few papers so your choices will be limited. Before you pay for papers on this site, make sure that there are enough samples available.

We would like you to know that whenever you purchase an already written paper, the only right you have is the access. This means that the original writer may have all the property rights. As such, when you buy an essay from 123helpme, only use it for research and never submit it as your own work to your professor.

123helpme Customer Service

If you are looking for a writing website with 24-hour customer representatives, is not the right place for you. But this doesn’t mean that 123helpme scam. The service is absolutely legit only that they lack a support department. There is only one contact window plus email communication. According to our experience, we think that there are only a few managers who work once in a while and so it might take hours before you get a reply.


  • A wide range of resources: you will find all types of essays, research and term papers arranged in general topics. The papers are colored to help you choose the level of quality.
  • A huge database of samples: there are numerous writing sites out there but not so many share samples of their work. This means that there is no assurance if the supposed top-writer will produce quality work. However, at 123helpme, you get a chance to see exactly what is provided through samples.
  • Reasonable prices: generally, their prices are good and there are some special offers. For instance, we got a 2-day access at $2 only without a monthly plan. We found it to be a great deal as we didn’t use too much money.
  • Free grammar check: this is a convenient check tool that allows you to view the uniqueness of your written content. Anyone can use it including those who haven’t been registered on the site.
  • Simple and fast: finding a paper is as easy as ABCD. Simply type in your inquiry and you’ll get samples instantly. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll find the exact topic you are looking for.
  • Safe payment: you pay via PayPal or credit card.


  • Customer support is questionable: we sent a question regarding the references but we had to wait for almost two hours to get a response via email. Without a phone and live chat, it is impossible to get instant replies. Clients submit their complaints through a special form and are told to wait for answers through their email.
  • Prepaid services: you receive your paper only after payment except for the free samples.
  • You cannot cancel a prescription: In the Terms and Conditions of the service, they say you can stop the subscriptions but past customers say that it is not easy. Furthermore, you cannot get back your money if you are dissatisfied.
  • There is no real quality guarantee: The Company claims that their papers are of high quality and that 123helpme plagiarism doesn’t exist. But we found grammatical mistakes in a few samples while their originality was not 100%. The best paper we got was 90% original.
  • Unreliable 123helpme reviews: the client feedbacks on the site are all positive and we think that some of them are fabricated.
  • There is no information regarding the writers: They claim that the papers are donated by good guys. Who are these people anyway? seems like a new essay writing company. If you are looking for ready papers, then the site would be of great help. While this seems like a smart process, you cannot tell when the papers were written. We don’t know for sure if the materials have been used before. So, we advise you to check anything you get from this site with a plagiarism detector. Also, do not rely on the testimonials on the site because they don’t seem to be honest. While we had a few complaints about grammar, we received a term paper which inspired our writing. So, we still recommend the service to anyone who needs urgent help. And as far as the legitimacy of the company goes, you have nothing to worry about because there are no scam services here.

If you are sure you want to get a paper from 123helpme, do not rush into subscribing to the payment plans. First, check the free samples and they might inspire you to write your own unique paper. Sometimes, all you need are a few ideas when your writing skills are on point. If you use the free samples, be sure to rewrite them to avoid plagiarism. Generally, this site is worth your trust.

Finally, the answer to the question- is safe- is yes. There are various benefits of using the site. One of them is a wide variety of papers. Even though the quality of papers is not satisfactory and the customer service is poor, the site can be a great source of inspiration. For comprehensive and reliable assignment help, we suggest you look elsewhere.

If you had been looking for the paper inspiration or a sample, you have probably known about what is service. The company provides various essay samples and researchers to the students of all levels. 123HelpMe works on the market for seven years and states that it helped a lot of students to deliver excellent essay papers and complete complex researches. They doesn’t provide custom academic writing, so we decided to evaluate it in a little bit different from the usual way.

123helpme Services

123HelpMe is not an academic writing company. The websites provide essay samples only. The essay examples can be previewed on the site, however, to get full access you need to register on the website.

The website has easy to use structure: you search for the topics, view all essays listed and pick the ones which are the best fit. After that, if you have not signed up yet, you need to sign up for the service.

The essay samples you see on the website are not free, to get them you need to subscribe to the service.

There are no dissertations, thesis papers, research papers or other academic writing examples on the website. Maybe the service would be more useful with this information, rather than to be focused on essays only.

123HelpMe Quality level, Plagiarism

Since we cannot evaluate the quality of papers company delivers, we decided to purchase some essay samples from the service and analyze them. For that propose, we bought a two-day subscription and picked the best essays the team provides. Our professional review team dive into the content deeply to evaluate the quality of samples, the research they involved and creativity they showcased.

As a result, we can say that the essays added to this website are of average quality with some minor grammar and stylistic. The samples contain cursory research and don’t provide a deep understanding of the topic. There are no formatting and structure examples you may use for your writing.

If you decide to roll into the service, pay attention to the 123 help me plagiarism issues you may face. Someone’s ideas, especially when we are talking about essay samples available to the public cannot be used as your own, so you should be really attentive to the information you use. What is right, they have a list of reputable sources as a reference, so you can find them and apply for argumentation.

We also checked some papers at Google and found out that three of two we downloaded were free to access another website. And the third one is being sold as an original copy online at some black-hat academic writing company that sells prewritten essays to the students.

123 help me Delivery

The content from the website can be downloaded to your PC, and you can have these materials even if your subscription has ended. Also, you can copy and paste parts of the essay papers you will find on the website to use them for the inspiration.

123HelpMe Pricing, Payments

The service is not free, and you need to subscribe for the plan to get access to the content the company provides. First-time users may try the service for 2 USD for two days, and there is no free trial or something similar. Then you are transferred to one of the plans. The cheapest one with annual billing will cost you 9.95 USD per month, and the most expensive is $29.95 per month for a monthly billing cycle. If you need a custom essay and do have enough time you will pay something between 10-15 USD per page depending on the quality level you need and the topic of your research – yet, you won’t need to do anything except get a quality paper.

Or you can buy a student’s access to one of the scientific libraries which costs the same but gives you more resources for writing.

We think that this website is quite expensive comparing with other reputable essay writing helping services.

The website allows paying via Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Discover or Pay Pal. According to the FAQ section, it doesn’t matter where you are located. You can get access from anywhere on the globe.

Security, Trust, and Reliability is an entirely secure website, so if you decided to sign up, you might be sure that all your details are secured, and no one will get access to them. As for the trust, we don’t think it is a good idea to buy essay samples of questionable quality online. You should either conduct research yourself or hire a writer who will be able to deliver the paper to you.


We were guessing how to get free essays sample at the 123helpme site or how big discount could we get. We were not able to find any discounts on the website. However, if you decide to order annual or quarterly plans the price per month will be discounted. It is the usual practice for this kind of writing service.

Overall Experience

We find not the best choice for the students who are looking for essay help. Buying essay samples won’t help you developing your paper writing skills or getting an idea of how to write a paper. Moreover, most of such essays can be easily downloaded online.Write what you think about 123Helpme review in the comment box below.

First Impression

Despite the lovely color palette and clean-looking design, the 123helpme website is surprisingly complicated to work with. The search bar is operational, but the “Get started” button takes you to the Bartleby Write website for some reason.

The alphabetized list of essay topics is a nice touch, though some items on it are plain weird or hard to decipher. These are just a few of the issues that jump out at you when you visit the site. For more details about our experience with the company, read the full 123helpme essay review.


Considering 123helpme does not offer writing services directly, we can hardly talk about meeting or missing deadlines. However, we believe the reaction time worth including in this 123helpme review.

The payment is processed quickly, and you get instant access to the essay database. However, if you need help or answers, prepare to be patient, but that is another issue with the customer support team we’ll cover in a couple of sections.


We know what’s on your mind. Is 123helpme reliable? At first glance, it seems so. The company offers a trial period. You’ll get 7-day access for only $7 before you need to commit to a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan. These range from $29.95 to $119.49. 

However, a careful examination of the Terms of Service made us worry that = scam. To prevent recurring subscription billing, you have to send a notice seven days before the renewal.

This means you must unsubscribe from 123helpme before you even sign up for a trial period. Otherwise, they will charge your credit card $29.95 for the next month, whether you want to use the website or not. 

Types of Papers writing service is nonexistent, but you can browse a vast collection of samples. Essays are prevalent, including argumentative, informative, persuasive, and personal narrative pieces.

However, you can also find research and term papers. The labels at the top of the search results page are not filters like you would expect, but tags to look for as you browse the endless collection of papers. The usability of the website is not its best feature. 

Do not expect to find usable case studies, reports, or problem-solving assignments. Most topics are only usable for Humanities classes.

Special Features

Considering everything we’ve learned by this point, is 123helpme legit? It’s hard to tell with so little on offer. All you can do is pay for access to the essay database and browse the samples until you find the one that can help you with your assignment.

Without payment, you can only see the preview, while full access provides precisely what you would expect. 

The only other option for you is to donate an essay to the cause. If you expect a discount or a bonus for your paper, think again. The company gets the right to use your piece and charge students for reading it, but you get nothing in return.

Moreover, the website only accepts original works. The only redeeming quality is that 123helpme does not get intellectual property rights.

Customer Care

The only way to get in touch with company representatives is through the feedback form. The response time can be anywhere from 30 minutes to several days, depending on how lucky you are. There is no information on the customer support team’s office hours, so your guess is as good as ours. 

Upon researching 123helpme reviews, we found that many users complain about unauthorized credit card charges by this company and no help from the customer support team. If you use this service, be prepared to deal with any issues on your own.

Quality of Service

It would be nice to end this 123helpme essay review on a high note, but we can’t. Even before we got full access to the essay database, we had doubts, but now we can tell for sure, it wasn’t worth it.

The company does not screen the papers students donate, so the majority are poorly written, illogical, and ridden with redundancies and mistakes. 

Instead of getting inspired or finding useful resources, we wasted hours on browsing mediocre pieces that would never earn anything above a C. If you need help with an essay, you are better off buying a custom piece by a reliable essay company than finding a useful sample in 123helpme essay bank.

1. How 123HelpMe Works?

This is not a usual company like our the best last-minute essay writing services. is a subscription service. You pay a quote to access the site for two days or on a monthly basis. Depending on the plan you choose, 123 HelpMe will give you a different price for it. We’ll get to the prices later. First, let’s explain how the service works.

Once you subscribe, you’ll access the 123 Help Me database. You’ll find pre-written papers, mostly submitted by students. They are not written by professional writers, and they have been downloaded many times before.

This means that your professor can easily catch you in plagiarism. Some teachers, who have read 123HelpMe reviews, pay to subscribe to the site, so they will recognize the papers that students download from the service.  

2. Types of Writings 123HelpMe Offers

There are five categories of essays according to the ranking:

  • Free essays
  • Good essays
  • Better essays
  • Stronger essays
  • Powerful essays

In addition, there are two other types of products:

  • Research papers
  • Term papers

It’s important to consider the main point in most 123HelpMe reviews: this is not a custom writing service. It’s a collection of papers that you can download.

What’s the difference?

If you hire a custom writing agency, you work with a trained writer who develops content by your instructions. This is the best way to get a paper that fits the requirements of your professor.

If you download a pre-written paper from 123HelpMe, you’re getting content that other students also submitted. Plus, this paper won’t be written on the exact topic that your teacher requested. It may work if you’re willing to rework the paper in detail. If you use it solely as an inspiration to write your content, it’s okay. But if you submit it as it is, you’ll get in trouble. 

3. Prices and Discounts

Don’t be tricked by the “free essays” thing; you’re still paying to access them. That’s just the category of the lowest quality. The powerful essays are supposed to be the best ones, but they do you no good when they are not unique.

Let’s see what the subscription quotes are.

  • If you need a single paper, it’s best to benefit from the special offer: access the content for two days by paying $2.
  • The monthly plan costs $29.95.

If you want a discount, you have to subscribe for a longer period of time.

  • A three-month subscription costs $59.85 ($19.95 per month).
  • A yearly subscription costs $119.40 ($9.95 per month).

4. Quality and Guarantees

The quality varies between papers. There’s no consistency here, and that’s the main downside mentioned in most 123 Help Me reviews. You’ll have to spend a lot of time searching through the content to find an essay that could work. Even if you find the best paper, you’ll have to work on it a lot to make it unique. You’ll write your own content from scratch, making sure you’re avoiding plagiarism. It’s still a lot of work for a student who doesn’t have time.

As for the guarantees, you’re not getting anything. The papers have a preview mode, so you know what you’re getting into. If you purchase a subscription plan, you can’t complain. The service gives you access to the papers and that’s the only guarantee you get.

5. Customer Support

The only way to contact the team is through a form in the “Contact Us” section. Some of the most reputable essay websites would allow you to use a live chat, and the agents would immediately respond. That doesn’t happen here. You’ll wait for days after sending the message, and even then the assistance is not effective. They just tell you to search for another essay if you didn’t like the one you downloaded. And if you can’t find a paper on your topic, they won’t be able to do anything about it.

6. Additional Features

There are over 400K papers on various topics. We have to admit that this database is rather impressive. They are getting the papers from students, and you can submit your own. That’s the only additional feature we can mention: submit your own paper. You’re not getting any benefits for that. They won’t give you a free subscription or anything. You’re just making your own content available for other students. We don’t recommend that! You completed a unique paper and you expose it, so your teacher will assume you downloaded it from the service.


Let’s wrap up our 123 Help Me Review with the main things we learned about the service:

  1. You’re not getting unique content. You download papers accessed by all other students who use the service.
  2. You’re not getting any guarantees on the quality of the work. If you plan to subscribe, it’s important to see the previews, so you’ll assume what you’ll get with the full access.
  3. It’s not wise to submit your own papers here, since your teachers may check and blame you for plagiarism even if you wrote them from scratch.
  4. Although they say you get free essays, you’re still paying for access.
  5. You’ll only access essays, term papers, and research papers.

Modern web design and a solid collection of essay samples. This is what is waiting for you here. This is a wrong place to find a personal tutor or order a paper. The main goal of the service is to help its clients by offering useful tools and effective tips. You can easily find the inspiration for writing your next paper. Check the possible topics for your essays and research papers. It is also a great place to find that helpful tip that can make you a more productive student.


So, what is it exactly that has to offer? They claim that with their help it is easy to start and finish your paper. Just type in a word in a search field and you will find numerous papers on the topic of your interest. As you are working on your own project, it is useful to check what are the points of views others have. This service gives you such an opportunity.

Instant Feedback

If you are not sure about the grammar of your paper or have a vague understanding of what formatting style to use, you can upload your text and get an instant feedback. The writers will check if there is a clear logic behind the presentation of your thoughts. Your goal is to make the content as clear as possible. Here you can get urgent help with that.

Database of Essays

When you have no idea of what your essay should look like, it is helpful to look at the papers of other students. You can search through the database of essays here and find a paper on a similar topic. After entering a keyword in the search field, you will see a long list of essays that might be interesting for you. You can open or download it to your computer.

There are different categories of papers marked with colors- good essays, better essays, strong essays, powerful essays. It is helpful to make the right choice. If you don’t know the appropriate keyword to do the search, you can look through the types of essays (argumentative, persuasive, etc.) or topics (health care, social issues, etc.)

Helpful Tips and Tricks

This section of gives students multiple tips on writing introductions and conclusions, formatting their papers, and following grammar rules. If you don’t know what kind of structure an analytical essay should have, you will find the answers to your questions here.

Writing Tools

Plagiarism and grammar checkers are at your service. You can find out if there are some major errors in your essay or if it’s original. Keep in mind that you can’t use the text from the essay examples you see on this website. They are here just to read, not to copy.


Anyone can donate a paper. The main condition is for you to be the author of the paper you submit. You should know that even after you donate an essay, you still maintain the copyrights. To avoid all the plagiarism issues, you need to cite the sources you used from this website if any. There is an option of getting an access to the database of research papers that is not free. You have to create an account and make a payment.


When you subscribe to this service, there is a monthly fee that you will have to pay. If you don’t inform the service about your wish to unsubscribe, the subscription fees will be automatically renewed. There is an option to choose your preferred payment method. You will get an electronic receipt after the transaction. They will send it to your email address. There is no option for refunds when it comes to the subscription fees.


In case you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach the support team via mail or email:


With the different variety of services offering similar policies and terms, looks like a new and fresh idea for paper writing. They provide fantastic already written papers according to your assignment. Although this seems like a pretty smart idea, it’s hard to tell when precisely these documents were written. In any case, you might use old resources which have already changed.

Also, it does not offer testimonials because they are just not relevant. Of course, as a client, you can still complain about a paper 123helpme did not write correctly. They store essays that you can use to inspire your writing.

Services Offered By

The resources students get at 123 help me include all kinds of essays from term papers, speeches and research papers. You’ll find them arranged in general topics, but you can still use its search tool while looking for a narrower subject or specific keyword. Their papers are also color-coded to assist you in getting a general idea or their quality level from the onset.

For instance, the orange ones are the ‘good’ papers and grey colored papers represent the free essays. However, in their FAQ section, they mention that the orange color is for resources not yet reviewed. You’ll also find other colors such as:

  • Yellow – for the ‘better’ essays
  • Purple – describing the ‘strong’ papers
  • Aqua – for all term papers
  • Green – represents research papers

It’s also important to mention that buying a paper only gives you access. So, its original writer still owns all property rights. This means that you’re allowed to use the essays for research purposes only and not for you to submit it as a complete project.

The Price List At123 Help Me

From the 123helpme reviews we’ve come across, there seems to be an overhaul of the company’s pricing policies. Sometime back, you got charged according to the color coding, but now, they seem to operate on a subscription basis. Therefore, you’ll need to pay for at least a whole month instead of buying a single essay. Of course, this change has left many students asking themselves one question, “is 123helpme legit?”

Besides, we even searched the website and realized that free essay papers are no longer available. As a search term, we used the American Civil War and got an astonishing number of 300 articles. However, none of them was free!

What’s more, the subscription is quite expensive. Although there are different plans to pick from, if you’re running on a student’s budget, this is still a bit too costly. Just take a look at the costs:

  • Monthly plan – 29.95 dollars each month
  • Yearly plan- 9.95 dollars per month
  • Middle plan – 59.95 dollars for every three months

Even though you get all the essay papers you request for; it’s not an ideal method if you need assistance with your essay. Furthermore, you’ll need to be cautious when you subscribe to any plan. Here, your fees are automatically renewed when your original term ends, unless you cancel your subscription within seven days!

123helpme.Com Special Offers and Discounts

Unfortunately, there are no 123helpme free essay number bonuses. So, don’t ‘walk into’ the site expecting any other cash rewards. However, they’ll give you an excellent price reduction if you choose to subscribe to a longer plan. Also, using their scale of colors, they make sure that you have a smooth process in picking the most reliable essays.

The Quality of Services at 123 Help Me

Their quality of material is something that’s debatable. This 123help me review has looked at a variety of their papers, and while some were impressive, others were poorly written or poorly structured. As a student, this is quite discouraging because most of these weak quality papers had high ranking colors.

Despite such awful reviews, the company still makes sure that that they provide high quality papers. By providing you with an introduction to the document before making a purchase, they ensure that you get a feel for the content first. Through this, you’ll see if it’s relevant or not. Sadly, we’ve come across other reviews, and they show that some of these papers are not worth paying for because they are only longer than the free preview by just 100 words!

Level of Customer Support at

The customer support at is slow and rather awkward. They are mostly connected using e-mail and not the more popular live chat system. So, they’ll only get back to you after you send them an email. Don’t you think that it is an ineffective way of communication? Well, they feel that because they didn’t write the papers, you have no right to complain.

Conclusion: Should You Choose

The question that you should be asking yourself is, is 123help me safe? While the issue is still debatable, there are some few positives to take home. A good example is the variety of academic papers they have at their disposal. You’ll only need to use keyword research to get the topics that you need.

Even so, 123helpme reviews keep showing unsatisfactory comments from different clients. Other than the poor quality of papers, they feel that the site does little when it comes to customer support. It provides no address or phone number which poses further safety concerns. All in all, it’s still a good source of inspiration and offers proper guidelines if you’re having problems with your assignment!

Everything would’ve been just fine if that fee was transparently disclosed. But the students assume they would get free access to papers, only to be charged with a fee they didn’t expect.

How do we call that? SCAM is the only word we could think of.

Discounts and Special Offers

123 HelpMe does not give you any discounts. It does not disclose the fee, and it doesn’t give you a chance to get a discount.

You can go through the entire website, including the Terms of Service, but you’ll find no information about the actual price. The word FREE is mentioned too many times, but nothing is free here.


The quality is questionable, too. Even if you agree to the monthly fee, you won’t be happy when you start looking through the database. Keep in mind that 123 HelpMe doesn’t give you access to unique content. You must not use these papers as they are. So how could you use them? The first idea would be to rewrite the paper. But that still doesn’t give you unique content. Other students might have gotten the same inspiration as you.

If you want to get inspired, you can simply preview the papers. You get access to part of the content, and that should be enough for you, right?

Some of the essays are really, really bad. There are grammar issues, which you wouldn’t expect to see in content from a service you paid for. One customer summed it well: “The writing on the site is not on a college level.” Exactly!

Customer Support

This is not the kind of website where you order a paper and get updates on the progress. You don’t even get access to a customer support department. There’s an email that you can use to get in touch with the “team,” but don’t expect much from that. You’ll notice a pattern in every review from real customers: they don’t get a response when they try to complain.

The Terms of Service are very protective towards the company. Once you sign up, you practically have zero chance to get your money back. They clearly state that subscription fees are NOT refundable if you want to cancel your membership. Yeah; they are clear on that. With every other information you need, they choose not to be transparent.


We’d strongly recommend students to avoid this service. It gives you access to pre-written papers that are usually not good. It charges an unexpected fee and it keeps charging it on a monthly basis if you don’t cancel the membership. If you’re not happy with what you get and you want to cancel your membership, you won’t be able to do that.

123HelpMe Introduction

When it comes to diversifying essay writing services, 123HelpMe is the rare kind of agency that has invented its own approach to assisting students all over the world. This essay writing service hires contractors, or better to say freelancers, to assist in writing assignments for customers by means of creating paper samples. 

123HelpMe reviews point that the path chosen by this writing agency has cut the bulk of potential customers. Instead of writing essays from start to finish, they decided to serve the students who are willing to complete the writing assignments by their own hands. ‘Your paperwork – your responsibility’ – this is the call of accountable students and this academic writing service.

The service does not have a live system of order procession. Instead, they’ve created a large database of any possible paper you can imagine. They’ve already written the paper you’re trying to crack all day long. What you can do about it? In today’s 123HelpMe review, we analyze what kind of academic assistance this service offers.

123HelpMe’s Design and Interface: How Convenient is it?

123HelpMe has ordinary, even simplistic UI/UX interface. On the main screen, you’ll encounter the navigation bar with essay search widget, logo, and the tab that leads to the account page. Then, there is the standard banner that displays the brand mission of 123HelpMe.

The service is proud of the paper database that they’ve accumulated during the years of operation. Basically, the service can be compared to “everything of essays” as the quantity of disciplines which they’ve offered papers to take glance at is impressive. They have clear navigation that points to certain essay areas on the website.

In case you’re not sure whether the paper you wrote complies with the standard of the education facility where it’ll be checked, the service offers extra services that help to get a better grade. 

Essay Writers and Quality of Final Papers

The question “Is 123HelpMe legit?” makes up the frequent question that people google about this essay writing service. The thing is, it’s pretty much legit unless you’re not copying and pasting the works that they display to many other students who’ve paid for the subscription. The service implies that you should only borrow inspiration or general ideas about how the essay you’re looking for should be written. 

The service creates writing samples according to all accepted academic standards that currently exist in American colleges and universities. Copying and pasting is the story of order-wait-result essay services that use the help of freelancer pool. 123HelpMe used that help once to create the astounding and polished paper examples you should pay attention to represent similar quality in your writing.

What Kind of Services 123HelpMe Offers in 2020

The service focuses on the ready-to-read essays that are stored in the immense database. Students who ask whether 123HelpMe scam threat is real should keep in mind that the content creation for this service has taken several years and still goes on with new entries being added almost every day. If you’re an inspiration seeker who doesn’t know how to write an essay at all or just wants to have a tip on writing, then 123HelpMe is the safe haven to drop an anchor. In fact, the range of disciplines and types of essays that you could find here is impressive:

  • Essays. The service bundles all kinds of essay examples. They have narrative essays that describe amazing stories about real-life experiences. Descriptive essays are like painting a picture of the subject that you’re going to talk about. And yes, they also have plenty of them. Expository and persuasive essays are also present in the stock of 123HelpMe. Generally, when it comes to essays, this essay writing service has taken care of every topic you’re going to encounter during college or university. 
  • Thesis and Dissertations. If you’re up to getting an academic degree or professional qualification, then you’ll stumble upon this kind of paperwork. Hopefully, 123HelpMe has included it to have a general idea how it should look, which structure should be there, and how to conduct your own research on the investigated topic.
  • Reports, research papers, annotated bibliographies, and literature reviews. These aren’t the most common types of student papers compared to essays and dissertations. However, 123HelpMe is the library of everything when it comes to academic samples, so you’re going to get access to that kind of content after subscription.

According to the official statement made by 123helpme, the company doesn’t have the actively operating staff of writers. No one knows when, where, and by whom the works were written. The core mission of this essay writing service is to perform the research around the web instead of you having to create papers. We guess this is why 123helpme rating keeps above-average for the years of presence on the essay market. They do not promise anything extraordinary in terms of quality, deadlines, and after-completion support like traditional academic companies usually do. You can ask ‘is 123helpme reliable and fraud-free’ a thousand times, but you won’t find the answer, at least until you believe the promises the service makes in their terms and policy section.

Payment Methods: How to Pay for 123HelpMe Services

In 123HelpMe, all modern payment methods are accepted. To see the available payment options, you have to enter your account and hit the subscription plan you like. Then, you’ll see the transaction page.

The whole payment process is simple. Is 123 reliable in terms of transactions? Definitely it is, because the service uses 256-bit encryption for all upcoming transactions. The following data is needed to pay for the subscription:

  • Enter your name and surname
  • Add the correct credit card number
  • Alternatively, you can use PayPal
  • Expiration date and security code (CVC)
  • Check mark on the above conditions and the Terms of Service

After the transaction, you’ll get the access to the database of essays in its full version. Before that, you can only see the samples from the main page.

Service Price Range: Essay Examples for Every Taste and Pocket

From the payment perspective, you shouldn’t be worried about the question ‘is 123helpme legal?’. The price subscription net of 123HelpMe is transparent and doesn’t have obvious pitfalls. 123HelpMe prices range from $7 to $29,95. Why does such difference exist? The more long-term your subscription is, the less money you pay in a month.

  • $7 per a week of full access to the service database.
  • $9.95 a month if prepaid for the 1 year subscription.
  • $19.95 for 3 months if prepaid once.
  • $29.95 for 1 month (billed once every 30 days). 

As you can see, 123HelpMe wants you to stimulate long-term cooperation. The longer the subscription period is, the lower the price is. If you want a weekly subscription, the option with $7 a week seems a sweet spot. However, if you decide to take a 12-month access, it will cost you $119.40 in total despite 60% off on the monthly basis, so keep that in mind. 

123HelpMe’s Paper Delivery and Deadlines

You’re knocking on the door of a not-that-traditional essay writing agency. The general idea of 123HelpMe is to use the access to all types of essays for inspiration and guidelines. Paid membership occurs once and you’re getting an infinite number of search queries and document openings. The samples help to get the right direction for writing an essay the professor assigned you with a very sharp deadline. We can recommend 123HelpMe as the knowledge database. If you want someone to get their hands dirty to write your paperwork, choose another service – 123HelpMe must be used for consulting, not direct essay-solving. 

Revisions and Refunds: Does 123HelpMe Hold Quality Mark?

Many students who discover the service ask ‘is 123helpme fake?’, and there are all reasons to assume that. You cannot discover the origin of the essays and the expertise of the person who created them. So, the essay in medical field or chemistry written by a freelancer from India obviously cannot offer a sufficient level of content quality. Yet, the correct academic structure will be found in most of the samples – this is what 123HelpMe is all about.

The service does not provide any revisions for the papers on demand. You can try contact the support team if you see that an essay is not written according to the standards for this or that type of writing, but most of the time you won’t be so enthusiastic.

Refunds for the cancelation of subscription are also not evidently stated. If you’ve paid for a monthly subscription, you could cancel it for the next month. To check whether partial refunds for cancelling somewhere in the middle of a month are possible, contact the support team. 

Customer Support for Subscribed Buyers

To contact the support, you should find the Contacts tab in the footer section. When you press the link, you’re going to see the contact form:

You’ll have to leave your name and the subject of the support request. Also, write a brief message that describes your problem. This is the only way you can contact the support, there’s no other one. 

Support processes the requests linked to transactions, management of subscriptions, and miscellaneous remarks of the quality of the essays. 

123HelpMe: Pros and Cons

123HelpMe is the service that has an unclear reputation. Overall, the service has such benefits and drawbacks:


  • The largest database of essays. The service created samples for all kinds of college and university paperwork. If you don’t know where to find a sample of the topic on which you’re writing an essay, you’ll likely get it here.
  • Fair subscription prices. If you don’t need a monthly subscription, you can buy access for 7 days. It costs $7 without extra charges. 
  • Online grammar spelling checker available as extra service if you need to uplift the quality of your writing pieces.


  • You’re not likely getting your money back after cancelling. The service doesn’t provide direct contact with support, so it’s a wild guess if it exists at all. 
  • No guarantees of quality. All papers are written by ghostwriters sometime in the past. Who created them and did he or she had the right qualification for that is not clear. 
  • Tons of complaints on the Internet. The service has accumulated a scandalous reputation for complaints over payment issues. 


Content quality is not the feature you should wait for from 123HelpMe. Their essays are generic, not much of the creativity will be included. However, if you’re looking for the advice on how the final draft should look like, then choose 123HelpMe. They’ve shown the right direction to thousands of students who were lost in finding the right essay creation strategy. 


What is 123HelpMe?

123HelpMe is the academic writing platform where thousands of college and university sample assignments are stored in a single place. 

Is 123HelpMe legit?

123HelpMe has not been accused of direct fraud. All of their essays are authentic and created on specific demand. They also have transparent payment policies. 

How much does 123HelpMe cost?

The fees for membership are the following:

  • $7 per a week of full access.
  • $9.95 a month for the 1 year subscription.
  • $19.95 for 3 months.
  • $29.95 for 1 month.

Is 123HelpMe scam?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you seek verified, authentic content, then it’s impossible to say for sure. If you look for essay inspiration and guidance, then no, 123HelpMe is not a scam.

Is 123HelpMe safe?

123HelpMe hasn’t received complaints about security of any data customers give to them, especially the financial details. 

Is 123HelpMe plagiarism-free?

Their papers seem to be plag-free. However, during the years they’ve been operating on the market, subscribers possibly stole content from them in one way or another. 

Are there 123HelpMe discounts?

They do not offer a direct discount system. Yet, the more months you cover during the subscription, the less is the price for a month.

Today, there is a great number of websites that offer different paper writing services. These sites usually have the same terms and conditions as well as policies for using them. You may think that these sites are just all the same up to the paper’s quality. They’re not.

Users prefer the ones that take their services to the next level and don’t cause any hassles and more work in the end. is one of the freshest in the line-up that is, according to one of their customers, is reliable, and the legitimacy of their work is unquestionable and ready for use. This statement simply means that the site is producing 100% original content.

The possibility of ordering papers that are composed by another person and that are as of now accessible on the web appears to be essentially cunning. Thus, the site, as well as the service, cannot be utilized. They also won’t give any testimonials as they are not that vital and individuals can't really complain about something which this site didn't compose. Another thing that doesn’t make the site interesting is that they don't offer any writers to do the work, any rebate/discount code or other such usual additional service features.

However, when it comes to the rate, they offer a range from low to almost none at all. A lot of people may wonder how this is possible, well, it is made possible with their IFCC (Internet Fraud Complaint Center) which shows if someone is charging for a work that is already free somewhere on the web. Getting something for free is just one of the things that make the site impressive in some ways. But customers should also take note that the quality really does matter and this might suffer in cases like this when the service is too affordable or free.

There is also a big possibility that they will give you a questionable work of poor quality as they are not the ones to create this content. This is just one of the ungrateful things that may happen anytime. They will also give an introduction for the customer to see what is written and what they will get. That introduction serves as their defense whenever there are questions raised after delivering the ordered papers.

Meanwhile, once the whole work is paid for, the customer will get a bit longer version of writing and they may ask for an additional payment for the extra words added and the sad part is that it cannot be sent back for any improvement. This just means that you’re required to pay for any extras that they add to the paper that you ordered and it does not matter whether you have some amendments that you would like them to do since what you see is what you’ll get.

When it comes to their support system, it is very slow. If you have any concerns or inquiries, the only way to contact them is through email and not the usual method that we are used to already which is a chat. This just simply means that if you have anything important to address, you will need to send them an email first for them to assist you. That’s an old and very foolish way of resolving a problem, right? And in fact, when it comes to delivery and usability of the paper, you can’t complain about it because they are not the ones who wrote it.

The different services of have a lot of topics which you can use to search and find what can help you when it comes to writing or in any other situations. If you have a hard time finding the topic that you’re looking for, you can always use the keyword search option to help you find what you’re looking for. One particular feature that it offers is a scale of colors which reveals the reliability of the paper you have. For example, there are a few papers that were on the internet for a very long time now that haven’t been updated or changed, and red colors characterize those. Orange colors are for papers that have a lot of grammatical errors, yellow is for papers with a lot of incorrect and unreliable information, and green characterizes a paper that relies on correct and trusted sources.

Let’s talk about money. Being a website that does the research for its users but doesn’t offer custom writing services or new and unique services, is free and doesn’t charge their users per page as compared to other services. However, some documents are not free. With this type of policy, it would be much better if they sent the papers that were well written by professional writers.